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Assessment reporting Complaints: Regarding Curriculum: Parents who consider that the Curriculum provision is not satisfactory are welcome to express their concerns. This should be done in accordance with the following procedures. In the vast majority of cases the problem will be solved at stages 1 or 2. In the case of serious complaints the concerns should be specifically detailed in writing and given to the Principal or Chairperson of the Board of Governors to enable the matter to be examined and a reply made:

Monitoring Pupil Progress infant years to identify pupils encountering problems in Literacy or Maths. Some of these programmes require parental involvement and you may be asked to attend meetings with your child’s teacher, where you will be shown activities to carry out with your child. INCAS is a new statutory curriculum assessment procedure which will be used from P4 to P7.

ASSESSMENT/REPORTING TIMETABLE “The assessment, recording and reporting process is working well and characterises the inclusive and progressive nature of the school”



= Stage 1 Contact class teacher at a suitable time (after having obtained the Principal’s consent).

Type of Assessment

Time of Assessment

Teacher observation

Ongoing though out year

*Initial Screening (EYES)

= Stage 2 Contact the Principal.


Note: There will be alterations to the assessment schedule in order to comply with the requirements of the new revised curriculum. Exact details of this will be communicated at a later date.

*Teacher observation Ongoing May/June

= Stage 4 Request that the matter be considered by S.E.L.B.’s Complaints Tribunal for Curriculum Matters.

*Reading Recovery-



*June P/T Meeting. *June –written report


*Oct/Nov P/T

*Teacher Observation

Ongoing Feb/Mar


*Quest Screening

Oct. –Jan.

*Oct/Nov P/T Meeting

*Teacher Observation


*Oct/Nov P/T


Autumn term

Paired Reading outcomes

*Paired Reading


*Teacher Observation

Ongoing Jan-Mar

*Oct/Nov P/T Meeting


Autumn term

*Paired Reading Outcomes.

*Paired Reading


June-written Report.

*Teacher Observation *Standardised Tests –English

Assessment is an integral part of the Northern Ireland Curriculum. The main objectives of assessment are to: underpin and inform teaching, and establish what each child knows, can do, and understands. Class teachers assess children in different ways e.g. through observation, as well as oral, practical and written tests.



At the end of each Key Stage (P4 & P7), pupils undergo formal assessment and are attributed levels of attainment in English and Maths. Competency in ICT is also tested at the end of P7, and pupils are accredited levels by CCEA in the different strands of the ICT curriculum.

*Teacher observation P6

*INCAS *Standardised tests-English

Standardised tests are administered to all classes in English and Maths towards the end of each school year. In addition a number of screening programmes are used in the

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*Oct./Nov P/TMeeting.

*Oct/Nov. P/T Meeting.

*Standardised Tests

Assessment & Reporting to Parents:



= Stage 3 Contact Chairman of the Board of Governors. P2

Reporting to


St Mary’s Primary School Prospectus

*Teacher observation *INCAS *KS2 Assessment *ICT Assessment *Standardised Tests- English Maths

St Mary’s Primary School Prospectus

Ongoing May/June

*Oct/Nov P/T Meeting

Autumn term

Ongoing May/June Autumn term May May/June

*Oct/Nov –P/T meeting

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infant years to identify pupils encountering problems in Literacy or Maths. Some of these programmes require parental involvement and you ma...

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