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George W Poetry Collection 2012

Poem 1 – Haiku Hockey The puck hits the ice Everyone rushes to the puck Someone shoots and scores.

Poem 2 – Limerick

There once was an old man from Japan Who loved ham strait out of a can With his toes he would dig He turned into a pig In the end he cooked in a frying pan.

pencil & paper

Why do people use pencil and paper For writing why do they kill trees Why don’t they use something we already have Like maybe something such as what people use To use like mud and a stick it is ditty but it will Save they the earth wait then we will run out of Dirt and trees need dirt to live and we need dirt To walk on and build on maybe we can use Water and dry ice it may be cold but it will save the earth wait then we will Run out of water and ice and Threes need water to live and we need to drink water Maybe we could use stone and oil it may be sticky But it could save they earth wait then we will run Out of stone trees need stone for a fence so no animals Attack it and wee need it for houses. Maybe they should Stop using trees and start using keys Someone might think about the trees and use something that we can use again maybe a computer company like Apple will make something that we can use again like A text book that is powered by electricity.

GW Poetry Project  

GW Poetry Project