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My Poetry Collection By:Alvin W


! ! ! Wind! ! Wind%blows%gently% % Touching%my%face%so%softly% % Putting%me%to%sleep%


Jack & the Track There once was a boy called Jack He owned a very big track So he tried to run Because he tought it was fun When he fell it was the end of Jack.


$ $ Rainy$Night$ $ !!!!!!!!!!Night!coming! ! !!!!!Clouds!covering! ! !!!!Wind!blowing! ! !!!People!hiding! ! !!!Moon!glaring!

Cinquain Baseball Baseball Cracking.again Homerun!


iPod It is a present from my parents. It is always friendly, fun, usefull and enjoyable to use. It usually helps me to relax and it is a good companion. I love to listen to the music and it is always convenient. It is handy, light, small, smart looking and good quality.

Alvin Poetry  
Alvin Poetry  

Alvin Poetry