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Abby C

America (Haiku) Our flag always stands Freedom and justice for all All races can come

Spaghetti (Limmerick)

It’s time for dinner, Freddie Your mother made spaghetti It looks Five thousand years old And by the way, it’s cold Time to eat, are you ready?

Summer (Haiku) Licking popsicles Laying under the warm sun Swimming in the pool

Trees (Haiku) They give us fresh air They stand up strong, tall and brave

Packers (Limerick) According to the score board Aaron Rodgers just scored The other team started to stare He leapt into the air Then the Wisconsin crowd roared

Spring (Haiku) The flowers will bloom Thanks to the sun and the rain A beautiful time

Soccer (Cinquain) Soccer Kicking, Scoring Big gulps of my water Running up the field to score goals Futbol

Hibiscus (Haiku) Yellow, pink, or red I have not seen in person

Toes (Limmerick) My toes wiggle out of my socks My toes wiggle into my Crocs My toes wiggle up and down My toes wiggle all around My toes wiggle to the sound of rock

Music (Cinquain) Music Singing, Humming Playing with great feeling Everybody loves the music Much Sound

Sorrow (Cinquain) Sorrow Wet, cold, and dark Crying a lake of tears Like rain on a bright sunny day Sadness

Colors (Free verse) A girl I know likes purple A boy I know likes green When they ask my favorite color I think that I might scream

Yellow is the shining sun But blue is ocean waves I guess I can cross out red And pink makes me want to lose my head Why are there favorite colors? The world may never know

I Want a Dog (Free Verse) My mother says she loves dogs My brothers love them, too I love dogs the most My dad says they are cute But I think he doesn’t want one Its been eleven years My parents don’t want to hear Me asking for a dog anymore

Abby Poetry Project  

Abby Poetry Project

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