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Brands need to tie the mobile experience into bricks-and-mortar touch points

is not a data management platform (DMP) although the platform can enrich a DMP; nor is it a marketing execution platform. Instead, it is the glue between all your chosen MarTech platforms and tools. Tealium is the opposite of a single-tech stack, enabling organisations to achieve a single customer view in an agnostic way. We integrate and deliver data to well over 1,000 MarTech vendors in real-time.

response to a complaint tweet, the customer would be likely to tell their friends and family about the positive experience. Now the reverse is true. A customer will tell their friends and family when a company does not respond. They are likely to post on Facebook or even tweet again to bemoan the fact that their original complaint has not been responded to – double the trouble.

Capturing all conversions From ‘nice to have’ to necessity And time is of the essence. At present, the ability to engage with a customer consistently is relatively rare. The result is that, for now, the bar is set quite low; simple personalisation and connection of two or three channels can delight customers. However, as more and more organisations leverage their own data to deliver consistent messaging across channels and devices, that bar will continue to rise. Retail expert Mary Portas has predicted that by 2020, customer experience will overtake product as the primary competitive differentiator. In the foreseeable future, customer expectations and compliance will mean that all-encompassing personalisation will no longer be a ‘nice to have’ or a way to gain competitive advantage, it will be a necessity, a way to stay in business. As an example, as recently as one year ago, if a company replied with a personal

Social (earned) media measurement is going to be an important factor in proving the value of not just mobile programmatic, but all paid media. People tend to share more on mobile and convert on desktop or in-store,

The modern shopping experience is a multichannel one

so tying the channels and devices together, visualised in attribution models, will be imperative to marketers retaining both their credibility with executives and, quite frankly, their sanity. A single customer view should be the ultimate objective for marketers because it is not only the ability to engage relevantly and timely to drive revenue, but the opportunity to lower cost per acquisition. Margin improvement is achieved via paid media suppression, removing recent converters or serial non-converters from further engagement. Let’s face face it, there is nothing worse than paying to annoy our customers before they have had chance to consume the product or service purchased. It is now common practice for a potential customer to research products and pricing while in store, for example. An important feature of mobile programmatic will be the ability to capture all conversions, regardless of where the conversion takes place – online, on the telephone or in-store. MM In the coming weeks and months, Tealium is participating in Dmexco, the Mobile Programmatic Summit and the Festival of Marketing. If you are dealing with unconnected data silos or struggling to justify your paid media investments, please come and talk to Tealium at one of these events, or contact us via our website or social media.


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Mobile Marketing September 2016  

The September 2016 print edition of Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing September 2016  

The September 2016 print edition of Mobile Marketing