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Interconnected, Intelligent, International Alex Spencer speaks to Rohit Tripathi (right) and Mirko Benetti (below) from SAP Mobile Services, to find out how the company is helping to improve engagement in the digital enterprise orking in this business, you’re no doubt familiar with SAP, the multinational enterprise software giant – but have you heard of SAP Mobile Services? A subdivision established after the company acquired Sybase for $5.8bn (£4.4bn) in 2010, Mobile Services is now operated as a fully integrated business within SAP. SAP Mobile Services is built on the messaging business previously known as Sybase 365, which offered SMS marketing tools to brands across the world. However, in the six years since the acquisition – practically a lifetime in mobile – the business has evolved to encompass email and push notifications, connections to social networks, and value-added solutions like Authentication 365, Engagement 365 and Consumer Insight 365, in order to offer its customers an endto-end solution for mobile engagement and customer reach. “What we hear our customers are saying is, don’t just give me a platform which does some of the job, leaving me to assemble the different pieces of the puzzle and figure it out myself,” says Rohit Tripathi, GM and head of industry and line of business products for SAP Mobile Services. “They want to be given the full



solution in one place. “Together with Hybris, SAP’s realtime contextual marketing platform, we can take you through the entire journey: segmenting your customers; creating, executing and delivering campaigns; and measuring their effectiveness. That’s the end-to-end vision that the market is demanding.”

Going global The customers in question are an impressive roster of brands, who use SAP Mobile Service’s tools for an even wider selection of use cases. “Three major social companies use our services for customer engagement,” says Tripathi. “The top package and shipment delivery provider worldwide uses us for engaging with its end customers. The key retail banks use us, not just for providing one-time PINs and security services to customers, but also for their marketing campaigns.” These customers and campaigns are spread across the globe. SAP Mobile Services has a presence in over 200 countries, spanning the Americas, EMEA and Asia. That comes with a number of benefits for the company and its clients – from the ability to connect with a number

of different operators internationally, to a global customer service team that is able to respond 24/7. “For the end customer, saying that they cannot be reached because they live in California but are travelling in Singapore, is now just unacceptable,” says Tripathi. “A customer might need a one-time PIN from their bank while on holiday, or need to reset the password on their social media

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