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Each Expression of Gratitude has the Power to Touch a Life.

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From One Gift, a World of Good


Letter From the President and Chair


Nurturing Life


Embracing Differences


Honoring Friendship


Recovering Strength


Surviving Cancer


Sharing Wisdom


Supporting Innovation


Soothing the Spirit


Advancing Knowledge


Opportunities for Giving


Realize Your Goals for Today


Your Goal, Your Gift, Your Choice


Community Highlights


Clinic and Hospital Locations


Foundation at a Glance


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from one gift, a world of good Gratitude in Action //

A single gesture of kindness extended

from one person to another can often touch other lives in ways not apparent in the immediate moment. For those on the receiving end, even the simplest gift can be the impetus to turn around and be of service to others. By rewarding one good turn with another, we create a series of thoughtful acts that, taken together, can achieve a world of good. The very act of giving becomes a defining moment that changes how we view ourselves and others. At the Palo Alto Medical Foundation, we have had the great fortune to witness the profound ways in which gratitude can inspire philanthropy. Gifts come to us from patients expressing thanks for the attention of an extraordinary physician; from physicians who give above and beyond the daily care they provide to their patients; from family members wishing to honor the legacy of a loved one they have lost. In the pages that follow, we offer insights into how people in our ever-widening philanthropic community have been inspired to give, and have in turn inspired others to do the same. By joining forces, we each have enormous power to sustain the quality of health care in the community we call home.



Dr. david druker and susan ford dorsey

LETTER FROM THE president and Chair growing stronger together //

Since the

Marzoni (Palo Alto) and Dr. Richard Slavin

Palo Alto Medical Clinic (PAMC) was

(Camino). Together with our senior staff,

founded in 1930, there has been a handful

administration and Board of Trustees,

of vital turning points for our organization.

they guided us through the complex

The first was in 1981, when the not-for-profit

process that culminated in fall 2007, when

Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF) was

physicians from all three medical groups

created. The second was in 1993, when

came together and took the courageous

PAMF became affiliated with the not-for-

step of voting to approve the merger.

profit health care network of Sutter Health. Recently, we marked the third –

During 2007 and 2008, we continued to

and the most significant – milestone in

respond to the growing demand for care

our 78-year history: On January 1, 2008,

in the communities we serve. PAMF’s

the three medical groups affiliated with

Camino region opened the doors of its

PAMF – Camino Medical Group (CMG),

Mountain View Center in April 2007, where

Palo Alto Medical Clinic and Santa

state-of-the-art medical technologies and

Cruz Medical Clinic (SCMC) – merged

magnificent architecture co-exist in a truly

to form a single medical group.

world-class health care facility. A major capital campaign is now underway to

Today, the merged physician group

rebuild Camino’s Sunnyvale Center, which

operates as a single employer with more

will house a Cancer Center and Vision Care

than 850 physicians serving more than

Center, as well as a Diagnostic Center and

600,000 patients. We will be working

physicians’ offices.

in the coming year to complete the integration of our clinical, administrative

Plans are progressing to bring a world-

and technical systems. When this process

class medical center and hospital to serve

is complete, PAMF patients will have the

patients in San Mateo County. At the

option to receive care at any of our facilities

end of 2007, the San Carlos City Council

throughout Alameda, San Mateo, Santa

unanimously approved PAMF’s plans to

Clara and Santa Cruz counties. Plans are

build the San Carlos Center on an 18-acre

already underway to implement seamless

site just off Highway 101. Construction is

access to care across the PAMF network

set to begin in 2009 with completion in

and include adoption of a single electronic

2012. PAMF also completed the purchase

health record that will enable retrieval of

of a property in Santa Cruz in 2007, and

patient information from any PAMF facility.

we are in the early stages of planning to establish a new facility there.

This momentous achievement would not have been possible without the foresight

A central part of PAMF’s vision for the future

and leadership of our regional presidents:

is to establish programs of excellence in

Dr. Paul DeChant (PAMF-Palomares), Dr.

Oncology, Cardiac Services, Orthopedics

Larry deGhetaldi (Santa Cruz), Dr. Tony

and Neurosciences. In 2008, our cardiac



surgeons began operating on patients

Cruz region with a three-year accreditation –

at Peninsula Medical Center, a Sutter

IMQ’s highest recognition. The Camino,

Health-affiliated acute-care hospital in

Santa Cruz and Palo Alto regions all

Burlingame, as well as at Sequoia Hospital

exceeded performance benchmarks for both

in Redwood City. Cancer care centers

employee satisfaction in the Experience of

have been established in both Palo Alto

Work survey and physician satisfaction in

and Mountain View, and a campaign was

a survey by the American Medical Group

recently launched to build a new Breast

Association. In the latter survey, satisfaction

Care Center on the Palo Alto campus.

of Palo Alto region physicians ranked in the 98th percentile nationally – the highest of

We are pleased to report the July 2008

any physician group in the United States.

appointment of renowned health economist Harold “Hal” Luft, Ph.D., as the new Director

We are deeply grateful for the support of

of the Research Institute at PAMF. Dr.

our philanthropic donors, whose generosity

Luft has already assisted us in recruiting

is so vital to maintaining the extraordinary

new department chairs for Health Policy

quality of our programs and services.

Research and Clinical Research, and the

When people in our communities express

Research Institute will be expanding these

their gratitude through philanthropic gifts,

departments – as well as the Health Services

it strengthens our ability to uphold the

Research Department – under his leadership.

quality care for which our organization is known. We also owe a tremendous debt

Caring for the community, whether it be

of gratitude to our Board of Trustees

the broader community or the underserved,

for their guidance and wisdom, and to

remains core to our charitable mission

our physicians, staff and volunteers for

of giving back. Under the leadership of our

the dedication and compassion they

Board of Trustees, we continue to expand

extend each day to our patients.

our partnerships with other community organizations to fulfill this goal. Our

Looking ahead, we are most excited about

Education Division helps bring our

advancing our vision of operating as a

community-benefit vision to reality by

single medical group. Without question, the

building programs and partnerships

defining moment of these past two years

that bring tangible health benefits through

was when our three physician groups came

our resource centers, lecture programs,

together to vote “yes” for the merger. It was

collaboration with schools and more.

a vote for the future of our organization, and for the health of future generations.

As in so many previous years, our organization was recognized for excellence on numerous levels. In September 2007, the Sutter Maternity & Surgery Center

David Druker, M.D.

was named among the top providers in


the state for patient care satisfaction in the California Hospital Experience Survey, which polled 34,000 patients at 200 hospitals. In February 2008, PAMF received Sutter

Susan Ford Dorsey

Health’s prestigious President’s Award for

Chair, Board of Trustees

best overall performance among the 27 Sutter Health-affiliated medical groups. PAMF’s Palo Alto region received an award from Sutter Health for most improved medical foundation based on clinical quality metrics. Also in 2008, the Institute for Medical Quality (IMQ) awarded our Santa PALO ALTO MEDICAL FOUNDATION


“We are deeply grateful for the support of our philanthropic donors, whose generosity is so vital to maintaining the extraordinary quality of our programs and services.� david druker, m.d., and susan ford dorsey



nurturing life “When I see this little baby with his arms reaching towards me, wanting to give me big kisses, it is magical. And when I see how happy he is to nurse, I feel such gratitude for the help that was given to me.� Alison Richards


10 alison richards with son, Bodhi

nurturing life The Human Touch //

When Alison Richards

After leaving the hospital, Alison continued

learned she was pregnant in January 2007,

to bring Bodhi back to the Sutter Lactation

she and her husband, John Malkin, were

Center each week for nearly four months to

elated. The fact that Alison would give

nurse him and check his weight before and

birth at age 43 meant she could face some

after nursing. “So many new mothers are

challenges. Still, she and John spent the

misinformed about breastfeeding,” she said.

following months preparing for what they

“The Lactation Center staff educates you

hoped would be a natural childbirth at

and makes you feel secure that you’re doing

Sutter Maternity & Surgery Center, affiliated

the right thing for your baby.” When asked

with the Palo Alto Medical Foundation.

to describe her defining moment, Alison broke into a big smile. “When I see this little

Nine months later, Alison went into

baby with his arms reaching towards me,

labor. After several days of intermittent

wanting to give me big kisses, it is magical.

contractions, her obstetrician discovered

And when I see how happy he is to nurse,

that the baby’s head was tilted in the

I feel such gratitude for the help that was

birth canal – a condition called asynclitic

given to me. We are so lucky to have this

presentation – so the decision was made

resource right here in our community.”

to do a Cesarean section. On September 7, 2007, Alison and John welcomed their baby boy into the world. They named him Bodhi, after the sacred fig tree of ancient India. “He’s so sweet and has huge eyes that see everything,” said Alison, proudly showing off her baby photos. Temporary complications from the C-section delayed Alison’s ability to produce sufficient breast milk, but she was determined to nurse. Help arrived when Lili Beggs, R.N., IBCLC, founder of the Sutter Lactation Center, entered Alison’s hospital room. “Lili showed me how to latch my baby onto my breast and pump extra milk to supplement,” said Alison. “It was a rigorous process, but without her help, I never would have been able to breastfeed.”



lili beggs, R.N., with Tara Gareau and daughter beatrix

SUPPORTING NEW MOTHERS Lili Beggs, R.N., IBCLC, had already worked for more than 20 years as a labor and delivery nurse when she joined the Sutter Maternity & Surgery Center (SMSC) just after it opened in 1996. She had also volunteered with the Nursing Mothers Counsel, which has offered free breastfeeding support to women in Santa Cruz County since 1955. Two years after joining SMSC, Lili established the Sutter Lactation Center and later invited her longtime colleague and friend, Maggie Muir, LMFT, IBCLC, to join her. Today, the Center has a staff of three International Board Certified Lactation Consultants who provide breastfeeding services to any new mother in Santa Cruz County. Katie Milazzo, IBCLC, offers bilingual support for Spanish-speaking families, while Maggie, who is also a family therapist, leads a postpartum wellness support group for new mothers. “When a woman has just given birth, she is in a very open, very tender state,” said Maggie, whose own birth family provided foster care for infants. “It is a privilege to support families at this special time, and the new mothers are so grateful for the care we provide.” Lili remembers a defining moment from 22 years ago. “When I gave birth to my first daughter, my sister – who is also a nurse – helped me with breastfeeding,” said Lili. “That one hour we spent together made all the difference in the world. Now we can be there for so many other new mothers in their moment of need, so they can feel more confident and enjoy their new babies.”



embracing differences “I can’t tell you how grateful I am to these kids for embracing my son for who he is.” Dr. N. Kay Morrison

kyle morrison

embracing differences the prom king //

Even with a limited

understanding of autism back in the 1980s,

they weren’t teasing him anymore. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to these kids

Dr. N. Kay Morrison, now director of the

for embracing my son for who he is.” Kyle

international travel clinic and occupational

wore his “Prom King” crown to school the

medicine at the Palo Alto Medical

following Monday, and it remains one of his

Foundation’s Camino region (formerly

proudest possessions. In April 2008, Kyle,

known as Camino Medical Group), knew

now 21, started his first job at a local retail

there was something amiss in the early

chain store, where he was the official greeter

development of her son, Kyle, born in 1987.

at the store’s grand opening – another

She consulted with several specialists, but

defining moment for mother and son.

it wasn’t until Kyle was 9 years old that he was definitively diagnosed with high-

The American Academy of Pediatrics

functioning autism. “My experience made

estimates that about one in 150 children

me appreciate how important it is to clearly

is diagnosed with one of many forms of

understand what’s causing developmental

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Because

delays,” said Dr. Morrison. Once Kyle was

pediatricians are the first point of contact

diagnosed, Dr. Morrison took advantage

for parents, it is important that they are able

of community resources available to help

to recognize ASD symptoms so they can

him. Kyle received social-skills training

refer families to a specialist for a definitive

with a speech-language pathologist and

diagnosis. With this in mind, Dr. Morrison

benefited from other services available

contacted the Philanthropy Department in

through the San Andreas Regional Center,

2007 to make a gift to fund an educational

one of 21 state-funded nonprofit centers

project to help other parents of autistic

that contracts services mandated by the

children. She was put in touch with

Lanterman Developmental Disabilities Act.

pediatrician Jane Chen, who researched ideas. Since early 2008, informational

In June 2006, Kyle graduated from Harbor

packets on autism have been placed in the

High School in Santa Cruz with his diploma

pediatric offices of PAMF’s Camino region,

– a major accomplishment for a young man with his disabilities. On the night of Kyle’s

including booklets created by the American Academy of Pediatrics and purchased with

Senior Prom, Dr. Morrison was working late

Dr. Morrison’s funds. Dr. Morrison plans to

and received an unexpected phone call

renew her gift annually, so that families will

from her son. “He said, ‘Mom! Mom! They

have the tools they need to understand ASD.

voted me Prom King!’” she recalled. At first, Dr. Morrison thought that the same kids who had teased Kyle all through middle school had played a mean trick on him. So

“All parents want to help their child be the very best person he or she can be,” she said. “Even as a physician, it was difficult for me

the moment she got home from work, she

to find the right knowledge. Through these

drove to the prom to see for herself. “There

gifts, I can participate in educating other

was nothing but love in their eyes,” she

parents, with the hope that autistic people of

said of Kyle’s classmates. “I realized at

any age will be more fully embraced and we

that moment that they just loved him, and

can live together in a more tolerant world.”



“When his classmates voted my son Prom King, I was so grateful for their acceptance of him. It has helped Kyle to love himself for who he is.” Dr. N. Kay Morrison



blair stratford with dr. richard babb

honoring friendship Generations of Care //

The United States

Committee was formed to study similar

is in the throes of a nursing shortage that

programs and develop program guidelines.

will only worsen as our population ages

To ensure the best use of funds, each

and health care demands increase. In

applicant was required to have completed at

November 2007, the U.S. Bureau of Labor

least one semester at an accredited nursing

Statistics estimated that more than one

school and be currently employed at one of

million new and replacement nurses will

PAMF’s locations in Santa Clara, San Mateo,

be needed by 2016 – an increase of 23.5

Alameda or Santa Cruz county. “It was so

percent over current staffing levels.

wonderful to interview these applicants,” said Theresa. “They all work so hard, often

Today, the Palo Alto Medical Foundation

under financial stress, and they were so

(PAMF) is taking steps to alleviate this crisis,

grateful for the opportunity to apply.”

thanks to the generosity of donor Blair Stratford and the foresight of her longtime

The names of the first five Nursing Education

friend, Dr. Richard Babb. In 2007, Blair,

Scholarship recipients were announced at

known to her friends as “Midge,” decided

PAMF’s annual Clinical Caregiver’s Day on

she wanted to make a gift to PAMF to honor

May 15, 2008. “The fact that this scholarship

Dr. Babb, an internist and gastroenterologist

was made possible by a gift from a donor to

at the Palo Alto Clinic since 1967. “Dick is

honor her physician touched everyone very

the epitome of what a terrific doctor should

deeply,” said Theresa. Dr. Babb concurred.

be,” she said. “He’s very caring and a great

“Nurses are so fundamental to the health

listener. With Dick, it’s not just one moment,

care process, and anything we can do to

it’s his continual attention. I am so grateful

make their work more rewarding is great,” he

for everything he has done for my family.”

said. “It’s good for the nurses, good for the

In fact, five generations of Blair’s family

doctors, and even better for our patients.”

have received care from PAMF since 1946, and three generations have been patients of Dr. Babb since 1967. Today, Blair has three children and eight grandchildren, and still carries on the traditions she learned growing up in a family that recognized the value of community philanthropy. “I’ve given to the Palo Alto Clinic for years, and I’ll give to them forever,” she said. Blair asked Dr. Babb how he would like to see her gift used and, after careful consideration, he came up with the idea of a Nursing Education Scholarship Fund. Dr. Babb presented the idea to Theresa Manley, R.N., director of clinical operations at PAMF,

“It’s very exciting to contribute to a program that benefits so many people. I’m especially grateful that I was able to do something to honor my wonderful friend and doctor.”

and she loved it. Over the next several months, a Nursing Education Scholarship ANNUAL REPORT 2007/2008

blair stratford 18

“I’m the first person in my family to earn a four year degree. My son is so proud of me. He is already talking about where he’ll go to college.” Melodee LaFrance, R.N.




Education as Example As the single mother of a 14-year-old son and full-time nurse at Sutter Maternity & Surgery Center (SMSC), affiliated with the Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF), Melodee LaFrance, R.N., has a full and busy life. Even so, furthering her education has always been a priority. After earning her nursing degree from Cabrillo College in 2003, Melodee joined the staff at SMSC. In 2006, she was accepted to San Jose State University School of Nursing, where she was awarded her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree in May 2008. Student loans have placed an enormous financial burden on Melodee, so when she heard about PAMF’s Nursing Education Scholarship Fund, she jumped at the chance to apply. In April 2008, Melodee received her acceptance letter. “When I opened the envelope, I was ecstatic,” she said. “It was a feeling of joy, excitement and relief, all at the same time.” Melodee will use her scholarship money to pay down her student loans. “I’m the first person in my family to earn a four-year degree,” she said. “I never want to stop growing and learning. My son Anthony is so proud of me. He is already talking about where he’ll go to college. Now he realizes that learning doesn’t stop at high school, and the more education you have, the more doors are open to you.”



Recovering strength “Quality medical care is fundamental to a healthy community, from the moment a baby is born all the way to the end of life.� MARY ELLEN FOX

Mike and Mary ellen Fox with family

mike and mary ellen fox

Recovering strength The Value of Community //

Mike and Mary

Then, an unexpected breakthrough

Ellen Fox were raised in families that

happened. “The next morning, Dr. Winton

emphasized the importance of giving back,

was set to drive up to Lake Tahoe for

and both have embraced those values in

a vacation with her family,” recalls Mike.

their own long history of volunteerism and

“While driving home from the office that

community philanthropy. Married in 1959,

evening, she suddenly realized that I could

Mike and Mary Ellen today have six children

be suffering from myasthenia gravis.”

and 16 grandchildren, all of whom live within

Myasthenia gravis is a rare neuromuscular

an hour of their home in the Santa Clara

disease that affects the autoimmune system,

Valley. “A community is like a family. If one

and one of the first noticeable symptoms

person lacks the basics, the effects are felt

is weakness of the eye muscles. Dr. Winton

on many levels,” said Mary Ellen. “Quality

immediately ordered blood tests for

medical care is fundamental to a healthy

Mike, and the diagnosis of myasthenia

community, from the moment a baby is

gravis was confirmed. She then referred

born all the way to the end of life.”

Mike to neurologist Leland Greenwald, who concurred with Dr. Winton’s diagnosis.

In January 2003, Mike began to notice

Dr. Greenwald also suspected that Mike

disturbing changes in his eyesight,

might have Parkinson’s disease – a suspicion

including double vision. He and Mary

that was soon confirmed. Since then, Mike

Ellen consulted with Mike’s primary care

has continued to see Dr. Greenwald, and his

physician, who found that Mike had an

symptoms from Parkinson’s and myasthenia

overactive thyroid and referred him to Dr.

gravis are alleviated by medication.

Todd Kaye, an endocrinologist at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation’s Mountain View

Although Mike has only been a Camino

Center (formerly known as Camino Medical

Medical Group and PAMF patient for

Group). After conducting nuclear imaging

five years, his experience inspired him to

tests that revealed no abnormalities, Dr.

become deeply involved in helping the

Kaye sent Mike to Dr. Yichieh Shiuey, an

organization to flourish. “Good health care

ophthalmologist at PAMF’s Sunnyvale Eye

is defined by three things: access, availability

Clinic, who did several exams to rule out

and quality,” he said. “This organization

Grave’s Disease – initially suspected by Mike

delivers excellence in all these areas, and

and Mary Ellen. That same day, Dr. Shiuey

the electronic health record provides

sent Mike down the hall to see his fellow

tremendous advantages to patients and

ophthalmologist Carol Winton for further

doctors.” In 2006, Mike became a founding

testing. Still, a diagnosis remained elusive.

member of the Philanthropy Leadership



Council, a nine-member group established

Mike is particularly grateful to Dr. Greenwald

to advance long-term philanthropic support

for his care and attention. “I remember when

for capital projects and expanded programs

I couldn’t get out of bed in the morning,”

at the Mountain View Center and other local

he said. “Now I have strength and energy

PAMF facilities. In 2008, Mike and Mary Ellen

and am so much happier. It’s like I ran

took on the role of co-chairs of the capital

into a miracle at the Mountain View Center,

campaign for PAMF’s new Sunnyvale Center.

so I’ve chosen to express some of my

The new Center will include a Cancer Center

gratitude financially.”

and Vision Care Center, as well as a Diagnostic Center and physicians’ offices. When asked if he could name a defining moment, Mike recalled a time more than 30 years ago when he made a life-changing decision. “I realized that my lifestyle back then was not compatible with longevity and happiness,” he said. Mike consulted with a dietitian, began a rigorous exercise program and was soon running marathons. “For me, maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding nicotine and alcohol are the keys to a happier, more meaningful existence.”

“Now I have strength and energy and am so much happier. It’s like I ran into a miracle at the Mountain View Center, so I’ve chosen to express some of my gratitude financially.” Mike Fox



dr. bart and stephanie lally

Joining Forces Many members of the Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF) family go above and beyond their daily responsibilities to contribute to the fiscal health of the organization. In the case of Dr. Bart C. Lally, an internist and gastroenterologist practicing in the El Camino Hospital physician community since 1972, those contributions are extraordinary. In 2007, Dr. Lally – who joined the formerly named Camino Medical Group in 1997 – became the first medical director of philanthropy for PAMF’s Camino region. In 2008, Dr. Lally and his wife, Stephanie – who recently retired after a 45-year career as a registered nurse and operating room nurse – joined longtime friends Mike and Mary Ellen Fox as co-chairs of the capital campaign for PAMF’s new Sunnyvale Center. “It would be impossible to sustain the quality of care our patients expect without public support,” noted Dr. Lally. “Philanthropy is essential to our mission, and I feel honored to play a role in communicating our needs to the donor community.”



kingsley jack

surviving cancer Relationships Matter //

When Kingsley

by her medical team at PAMF. “They

Jack and her former husband arrived in

treated me as a whole person and were

Palo Alto from their hometown of New

my best cheerleaders,” she said. “Most

Orleans in 1973, they had just one local

importantly, they listened to me throughout

contact. That “friend of a friend” happened

my entire experience.” Kingsley is looking

to be the late Dr. Robert Jamplis, who led

forward to October 2010, when she

the Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF)

hopes to celebrate the crucial milestone

from 1966 through 1999. “From the first day

of being cancer-free for five years.

we met, Bob Jamplis and his wife, Bobby, were like part of our family,” said Kingsley,

Thanks to earlier diagnoses and more

who has since raised two daughters – now

effective treatments, more than 85 percent

in their 30s – and in December 2007 became

of breast cancer patients will survive their

the proud grandmother of a baby girl.

disease, so the need for ongoing care is

Kingsley and her family have relied on

after Kingsley’s treatments ended, the

enormous. In November 2005, a month PAMF for their health care for 35 years, and

Institute of Medicine (IOM) in Washington,

Kingsley has made gifts to the Foundation

D.C., released a report entitled “From

annually since 1973. An experienced event

Cancer Patient to Cancer Survivor: Lost

planner and etiquette consultant, Kingsley

in Transition,” which cited widespread

also hosted four successful fundraisers

shortfalls in follow-up care for cancer

for PAMF – one of which resulted in a

patients. Noting that many patients felt

$30,000 donation that helped 40-year

abandoned after treatment, the report

PAMF employee Rosemary Maresca,

recommended creating a “survivorship

R.N. (now retired), establish the Breast

care plan” to provide patients with ongoing

Cancer Education Program in 1990.

medical care and psychosocial support services. Kingsley’s experience echoed the

What Kingsley could not have known

report’s findings. “The emotional journey

after that fundraiser was that she herself

following treatment was a lot tougher than I

would turn to the Breast Cancer Education

had expected,” she said. “While friends and

Program more than 13 years later. In

family were celebrating the end of treatment,

April 2005, Kingsley was diagnosed with

a sense of vulnerability replaced my warrior

stage 2 invasive ductal breast cancer and

mode and a fear of recurrence haunted me.”

subsequently underwent six months of treatments. “When you get a diagnosis

In early 2006, Kingsley was invited to

like mine, you go into warrior mode,” said

participate in a panel discussion with four

Kingsley. “I had no family history of breast

other PAMF breast cancer patients to

cancer, and it was shocking to realize I had

discuss their experiences, and all agreed

no control over its recurrence.” Kingsley

that they felt “abandoned” at the end of

appreciated the care and attention provided

their treatment plans. In response, Rosemary



Maresca, R.N., and Theresa Manley, R.N.,

When Kingsley made her annual contribution

director of clinical operations at PAMF,

to PAMF in 2007, she dedicated her gift to

established the Survivorship Treatment

Theresa Manley, R.N., and the Survivorship

Plan Committee, recruiting additional

Treatment Plan Committee. “It’s amazing

PAMF patients who had survived either

how the course of your life can change in

prostate cancer or breast cancer – including

a moment’s notice,” she said. “People in

Kingsley – to explore strategies for creating

our community need to realize that based

an ongoing wellness plan. After Rosemary

on statistics alone, it’s very likely that the

retired in June 2006, her successor,

life of someone you love will be affected by

Jana Waldorph, R.N., who is now PAMF’s

cancer. At PAMF, I felt supported, confident

breast health educator, continued to work

and heard, so why wouldn’t I want to give?”

closely with Theresa and other members of PAMF’s cancer care community to develop guidelines for a new survivorship program, which was officially launched in April 2008. PAMF patients who have survived breast cancer or prostate cancer now receive a written summary detailing their diagnosis and treatment, and outlining recommendations for follow-up care and services. “We now have a dedicated nutritionist and licensed social worker available free of charge for our cancer patients,” said Jana, “and we will be expanding the survivorship program in the coming months.” Looking back, Kingsley still finds many reasons to be thankful. “I am most grateful for the reconnection of my family,” she said. “My diagnosis frightened all of us, and my daughters and ex-husband all came together to support me. Everyone had a role to play, and the experience solidified the foundation of our family. There are many silver linings in my experience with breast cancer, and they are all about relationships.”

“It’s amazing how the course of your life can change in a moment’s notice. People need to realize that, based on statistics alone, it’s very likely that the life of someone you love will be affected by cancer.” Kingsley Jack



theresa manley, R.N.

A Vision for Healing In recent years, the Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF) has made great strides toward its vision of integrating cancer care services. The Palo Alto campus has a comprehensive Cancer Care Center and shares many resources with PAMF’s Mountain View Center (formerly known as Camino Medical Group), which has an Oncology Department and Breast Care Center with digital diagnostic imaging capabilities. A capital campaign is underway to open PAMF’s new Sunnyvale Center by 2010, which will also include a Cancer Care Center. “Our goal is to provide all the physical care and emotional support our cancer patients need from diagnosis through treatment and beyond,” said Theresa Manley, R.N., director of clinical operations at PAMF, who decided to become a nurse when her own mother was diagnosed with colon cancer in 1985. “Now, we want to provide these services to Palo Alto breast cancer patients under one roof, and we need more space to make that happen.” In 2007, PAMF launched a two-year, $12-million campaign to create a dedicated, standalone Breast Care Center on the Palo Alto campus, a short walk from the main medical facility. The new Center will offer state-of-the-art diagnostics, programs for patient support, education and referrals, and follow-up services. A central goal will be to offer a mammogram, diagnosis, ultrasound or biopsy, and treatment planning all within a 48-hour time window, substantially reducing wait times that can create so much anxiety for patients and their families. “The relative risk of breast cancer is 10 times higher at age 60 than it is at age 50,” said Dr. Francis A. Marzoni, regional president of PAMF and a longtime breast surgeon. “As our population ages, we will see a marked increase in this disease, and we must meet this challenge with the model of care that the future demands: patient-centered, interdisciplinary care.”



Beverly Bivins and lori larson, r.n.

sharing wisdom Dedicated to Service // Lori

Larson, R.N.,

educator. “Since then, I’ve devoted

CDE, knew at a very young age what she

more than 20 years of my life to diabetes

wanted to be when she grew up. “Being a

education,” she said, “all because I wanted

nurse was the only thing I ever wanted to

so much to help this young blind woman

do,” she said. “It was like a calling.” Lori has

who had such an amazing spirit.”

been a nurse for 34 years – 32 of those on staff with the Visiting Nurse Association

Lori has given generously to the VNA

(VNA) of Santa Cruz, affiliated with the

every year since 2003, and several patients

Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF).

have given gifts to the VNA in her honor. Her donations are designated for the VNA’s

During her early years in acute care

charitable fund that provides home care for

nursing in Southern California, Lori saw

uninsured or underinsured patients who

many patients being readmitted to hospitals

would otherwise not be eligible for care.

because they didn’t know how to care for

“You get to a point in your life, hopefully,

themselves at home. After moving to Santa

where you can afford to give more to

Cruz in 1976, she decided to switch tracks

others,” she said. “I know first-hand that

in her career. “To me, the satisfaction in

the donations I make to the VNA help

nursing comes from teaching people to take

people who are most in need, and that’s

care of themselves and their loved ones,”

a wonderful feeling.”

she said. “In the space of a one-hour home visit, the VNA provides people with a oneto-one, hands-on teaching experience that can prevent further illness and save them from spending weeks in a hospital.” A gifted writer, Lori has written nearly 50 stories that capture moments of gratitude from her

An excerpt from the poem, Grateful

“I am grateful to have a job without walls or windows in a place where there is so much to see.

home visits, all published over a five-year

I am grateful to be able to spend quality

period as “Lori’s Stories” in the Santa Cruz

time with every kind of person you could

VNA employee newsletter.

imagine and help them in some way.

Today, most of Lori’s patients are over age 65 and homebound. But nearly 20 years ago, she had an experience with a VNA

I am grateful to pet dogs and cats and birds and even chickens in homes of people who love them.

patient that changed her life. “I took care

I am grateful that, in my opinion, I have the

of a young woman who was totally blind

coolest job a nurse could ever have.”

due to diabetes,” she recalled. “She needed help managing her illness, but I was at a loss

Lori Larson, R.N., CDE

because I didn’t have the right skills.” Lori went to her VNA supervisor and told her she wanted to become a specialist, and then took courses to become a certified diabetes ANNUAL REPORT 2007/2008


douglas tucker, ph.d.

In Sickness and In Health Douglas Tucker, Ph.D., was drafted into the U.S. Army in 1941. He served as a lieutenant colonel in three wars before exposure to Agent Orange during the Vietnam War forced him to retire on full disability at age 56 with prostate cancer. That was in 1976, and in the years since, he has developed severe arthritis and heart problems, and suffered broken bones from several falls. Since 2007, Douglas has been homebound in a wheelchair with his wife of 60 years, Anneliese, as his primary caregiver. The Tuckers, patients of the Santa Cruz Medical Foundation (affiliated with the Palo Alto Medical Foundation) for more than 30 years, began using the services of the Visiting Nurse Association (VNA) of Santa Cruz in 1994, and have donated annual gifts to the VNA since 2005. “We have been very fortunate with every one of our visiting nurses,” said Anneliese. “They are fantastically efficient. They help Douglas with his medications and communicate with his doctors if there’s ever a problem.” Before Douglas became ill, he and Anneliese traveled extensively, and mementos from their journeys are displayed throughout their Santa Cruz home. When asked what he is most grateful for, Douglas replied without hesitation. “When I had to leave the nursing home and move back home, I realized what a burden my wife had taken on,” he said. “I am so grateful for everything she has done and that she is here for me, each day of my life.”



“I am so grateful for everything my wife has done to help me, and that she is here for me, each day of my life.” Retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Douglas Tucker, Ph.D.



Supporting innovation Targeted Philanthropy //

In January 2008,

Acquisition of the HD120 MLC was made

thanks to the extraordinary generosity of

possible through an innovative philanthropic

one grateful donor, the Palo Alto Medical

partnership that engages PAMF donors in

Foundation (PAMF) became the first health

giving opportunities that are personally

care organization in the world to acquire

meaningful to them. In this case, a patient

breakthrough technology for treating

who was successfully treated for cancer at

cancerous tumors.

PAMF chose to express her gratitude through philanthropy. “I made this gift in memory of

The high-definition multileaf collimator

my late husband, with whom I shared a long

(HD120 MLC) is part of the Novalis Tx

and happy life over 60 years of marriage,”


radiosurgery system from Varian Medical Systems and BrainLAB. The HD120 MLC –

said the donor, who requested anonymity. “My hope is that PAMF’s physicians will carry

the centerpiece of a new radiosurgery

on his legacy by helping many cancer

program established at PAMF in June

patients in the years to come.”

2008 – provides a non-invasive method of delivering high doses of radiation to

Dr. Ray described his gratitude for being

tumors that are very small while protecting

able to practice in a group practice setting

healthy tissues. With its ultra-fine, beam-

that allows physicians to deliver care in a

shaping capabilities, the HD120 MLC is

very personalized way using some of the

particularly useful for treating brain and

world’s most advanced technologies. “My

spinal tumors.

own life has been greatly enriched by the courage and grace with which my patients

“This technology gives our physicians the

have faced a potentially fatal disease,” said

confidence and precision to target tumors

Dr. Ray. “The mutual gratitude we share

that were once considered untreatable

often transcends the normal doctor-patient

due to their location in the body,” said Dr.

relationship and, in some cases, inspires a

Gordon Ray, head of PAMF’s Department

philanthropic partnership. Thanks to the

of Radiation Oncology. “Most treatments

generosity of our donors, we are able to

can be completed in about 30 minutes

provide our cancer patients with the best

using what is essentially a microphoton

opportunity to achieve a cure.”

scalpel. Because the procedure is noninvasive, patients can go home and resume their normal activities.”



Dr. gordon ray

Scott, Elaine, Simon and Steven Yen

Soothing the spirit A Tribute to Life //

When Chi-Lin Yen passed

After discussing her wishes with Dr. Lally

away in November 2003 – only a year after

and members of the Camino region’s

being diagnosed with gastric carcinoid

Philanthropy Department, Mrs. Yen decided

cancer, a rare form of stomach cancer – he

to make a gift to create a garden that could

left behind his wife of more than 40 years,

provide some solace to patients who were

Elaine Yen, and their three grown sons,

undergoing treatment at the infusion center

Scott, Simon and Steven. Elaine has been

at PAMF’s Mountain View Center, which was

a longtime patient of Dr. Bart C. Lally, an

then nearing completion of construction.

internist and gastroenterologist at the Camino region of the Palo Alto Medical

After making her gift, Elaine worked closely

Foundation (PAMF), and she often turned

with PAMF’s landscape architect, John

to Dr. Lally for support and advice during

Wong, who presented her with some initial

her husband’s illness.

sketches. “I told him what my husband liked best and what was in our own garden at

Over time, Elaine felt a growing sense that

home,” she said. “We wanted a garden that

she wanted to do something to honor the

would be there forever, with a pagoda,

memory of her late husband. “My mom had

boulders and a waterfall, and with flowering

the idea to create a peaceful place where

azaleas, maple and black pine trees.”

people could sit and rest,” said Scott, the Yen’s eldest son, an internist who has lived

The Chi-Lin Yen Garden, which is open to

near Chicago since 1987. “My father always

the public, is located on the lower level of

loved his garden at our home in Los Altos

the Mountain View Center and can be easily

Hills, and my mother wanted to design a

viewed through large windows by infusion

garden he would have liked to tend himself.”

center patients. Allegra Lewis, R.N., an



oncology nurse who works in the infusion

three of Elaine Yen’s sons spoke about

center, has witnessed the garden’s soothing

their memories of their father. “We do not

effect on her patients. “It is so therapeutic

want him to be forgotten,” said Elaine. “My

to be able to look out on trees and flowers.

husband was taken too soon, but this garden

People almost forget for a moment that

will leave a footprint in this world of who he

they are in treatment,” she said. “So many

was and what he loved.”

peoples’ lives are touched by chronic illness,” she continued. “The environment we create here honors the uniqueness of each person, and encourages healing, optimism and a sense of connection.” Dr. Edmund Tai, an oncologist, sees his patients every day at the infusion center. “Our patients are fighting a war against cancer, and this garden provides a spiritual counterpoint to the high technology of their treatments. It gives people a calm place to focus so they can experience some sense of serenity.” The dedication ceremony for the Chi-Lin Yen Garden was held on April 14, 2007, and attended by family members and friends, as well as by many physicians and staff members. “The ceremony was a celebration of my dad’s life, so he would live on in this world,” said Scott. “He lives in my heart forever, even if he’s not on this earth. When I visit the garden, I feel peaceful and a little closer to my dad.” At the dedication, all

“This garden is symbolic of a man who loved the outdoors and loved his garden. He loved to see things grow and to create something Beautiful. According to Chinese custom, each element of this garden is a symbol. The pine tree is said to be a metaphor for time and fate because of the many twists and bends it endures from the elements. The waterfall in Japanese Buddhism represents permanent impermanence. I hope this garden gives a little peace and serenity to those who are suffering.” Excerpt from a talk by Steven Yen at the dedication ceremony of the Chi-Lin Yen Garden at PAMF’s Mountain View Center, April 14, 2007



jackie and ray tikvica

A Lifetime of Giving More than a century ago, Ray Tikvica’s father came to California from the former Yugoslavia and began to buy land to plant fruit orchards. At one point, Ray’s family farmed nearly 800 acres of orchards across Sonoma, Santa Clara and San Benito counties. When Ray met and married his wife, Jackie, in 1948, he was building his first home in a cherry orchard on 10 acres of land owned by his father. Though much of that land has been sold, Ray and Jackie still live in the same home on Old San Francisco Road, directly across the street from the Sunnyvale Center of the Palo Alto Medical Foundation (formerly known as Camino Medical Group). Ray and Jackie have been patients since the Center was founded in the 1950s, and have given generously to the organization. After growing up through the Great Depression, Ray and Jackie learned early life lessons. “You find out about saving money when you don’t have a lot of it,” said Jackie, who was a community volunteer for more than 35 years. “It’s interesting that people who have less sometimes give more,” said Ray. “In this world, we all need each other. It’s just a very good feeling to help other people.” In January 2008, Ray and Jackie established a Gift Annuity Trust that will ultimately support cancer and heart research through the Camino Cancer Fund and the Camino Cardiology Fund. “At our age we have to count the years,” said Ray. “I say, if you want to do anything, you have to do it today. Tomorrow may be too late.”



dr. hal luft

advancing knowledge A New Era of Research //

In July 2008,

is one of the few places in the country where

Harold S. “Hal” Luft, Ph.D., an internationally

all the internal data is stored electronically.

renowned health economist, became the

The electronic health record combined with

new Director of the Research Institute at

the ability to collaborate with practicing

the Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF).

physicians creates the ideal environment for

Dr. Luft comes to the Institute from the

exploring how study data impacts the real

University of California, San Francisco

world of patient care.”

(UCSF), where he joined the faculty in 1978 and served as Caldwell B. Esselstyn

In the months leading up to his official

Professor of Health Policy and Director of

start date at the Research Institute, Dr.

the Philip R. Lee Institute for Health Policy

Luft assisted PAMF in its efforts to recruit

Studies for more than 14 years.

new department chairs for Health Policy Research and Clinical Research, as well

A portion of Dr. Luft’s salary is funded by

as several junior investigators for each

the endowment established by longtime

department. “In the arena of clinical research,

PAMF donor Leonard Ely Jr. to honor his

we have an enormous opportunity to use

late father, orthopedic surgeon Leonard

the electronic health record to develop new

Ely Sr. “My father loved medical research

clinical trials and examine how new drugs

and gave his life to enhance the practice

are entered into practice,” he said. Barbara

of medicine,” said Leonard. “When the

Anderson, R.N., CCRA, CCRC, will work

opportunity was presented to make a gift

closely with the new department chair as

to support the new director of the Research

she continues in her current role as the

Institute, I wanted to help,” he said. “It thrills

Institute’s Clinical Research Manager.

me to know that my gift will further the vision of Dr. Luft, whom I so greatly admire.”

The Department of Health Services Research,

Leonard encourages young philanthropists

which conducts studies on how patient

to find something they love and give money

behavior and clinical care impact health

to support it. “There are so many ways to

outcomes, will remain under the leadership

help,” he said. “You just have to look around

of Sandra Wilson, Ph.D. “When you assess

and find the giving opportunity that is most

study data, you always need to consider the

meaningful to you.”

implication of that data to the lives of real

Dr. Luft pointed out that much of his

and years ahead, Dr. Luft will encourage

people,” explained Dr. Luft. In the months research at UCSF involved using other

ongoing collaboration among the three

people’s data. “What inspires me most about

departments at the Research Institute.

this new position with the PAMF Research Institute is the opportunity to have direct

Dr. Luft, who has authored more than

access to a health care delivery system with

200 scientific articles and published four

extraordinary information,” he said. “PAMF

books, recently completed his fifth book,



Total Cure: The Antidote to the Health Care

As the Research Institute enters this new era

Crisis, set for release in October 2008. Total

in its 58-year history, philanthropic support

Cure explores the underlying problems in

will be more important than ever. “We must

our current health care insurance system

be able to attract the best and brightest

and offers what he believes are more viable

investigators,” said Dr. Luft. “We have great

alternatives. “The current system doesn’t

data and access to quality information, but

work well even for people who have

we are competing with major universities.

insurance,” he explained. “Costs are growing

We need to offer investigators the job

at an unsustainable rate, and most people

security and supportive work environment

still don’t get the quality of care they want.”

they require to do their best work.”

In his book, Dr. Luft recommends mandating universal health care insurance coverage for chronic illness care and major acute hospitalization, and for giving physicians

When asked what he is most grateful for, Dr. Luft pointed to the start of his career. “I am very thankful that my early experiences

more freedom to order the care they deem

as a postdoctoral assistant taught me how

appropriate for their own patients. “I am

to think differently about the world. I worked

impressed that the Research Institute

in a very supportive research environment.

operates independently from the medical

Now, I can give some of that back to others.”

group at PAMF,” he said. “This gives researchers the freedom to pursue the studies they feel are most important. It’s a structure that will allow us to recruit top-rate people.”

am very very thankful “I“Iam that my early thankful that my experiences early experiences taught me how to taught me how to think differently aboutdifferently the world. think I worked in world. a about the very supportive I worked in a research very supportive environment. Now, Iresearch can give some environment. of that back to others.” Harold Now, I can give S. “Hal” Luft, Ph.D. some of that back to others.” Dr. Harold S. “Hal” Luft



mrs. Willeta ames

An Enduring Legacy When Edward Ames passed away at age 98 in May 2007, he left behind an enduring legacy that included countless friends and devoted family members who remember him as a warm and brilliant man with a deep respect for medical science. Ed’s legacy has also impacted – and will continue to touch – many generations of researchers whose work has been quietly supported by his philanthropic gifts to the Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF) and its Research Institute. In 1983, a charitable trust established by Ed and his first wife, Dorothy, resulted in the naming of the Ames Building, the Institute’s research facility. Ed Ames was a longtime friend of Dr. Robert “Jamp” Jamplis, who led PAMF from 1966 through 1999, when Dr. David Druker became PAMF’s president and chief executive officer. “I am so grateful that Ed had the Foundation in his life,” said his widow, Willeta Ames. “He had such respect for their work and was so pleased with the way Dr. Druker carried on Jamp’s dream. Ed knew that the Research Institute would have a very bright future.” The Edward and Dorothy Ames Trust will continue to support the Institute for years to come. “I am so grateful for the time we had together,” said Willeta. “We were old, old friends and we kept our friendship alive through the years. Ed was a loving man and a wonderful husband, and everyone who knew him, loved him.”



Private philanthropy has allowed the Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF) to further its commitment as a community health resource, leading the way in patient care, biomedical research and health education. The generosity of those who give to PAMF makes a crucial difference in our ability to fulfill our mission to the community.





Unrestricted Gifts //

Unrestricted gifts to

PAMF is pleased to offer donors a wide

PAMF give us the flexibility to support areas

range of naming opportunities to recognize

with the most pressing need or potential –

their contributions. With commitments

in patient care, education and research.

starting at $25,000, an area in one

These gifts help ensure the continuation

of our facilities may be named for, or

of important programs and services.

in honor or memory of, an individual, or a named fund may be created.

Restricted Gifts //

Gifts can be made to a

range of specialty services or programs, consistent with the donor’s personal


interests. Memorial/honorarium gifts A gift of cash is the simplest,

may be made in any amount and for

Cash //

any purpose. PAMF promptly notifies

most straightforward and immediate

the appropriate party of the gift.

way to give to PAMF. Cash gifts may be pledged over a period of up to five years

Endowed Gifts //

A minimum contribution

of $25,000 made either through a lifetime

and are fully deductible up to 50 percent of the donor’s adjusted gross income.

gift or by a bequest establishes an endowed A gift of long-

fund. The principal is preserved and a

Appreciated Securities //

portion of the income supports the purposes

term appreciated securities is exempt

of the fund as specified by the donor.

from capital gains taxes, currently at a maximum rate of 20 percent. In most

Family Fund //

A minimum contribution of

cases, a donor can claim a charitable

$25,000 establishes a named family fund.

income tax deduction equal to the full fair

These funds can be directed to a specific

market value of the appreciated securities.

purpose at the discretion of the family.

The gift is deductible up to 30 percent of the donor’s adjusted gross income.

Capital Gifts //

Capital gifts for building In some cases, property can

construction, equipment or renovation

Real Estate //

provide caregivers with efficient

be given outright to support PAMF, and

facilities to deliver state-of-the-art care

the donor receives a charitable income

to patients and support researchers’

tax deduction for the fair market value of

ability to conduct key investigations.

the property. Real estate gifts also can be used to fund a life income arrangement.





The Legacy Society honors donors

The Palo Alto Medical Foundation is a

who have made life income gifts to

not-for-profit, multispecialty health care

PAMF, remembered us in their estate

system with locations throughout Alameda,

plans or created endowed funds.

San Mateo, Santa Clara and Santa Cruz counties. We are dedicated to providing

Life Income Gifts //

Life income

the very best primary and specialty

arrangements vary, but most options

care, supported by community health

offer the following financial benefits:

education and biomedical research.

» An income for life to the donor and a second beneficiary

In carrying out its charitable mission, the

» A charitable income tax deduction

Palo Alto Medical Foundation is affiliated

» A reduction or avoidance of

with physicians and scientists at Palo

capital gains taxes

Alto Foundation Medical Group and the

» Savings on estate and gift taxes

Research Institute. The Foundation cares

» Professional investment management

for more than 600,000 patients each year.

Charitable Gift Annuities //


gift annuities provide the donor, or a designated beneficiary, with a fixed annuity that is guaranteed for the life of the annuitant(s). Rates are highest for older donors. The minimum gift is $25,000. Charitable Remainder Trusts //


remainder trusts are personalized management plans. Donors select a

We are dedicated to providing the very best primary and specialty care.

payout rate, usually 6 percent or 7 percent, that pays an income to the donor annually. Annuity trusts provide the donor, or a designated beneficiary, with a fixed annual payment. The distribution paid from a trust varies based on the periodic value of the trust assets. Bequests //

For many donors, gifts made

through their wills are the best way to make a key contribution to PAMF. Through a bequest, a donor can make a gift without depleting current assets and eliminate or reduce federal estate taxes. If you have included PAMF in your estate plan, please let us know.



REALIZE YOUR GOALS FOR TODAY create your legacy for tomorrow

As a not-for-profit, community-based

Matt pointed out that, in his experience,

institution, the Palo Alto Medical Foundation

many financial planners and attorneys

(PAMF) relies on the philanthropic support

do not fully understand the benefits of

of individuals, families, corporations and

charitable estate gifts. “Most of the calls I

foundations to uphold both the quality and

get are referrals from professionals,” he said.

accessibility of the health care services

“They want to know what types of charitable

we provide. Established by a dedicated

gift opportunities are available and how they

group of physicians in 1930, PAMF has

can work to the benefit of their clients.”

since grown to become one of the largest multispecialty group practices in Northern

At PAMF, we make it our business to educate

California, caring for more than 600,000

our donors about their options before

patients throughout Alameda, San Mateo,

they make any choices. We also recognize

Santa Clara and Santa Cruz counties.

and celebrate the fact that each donor is unique. Understanding your financial

Each year, grateful patients and families express their support for our work in the areas of medical care, biomedical research and health education through philanthropic gifts. While there are many ways to donate to PAMF, planned gifts represent one of the most beneficial to the donor. Indeed, your wishes and goals are central to the entire process of making a planned gift. “Donor intent is the driving force behind any gift,” explained Matt Laufman, director of Gift Planning for Sutter Health, of which PAMF is an affiliate. “We understand that people want first and foremost to provide for their families. We also know they want to protect themselves. Making a planned gift is a huge step toward gaining more control over your life – for yourself in the present and for your heirs in the future.”

“Anyone is welcome to come into PAMF and talk with a gift planner to learn more about the many choices available to them.” anne BACHAN jigger



needs, your charitable interests, and your wishes for yourself and your family are all vital to the planned giving process.

“We have helped donors turn real estate and other assets into income-producing financial vehicles,” said Anne. “The income can then be used to cover the donor’s

“We believe that estate planning is an

own life expenses or create a scholarship

important part of overall life planning,”

fund for a grandchild – all while bypassing

said Anne Bachan Jigger, vice president

capital gains and estate taxes. When people

of Philanthropy at PAMF. “Anyone is

realize they can take complete control over

welcome to come into PAMF and talk

how their assets are used, it can be a very

with a gift planner to learn more about

powerful and life-changing experience.”

the many choices available to them. It is very important to us that all donors fully understand their options and feel entirely comfortable with their choices.” A consultation with a gift planner at PAMF is free of charge, completely confidential and carries no obligation. Our primary goal is to provide you with clear, factual information.

For more information or to schedule a no-obligation appointment, please contact: Anne Bachan Jigger 650 | 853 | 6076 To learn more online, visit and click on Planned Giving. You can also make a donation online by clicking on Donate Now Online.

Many of the planned gifts you’ve read about in the preceding pages began with one of these meetings. When the meeting is over, we provide a written summary that you can review with your family members, accountant or attorney to decide if a planned gift is the right choice for you.

PHILANTHROPY CONTACTS For more information or to make a gift online, visit us at For information about making a gift to a division or fund of the Palo Alto Medical Foundation, please contact:




Anne Bachan Jigger

William Ray, Ph.D.

Richard Nichols


Director, Philanthropy


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PAMF/Santa Cruz Division

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2900 Chanticleer Ave.

Palo Alto, CA 94301

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The choice to make a gift to the Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF) begins and ends with your individual financial goals. The chart to the right will help you to match your goals with the right planned gift vehicle.

YOUR GOAL, YOUR GIFT, YOUR CHOICE if this is your goal

make this your gift

Avoid capital gains tax on

With a real estate gift, you can donate your home or other

the sale of your home or

real estate to PAMF and gain an immediate income tax

other real estate

deduction while avoiding capital gains tax.

Donate your personal

With a retained life estate, you can designate ownership

residence and continue to

to PAMF and take a charitable income tax deduction while

live there

retaining occupancy.

Supplement your income

With a charitable gift annuity, you enter into a contract with

with fixed annual payments

PAMF and receive fixed annual payments while realizing current and future tax savings.

Secure a fixed, and often

With a charitable remainder annuity trust, you create a trust

increased, income

that pays you a set annual income for life while taking an immediate income tax deduction.

Reduce gift and estate taxes

With a charitable lead trust, you create a trust that pays

on assets you pass on to

PAMF a fixed or variable income for a set term, then your

your heirs

assets pass on to your heirs, often with reduced gift taxes.

Create a hedge against long-

With a charitable remainder unitrust, you create a trust

term inflation

that pays PAMF a percentage of the trust’s assets, valued annually, while receiving annual income for life.

Avoid the double taxation on

With a retirement plan gift, you name PAMF as the

retirement plan assets

beneficiary of the remainder of assets after your lifetime, avoiding heavily taxed gifts to your heirs.

Make a large gift with

With a life insurance gift, you give a policy, making PAMF

minimal cost to yourself

the owner and beneficiary, and taking a current income tax deduction.

Defer a gift until after your

By making a bequest in your will, your donation will be


exempt from federal estate taxes.

Make a revocable gift during

By creating a living trust, you name PAMF as the beneficiary

your lifetime

of your assets while keeping control of your trust during your lifetime.

Make a quick and easy gift

By making an outright gift of cash, securities or personal property, you can take an income tax deduction and avoid capital gains tax.



COMMUNITY HIGHLIGHTS Caring for the community is at the heart of what we do at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF). Our participation in activities that benefit the communities we serve goes well beyond the walls of our health care centers, reaching out to those who need us the most. In 2007, PAMF provided $12.4 million in services for the poor and underserved, and $4.8 million in community benefits for the broader community. Here is a partial list of PAMF’s community activities in 2007 and 2008:

ADDRESSING FAMILY HEALTH » Childhood » Free » Free

Obesity Initiative

» Salud

Para la Gente

» San

Carlos Educational Foundation

» San

Carlos School District

child immunizations

» Santa

Clara Unified School District

health education programs

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Families and Healthy Kids programs

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disease outreach programs PARTNERING WITH COMMUNITY

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Coalition of San Mateo and


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foundation at a glance



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3,421 full-time equivalent


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Center Visits 1,379,770

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Northern California




Lithotripsy Center of Los Gatos


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and Contracts

Hospital Sutter Maternity & Surgery Center


Washington Hospital


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Waverly Surgery Center


Active Clinical Studies


Other surgical centers


(under 200 procedures each)



PHYSICIAN LEADERSHIP AND ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF as of september 2008 PALO ALTO foundation medical group board of directors C. Terrigal Burn, M.D.

Elizabeth Vilardo, M.D.

Joseph R. Lacy, M.D.



Jon E. Nordgaard, DPM

Christine A. Griger, M.D.

Arnold Aigen, M.D.

Vice Chair

James B. Bassett, M.D.

Mary Ann Carmack, M.D., Ph.D.

R. Cary Hill, M.D.

Board Secretary

PALO ALTO foundation medical group administration Philip Brosterhous, M.D.

David Quincy, M.D., MPH

David Sofen, M.D.

chief medical officer

regional medical director

regional medical director

Sue J. Knox, M.D.

Susan D. Smith, M.D.

Margo Walter

regional medical director

regional medical director

executive director


Debbie Goodin

Cecilia Montalvo

President and Chief Executive Officer

Vice President, Human Resources, Peninsula Coastal Region

Vice President, Strategic Planning and Business Development, Peninsula Coastal Region

Paul F. DeChant, M.D. regional President (Palomares)

Anne Bachan Jigger Vice President, Philanthropy

Michael Reandeau

Larry D. deGhetaldi, M.D.

David G. Jury

regional President (Santa Cruz)

Foundation Secretary and Vice President, Support Services and Project Development

Vice President, Information Systems and Chief Information Officer, PENINSULA COASTAL REGION

Francis A. Marzoni, M.D. regional President (Palo Alto)

Richard Slavin, M.D. regional President (Camino)

Jeff Gerard regional executive officer, peninsula coastal region


Sharon Kutis Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer

Janet Lederer Vice President, Education Division

Mark G. McLaughlin Foundation Treasurer AND Director of Finance, Research Institute


Claire Renzi Vice President, Payor Contracting

Paul C. Tang, M.D. Vice President and Chief Medical Information Officer


Susan Ford Dorsey

Vinita Gupta

Richard M. Levy, Ph.D. Margaret I. Raffin


vice-chair research

vice-chair finance

vice-chair education

James B Bassett, M.D.

James H. Beckett, M.D.

Robert Bremner

C. Terrigal Burn, M.D.

Mary Ann Paul F. Carmack, M.D., Ph.D DeChant, M.D.

Larry D. deGhetaldi, M.D.

Stephen R. Dohrmann

David Druker, M.D.

Richard J. Elkus Jr.

Robert H. Eng

Kevin Fong

Patrick E. Fry

Michael R. Gaulke

Richard Greene, M.D.

Christine A. Griger, M.D.

Salvador O. Gutierrez

Peter L. Harris



Arnold Aigen, M.D.

Thomas E. Bailard

R. Cary Hill, M.D.

Roy Hong, M.D.

Sally Howard

Jacque Jarve

Robert Jaunich II

John D. Jorgenson

Joe Lacy, M.D.

Philip R. Lee, M.D.

Eff W. Martin

Francis A. Marzoni, M.D.

Duncan L. Matteson

Dan Maydan

Anthony P. Meier

Lawrence G. Mohr

Criss Y. Morikawa, M.D.

Jon Nordgaard, DPM

C. Stewart Ritchie III, M.D.

Leonard Rohde

Steven Rubinstein, M.D.

Chauncey E. Schmidt

Thomas M. Siebel

Richard Slavin, M.D.

Susan Smith, M.D.

Catherine Spieker

Sanjay Subhedar

Elizabeth Vilardo, M.D.


Robert J. Glaser, M.D.



R. Hewlett Lee, M.D.

The very act of giving becomes a defining moment that changes how we view ourselves and others.

FOUNDATION DONORS Private philanthropy has allowed the Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF) to build its commitment as a community health resource, leading the way in patient care, biomedical research and education. The generosity of those who give to PAMF makes a crucial difference in our ability to fulfill our mission to the community.

PAMF Philanthropy Leadership Circle These generous donors have made philanthropic gifts of $1,000,000 or more to the Palo Alto Medical Foundation. Mrs. Edward P. Ames The John Arrillaga Foundation

Etta and Michael Kilbane Estate Sue and Dick Levy

Shirley Cobb Beckworth

Roslyn and Mervin Morris

The James G. Boswell

Mr. David Packard

Foundation Camino Medical Group Physicians James H. Clark Charitable Foundation Edward M. Dowd

David and Lucile Packard Foundation Palo Alto Medical Clinic Physician Partnership Prentice and Elizabeth Peabody

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard W. Ely

The Peery Foundation

Susan Ford Dorsey and

Paul C. Petersen and

Michael Dorsey William Randolph Hearst Foundation Philip C. and Maxine Heuer Estate

Borghild T. Petersen Foundation Mr. Gordon W. Russell The Thomas and Stacey Siebel Foundation

Mrs. Rosemary B. Hewlett

Mr. and Mrs. Faber Tan

Stanley and Carolyn Hiller

Roy and Betty Welch Family

Ishiyama Foundation




PALO ALTO FUND DONORS This is the 27th year the Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF) has accepted philanthropic gifts in support of the health care, research and education goals of PAMF’s Palo Alto Division. We are grateful to our generous donors for their gifts, which support the work of our physicians, scientists and employees at our Palo Alto, Fremont, Los Altos, Portola Valley, Redwood Shores, Redwood City, Castro Valley, Dublin and Livermore locations.

Palo Alto Fund Endowed Funds Gifts to create endowed funds or chairs may be made through cash or other assets. An endowed fund is held in perpetuity and invested, and the interest income from the fund provides a permanent source of financial support. Named Endowed Chairs

The Leonard W. Ely Sr., M.D., Chair in Research The Robert W. Jamplis, M.D., Chair in Surgery

The Mrs. Clarence I. Goodheart Endowment for Research

The Harvey Bassett Clark Trust Community Health Care Endowment Fund The George F. Dick and Kathryn M. Dick Memorial Endowment The Dohrmann Family Endowment Fund for

for Pediatrics The Dr. Milton H. Saier Jr.

The Health Care Endowment Fund

Medical Research Endowment Fund

The Etta and Michael Kilbane Named Endowment Funds

The Russell Endowment


The Bette Jeanne Stephens Endowment for Research

The Amos Milo Fellowship for Research

The Florence T. Stevens and Harold R. Stevens

The Thomas R. Mitchell Endowment for Medical

Memorial Fund for the Study of Aging

Oncology The Dorothy Rhodes Endowment The Research Institute Endowment


Family Funds Two of our philanthropic families have established named funds with cumulative gifts of $25,000 or more. We are grateful for their generosity and hope other families follow their example. The Dohrmann Family Fund for Research The Rosasco Family Fund for Research



Palo Alto Clark Building Capital Campaign The Clark Building Capital Campaign, launched in 2003, funds the fourth building on PAMF’s Palo Alto campus. The services provided in the Clark Building include dermatology, sports medicine, physical therapy, a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) center and health education conference rooms. We are grateful to our donors for their philanthropic gifts in support of this project. $5,000,000 +

James H. Clark Charitable Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Dohrmann

Dr. Joel P. and Carol C.

Colin Eakin, M.D. Robert J. Glaser, M.D.

$1,000,000 – $4,999,999

Roy and Betty Welch Family Trust

Cypress Healthcare Partners

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy E. Howard

Friedman Karen Han, M.D., Ph.D., and Alexander Gubbens, Ph.D. Dr. Sally S. Harris

John and Jacque Jarve

G. Scott Herron, M.D.

Michael and Carole Marks

Marillyn J. Johnson

$500,000 – $999,999

Shirley and Duncan Matteson

Mr. and Mrs. Robert

Sue and Dick Levy

Dr. A. Christine Miller

Robert Noyce Trust

Mr. Frank H. Roberts Amol and Karen Saxena and

$250,000 – $499,999

Susan Ford Dorsey and


Melody McDonald Larry and Nancy Mohr

Dr. and Mrs. Dean A. Watkins

Michael Dorsey

Alice and Peter Redfield Ruth G. Rothman, M.D.

$10,000 – $24,999 $100,000 – $249,999

Dr. David and Shirley Deneau

Dr. David and Karen Druker

Koret Foundation Funds

Chong-Moon and Reiko Lee

The Krause Foundation

Linda and Tony Meier

Mr. and Mrs. Duncan Matteson Jr.

$25,000 – $99,999

McCollum Professor John G. and

Ms. Lynne D. Rovin and Mr. Stuart Rovin Kirsten Vin-Christian, M.D. $100 – $999

Gary B. Colvin

Moldaw Family Foundation

James and Gamalier Black

Brenda and Tom Freiberg Mike and Judy Gallagher

Brooks Mathews Foundation

$1,000 – $9,999

Renata Henzl Mullen, M.D.

Frank S. Chen, M.D.

Mr. Charles A. Anderson

Melissa Stai

2007 RUSSEL V. LEE ANNUAL GIVING SOCIETY The Russel V. Lee Annual Giving Society (named after the Palo Alto Medical Clinic’s founder, Russel Van Arsdale Lee, M.D.) was established as a special way of expressing our appreciation to individuals who support the Foundation’s Palo Alto Division with an annual gift of $100 or more within a calendar year. FOUNDER’S CIRCLE $25,000 +

Mrs. Nancy M. Hendrickson

Lois J. Murphy Estate

Mrs. Carolyn Balsdon Hiller

Robert Noyce Trust

David and Kelly Bulfer

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy E.

Mrs. Virginia Olausen

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Dohrmann


Dr. and Mrs. C. Stewart

The Jaunich Family


Dusterberry Family Trust

Sue and Dick Levy

Mrs. Lucelia B. Saier

Susan Ford Dorsey and

Nancy Peery Marriott

Blair and Gerald Stratford

Martin Family Foundation

Suniti and Sanjay Subhedar

Dr. David and Karen Druker

Michael Dorsey

Shirley and Duncan Matteson

Dr. and Mrs. Dean A. Watkins

Robert J. Glaser, M.D.

Linda and Tony Meier

Roy and Betty Welch

Dr. and Mrs. James B. Golden

Larry and Nancy Mohr



Family Trust

President’s Circle $20,000 – $24,999

Ledger D. Free and

Mrs. Janet M. DeCarli

Michael and Callie Grant

Max and Dr. Barbara Boyer

Anne and Jerry Down

Dr. and Mrs. Richard A.

Thorley D. Briggs

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Elkus Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Salvador O. Gutierrez

Dorothy A. Free


Mr. Richard Borghi Mr. and Mrs. David R. Boyd

J. Sewall and Angie Brown

Ulele C. Hamway

Patricia M. Brown

Professor and Mrs. Charles T.

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne R. Brown


Judith Brush

Mr. Frank H. Roberts

Alan and Barbara Hubbard

Mrs. Alma K. Burch

Mr. Richard Sasuly

Mrs. Robert W. Jamplis

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph J.

Allen (Young) and benefactors $15,000 – $19,999

Dr. and Mrs. Francis A. Marzoni

Katherine C. Kim Mr. and Mrs. W.A.

Calcaterra Dr. Mary A. Carmack and Mr. Rodney L. Derbyshire Doug and Sue Chance

Kranzthor Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Pierre R. Lamond

Pauling Chang, M.D. Mr. Earle P. Charlton II

Patrons $10,000 – $14,999

Melvin and Joan Lane

Mr. Alex Cherian

Samuel J. Lurie

Nicholas and Elizabeth Clinch

Bill T. Closs

Mr. and Mrs. Duncan

Carol and Russell Collier

Colin Eakin, M.D. Peter and Jan Harris Jacque and John Jarve David and Janet E. Kline Robert and Rachel Kwong

Matteson Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert McCollum

Cotter David and Joan Craig

Dr. Brad Naylor and Candace Zix Naylor

Mrs. Helen E. Dallmar John and Linda Darmanin

Miss Mary Laznibat

Boyce and Peggy Nute

Philip Lee, M.D.

Mr. and Mrs. Ting P. Pun

Dr. A. Christine Miller and

Alice and Peter Redfield

Dr. David and Shirley Deneau

Ken and Andy Ross

Rory Dooley

Clifford G. and Joan M.

Mr. Laurence H. Dorcy Jr.

Mr. Russ Lampert Frank E. and Joan Ritchey Mr. Gordon W. Russell Mr. and Mrs. George Scalise Mr. Robert A. Soderman


Dr. Paul F. DeChant and Bonnie B. DeChant

George M. Duebner and

Mr. and Mrs. James G. Shennan Jr.

Cathleen A. Benko Bea and Leo Dwork

Mr. Laurence L. Spitters

The Tompkins Family Fund

Frances E. Escherich

Mr. Edwin C. Winder

Mr. and Mrs. Will C. Wood

Joan C. Fearing

Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Wythes

Mr. and Mrs. Noel J. Fenton

Partners $5,000 – $9,999

Mr. Thomas A. Forbes Associates $1,000 – $4,999

Mrs. Elizabeth H. Foster

Muriel and Robert Allan Dr. and Mrs. Barrett

Mr. and Mrs. Andreas Acrivos

Penny and Greg Gallo

Mr. Martin A. Agueret

Mr. and Mrs. Milo S. Gates

Robert D. and Elaine S. Allen

Claude and Sandra Gaubert

Dr. Edward G. Altouney

Mrs. Jonathan B. Gifford

Jean Ann and Bob

Mr. Louis Grandona and

Anderson Dr. James B. Bassett and Ms. Lily L. Hurlimann Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Boucher

Dr. Gary and Diane Fujimoto


Mrs. Gloria Grandona

Mr. Donald W. Brooks

Bill Awbrey

Dr. Anita and Naresh Gupta

Frank S. Chen, M.D.

Katheryn Baggott

Angeline S. Hadiwidjaja, M.D.

Jean H. Chu

Dr. and Mrs. Steven Bartis

Mats Hagstrom, M.D., and

Susan and John Diekman

James and Becky Beacom

Joseph and Meri Ehrlich

Mr. and Mrs. Donelson L.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Eng Dr. and Mrs. Solon Finkelstein


Bill and Jean Halford Mrs. Joyce Hanna-Smith

Ms. Victoria J. Blakeslee and Mr. Clive M. Schliewe


Karen Hagstrom


Eli and Britt Harari Diane Hartman, R.N.

David Hemsey, M.D.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Kraus

Mrs. Jeanne S. Perkins

Andrea and John Hennessy

Dr. and Mrs. Marcus A. Krupp

Joseph F. and Helen D.

Mrs. Rosemary B. Hewlett

Dr. Amanda N. Le and

Mr. and Mrs. Steven B. Hicks

Mr. Chanh D. Pham

Pickering Jeffrey and Sally Piehl

Mrs. Elda B. Holmes

Janet and Andrew Lederer

Dr. and Mrs. E.B. Polakis

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald E.

Dr. and Mrs. R. Hewlett Lee

Kenneth R. Powell and

Hooper Chou-Mou Huang and Shan-Shan Wang

Susan and Bernard Liautaud

Rona S. Foster

Shuen-hwa and Tso-kai Liu

Mr. and Mrs. Alan Purchase

Juna and Robert Lok

Gordon R. Ray, M.D.

Ms. Kingsley Jack

Mr. Robert E. Lorenzini

Carolyn and Bill Reller

Stephen, Anne and

Mr. and Mrs. William S. Love

Peggy Richards

Donald L. Lucas

Bill Riffle and Ruann Ernst

Dr. and Mrs. H.R. Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Lurie

John and Valerie Roberts

Dr. Hank Jones

Justine and Charles Lynch

Mr. and Mrs. Victor Rosasco

Jack Jorgenson

Ms. Patricia A. Mackenroth

Dr. Barry A. Rose and Rose

Mimi and Rudi Kain

Theresa Manley, R.N.

Cheng C. and Susan L. Kao

Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Mann

Mr. J. Bert Rose

William Kartozian

Ellie and Dick Mansfield

Betsy Boardman Ross

Fritz and Betty Keil

Dr. M. Richard and Julia S.

Mr. Robert B. Roth

Alexander Jigger


“I have always been treated as a whole person — cared for by wise, concerned, patient and caring physicians and their staff. I have always been listened to and given time to ask questions.” Anonymous Donor


Ruth G. Rothman, M.D.

Dr. Bettina C. McAdoo

Mr. and Mrs. George Roupe

McCown Family Foundation

Ms. Lynne D. Rovin and

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph M. McDonough

Mr. Stuart Rovin Dr. Paul and Mrs. Holly

Bob and Myung Sook McIntyre

Rubinstein Mr. and Mrs. William Rugg

Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. McLean

Betty and Steve Salveter Doris Coplen Santana

Dr. Donna McMillan and Mr. Jeffrey McMillan J. Ian McNeill, M.D. Dr. Steven C. Merlone

Amol and Karen Saxena and Family Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Schimaneck

Mr. Dale B. Miller

David and Sara Schnell Fund

Gregory D. Mills

Alan and Suzanne Sclafani

Benjamin H. Moore, M.D.

Pearl Anne and Edwin A.

Mrs. Albert Moorman

Seipp Jr.

Bob and Nita Morris

Cathy and Eric Shintaku

Samira Nawas and Hans

Mr. and Mrs. Edward T.

Plesman Poa

Sickel III

Jane and Bob Neff

Tom and Elisa Simmons

Paul and Antje Newhagen

Margaret Turnbull Simon

Ms. Joan B. Norton

Dr. and Mrs. Michael J.

Charles and Deborah King

Mrs. Norman Oaks

David R. King

Mr. and Mrs. C.Y. Offutt Jr.

Dr. Susan D. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Charles D.

Marion Shikamura

Mr. and Mrs. Abraham D.


Osborne, M.D.



Ms. Marie K. Kitajima

Donald Ostrus, M.D.

Magne and Kari Stangenes

Dr. Sue J. Knox

Kathleen Palange

Gordon and Lauri Steel

Kathy and Bill Korbholz

Dr. and Mrs. Bradford W.

Ms. Ida M. Stelling

Mr. Michael L. Korbholz and Ms. Katherine K. Lerer



Dr. and Mrs. G. Melvin

Ms. Jean D. Parmelee



Dennis and Margie Sullivan Mrs. Lilly Takiguchi

Dr. Andy Chang and Ms. Terry L. Nguy

Raghavendra Rao Loka Dr. John and

Mary Jane and Fielding Tapp

Kathryn and John Childress

Tracy Thompson, M.D.

Dr. and Mrs. William H. Clark

Henry and Betty Lum

Christine Thorburn, M.D.,

Mr. and Mrs. William G. Cook

Mr. Richard B. Madigan

Mrs. Ralph D. Cressman

Patrick and Sally Magee

Mr. and Mrs. George R.

Dr. and Mrs. Tag E. Mansour

and Ted Huang Dr. Sujata R. Tipnis and Mr. Rahul P. Ranadive Dr. and Mrs. Vincenzo Traversa


Mrs. Hwei-Min Lu

Mr. and Mrs. Hagop

Dr. Patricia E. Curtis and Dr. Lawrence C. Siegel

Manuelian Alvina A. Marinkovich

The Troedson Family

Mr. and Mrs. Carlton J. Daiss

Tom Marinkovich Jr.

Rachel and Donald Valentine

Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Davis

Mr. Allyn Martin

Jean and Cort Van

Dr. Stephanie K. DiLeo and

Dr. John Mashey and


Mr. Daniel C. Webb

Dr. Angela Hey

Laura Vanderlaan

Janet C. Dow, R.N.

Mr. Michael M. May

Dr. Joseph F. Walter

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Earle

Lynne C. McCoy

Ralph and Ann Weinrichter

Ms. Jane M. Eggli

Mr. Fielding McDearmon

Carolee White

Jerry and Patricia Einfalt

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur

Rosalind Hawley Whitehead

Russ and Alice Evarts

Olga Wholey

Dr. Susan K. Fan

Dale Merrithew

Christen and Edward Wise

Jack Farren Foundation

Penelope Murray

Mr. David A. Wollenberg

Marietta Frey, M.D., and

Mr. and Mrs. C.J. Myers

Walter and Etta Lee Wong

Michael R. Migliore


Mr. and Mrs. Don Nakanishi

Margaret and David Wue

Stephen and Susan Gaddis

Mr. James A. Old

Professor and Mrs. Charles

Charlene and Jim Geers

Ronald and Sally Patten

Tom and Cindy Gherini

Kristina H. Philpott, M.D.

Mr. Tsu Yao

Kellen Glinder, M.D.

Ralph and Lois Qualls

Mr. and Mrs. Allen Yen

Mr. and Mrs. David Goerz Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Ratner

James P. and Gail W. Young

Judge Charles and

John and Laura Reynolds


Dorothea Gordon

John and Sally Robinson

$500 – $999

Andrew Gutow, M.D.

Beth and Peter Rosenthal

Doris Abbott-Nall

Mrs. Lois T. Hagan

Henry Sanchez, M.D., and

Mohsena Ahmad, DDS

Patrick G. Hays

Mr. and Mrs. William S.

Mrs. Natalie P. Hertzmann

Dorothy and George Saxe


Mrs. Isabelle Trounday

Helen Ho, M.D.

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Settle

Mrs. George J. Arabian

Mr. and Mrs. John B. Hom

Michael Shannon

Carl R. Baeuerlen

Mrs. John A. Hooper

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Sledge

Mr. Charles L. Barndt Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. En Y. Hsu

Walter and Judy Sleeth

Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Basso

Mr. and Mrs. Hung Kwei Hu

Rita E. Sohlich, M.D.

Mr. and Mrs. Herman A. Bates

Shirley and Victor Huang

Loren and Susan Sorensen

Mr. Alfred R. Bernal

Helen Imperiale Family

Becky and Michael Sousa

Tito and Cameron Bianchi

Dr. and Mrs. Ferdo Ivanek

Dr. and Mrs. Richard F. Staar

Alan and Patricia Bickell

Ray and Eleanora Jadwin

Ted Stevens

Braff Family Fund

Michael H. Jewett

Pane and Lela Stojanovski

Dr. and Mrs. Melvin C. Britton

Valerie Joseph

Dr. Linda Strain and

Julie A. Burlew-Quartey, R.N.

Mr. and Mrs. Louis V. King

Mr. and Mrs. Robert W.

Thomas Kuhnle and


Alison Cormack

Boyd Faust William and Michelle Tai Dr. Paul Tang and

Thomas and Judith Cerny

Jim and Melissa Lane

Priya Chakravarthi, M.D.

Kenneth and Anne Lawler

Jeffrey L. Teel

Dr. and Mrs. Albert and

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Lazare

Gary Thompson

Merijane Lee

Mani Thothadri



Lynnellen Miles

“I have been coming to ‘The Clinic’ since I was two weeks old – getting towards 77 years! – gratefully receiving the expertise/TLC of the ‘Founding Fathers’ (including my pediatrician, Esther Clark) and their successors. Surely one of my all-time favorites was Dr. Druker, my knowledgeable and kind dermatologist; and while I have missed seeing him in that capacity, I have felt safe and secure knowing that PAMF is ‘in his hands,’ especially in these wild times. I have recently made a life change and sold my little house, and would like to share my temporary windfall in appreciation for all that Dr. Druker and all of his colleagues have given me.” Joan B. Norton

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Turnbull Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Van Linge Kirsten Vin-Christian, M.D. Dieter and Susan Walz Dr. Albert Wang and

Mr. and Mrs. Byrne Bernhard

John and Mary Cloutier

Dr. Anita and Aloke Bhandia

Jean G. Coblentz

Mr. and Mrs. William

Betty J.B. Cohen, Ph.D., and


Albert Cohen, Ph.D.

Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Bjorklund

Mr. and Mrs. Kendall C. Cole Valerie Sissy Consul

Dr. William C. Blair

Toni Corbiere, M.A.

Anna Wang

Arnold and Barbara Bloom

Mr. Patrick J. Cornwall

Bonnie Wang and

Drs. John and Amy Boggs

Carroll and Caroline Cox

Kathleen and Eric Boice

Doris J. Cox

Vivian and Jeffrey Widman

Marianne M. Borden, M.D.

Donna J. Cumming

Angela L. Wong, M.D.

Professor and

Joan Cunneen

George King

John Woods

Mrs. M. Boudart

Mr. Jack Cusumano

Daniel Yao, M.D.

Ms. Marianne B. Bowers

Suzanne D. Dahling

Vivian Young

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas A.

Mr. and Mrs. Howard E.

Joachim and Julie Zier $100 – $499

Mr. and Mrs. Eiichi Adachi



Kathie A. Bradshaw

Niel and Nancy Davidson

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon E.

Harry C. Day


Cheryl Degolia

Ms. Lucille A. Adams

Mr. Daniel J. Brenzel

Dr. Ross and Ann DeHovitz

Beverly Adelman

Mr. John A. Broadwin

Dorothy P. Demange

Ram and Sita Akella

Mr. Alfred M. Broch

Janet and Richard Dewolfe

Anthony and Barbara Allenza

Frances M. Brodsky

Mrs. Nenita A. Dimaranan

Alice C. Allman

Ms. Marian Brooks

Steve and Bev Docter

Mrs. Verdie C. Alsop

Alan and Sally Brudos

Wade Dowdell

R. Michael Alvarez, DDS

Ms. Zoe Bryner

Annette Dresel

Barbara Anderson and

Mrs. Ruth Buneman

Alfred and Lillian Dubinsky

Carol Burnett

Jennifer and Len Dulski

Abida R. Burney

Henry McArthur Duque and

John Tennant Mr. and Mrs. Weston Anderson Jenifer Angel

Mr. and Mrs. Clifford W. Burwick

Judith S. Duque Peter Husted Duxbury

Mr. and Mrs. Don Arata

Mrs. Phebe D. Bush

Richard Dvorak

David Arizini

Ms. Donna Carlyle

Francesca M. Eastman

Mary Helen Armstrong

Nichola A. Carpendale, M.D.

Judith M. Edgley

Debra Ashley, M.A., CCC-A

John H. Carr

Dr. Susan K. Elgee

Karen Astrachan, R.D.

Mr. Ralph Casper

Mrs. Barbara B. Emerich

Jeff and Barbara Atkinson

Alex Cerrillo

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Ernes Jr.

Mr. Matthew F. Avery

Mr. and Mrs. Bor Chan

Helen Anne Evans, M.D.

June Badal, R.N.

Faith Chang

Judge and Mrs. Stanley R.

J.J. Bagnani

Mr. Mou-Chin Chen

James and Doris Balderston

Peter H. Cheng, M.D.

Ms. Margaret L. Falk

Rosei Baltz, R.N.

Gary Chiang

Joann Falkenburg, M.D., and

Dr. and Mrs. Dennis L. Bark

Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton Y. Chin

William Edward Barrett

Jin H. and Jane H. Chin

Frederick and Patricia Fank

Mr. and Mrs. James Barry

Mr. Ben Choi

James and Mary Jane Finch

Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Barry

C. John Chou, M.D.

Mr. and Mrs. Flaxman

Mr. and Mrs. Alois Baum

Mr. Herman Christensen Jr.

Barry E. Fleisher, M.D., and

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Bax

Esther Chung

Natasha Beilin, M.D.

John and Patricia Cicchino

Donna and Wayne Fleming

Michael and Andrea Bejo

Mr. and Mrs. Norman E. Cima

Cynthia Floyd

Ms. Janet Bell

Ann Hammond Clark

Mrs. Viola Z. Fountain

George and Veronika Bereny

Harriet S. Clark

William and Virginia Fowkes



Chad J. Graff

Pam Kaiser, Ph.D.


Dr. and Mrs. Maurice Fox

Mathew R. Hernandez, M.D.

Joyce Brothers Kart

Sally Francisco and Family

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence F.

Elliott D. Katzen and

Dr. Joel P. and Carol C. Friedman


Helene Fertig Katzen

Nancy Hidaka

Mr. and Mrs. Edward A.

Dr. Gary A. and Karen C. Fry

Ms. Rosalind Hill

Horng-Sen and Rosa Fu

Mrs. Willi Martin Hilliard

Mr. and Mrs. DeWitt M. Kelley

Placid and Anne Fuchslin

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Hillier

Ms. Kathryn Kelly

Martha Fuller

Connie Y. Ho

Jeanne D. Kennedy

Chester Gabriel

Mr. Edwin R. Hodges

Mr. Robert H. Kennis

Estela Gaeta

Mr. and Mrs. Richard R.

Don and Virginia Kleffman

John and Astrid Gaiser


James and Shari

Bill and Dolly Gallagher

Mr. George R. Holden

Marcel and Lisa Gani

Andrew Holland

Paula Reyes Garcia

Fae Houck

Dominick and Victoria

Tianwei Huang



Klingensmith Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Knapp Mr. and Mrs. Daniel

Mr. George R. Huard


Mr. Donald Garz

Sue Humphries

Mr. and Mrs. James M. Gere

Anna W. Hung

Ms. Ellen D. Gilbert

Judy and Robert Huret

Prem and Asha Kumar

Michael and Patricia Giuntoli

Dazerine H. Ingram

Ingrid Lai

Bill Given

Mark Isaacson, M.D.

Mr. Philip M. Lally

Mr. Stanley Goldring

Deanna K. Iverson

Jean and Donald Lamm

Teri Goodman, LVN

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Ives

Edward and Miriam

Sharon and Michael Goodson

Joan and Robert Jack

Mr. and Mrs. Peter T. Grassi

Lorelei and Mark Janis

Wendy Landreville, M.D.

Dorothy Gravelle

Mr. Sundaram Jawahar and

Deborah Landstrass

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Green

Marlene and Richard Kowalski

Ms. Padma Parthasarathy

Ms. Joanne Greenwald

Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Jaye

Vivian E. Abbott Grenier and

Ms. Alice C. Jensen

Gerard J. Grenier


Lisa Langer and Dan K. Siegel Ms. Cheryl Lathrop and Mr. Bern Beecham

Ms. Florence M. Jensen

Harlan and Joyce Lau

Ms. JoAnn Griesemer

Lisa Jewett, R.N.

Ling Lau

Gillian Growdon

Mr. and Mrs. Earl K. Johnson

Eleanor Y. Lawry

Mr. Klaus Gruetzner

John and Phyllis Johnson

Herman K. Lee and

Daniel Guhr

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence W.

Ms. Frances L. Guida


Jessica Carino-Lee Mr. and Mrs. Hong Lee

Susan Guthrie

Marillyn J. Johnson

Virginia Fern Lee

Mrs. Lottie Gutterman

Peter and Tanya Johnson

Shirley Leisses

Carl R. Halbach

Drs. Elizabeth and

Debra Lepold

Kathleen E. Haley

R. Scott Jokerst

Mr. and Mrs. Nam Lung D.

Mr. and Mrs. Tak Hamai

Elfrieda J. Jones

Mr. Kenneth R. Hamm Jr.

Ms. Jennie W. Jones

Mrs. Saira Y. Haq

Mr. David M. Jordan

Kevin Leung

Mr. and Mrs. Norman M.

Ms. Mary F. Jourdan

Kim Lewis, M.A.

Robyn Juster, M.D.

Jim and Amy Lewnes

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Harrison

Mr. and Mrs. Armin D. Kaiser

Joan L’Heureux

Dr. and Mrs. Harry E. Hartzell

Joy and Herb Kaiser

Jiang Wei Li

Jane K. Haugse

Mr. Edward Kam

Linda and Sidney Liebes

Mr. and Mrs. Warren H.

Mr. Wayde K. Kanda

Dr. Glen A. and Ellen M.



Glara J. Kang, M.D.

Leung Tina W. Leung, M.D., and


Mr. Christian Heinz

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Kaplan

Mr. Hendry Limawan

William and Susan Heller

Mr. and Mrs. Geza Karakas

Mr. and Mrs. George C.

Carl and Deborah Hensler

Marcos Karnezos




Robert and Evelyn Limbert

Margarita Moreno and Family

Arnold Papp

Josie Lime

Mr. and Mrs. James Morrell

Mr. Robert L. Pappas

Min and Josette Lin

David and Laura Morrison

Mr. and Mrs. Donn B. Parker

Robert Lindblom

Patricia J. Morrissey, M.D.

Ms. Carole A. Parnes

Ms. Barbara E. Little

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Motooka

Manish Patel

Frank E. Livinghouse

Drs. Kurt and Patricia

John and Barbara Pavkovich

Staci Lobato Mr. Rick Locatelli Mrs. Marian C. Lockwood

Mueller-Vollmer Mr. and Mrs. Ron Michael Nagy

Scott and Sandra Pearson Gil and Barbara Pease The Consul-Perez Family

Kevin A. Loney

Joy Nakata

Kirk and Leslie R. Lougheed

Dr. Gordon W. Newell

Leslie Lovell and John

Ms. Pauline Newman-Gordon

Dr. and Mrs. Gene M. Phillips

Mr. Kenzie S. Nicoll

Mr. and Mrs. Albert Piscione

Gerald Vincent Lucha

Lisa Nieve, CMA

Tina Place, CMA

Mr. James J. Ludwig

Mr. Robert H. Nishimura

Terese Plecnik, R.N.

Mr. Jorge Luque

Michelle and Steven Nix

Dorothy Pond

Paula Macchello

Mr. and Mrs. Ted Noguchi

Mr. Morton B. Potter

Dr. Ronda M. Macchello and

Andrea Norcia

Cynthia and Barry Press

Mr. and Mrs. Holger G. Nordin

Ms. Nan E. Prince

Stacy MacCready

Dory and Gil Ocampo

Paul Protter, M.D.

Kathleen and Michael J.

Mrs. Pauline H. Ogasawara

Mr. John R. Ralston


David R. Taylor


Dr. and Mrs. Edward M. Pflueger

Mr. and Mrs. Yuji Okano

Mr. James Ransohoff

Linda J. Maki, M.D.

Mr. Alfred P. Oliverio

Cyril Ratermann

Ronald Mar

Ingram and Anita Olkin

Mr. Frederic M. Rea

Steve Markovich

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick

Aubyn Redmond

Gledy J. Marquez, R.N.


Mr. and Mrs. Walter Reichert

Carmen M. Martin

Mary Orthel

Ms. Claire Renzi and

Mr. Dalton W. Martin

Phyllis and Douglas Osheroff

Donald and Barbara Mattson

Tina Outzen

Jose and Angelica Reyes

The Mays Family

Jan Owens, LVN

Fernando Reyes

Donna O. Maytham

Dr. Latha Palaniappan

Barbara and David Rice

Mr. Ron Cockrell

Mrs. Martha T. McCall Deanna L. McCarthy, R.N.

“We are grateful because the PAMF physicians and staff are USN, Ret. Mr. and Mrs. Stuart McDonald skilled, patient, attentive and Terry and Carol McGovern always so caring, regardless Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. McGuire of the concern. We also Pat and Rita McKeany appreciate how they work Susan McKenzie Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. as ‘teams’ when there are Meagher multiple issues: they know Mr. John Mee Mr. Charles C. Milford and respect each other. Paul Miller, M.D. We have always received Mr. and Mrs. Allan B. Miner Mr. and Mrs. William S. Mock excellent care.” Pamela McCroskey

Florence C. McDonald,

Manish and Kinjal Modi Mr. and Mrs. William A.

Jerry and Patricia Einfalt



Jon Rich Harry B. Richardson Jr., M.D., and Maril D. Richardson Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Ringe Margo Ritter Michelle Y. and Michael J. Rivera

Professor and Mrs. Kenneth E. Scott

The Thoits Family Thompson-Evans Family

Barbara J. Seaney

Mr. John G. Thompson

Dr. Selcuk Sen, Alice

Franco Tomada

Hwang-Sen, and Ata

Dr. and Mrs. David E. Torin

Fehmi-Ming Sen

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Tormey

Mr. Steven W. Shay

Jane Torres

Mr. John F. Robbins

June Shen

James and Theresa Tringali

Jorge Rodriguez, M.D., Ph.D.,

Mr. and Mrs. Yoshimi Shibata

Anita and Cyrus Tsui

Hsing-Chieh and Bi-Yu Shih

Ching-Yuan Tu

Gerri and Richard Roe

and Jill Antonides, Ph.D.

Mr. Peter Peng-Chi Shih

Ms. Laura S. Turnbull

Mr. and Mrs. Donald H.

Eugenia Shin

June Turner

Sid and Jane Sideris

Donald and Jeanne Tweed

Mr. Jack Singleton

Tzou-Shin and Su-Fang Ueng

Karen Lea Sipprell

Javier Urena

Liz Romero

Mr. Richard Slottow

Lori Wilson-Van Houten

Elizabeth Ann Rose

Gray and Pamela Smith

Marian Van Poppelen

Mrs. Margaret S. Rose

Kendric C. and Marion E.

Mr. Antonius L. Vankessel

Rogers Dr. Richard C. Roistacher and Ms. Barbara B. Noble

John and Andrea Ross


Dr. and Mrs. Fernando G.

Don and Ann Rothblatt

Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Snyder

Mrs. Harriet B. Rowe

Joe and Laura Sorenson

Mary Villalobos, M.A.

Mrs. Irma A. Rozynski

Miss Amparo R. Soriano

Mrs. Irean Vonogas

Dr. and Mrs. Francis B.

Alice Soung

Rhonda Vu, CMA



Todd Spatafore

Duane and Lorna Wadsworth

Ric and Roberta Rudman

R. Dixon Speas Jr.

Mrs. Meta Wagstaff

Scott M. Rudy, M.D.

Lonnie and Maria Spencer

Charles and Dana Walker

Edmund and Katja Rumble

Mr. and Mrs. Warren E.

Sandra Walker

Donald and Jacqueline Rush

Spieker Sr.

Yvonne Wang

Brian and Denise Rusher

Herb Stanek and Huali Chai

Jerry and Diana Watanabe

Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Russo

Drs. James and Pamela Starr

Kathleen and David

Robert W. Rutledge

Mrs. Marion Starrett

Ronald and Maria Ruybal

Joan and Michael Stauffer

Greg Welch and Ann Lewnes

Rabia Safee

Nancy S. Steege

Mr. Dick Were

John and Belen Salazar

Mrs. Geraldine F. Stewart

Dr. and Mrs. Kevin R.

and Family

Ruth Stewart

Weisenberg, M.D.


Conrad Saltenberger

Mr. Edward D. Storm

I. Peter and Minako Sano

Jane Story

Teresa Sarlitto

Thomas Strat

John and Yvonne Whight

Mr. Martin L. Sawa

Mr. John F. Straubel

Mrs. Helen M. White

Dr. Arjun N. and Veera

Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Strena

Sandra Sarah White

Mr. Steve L. Suddjian

Anne T. Whitson

Bob and Kay Schauer

Dr. and Mrs. Roger K. Summit

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Wiley

Mr. and Mrs. Leslie C.

Mr. and Mrs. Ko F. Suzuki

Mr. James E. Wilhelm



Mr. and Mrs. Roderick D. Wheeler

Ms. Jeanne C. Szeto

Becky U. Williams

Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Schlenz

Cathy and Steven Szudarski

Cheryl Williams

Gregory and Joyce Schmid

James and Olive Tangney

Marion and Marvin Williams

Gerard Schoenwald

Dale and C.B. Tatum

Robert B. Williams and

Ms. Barbara A. Schumacher

Ms. Marilyn R. Taubman

Mr. and Mrs. Richard B.

Mr. Gabriel Tay

Mr. and Mrs. L. Bruce Wilner


Carol M. Marshall

Kara Taylor

Jennifer K. Wilson

James Schweikhard

Lorraine and John Taylor

Laura and Dean Winslow

Ms. A. Carlisle Scott

L.H. Taylor

Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Wobber



Earlene E. Woehrle

Peter Wu, M.D.

Mr. and Mrs. Hansen Yao

Mr. Darrin Y. Wong

Cindy Wun, M.D.

L. and C.Y.

Sandra C. Wong, D.O.

Mr. Ernest F. Wuthmann

Ming and Lynne Yu

Mr. Jewel P. Wood

Mr. and Mrs. Yoshio T. Yanari

Kaoru and Greg Zeren

Florence Wray

Dr. Hugo Yang and

Mr. Victor Zeyliger

Elizabeth Fenno Wright

Mrs. Kyong Yang

2007 Palo Alto Medical Clinic Physician Partner Donors We are proud to continue the tradition of generous philanthropic giving from our physician partners. Dr. Salwan S. Abiezzi

Dr. Frank S. Chen

Dr. Joann Falkenburg

Dr. Haleh N. Agdassi

Dr. William M. Cheng

Dr. David J. Fischer

Dr. James C. Ahn

Dr. Joyce P. Cho

Dr. Joycellen Floyd

Dr. Jonathan C. Albeg

Dr. Enoch C. Choi

Dr. Luis A. Folan

Dr. Daniel S. Alegria

Dr. Sung H. Chun

Dr. Margaret L. Forsyth

Dr. Susan G. Anderson

Dr. Carol S. Clewans

Dr. Marietta I. Frey

Dr. Haroon P. Anwar

Dr. Lenore E. Cohen

Dr. Gary R. Fujimoto

Dr. Diana Aung

Dr. Christie A. Coleman

Dr. Thomas L. Gaston

Dr. Cara P. Barone

Dr. Susan E. Connolly

Dr. Theresa A. Gavin

Dr. James B. Bassett Jr.

Dr. John R. Cooper

Dr. Michael W. Gaynon

Dr. Natasha Beilin

Dr. Lawrence B. Crane

Dr. Mei Ge

Dr. Anita K. Bhandia

Dr. Jeffrey C. Croke

Dr. Kellen Glinder

Dr. William J. Black

Dr. John L. Cunniff

Dr. Cheryl R. Gold

Dr. Aimee L. Blaustein

Dr. Patricia E. Curtis

Dr. Erica L. Goldman

Dr. Arthur M. Bobrove

Dr. Zubin R. Damania

Dr. Chris G. Goumas

Dr. Robert C. Bocian

Dr. Jessica Davidson

Dr. Marc D. Gradman

Dr. John M. Boggs

Dr. Ross E. Dehovitz

Dr. John R. Griffith

Dr. Marianne M. Borden

Dr. Jocelyn L. del Carmen

Dr. Anita Gupta

Dr. Barbara L. Boyer

Dr. Tracey A. Dellaripa

Dr. Andrew P. Gutow

Dr. Calvin D. Brenneman

Dr. David G. Deneau

Dr. Alexander S. Habibian

Dr. Marc L. Brewer

Dr. Harry L.E. Dennis

Dr. Angeline S. Hadiwidjaja

Dr. Lloyd J. Brown

Dr. Richard J. Deslauriers

Dr. Cheryl D. Hadley

Dr. Julie A. Buckley

Dr. Aria DiBiase

Dr. Karen F. Han

Dr. C. Terrigal Burn

Dr. Stephanie K. DiLeo

Dr. Steven H. Hansen

Dr. Demetra L. Burrs

Dr. Joy R. Doyle

Dr. Linda G. Harris

Dr. Karen L. Butterfield

Dr. Charlotte S. Drew

Dr. Sally S. Harris

Dr. Eileen E. Byrne

Dr. Robin R. Drucker

Dr. James M. Hartford

Dr. Mary Ann Carmack

Dr. Bradford W. Duncan

Dr. Andrew Haskell

Dr. Nichola A. Carpendale

Dr. Thuan P. Duong

Dr. G. Scott Herron

Dr. Christopher R. Cartwright

Dr. Meg Durbin

Dr. Sean D. Hilchey

Dr. Richard B. Chalker

Dr. Colin L. Eakin

Dr. Brad A. Hinrichs

Dr. Albert S. Chan

Dr. Paul M. Eckinger

Dr. Helen W. Ho

Dr. Margaret Y. Chan

Dr. Barry K. Eisenberg

Dr. Cynthia A. Hom

Dr. Andy T. Chang

Dr. Susan K. Elgee

Dr. Nicole J. Hong

Dr. Cecil Chang

Dr. Andrea M. Enright

Dr. Roy W. Hong

Dr. Pauling Chang

Dr. Andrew B. Epstein

Dr. David E. Hooper

Dr. Mundeep S. Chawla

Dr. H. Anne Evans

Dr. Bob S. Hu



Dr. Jimmy Hu

Dr. Shelley A. Marks

Dr. Robert P. Silva

Dr. Nancy W. Hua

Dr. Julia M. Martino

Dr. Michael J. Slesinski

Dr. Judy H. Huang

Dr. Julia L. Marx

Dr. Kristina M. Smith

Dr. Mary P. Hufty

Dr. Benjamin M. Maser

Dr. Susan D. Smith

Dr. Jolene M. Huie

Dr. Scott N. Matthews

Dr. Juliet B. Spurrier

Dr. Richard J. Hunter

Dr. Bettina C. McAdoo

Dr. Deirdre A. Stegman

Dr. Christine Huo

Dr. Michael R. McCaffrey

Dr. Ruth L. Steinberg

Dr. Gale L. Hylton

Dr. James W. McCarrick III

Dr. Dianne M. Storey

Dr. Ealon M. Joelson

Dr. Thomas W. McDonald

Dr. Linda L. Strain

Dr. Elizabeth S. Jokerst

Dr. K. Patricia McGann

Dr. William E. Straw

Dr. Kimberly C. Jones

Dr. Donna A. McMillan

Dr. James C. Stringer

Dr. Henry W. Jones III

Dr. Sinda M. Mein

Dr. H.A. Sastri Sukhdeo

Dr. Robyn S. Juster

Dr. Steven C. Merlone

Dr. Lillian M. Swiersz

Dr. Glara J. Kang

Dr. A. Christine Miller

Dr. Winona M. Tan

Dr. R. Scott Kehl

Dr. Tami L. Miller

Dr. Henry Thai

Dr. Noman Q. Khan

Dr. Melinda S. Moir

Dr. Bryan D. Thom

Dr. Warren D. King

Dr. Renata H. Mullen

Dr. Michael L. Trollope

Dr. Sue J. Knox

Dr. William L. Mullen

Dr. Laurel M. Trujillo

Dr. Kathleen E. Kramer

Dr. Amy L. Muzaffar

Dr. Elizabeth E. Turner

Dr. Tom Krisdakumtorn

Dr. Teresa Nauenberg

Dr. John H. Urbanowicz

Dr. Savitha Krishnan

Dr. Brad L.Z. Naylor

Dr. Alison M. Van Egeren

Dr. Paula D. Kushlan

Dr. Alison H. Nguyen

Dr. Nilufer S. Vesuna

Dr. Joseph R. Lacy

Dr. Emilie H. Osborn

Dr. Kirsten K. Vin-Christian

Dr. Robert L. Lamm

Dr. Kaveri S. Patel

Dr. Phuong T. Vo

Dr. Wendy Landreville

Dr. Kristina H. Philpott

Dr. Jeffrey W. Walton

Dr. Steven R. Lane

Dr. Dominique N. Quincy

Dr. Albert Y. Wang

Dr. John V. Lannin

Dr. Vai Rangarajan

Dr. Charles V. Wang

Dr. Francis J. Lastufka

Dr. Kuttancheri V. Rema

Dr. Philip H. Wasserstein

Dr. Amanda N. Le

Dr. Jorge P. Rodriguez

Dr. Joseph G. Weber

Dr. Elizabeth W. Lee

Dr. Ruth G. Rothman

Dr. Erica E. Weirich

Dr. Richard K. Lee

Dr. Paul C. Rubinstein

Dr. Charles S. Weiss

Dr. David S. Leibowitz

Dr. Susan H.K. Ryu

Dr. Karen Y. Whang

Dr. Rebecca A. Leon

Dr. Henry L. Sanchez

Dr. David N. White

Dr. Tina W. Leung

Dr. Mary Ann T.

Dr. Arthur F. Widtfeldt Jr.

Dr. Amy B. Levin


Dr. Recha S. Winkelman

Dr. Irene Lin

Dr. Amol Saxena

Dr. Thomas L. Wisler

Dr. Roy Lin

Dr. Jay M. Schlumpberger

Dr. Angela L. Wong

Dr. Randolph B. Linde

Dr. Jennifer L. Schneider

Dr. Eirene Wong

Dr. Heather V. Linebarger

Dr. Joseph J. Schwartz

Dr. Sandra C. Wong

Dr. Nan A. Link

Dr. Tina F. Scobel

Dr. Cynthia F. Woo

Dr. Arthur C.K. Liu

Dr. Brennan A. Scott

Dr. Ming Wu

Dr. Frederick A. Lloyd

Dr. Timothy J. Scott

Dr. Peter B.J. Wu

Dr. Mary Ann E. Lloyd

Dr. Jonathan H. Segal

Dr. Cindy S. Wun

Dr. Nina Y. Loh

Dr. Tara Seneviratne

Dr. Judi J. Yamamoto

Dr. Kelly A. Look

Dr. Maria S. Sepetka

Dr. Hugo O. Yang

Dr. John D. Lu

Dr. Gina L. Serraiocco

Dr. Lanshin Yang

Dr. Robert E. Lundahl

Dr. Alireza Shafaie

Dr. Patti A. Yanklowitz

Dr. Nathalie M. Lynch

Dr. Michael J. Shepard

Dr. Daniel Yao

Dr. Ronda M. Macchello

Dr. Karen S. Shin

Dr. Ann W. Younker

Dr. Peter M. Maguire

Dr. Linda W. Shiue

Dr. Naveen S. Mahmood

Dr. Pauline Siao

Dr. Linda J. Maki

Dr. Dennis P. Siegler



“Our care has been outstanding. Coming to the Clinic is like visiting friends; we are always comfortable, sure of good care and don’t need to deal with lots of paperwork.” Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Taylor

2007 Palo Alto Honor Gifts Tribute gifts provide a wonderful way to honor someone for a birthday, anniversary or other significant event. These gifts support the health care, research and education activities of PAMF’s Palo Alto Division. IN HONOR OF

In honor of

In honor of


Mr. and Mrs. Ming-Tai

Ms. Tess Hawley



Anne Bachan Jigger

Laura Vanderlaan

Peter H. Cheng, M.D.

Mr. and Mrs. Ting P. Pun


In honor of

Mrs. Winnie Barney

William H. Clark, M.D.

Dr. Glen A. and Ellen

Jean Ann and Bob

Dr. and Mrs. C. Stewart

M. Lillington

Ritchie In honor of

Nancy Hidaka

Augsburger Joan C. Fearing

Dale Merrithew

J. Augusto Bastidas, M.D.

In honor of

In honor of

Dale Merrithew

Stewart and Dael

William and Chieko



Colin Eakin, M.D.

Nancy Hidaka

In honor of

In honor of

Leonard and

Kingsley Jack

Shirley Ely

Mr. Edwin C. Callan

Dr. Joel P. and Carol C.

Dr. and Mrs. Francis A.



Dr. Frederick L. Behling Amol and Karen Saxena and Family In honor of

Dr. Walter M. Bortz II Martha Nordling Eakland



Mrs. E.C. Pringle Jr.

Earlene E. Woehrle

In honor of In honor of

Anne Bachan Jigger

In honor of

Mr. Kevin A. Fong

Janet and Richard Dewolfe

Logan and Elexis

VenCap International PLC


In honor of

Andrea A. Boucher

In honor of

Karen Keasbey and

Signal Engineering &

Dr. Myron Gananian

Phil Bauer

Connie Y. Ho

Christen and Edward Wise

Supply Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Strena In honor of

In honor of

Dr. Melvin C. Britton

In honor of

Leonard “Lenny”

Ms. Dagmara Lejnieks

Pat Grange


Jeff R. Greenfield and

Deanna K. Iverson

In honor of

Marilyn Keller

Gordon Campbell, M.D. Amol and Karen Saxena and Family

In honor of In honor of

Janet Lederer

Jeffrey Gutman, M.D.

Karen Astrachan, R.D.

Dale Merrithew In honor of

in congratulations on the

Christine Campisi

In honor of

occasion of their wedding

Christen and Edward Wise

Mr. James M. Harris

Adrianne Lee and

Linda and Tony Meier

Daniel Fandrick Laurie Phillips and Ryan Huff



In honor of

In honor of

In honor of

Alice Paulsen

Jagat Satia, M.D.

Michael Wilmer, Ph.D.


Dale Merrithew

Christen and Edward Wise

Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Snyder In honor of

In honor of

In honor of

Anita Sawa

Christen Wise

Masers’ Kids

Mr. Martin L. Sawa

Anne Bachan Jigger

In honor of

In honor of

Mosella A. Smith-Harris

Ed Wise Sr.

Anne Bachan Jigger

Christen and Edward Wise

In honor of

In honor of

Ms. Ida M. Stelling

David A. Wollenberg

Loyal and Margaret Sutton

Linda and Tony Meier

In honor of

In honor of

Richard and

Mrs. Betty Jane Wood

In honor of

Jean Taylor

Mr. Jewel P. Wood

Miles and Anders

L.H. Taylor

Dr. M. Richard and Julia S. Maser In honor of

Rita McVean Judith M. Edgley In honor of

Dale Merrithew Nancy Hidaka

Dr. Bettina C. McAdoo

In honor of In honor of

Marilyn Woods

In honor of his Birthday

Vijaya Thothadri

Mrs. Martha T. McCall

Mr. Stuart G. Moldaw

Mani Thothadri

Linda and Tony Meier

In honor of In honor of

Roham Zamanian, M.D.

In honor of

Paul and Dorothy

Mr. Alfred D. Knopf

Taylor and Mary Peery


Nancy Peery Marriott

Scott M. Rudy, M.D.

In honor of

In honor of

Bill Rector

Jack Nathan Turner

Ms. Marilyn Alperin

June Turner

In honor of their

In honor of

45th Wedding Anniversary

Dr. shirley k.h. tom

Dale and Alice Rose

Ms. Judy Botsford

Mr. J. Bert Rose In honor of In honor of

Jasmine and Daniel

J. Bert Rose


Liz Romero

Mary Villalobos, M.A.

Jane Torres In honor of In honor of

Derek A. Walters

Mr. Oliver Ryder

Robert W. Rutledge

Professor and Mrs. Charles T. Horngren



2007 Palo Alto Memorial Gifts Memorial gifts provide a meaningful way to honor and remember friends or family members while benefiting the work of PAMF’s Palo Alto Division. in memory of

in memory of

in memory of

John Andrew

Richard Baxter

Dr. Donald R. Bunce

Abbott Jr.

Lisa and L. Bruce Blau

Amol and Karen Saxena

Doris Abbott-Nall

Bruno Carnovale

and Family

Equatek Inc. in memory of

Alan and Michelle Fong

in memory of

Patricia A. Ahtye

Chester Gabriel

Dale Callanan, M.D.

Wally and Ellen Leung

Michael and Patricia Giuntoli

Sid and Jane Sideris

Bill Given in memory of

Stephanie Johnson

in memory of

Roy Amara

Margaret Johnston

Mr. Cannataro

Karen Joan Latina and

Sunny Mar

Terayon, Inc.

Evan Richard Susser in memory of

in memory of

in memory of

Dorothy Benoit

John E. Carr

Mr. Edward P. Ames

Laura Val, R.N.

John H. Carr

Dr. Joel P. and Carol C. Friedman

in memory of

in memory of

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Kraus

Dr. Carl L. Biorn

Delphine Castro

Edward and Miriam

Jane and Bob Neff

Lawrence E. Castro

Jo Anne McClendon

in memory of

in memory of

Terry and Carol McGovern

Mr. Peter H. Black

John B. Childress Jr.

Mr. David O. Shank

Les and Susan Terry

Kathryn and John Childress

in memory of

in memory of

in memory of

Billy Anderson

Nick Bouja

Mark Werry Childress

Mr. Laurence H. Dorcy Jr.

Pat and Rita McKeany

Kathryn and John Childress

in memory of

in memory of

in memory of

Stephen G. Ayers

Frau Elisabeth Brenk

Dr. Austin Clark

Sid and Jane Sideris

Ms. Ida M. Stelling

Suzanne D. Dahling

in memory of

in memory of

in memory of

Mr. Louis Bachan

Ann Broesamle

Eva and Michael

Terry and Carol McGovern

Kathryn and John Childress




Mosella A. Smith-Harris and Sons in memory of

in memory of

Patricia M. Brown

in memory of

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Hillier

Mrs. Janet Conlan

Mrs. Senka Bachan

Lorraine and John Taylor

Terry and Carol McGovern

in memory of

Mosella A. Smith-Harris

Dr. Sergius Bryner

in memory of

Ms. Zoe Bryner

Peggy Cox

and Sons

Kathryn and John Childress



in memory of

in memory of

in memory of

Mrs. Ralph D. Cressman

Dorothy Gibbons

Oscar S. Hastings Jr.

Steven and Beverley

Cynthia and Barry Press

Katheryn Baggott

in memory of

in memory of

Patricia Elizabeth

Virgil S. Haugse

in memory of

Gildea Vaden

Jane K. Haugse

Dominick Cultrara, M.D.

Ms. Ida M. Stelling

Hartman Jane Torres

Anthony and Barbara Allenza

in memory of in memory of

Mr. Edwin E.

in memory of

Jean Gillett


Wallace V. Cunneen Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Roderick D.

Mrs. Nancy M. Hendrickson

Joan Cunneen

Wheeler in memory of

in memory of

in memory of

Harry L. Hoffheimer

Josephine E. Curt

Vince Giovannotto

Kathryn and John Childress

Donna J. Cumming

Kathryn and John Childress in memory of

in memory of

in memory of

Lindsay Holichek

Sally A. Davenport

Isabell Gorman

Frances E. Escherich

Benjamin H. Moore, M.D.

Varinia and Eric Bunje in memory of

in memory of

in memory of

Hwa-Shang Huang

Hazel Draper-Joens

Duncan E. Govan, M.D.

Mr. and Mrs. Hung Kwei Hu

Dorothy P. Demange

Dr. Glen A. and Ellen M.

Shuen-hwa and Tso-kai Liu


Mr. and Mrs. Albert Piscione

in memory of

Margo Ritter

Frank T. Dusterberry

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Settle

Bonnie Wang and

and Margaret C.

George King Mr. and Mrs. Hansen Yao


in memory of

John C. Dusterberry

Arthur Green

in memory of


Grace C. Ikeda, R.N. Rosei Baltz, R.N.

in memory of

Marjorie Eisenberg

in memory of

Ed Buelna

Dr. and Mrs. Melvin C. Britton

Mildred Green

Nichola A. Carpendale, M.D.


Dr. Susan K. Elgee Dr. Gary and Diane Fujimoto

in memory of

Ms. Betty J. Emory

in memory of

Teri Goodman, LVN

Kathryn and John Childress

Donald L. Guidoux

Ms. Catherine E. Hipskind

Ms. Ida M. Stelling

Akira Ikeda Dr. Hank Jones

in memory of

Mr. Eli K. Fountain

in memory of

Robyn Juster, M.D.

Mrs. Viola Z. Fountain

Kanta Gupta

Linda J. Maki, M.D.

Dr. Anita and Naresh Gupta

Arnold Papp Lynn Sorrells, R.N.

in memory of

Lola Fransen

in memory of

Debbie Swartz


Jean Tamplin Hamilton

Jolynn Tetzlaff

James and Becky Beacom in memory of

in memory of

Felix Gesmundo Jr.

in memory of

George Masaji Imamura

Larissa Asprec

Noor U. Haq

Nancy Hidaka



in memory of

Helen Imperiale Family

in memory of

Atsushi Ishida

John and Phyllis Johnson

Dr. Richard S. Lee

Nancy Hidaka

Lisa Langer and Dan K.

Philip Lee, M.D.

Siegel in memory of

Linda and Tony Meier

in memory of

M.A. Nagaraja Iyer

Betsy O’Neill

Cynthia Lind

Preethi Iyer

Mr. Frederic M. Rea

Lori Wilson-Van Houten

Jacqueline Schneider in memory of

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Settle

in memory of

Dr. Robert W. Jamplis

Mr. and Mrs. Warren E.

Seshu Parvati Loka

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne R. Brown

Raghavendra Rao Loka

Spieker Sr.

Mr. Richard Slottow

Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Sweet

Dr. and Mrs. Vincenzo

Duane and Lorna Wadsworth

in memory of

Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Wobber

Richard John Lovell Sr.

Barbara B. Wolff

Leslie Lovell and John



in memory of

Mr. Ronald S. Joelson

in memory of

Drs. Elizabeth and R. Scott

Martin Joseph Kaelin

in memory of

Placid and Anne Fuchslin

A.H. Lowman


Kathryn and John Childress in memory of

in memory of

Annette Norlyene

Leonard Kaiser

in memory of


Dr. and Mrs. E.B. Polakis

Mr. Harry W. Lund Terry and Carol McGovern

Anonymous (2) Verna Aldous

in memory of

David Arizini

Cordell Koland

in memory of

James N. Brett

John and Patricia Cicchino

Ms. Ruthe R. Lundy

Cynthia Floyd

Natasha Jamison

Ms. Ida M. Stelling

Bill and Dolly Gallagher

Jim and Melissa Lane

Gilman’s Landscape

in memory of in memory of

Jane MacGregor

Nancy Haight

Audrey Ann

Jane and Bob Neff

Mrs. Robert W. Jamplis


Mrs. Lois M. John

Ruth S. McCaffrey


Ronald MacGregor

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kelly

Jane and Bob Neff

Lost Creek Aquatics

in memory of

Donald and Katherine Malik

Mary Alice Lare

Boyce and Peggy Nute

Mrs. Betty J. Lucke


in memory of

Blanche Maggi

Carolee White Scott and Cynthia

in memory of

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E.

in memory of

Nathaniel G. Lau


Ms. Ida M. Stelling in memory of

in memory of

Shirley Dokken

in memory of

Corine Maier, CMA


Henry and Etta Lee

Dr. John and Mrs. Hwei-Min

Anonymous (2)

Virginia Fern Lee

Arnold and Barbara Bloom

Lu Peter Wu, M.D.

Niel and Nancy Davidson

in memory of

Cindy Wun, M.D.

Mr. and Mrs. Flaxman

Mrs. Louise Lee

Mr. and Mrs. Peter T. Grassi

Philip Lee, M.D.

in memory of

Hetty Green Investment Club

Lou and Irie Mallo

Mrs. John A. Hooper

The Consul-Perez Family



in memory of

.in memory of

in memory of

Florence Mandarino

Nancy Madigan

Mr. Randall

Mr. and Mrs. Bill Mohler


Nancy Hidaka

Ann Marie and John in memory of


in memory of

Mrs. ruth g. mandel Anonymous in memory of

Nancy Hubbard Rea in memory of

Alice and Forrest Anderson

Josephine Nelson

James and Doris Balderston

Mrs. Ellen W. Bergren

Bob and Netty Campagna

Thelma Marsiglia Ms. Patricia E. Sheridan

Mr. Herman Christensen Jr. Vicki De Goff and Dick

in memory of

Dr. Maurice M.


in memory of

Osborne Jr.

Cheryl Degolia

Robert Martin

Vicki De Goff and Dick

Gordon and Virginia Ewig

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred E. Werry Jr.


Dorothy Gravelle

Henry McArthur Duque and Judith S. Duque

David Hartley Stacie Hiramoto

in memory of

Lennis Hansen

Jack Jorgenson

Susan Mc Auliffe

Benjamin and Sylvia Johnson

Walter and Gloria Olson

Kathryn and John Childress

John and Phyllis Johnson

Profits Unlimited

Roland and Betty Kumagai

Charles and Elisabeth Rea

Mr. and Mrs. George C.

Harry B. Richardson Jr., M.D.,

in memory of

Isabelle McNeill Anonymous


and Maril D. Richardson

Elizabeth and R. Lyon

Mr. Frank H. Roberts

Ellen and Keith Morrison

John and Andrea Ross

in memory of

Richard and Mae Nagel

San Francisco Planning

Howard McVean

Beverly and Jim Nelson

& Urban Research

Judith M. Edgley

Marion Shikamura


in memory of

Dr. and Mrs. Gene M. Phillips

Robert Merrill

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry I. Porras

Florence Wray

Mr. J. Bert Rose

Ruth Stewart

Dr. and Mrs. M.F. Russi

Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Sweet

Osborne, M.D.

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Settle Mr. and Mrs. Warren E. Spieker Sr.

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Tormey

in memory of

Evelyn Meseth

in memory of

Harold and Joy Hughes

Elizabeth B. Peabody

Dr. and Mrs. Francis B.

Nancy Hidaka

Robert B. Williams and


Carol M. Marshall in memory of

in memory of

Henry Rethorst

in memory of

Mr. Roland Pearson

Sid and Jane Sideris

Fritz and Anna

Ms. Jana Duffy

Meyerherm Ms. Ida M. Stelling in memory of

in memory of in memory of

Jim Ritchie

Rose Persons

Nancy Hidaka

Midori M. Kitaura

Paul J. Mihalko Drs. Elizabeth and R. Scott Jokerst

in memory of in memory of

Virginia H. Robbins

Buzz Rainer

Mr. John F. Robbins

Jean Rainer in memory of

Christian Roden Jenifer Angel PALO ALTO MEDICAL FOUNDATION


in memory of

in memory of

in memory of

Janice Lee Romary

Robert Sibert

Juanita Taylor

Mr. and Mrs. Robert N.

Mr. and Mrs. Norman M.

Mr. Eugene F. McKenney


Hardy in memory of

in memory of

in memory of

Mary Kelleher Wallace

Peter Rosenbaum, M.D.

Richard Singleton


Arline Cohn

Mrs. Willi Martin Hilliard

Richard and Suzanne Cottle Barry E. Fleisher, M.D., and

in memory of in memory of

Nanette Wallace, LVN

Mr. Charles Henry


Estela Gaeta


Max and Dr. Barbara Boyer

Susan Guthrie

Ms. Ida M. Stelling

Joann Falkenburg, M.D., and

Pam Kaiser, Ph.D.

Chad J. Graff

Fae Houck

Drs. Elizabeth and R. Scott

Jim and Amy Lewnes

in memory of

McDowall Cotter

Mrs. Emma Westphal

Dr. and Mrs. Edward B.


Dr. Sue J. Knox

Ms. Ida M. Stelling

David and Laura Morrison



Lisa Nieve, CMA

Greg Welch and Ann Lewnes in memory of

Cathy and Steven Szudarski

in memory of

Ida Stuart

Sandra C. Wong, D.O.

Sue Ross

Ms. Judith A. Morrow

William and Susan Heller Ken and Andy Ross in memory of

in memory of in memory of

Theresa Wells, M.D.

David H. Suh

Ms. Pauline Newman-Gordon

Nancy Hidaka

Reino Rukkila Leslie Lovell and John Rukkila in memory of

in memory of in memory of

Nelson O. Wheeler

Dan Sully

Joan W. Adams

Boston Medical Center,

Mr. and Mrs. Roderick D.

Cancer Care Clinic

Dr. Milton Saier

Ronald and Sally Patten

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Cobb

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Runyan

Wheeler in memory of

William Bruce Wholey Olga Wholey

in memory of

in memory of

Esther “Ruby” Sample

Mr. Robert G. Sumner

Placid and Anne Fuchslin

Drs. Elizabeth and R. Scott

in memory of

Wilfred J. Wilson


Deanna L. McCarthy, R.N.

in memory of

Mark Coplen Santana

in memory of

Doris Coplen Santana

Marian Swall

in memory of

Nancy Hidaka

Joyce Wishner Mr. Joseph F. Galiardi

in memory of

Nora Schoenfeld

in memory of

Jane Story

Nathan Schoenfeld

Scott Sweeley

Thomas Strat

Lorraine and John Taylor in memory of

in memory of

Kinji Sera

in memory of

Bay Yee

Nancy Hidaka

Mr. Wilbur Y. Takiguchi

Patrick and Charlotte Yee

Mrs. Lilly Takiguchi



2007 Palo Alto Honor Gifts for Health Care Providers Patients of PAMF’s Palo Alto Division made gifts in honor of the following health care providers and staff members during the calendar year 2007. Dr. Salwan S. AbiEzzi

Dr. Joann Falkenburg

Dr. Margie D. Lim

Dr. Haleh N. Agdassi

Dr. Solon I. Finkelstein

Dr. Mary Ann Lloyd

Dr. James C. Ahn

Dr. David J. Fischer

Bonnie Lui, R.N.

Dr. Jonathan Albeg

Dr. Joycellen Floyd

Dr. Robert Lundahl

Dr. Luis Alvarez

Dr. Margaret L. Forsyth

Dr. Ronda M. Macchello

Christine Amara, N.P.

Dr. Joel P. Friedman

Dr. Linda J. Maki

Delores Anderson, R.N.

Dr. Michael W. Gaynon

Theresa Manley, R.N.

Dr. Yumi Ando

Rosalie M. Geronimo, R.N.

Dr. Shelley Marks

Dr. Haroon Anwar

Dr. Jennifer Gillett

Dr. Jodi Marx

Dr. Dessie Athens-Swanson

Dr. Cheryl R. Gold

Dr. Francis A. Marzoni

Dr. Richard R. Babb

Dr. Toby I. Gottheiner

Dr. Benjamin Maser

June Badal, R.N.

Michelle Gould, R.N.

Dr. M. Richard Maser

Dr. James B. Bassett

Dr. Marc D. Gradman

Dr. Scott Matthews

Dr. Lawrence Basso

Dr. Richard A. Greene

Dr. Michael McCaffrey

Marsha Bednarcyk, M.A.

Dr. Andrew Gutow

Jeanne McCary, M.A.

Dr. Arthur M. Bobrove

Dr. Cheryl Hadley

Dr. Thomas W. McDonald

Dr. Robert C. Bocian

Dr. Karen F. Han

Dr. K. Patricia McGann

Dr. John M. Boggs

Dr. Sally S. Harris

Linda Miller, LCSW

Dr. Barbara L. Boyer

Dr. James Hartford

Dr. Melinda Moir

Dr. Calvin D. Brenneman

Dr. Andrew Haskell

Dr. William Mullen

Dr. Julie A. Buckley

Dr. David Hemsey

Amy L. Muzaffar, M.D.

Nancy M. Bueno, M.A.

Dr. G. Scott Herron

Dr. Brad Naylor

Dr. Eileen Byrne

Bruce Hill, LCSW

Dr. Brian T. Paaso

Tina Calderon, M.A.

Dr. Brad A. Hinrichs

Dr. William E. Page

Dr. Nichola A. Carpendale

Dr. Helen Ho

PAMF Medical Oncology

Dr. Richard B. Chalker

Dr. Cynthia Hom

Dr. Cecil Chang

Dr. Roy W. Hong

PAMF Physical Therapy

Dr. Sung Chun

Dr. Bob Hu

Pleshette Pondler, M.A.

Dr. Christie A. Coleman

Dr. Judy Huang

Dr. Gordon R. Ray

Geri Collins, LVN

Dr. Sherry Huang

Dr. Paul C. Rubinstein

Dr. Susan E. Connolly

Dr. Paul Jackson

Dr. Susan H.K. Ryu

Stephanie Cousin, R.N.

Dr. Elizabeth S. Jokerst

Dr. Amol Saxena

Dr. Jeffrey C. Croke

Dr. Hank Jones

Dr. Jay M. Schlumpberger

Dr. Ross DeHovitz

Dr. R. Scott Kehl

Dr. Jennifer Schneider

Dr. Jocelyn F. del Carmen

Dr. Noman Q. Khan

Dr. Elizabeth Seabolt

Dr. Tracey Dellaripa

Dr. Sue J. Knox

Dr. Jonathan H. Segal

Dr. David G. Deneau

Jinny A. Koehler, LVN

Dr. Alireza Shafaie

Dr. Harry L.E. Dennis

Dr. Ian Kroes

Dr. Linda W. Shiue

Dr. Aria DiBiase

Dr. Paula D. Kushlan

Dr. Robert Silva

Dr. Robin Drucker

Dr. Joseph R. Lacy

Dr. Susan D. Smith

Dr. David Druker

Nancy Landazuri, N.P.

Dr. Deirdre A. Stegman

Dr. Bradford Duncan

Dr. John V. Lannin

Dr. Ruth L. Steinberg

Dr. Thuan P. Duong

Dr. Amanda N. Le

Dr. William E. Straw

Dr. Meg Durbin

Dr. Elizabeth W. Lee

Dr. James C. Stringer

Dr. Colin Eakin

Dr. Richard K. Lee

Dr. Marc A. Swanson

Dr. Barry K. Eisenberg

Dr. Rebecca A. Leon

Dr. Bryan D. Thom

Dr. Andrew Epstein

Diane Lesnick

Dr. Michael L. Trollope




Dr. John H. Urbanowicz

Dr. Jeffrey Walton

Dr. Peter Wu

Jan Van Boeschoten

Dr. Karen Whang

Dr. Hugo Yang

Elizabeth Vaughan, P.A.-C.

Dr. David N. White

Dr. Patti A. Yanklowitz

Dr. Rahul Verma

Dr. Arthur F. Widtfeldt

Dr. Ann W. Younker

Dr. Nilufer Vesuna

Dr. Thomas L. Wisler

Yelena Zaydman, R.N.

Jana Waldorph, R.N.

Dr. Eirene Wong

2007 Palo Alto Employee Donors The following employees have made gifts to PAMF’s Palo Alto Division. We are grateful for their support. Anonymous (4)

Kathy Korbholz

Liz Romero

Barbara Anderson

Marlene Kowalski

J. Bert Rose

Jill Antonides, Ph.D.

Janet Lederer

Denise Rusher

Debra Ashley, M.A., CCC-A

Dagmara Lejnieks

Maria Ruybal

Karen Astrachan, R.D.

Kim Lewis, M.A.

Rabia Safee

June Badal, R.N.

Josie Lime

John Salazar

Carl R. Baeuerlen

Staci Lobato

Teresa Sarlitto

Rosei Baltz, R.N.

Leslie R. Lovell, LVN

James Schweikhard

Becky Beacom

Stacy MacCready

June Shen

Michael Bejo

Theresa Manley, R.N.

Cathy Shintaku

Maria Belen-Salazar

Leslie L. Mays, M.A.

Staci Smith

Janet Bell

Deanna L. McCarthy, R.N.

Lynn Sorrells, R.N.

Kathleen Boice

Lynne C. McCoy

Becky Sousa, R.N.

Kathie A. Bradshaw

Susan McKenzie

Debbie Swarts

Ed Buelna

Gregory D. Mills

Cathy Szudarski

Julie A. Burlew-Quartey, R.N.

Margarita Moreno

Catherine Tannaci

Abida R. Burney

Laura Morrison

Kara Taylor

Alex Cerrillo

Joy Nakata

Jeffrey L. Teel

Valerie Sissy Consul

Jane MacGregor Neff, LVN

Jolynn Tetzlaff

Toni Corbiere, M.A.

Lisa Nieve, CMA

Gary Thompson

Donna J. Cumming

Andrea Norcia

Jenifer R. Turnbull

Linda Darmanin

Dory Ocampo

Laura Val, R.N.

Janet C. Dow, R.N.

Mary Orthel

Laura Vanderlaan

Annette Dresel, LVN

Tina Outzen

Mary Villalobos, M.A.

Judith M. Edgley

Jan Owens, LVN

Anh Thi Ngoc Vo, LVN

Sally Francisco

Dr. Latha Palaniappan

Rhonda Vu, CMA

Cindy Gherini

Jane Parker

Sandra Walker

Teri Goodman, LVN

Jessica Perez

Jerry Watanabe

Sharon Goodson

Tina Place, CMA

John Whight

JoAnn Griesemer

Terese Plecnik, R.N.

Cheryl Williams

Diane Hartman, R.N.

Cynthia Press

Jennifer K. Wilson

Nancy Hidaka

Aubyn Redmond

Christen Wise

Deanna K. Iverson

Carla M. Reeves, CNM


Lorelei Janis

Claire Renzi

Vivian Young

Lisa Jewett, R.N.

Angelica Reyes

Michael H. Jewett

Margo Ritter

Anne Bachan Jigger

Michelle Y. Rivera

Joyce Brothers Kart

Valerie Roberts, R.N.



2007 Palo Alto Corporations, Foundations and Organizations The following corporations, financial institutions, foundations and organizations have made gifts to PAMF’s Palo Alto Division. We are grateful for their support. The Apple Foundation, Inc. The Ayco Charitable Foundation Bank of America Foundation

Microsoft Matching Gifts Program

Saw Island Foundation

Nancy Peery Marriott Foundation, Inc.

Barclays Global Investors

National Semiconductor

Boston Medical Center,

Oracle Corporation Matching

Cancer Care Clinic

Sand Hill Foundation

Gifts Program

Schwab Fund for Charitable Giving Silicon Valley Community Foundation SIPR LLC

Coapt Systems, Inc.

Pacific Cheese Co., Inc.

The Swanson Foundation

Cortopassi Family

Palo Alto Medical Clinic

United eWay

Foundation David and Lucile Packard Foundation The Dayton Foundation Donald A. Rhoades Family Foundation East Bay Community Foundation Edward J. and Dorothy L. Mintz Charitable Trust

Physician Partnership Palo Alto Medical Clinic Volunteers

United Way Silicon Valley The U.S. Charitable Gift Trust of Delaware

Pasadena Community Foundation

Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program

Phil N. Allen Charitable Trust

VenCap International plc


The Wolfe Foundation


The Wollenberg Foundation

Profits Unlimited San Francisco Planning

Equatek Inc.

& Urban Research

Fenton Family Foundation


Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Francis S. North Foundation G. Willard Miller Foundation GE Foundation Gilman’s Landscape Irrigation GlaxoSmithKline Goldman, Sachs & Co. Google Matching Gifts Program HealthyPets, Inc. Hetty Green Investment Club HP Employee Charitable Giving Program The Hufty Foundation Jewish Community Endowment Fund

“I still have great respect for and confidence in the Palo Alto Medical Clinic, where I started to work as a young neurosurgeon in 1954. The new campus on El Camino is most impressive and I feel very proud to have been part of its development.” Dr. and Mrs. James Golden

Kirk’s Steakburgers Koret Foundation Funds Lakeside Foundation Lockheed Martin Corporation McDowall Cotter The Mervyn L. Brenner Foundation, Inc.



CAMINO FUND DONORS This is the eighth year the Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF) has accepted gifts on behalf of the projects and programs of PAMF’s Camino Division. We are grateful to our Camino Fund donors for their support of excellence in community health care.

Camino Donors We are grateful to our donors for their cumulative philanthropic gifts. $3,000,000 +

Camino Medical Group Physicians Edward M. Dowd

Dr. Jeffrey Brown and Deborah Sobel Dr. and Mrs. Charles Brummer

Dr. and Mrs. Barry R. Hansen Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Hay James R. Heckmann, M.D.

Louis J. Caputo, DPM

Jenny-Jean Hua, M.D.

$100,000.00 – $249,999

Steven Carlson, M.D.

Fannie Huang, M.D.

Applied Materials Foundation

Richard and Sue Carr

Robert Y. Huang, M.D.

DPR Construction, Inc.

Carla M. Cassani, M.D.

Takeshi Inouye, M.D.

Drs. Catherine and

Peter and Patricia Castro

Drs. Anagha and Vijay Jain

Drs. Albert and Cheryl Cha

Vivek Jain, M.D.

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Slavin

R. Cary Hill

Dr. Jennifer Chan

Dr. Richard and Suzanne

Edmund Tai, M.D., and

Benjamin Chang, M.D.

Kam-Har Yung, M.D.


Alan M. Chausow, M.D.

Waymond Jung, M.D.

James and Pamela Wilson

Gregory G. Cheung, M.D.

Dr. and Mrs. Douglas E. Kaye

Chi-Lin Yen Family

Christopher A. Chin, M.D.

Todd and Julie Kaye

Lawrence Chin, M.D.

Carol A. Kemper, M.D.

$25,000 – $99,999

Colin S. Cho, M.D.

James C. Kim, M.D.

Fuad Abuabara, M.D., and

Stephen Cohen, M.D.

Melanie L. Klein, M.D.

Dr. Vivien and Stephen

Anu R. Kottapalli, M.D.

Debbie Abuabara Kristine Ahern and Brian Ahern


Therese and Torben

Dr. Kathryn Donesa-Zuzak

Kristensen, M.D.

Dr. Arnie and Karen Aigen

Alison M. Dowse, M.D.

Parul P. Kumar, M.D.

Dr. Scott and Mrs. Jeannine

Yaara Dror, M.D.

Dr. Claudia S. Kuzis

Steven A. Duwe, M.D.

Jay A. Ladenheim, M.D.

Jane S. Auh, M.D.


Barbara C. Erny, M.D.

Bart C. Lally, M.D.

Galina Balon, M.D., and

Patrick C. Fann, M.D.

Taryn P. Lamm, M.D.

Bernardo Ferrari, M.D.

The Jacob and Valeria

Vladimir Nekhendzy, M.D. Santosh Bhati, M.D.

Jose Fuentes, M.D.

Dr. Priya Bhusri

Juan E. Garona, M.D.

Dominique Claude

Dr. Richard E. Gayle

Boillot, M.D.

Langeloth Foundation William and Jane C. Lee Trust

Tanya Ghosh, M.D.

Dr. Timothy S. Lee

Nicholas Bolognini, DPM

Leland Greenwald, M.D.

Elliot Lepler, M.D.

Kristin M. Brew, M.D.

Kenneth F. Grolle, M.D.

James E. Lewis, M.D.

Dr. Philip and Crystell

Grace Guo, M.D.

Todd Lewis, M.D.

Brosterhous ANNUAL REPORT 2007/2008

Jiayi Li, M.D. 86

Jean Lighthall, M.D.

David J. Reitman, M.D.

Vasuki Thangamuthu, M.D.

Dr. Jane T. Lombard

Christine Roed, M.D.

Dr. and Mrs. Richard

Dr. Apurva Marfatia

Drs. Dey and Antoinette

The Markkula Foundation Stuart Markovitz, M.D. Marian and Bernard Marren


Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Ray Tikvica and

Steven Rubinstein, M.D., and Carrie M. Rubinstein

son Jeff Wayneab Truneh, M.D.

Dr. Robert and Diane Master

Cindy Russell, M.D.

Dr. Douglas A. Tucker

Hector M. Medina, M.D., and

Samuel and Patricia C.

Tin Tin Tun, M.D.

Laurie A. Rubenstein, M.D.

Samson, M.D.

Kurt VandeVort, M.D.

Linda Membreno, M.D.

Richard Sandor, M.D.

Dr. Jane C. Varner

Stuart A. Menaker, M.D.

Klaus See-Tho, M.D.

Kenneth S. Vereschagin, M.D.

Michael J. Moore, M.D.

Khaliq Shah, M.D.

Neha Indu Vibhakar

Criss Y. Morikawa, M.D.

Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence

William and Elizabeth

Michael J. Mulligan, M.D.



Robert E. Naylor, M.D.

Tom and Maidi Sherwood

Myhanh T. Nguyen, M.D.

Yichieh Shiuey, M.D.

Mr. Robert L. Packer

Stephen Nichols, M.D.

Dr. Elizabeth G. and

Ronald R. Watson, M.D.

Dr. Kathryn K. Obana Julianne M. O’Malley, M.D. Ann Ortmeyer, M.D.

Mr. Scott E. Snedden Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Souvignier

Ms. Laura C. Watson and

Burton Weaver III, M.D. Kristin Welter, M.D. Elizabeth L. Williams, M.D.

James Page, M.D.

Aarti Srinivasan, M.D.

Carol Winton, M.D.

Rajan Perkash, M.D.

Holland C. St. John, M.D.

Ann Wong, M.D.

Michelle E. Pezzani, M.D.

Stuart Stein, M.D.

Jean Wong, M.D.

Mary Jane Pionk, M.D.

Dr. and Mrs. Seth Strichartz

L. Brandon Wong, M.D.

Michael Podlone, M.D.

Betsy Strong, M.D., and

Dr. Robina Y. Wong

Steven Prescop, M.D.

Philip Strong, M.D.

H. Irene Wu, M.D.

Dr. Andrew S. Prodromou

Josephine A. Tang, M.D.

Xiao Ying Shana Yao, M.D.

Paul Protter, M.D.

Jeff Tao, M.D.

Edward M. Yu, M.D.

Drs. Dominique and

Eric Test, M.D.

Dr. and Mrs. Peter P. Yu

Dr. William W. Tevis and

Mr. Kin Wah Yuen

David Quincy Kristin Razzeca, M.D.

Dr. Cynthia Lacy

2007 Camino Annual Giving Society These donors made annual gifts of $100 or more to support the health care, education and research mission of our Camino Division. Their support is appreciated and acknowledged by Camino Division physicians and staff. Founder’s Circle $25,000

Benefactors $15,000 – $19,999

Dr. Philip and Crystell

Marian and Bernard Marren

Charles and June Gallagher

Richard and Sue Carr

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Tikvica and

William and Jane C.

Peter and Patricia Castro

son Jeff

Lee Trust

Drs. Catherine and R.

James and Pamela Wilson president’s circle $20,000 –$24,999

Chi-Lin Yen Family


Cary Hill Patrons $10,000 – $14,999

Tim and Kathy McClenahan

Fuad Abuabara, M.D., and

Linda N. Shum

Debbie Abuabara Dominique Claude Boillot, M.D.

Family Dr. and Mrs. Richard Slavin Dr. and Mrs. Seth Strichartz William and Elizabeth Vilardo-Morgan



Partners $5,000 – $9,999

Dr. Douglas E. Kaye and Ms. Cynthia G. Kaye

Lynn Bennion, M.D.

Dr. Arnie Aigen

David and Judy Klinger

Santosh Bhati, M.D.

Dr. Scott and Mrs. Jeannine

Donna and Bill Krepick

Dr. Priya Bhusri


Jane and Karl Bacon

Carole and Alan Kushnir

Eli and Mary Bogdanovich

Bertyl Berlin

Bart C. Lally, M.D.

Kristin M. Brew, M.D.

Dr. Vivien and Stephen

Mr. and Mrs. Norman Lehrer

John Andrew Brothers, M.D.

Rhea Liang

Louis J. Caputo, DPM

Ralph L. Folsom

Joseph and Loretta Lopez

Steven Carlson, M.D.

Mr. Steven M. Goldsworthy

Bill Madlem

Carla M. Cassani, M.D.

Karl and Rae Lee Hansen

Marjorie Mangers

Dr. Jennifer Chan

Russell and Mira Nakano

Richard A. Marciano and

Benjamin Chang, M.D.

Teresa Middleton

Alan M. Chausow, M.D.


Kathy and Reed Rowan Drs. Tej and Simran Singh

Dr. Robert and Diane Master

Gregory G. Cheung, M.D.

Edmund Tai, M.D., and

Linda Membreno, M.D.

Christopher A. Chin, M.D.

Criss Y. Morikawa, M.D.

Lawrence Chin, M.D.

Kam-Har Yung, M.D.

Kevin R. Murray, M.D.

Colin S. Cho, M.D.

Associates $1,000 – $4,999

Susan and Bernie Nachshen

Ms. Reba P. Cohen

Jane and Johnny Parker

Stephen Cohen, M.D.

Dr. Vivien C. Abad

Paul Protter, M.D.

Dr. John P. Connolly

Dr. Kristine Ahern and

Norman S. Radin

Dr. Elaine S. Davis

William Ray

Simon Whetzel and Ellen

Brian Ahern Mr. Wesley P. Ayres

Paul and Lynne Romeo

James and Rita Azevedo

Steven Rubinstein, M.D., and

Galina Balon, M.D., and Vladimir Nekhendzy, M.D. Mark and Mary Belinsky Gary and Kelly Berman Nicholas Bolognini, DPM Dale and Barbara Bracey Ray Brizgys, M.D., and Deborah J. Brizgys Dr. Jeffrey Brown and Deborah Sobel Dr. and Mrs. Charles Brummer Mr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Carmichael Jr.

Carrie M. Rubinstein

deConinck, M.D. Dr. Kathryn Donesa-Zuzak Yaara Dror, M.D.

Cindy Russell, M.D.

Barbara C. Erny, M.D.

Samuel and Patricia C.

Patrick C. Fann, M.D.

Samson, M.D. Drs. Michael Sathy and Lydia Delaney-Sathy Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence Shapiro

Bernardo Ferrari, M.D. Beverly Forsyth Jose Fuentes, M.D. Dr. Eileen M. Gallagher Juan E. Garona, M.D.

Karl Sorensen, M.D. Kevin J. Sullivan

Dr. Robert and Martha Gaspich

Dr. William W. Tevis and Dr. Cynthia Lacy Dr. and Mrs. Richard Thompson

Dr. Richard E. Gayle Tanya Ghosh, M.D. Leland Greenwald, M.D. Dr. Lynn Gretkowski

Carol J. Carter

Alma and Louis Tripidi

Kenneth F. Grolle, M.D.

Dr. Michael and Joanne

Dean Ujihara

Grace Guo, M.D.

Franklyn and Harriet Weiss

Dr. and Ms. Barry R. Hansen

Alison M. Dowse, M.D.


Dr. Joseph E. Welsh

Diane and Bill Hawkes

Bill and Jane Frees

Mr. and Mrs. William S.

James R. Heckmann, M.D.

Michael R. and Judith A. Gaulke


Jay Ronald Hess

Edward M. Yu, M.D.

Dr. Patricia K. Hockett

Gardner Gray

John and Sandra Zasio

Jenny-Jean Hua, M.D.

Sandra L. Green

Anne Ziffer, M.D.

Fannie Huang, M.D.

Haw-Ming Haung

Robert Y. Huang, M.D.

Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Hay

$500 – $999

Dr. Teresa Huang

Juliette Huang

Dr. Ravin Agah

Drs. Anagha and Vijay Jain

Takeshi Inouye, M.D.

Jane S. Auh, M.D.

Vivek Jain, M.D.



Nina Jaki, M.D.

Steven Prescop, M.D.

Jeff Tao, M.D.

Dr. Richard and Suzanne

Dr. Andrew S. Prodromou

Eric Test, M.D.

Mahbuba Quader

Ms. Nancy S. Tivol

Drs. Dominique and

Dr. Douglas C. Tong

Jensen Wayne and Pat Johnson Karen and Mark Jung

David Quincy

Kelly A. Troiano, M.D.

Waymond Jung, M.D.

Dr. Sanjay Ramrakhiani

Wayneab Truneh, M.D.

Ulrich and Ruth Kaempf

Somnuk Ratanaphanyarat

Douglas A. Tucker, M.D.

Carol A. Kemper, M.D.

and Carolin Wang

Tin Tin Tun, M.D.

Dr. Rachel Kernoff

Kristin Razzeca, M.D.

Toshiko Uyehara

James C. Kim, M.D.

David J. Reitman, M.D.

Kurt VandeVort, M.D.

Melanie L. Klein, M.D.

Christine Roed, M.D.

Jane C. Varner, M.D.

Dr. Harrison J. Kornfield

Drs. Dey and Antoinette

Kenneth S. Vereschagin, M.D.

Anu R. Kottapalli, M.D.


Neha Indu Vibhakar

Therese and Torben Kristensen, M.D. Dr. Claudia S. Kuzis Jay A. Ladenheim, M.D. Taryn P. Lamm, M.D. Dr. Timothy S. Lee Dr. Cindy S. Leong Elliot Lepler, M.D. Todd Lewis, M.D. Jiayi Li, M.D. Dr. Jane Liang Dr. Michael Y. Lim Jane T. Lombard, M.D. Dr. Apurva Marfatia Stuart Markovitz, M.D.

“I am grateful to Camino for the level of care and attention given to my late husband suffering from severe Alzheimer’s Disease. It was a very helpful and welcoming experience for me. Not forgotten!” Rita Geerlings Choy

Mary Martin David and Kathryn McCanna Mr. James D. McCavitt

Richard Sandor, M.D.

Wendy Wang, M.D.

Danielle McClure

Klaus See-Tho, M.D.

Lillian and Roger Wasson

Ed McMullin

Allen Shah, M.D.

Ronald R. Watson, M.D.

Hector M. Medina, M.D., and

Vibhakar Shah

Burton Weaver III, M.D.

Tom and Maidi Sherwood

Kristin and Don Welter

Stuart A. Menaker, M.D.

Laurie A. Rubenstein, M.D.

Dr. Daniel D. Shin

Elizabeth L. Williams, M.D.

Michael J. Moore, M.D.

Yichieh Shiuey, M.D.

Carol Winton, M.D.

Michael J. Mulligan, M.D.

Christina Sibley

Ann Wong, M.D.

Myhanh T. Nguyen, M.D.

Dr. Elizabeth G. and

Jean Wong, M.D.

Stephen Nichols, M.D.

Mr. Scott E. Snedden

L. Brandon Wong, M.D.

Boyd F. Nirschl, M.D.

Marlene M. Somsak

Robina Y. Wong, M.D.

Dr. Kathryn K. Obana

Dr. Mitra Sorooshian

Stephanie Wong, M.D.

Jan G. Olson

Dr. and Mrs. Douglas

H. Irene Wu, M.D.

Ann Ortmeyer, M.D.


Kourosh Yamouti, M.D.

James Page, M.D.

Aarti Srinivasan, M.D.

Xiao Ying Shana Yao, M.D.

Deborah Pairis

Holland C. St. John, M.D.

Dr. and Mrs. Peter P. Yu

Sapna and Ketan Parekh

Betsy Strong, M.D., and

Rajan Perkash, M.D.

Philip Strong, M.D.

$100 – $499

Michelle E. Pezzani, M.D.

Dr. Daniel T. Stucker

Vaughn W. Abbott

Michael Podlone, M.D.

Dr. Michael W. Su

Ernesto and Francisca

Fay Polse

Josephine A. Tang, M.D.




Harry J. Amos

Michael and Susan Eckhardt

Alice Lam

Mr. Maurice O. Amzallag

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Eldon

Tat and Mabel Lam

Josie Andres

Janet and Gene Elliott

Mr. Alan L. Landesman

Lewis Aronson

Christel and Raymond Erny

Penny and Roy Lave

Francisco J. Arteaga

Michael Fain, O.D.

Tim C. Lee, M.D.

Stephen and Mary Ellen

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Falco

Mr. Sai Hou Simon Leong and


Rebecca Fazilat, M.D.

Ms. Fatima Ung

Gordon R. Beckstrom

Lynne Fitzjarrell

Ms. Barbara J. Lewis

Peggy and Anson Beman

Thomas and Kay Flannery

James E. Lewis, M.D.

Ms. Lisa G. Bennett

Rita Fong, O.D.

Barry S. Lieberman

Ms. Nicole Berri

Philip M. Freidin

Ms. Doris K. Lin

Mr. and Mrs. Tony

Linda R. Gaskell

Ellen Lin

Mr. Mario Giachino

Mr. John R. Linehan

James C. Breeding


Lydia M. Giannini

Jerry Ling and Emily Yeh

Carla Brooke

Tatiana and Cyrill Glushkoff

James O. Linton

Charles F. Brothers

Consuelo Goings

Ernest and Deveda Littauer

Marcie and Chet Brown

Clemens M. Hammerschmied

Chien-Ye Liu, M.D.

Vance Smith and Cathy

Melissa Hanley

Ms. Sylvia S. Liu

Curtis C. Hawks

Leung C. and

Brown-Smith Dorothy Brunauer

Mrs. Robert Hawley

Sarah Burrows-Hudson

Karrie Hebert

James A. Losito, M.D.

Alan and Susan Calhoun

James Herzog

Lonnie Low

Ronald Calhoun

Merrilee and Alan Hodgson

Khaiquang Luc

Drs. Albert and Cheryl Cha

Kathleen Hoffacker

Kimberly D. MacIntosh

Bryan K. Chan, M.D.

Eugene and Debbie Hoyle

Nasir and Shaheen Malik

Kallen & Helen Chan

Mr. Louis Hsia

Joseph Manfrey


Carolyn C.K. Lok

Ho Hsiao

Muneo and Betty Masaki

David and Monica Chang

Ms. Jackie Hubler

Frank and Gwendoline

Denny S. Chaussee

Susan Isetorp

Kong-Chen and

Chetan Janbandhu

Mr. William L. McCarty

Ming-Jen Chen


Letisia and John Jennings

Carole McCluskey

Mr. William Chen

Meagan Jennings, M.D.

Colman and Nancy

Fai Hou and Bonnie Cheng

Aysoltan Kakabaeva

Richard Chin and Lily Lock

Phaik-Foon Kamp

M. Patricia McInerny

Meena Chockkalingam

Karen Kao

John and Nancy McMahon

Mahnaz and Cyrus

George and Edythe

Mr. Philip McPartland




James Medeiros

Dr. and Mrs. Kungta K. Chow

Todd and Julie Kaye

Irene Mela

Samuel and Rita Chow

John Keen

Andrew and Carol Mellows

Alice and Stan Chow

Dilshad J. Kekobad, M.D.

Orlina Mitchell

Rita Geerlings Choy

Kristin Kelly

Eleanor F. Mora

Armand Cohen

Gregory and Sarah Kevin

Robert Morrison

Kenneth P. Coke

Eugene Kim, M.D.

Barry R. Moyer

Eduardo and Evelyn Coli

Don and Virginia Kleffman

Ms. Kisstopher Musick

Shirley Cook

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Konle

Jyothsna Nagaraja

Mr. John R. Cormode

Mr. Richard J. Konrad

Peter and Arlene Narvaez

Virginia Costanzo

Albert F. Koula

Robert E. Naylor, M.D.

Sixia Deng

Esther and William Kroll

Sandra and Michael

Jerry and Sallie Ditto

James C. Kufis

Kumara Doddala

Parul P. Kumar, M.D.

Arthur B. Oderio

Archit Dua and Anu Dua

Urmila Lal, M.A.

Julianne M. O’Malley, M.D.




Patricia Owen Sara and Dan Patterson

Kory and Charlotte Scholberg

Bohumir Uvacek Bob Vaddiparty

Stewart Peebles

Mr. Rolf G. Schreiber

Johan Van De Polder

Mary Peredia

Azhar and Rubina Shah

Samantha A. Van Epps

Henrik Persson

Khaliq Shah, M.D.

Arthur C. Van Horne Jr.

Walter and Barbara

Robyn and Loren Shalinsky

Marc and Laurel Verissimo

Katherine and Steven Sharp

Ms. Kay M. Vidovich

Bernard and Rozalia Pfefer


Alexander Sheh

Ms. Marcela Vidrio

Mary Jane Pionk, M.D.

Connie Sheng

Michel Villemain

Philip Y. Pun

Ms. Sherrill L. Shields

Cheryl L. Vu, M.D.

Mr. Yuen-ming Pun

Charles Silvers

Rev. and Mrs. Erwin G. Walz

Nina and James Quintal

Maureen L. Smith

Janusz Warszawski

Elizabeth Radcliffe

Staci Smith and

Dan and Eileen Watley

Krishnan and Vandana Raghuram

Jason Spencer

Lorenza Watson

Keith Sorensen

Carolyn Westhafer

Nikhil Ramaswamy

Mr. Verdin L. Sproat

Kathryn M. Williams

Chad Rammohan, M.D.

Leslie A. Stepanek

David and Kirsten Winters

Walter and Norma Rank

Guiwei Su and

Robert Wolters

Talmy Rauch

Yingqian Zhang

Anthony Wong

William J. Reed

Rajesh Sundaram

Tony Wong

Mr. Hermann Rehmeyer

Harini Sundaresan

Kai-Min and Eileen Wu

Phyllis Reinhardt

Alison Superko, FNP

Leejay Wu

Sara Renk

Gregory Swan

Yahoo Eden Team

Lucien and Christiane

Ms. Lorine Tanimoto

Mr. Richard W. Yellin

Lee and Norelle Tavrow

Philip Yen

Marlene Ridley


Barbara H. Tiernan

John W. and Annette Yim

Joel N. Rossen

Julian and Lillian Timm

Virginia Zavala

Katherine A. Ruiz

Bang Tran

Zhunian Zhang and Jing Piao

Ruth and Elijah Sabb

Andrea Tu

2007 Camino Honor Gifts Tribute gifts provide a wonderful way to honor someone for a birthday, anniversary or other significant event. These gifts support the health care and education activities of PAMF’s Camino Division, and the Research Division. In honor of

In honor of

In honor of

RosaRio Aguilar Fisher

Erika Deshmukh

Andy Khanna

Theresa J. Gibson

Jill Meyer

Sachin Deshmukh

In honor of

In honor of

In honor of

Arthur M. Brown, M.D.

Farida Dohadwala

Janine Lazarewicz

Joseph and Loretta Lopez

Moiz Dohadwala

Mr. Maurice O. Amzallag

In honor of

.In honor of

In honor of

Brian J. Carrie, M.D.

Cynthia Greaves

Allegra and

Lucille R. Delman

Jill Meyer

Robert Lewis

In honor of

In honor of

Shirl Ceasar

John Hildenberger, R.N.

Jill Meyer

Ms. Lisa G. Bennett

Sarah Burrows-Hudson



In honor of

In honor of

In honor of

Gina Losito

David and Virginia

Harbans and

Jill Meyer


Indira Singh

Christina Sibley

Tej Singh, M.D.

Juana Lujan

In honor of

In honor of

Letisia and John Jennings

P.J. Philip

Natalie Stier

Sandhya Prabhakar, M.D.


Frank and Virginia

In honor of

In honor of


Emily Riske

Sally Twesten

Marjorie Mangers

Jill Meyer

Jill Meyer

In honor of

In honor of

In honor of

Kelly McConnell

Laura Rodolari

Carolyn Westhafer

Jill Meyer

Jill Meyer

Anonymous (3)

In honor of

In honor of

Sapna Parekh

Mrs. Leila Runner

In honor of

Jill Meyer

Lyle Foster

Arlene Yco

In honor of

In honor of

Glenn and Mary

Cynthia Sartori

In honor of


Jill Meyer

Mrs. Yvonne Yung

In honor of

In honor of

Jill Meyer

Jill Meyer

Sara and Dan Patterson

Mr. Yuen-ming Pun

2007 Camino Memorial Gifts Memorial gifts provide a meaningful way to honor and remember friends or family members while benefiting the work of PAMF’s Camino Division. In memory of

In memory of

In memory of

Anthony Joel N.

Dr. Joachim Buchholz

McHoy Choy


Tatiana and Cyrill Glushkoff

Rita Geerlings Choy

In memory of

In memory of

Ernesto and Francisca Aguilar

Mr. Frank Caldarola

Samuel Costanzo

In memory of


Virginia Costanzo

Thomas Edward Aiken

Samuel and Patricia C.

Janet and Gene Elliott

Samson, M.D.

In memory of

Dieudonne R. Costes Anonymous

In memory of

In memory of

Penny L. Armantrout

Dinah Hua Chang

Jon Armantrout

Dr. and Mrs. Kungta K. Chow

In memory of

Mary Fisher and Jacqueline

Meena Deshmukh

In memory of

Sachin Deshmukh


Lazar Balon Galina Balon, M.D., and Vladimir Nekhendzy, M.D.


In memory of

In memory of

Chingling Chow

Howard G. Diesner, M.D.

Samuel and Rita Chow

Mr. and Mrs. William R. Konle


In memory of

In memory of

In memory of

Mrs. DiGiovanni

Dina Hibbs-Medeiros

Leonardo S.J.


James Medeiros

Martin, M.D. Mary Martin

In memory of

In memory of

Pat Dutra

Tejram Janbandhu

In memory of

Lisa Chavarria

Chetan Janbandhu

Jean A. Massey John C. Massey

In memory of

In memory of

Roger Flanagan

Edwin and Marie Jones

In memory of

Robert and Brenda Stribling

Margaret A. Jones

Martin Master Dr. Robert and Diane Master

In memory of

Flora Ford Bharat Sampath In memory of

Raymonde Foy Wade Foy, M.D. In memory of

Herman Gelband Miriam Gelband

“My gift helps myself, family and friends to receive the best care possible. When my late husband was diagnosed with cancer, he received the best care from Camino.” Ms. Barbara J. Lewis

In memory of

Werner and Steffie Goldschmidt Marie Donner

In memory of

In memory of

Charisse Ann Kappl

Carole McCarthy

George and Ruth Guittard

Carrie McCarthy

Kevin R. Murray, M.D.

In memory of

In memory of

Kathy and Reed Rowan

William C. Kersten

Josephine Mela

Tej Singh, M.D.

Uldine L. Kersten

Irene Mela

In memory of

In memory of

In memory of

Rose C. Koula

Jean Ray Morgan

Dorothy E. Gray

Albert F. Koula

William Ray

In memory of

In memory of

In memory of

Geneva E. Linton

Chuck Olson

Margaret Gulliford

James O. Linton

Mr. and Mrs. Francisco Jao

In memory of

In memory of

In memory of

Patt A. MacIntosh

Martha Jane Pico

Harriet Hamamoto

Kimberly D. MacIntosh

Vance Smith and Cathy

In memory of

Shirl M. Ceasar

In memory of

Judith Ann Martin

Mahnaz and Cyrus

Richard Harris

Laura Skinner

In memory of

Cecil John Graham

Karl Sorensen, M.D.

Gardner Gray

Barbara and Neal Campbell

Merrilee and Alan Hodgson



Mr. and Mrs. Fred M.

David, Anita, and Ameilie


Crichton 93

Julianna and Chris Darknell

Jerry Ling and Emily Yeh

In memory of

Lurie Dimalanta

Ms. Sylvia S. Liu

David M. Williams

Cynthia and Mikal Greaves

Leung C. and

Kathryn M. Williams

Letisia and John Jennings

Carolyn C.K. Lok

James A. Losito, M.D.

Ms. Angela Ren

In memory of

Kimberly D. MacIntosh

Mr. and Mrs. Amit Rushi

Jacqueline Wolters

Jill Meyer

Alexander Sheh

Robert Wolters

Sapna and Ketan Parekh

Ms. Betty Sun

Jane and Johnny Parker

Andrea Tu

In memory of

Paula and Chuck Reed

Yahoo Eden Team

Morton Min Wong L. Brandon Wong, M.D.

Patricia A. Robinson, R.N. Laura Rodolari

In memory of

Kathy and Reed Rowan

Dr. Marvin Small

In memory of

Cynthia and Ronald Sartori


Chi-Lin Yen Kai-Min and Eileen Wu

Christina Sibley Melody Jane States

In memory of

Carolyn Westhafer

Sol Strichartz

In memory of

Dr. and Mrs. Seth Strichartz

Mrs. Susan Yui Juliette Huang

In memory of

Norma L. Radin

In memory of

Norman S. Radin

Zhijian Su

Rhea Liang

Kaisheng Su In memory of

Carter Rank

In memory of

Walter and Norma Rank

Francie Toal Anonymous

In memory of

Frances Ruiz

In memory of

Jesse Castrence

Dr. Y.P. Vaddiparty

Lauren Cowden

Bob Vaddiparty

Alan Fink Kim Guzman

In memory of

Barbara Palmer

Joe Van Epps

Rosalie Perez

Samantha A. Van Epps

Virginia Zavala Zelda Zimmerman

In memory of

Helen V. Van Horne In memory of

Arthur C. Van Horne Jr.

Ying K. Shum Kallen & Helen Chan Foundation Mr. Wesley Pui Chan

In memory of

Mike Vella Anonymous

Mr. William Chen Haw-Ming Haung

In memory of

Mr. and Mrs. Chenming Hu

Edward Watson

Kelly Kwong, Dr. Christina

Lorenza Watson

Fa, Christine Ching, and Catherine Mei Chan

In memory of

Mr. and Mrs. Norman Lehrer

Frank Weeks

Mr. Sai Hou Simon Leong and

Gail E. Weeks

Ms. Fatima Ung



2007 Camino Honor Gifts for Health Care Providers Patients of PAMF’s Camino Division made gifts in honor of the following health care providers and staff members during the calendar year 2006. Dr. Fuad Abuabara

Dr. Fannie Huang

Dr. Cindy Russell

Dr. Ravin Agah

Jasmine Jimenez, M.A.

Dr. Richard Sandor

Dr. Arnold B. Aigen

Dr. Douglas E. Kaye

Dr. Yichieh Shiuey

Dr. Nicholas Bolognini

Jane Kim, R.N.

Dr. Tej Singh

Marvette Browning, M.A.

Dr. Melanie L. Klein

Dr. Richard Slavin

Dr. Charles Brummer

Dr. Bart C. Lally

Dr. Elizabeth G. Snedden

Camino Medical Group

Dr. Jiayi Li

Dr. Ranjana Sood

Cancer Treatment Center

Chieu Lipscomb, R.N.

Dr. Douglas Souvignier

Infusion Therapy Staff

Dr. Jane T. Lombard

Dr. Seth Strichartz

Oncology Department

Joanna Losito, N.P.

Dr. Betsy Strong

Physicians and Nurses

Cecilia Macasero, M.A.

Dr. Edmund Tai

Frederico Campos, P.A.

Jennifer Malawi, M.A.

Dr. Jeff Tao

Dr. Louis J. Caputo

Dr. Stuart Markovitz

Dr. Elizabeth M. Vilardo

Dr. Steven Carlson

Dr. Robert C. Master

Dr. Ronald R. Watson

Dr. Carla M. Cassani

Dr. Stuart A. Menaker

Dr. Joseph E. Welsh

Dr. Alan M. Chausow

Dr. Criss Y. Morikawa

Dr. Jean Wong

Dr. Lawrence Chin

Dr. Kevin R. Murray

Dr. Stephanie Wong

Dr. Alison M. Dowse

Dr. David J. Nano

Dr. H. Irene Wu

Diane Dressman, P.A.

Dr. Robert E. Naylor

Dr. Kourosh Yamouti

Dr. Maisie Fung

Dr. James Page

Christina Yang, R.N.

Dr. Tanya Ghosh

Christina Franco Perez, M.A.

Dr. Shana Yao

Dr. Cheryl R. Gold

Dr. Michael Podlone

Dr. Edward M. Yu

Esmeralda J. Gomez, M.A.

Dr. Steven Prescop

Dr. Peter Yu

Dr. Ronald Hay

Paula M. Reed, R.N.

Dr. Anne Ziffer

Dr. James R. Heckmann

Dr. Antoinette Rose

2007 Camino Employee Donors The following employees have made gifts to PAMF’s Camino Division. We are grateful for their support. Susan Altwies

Reuben Dewan

Zohreh Jazaeri

Lee Anton

Lurie Dimalanta

Letisia Jennings

Alexys R. Bermudez

Gail Falco

Aysoltan Kakabaeva

Nicole Berri

Concetta Ferrell

Karen Kassees, O.T.

Debra Bridges

Alan Fink

Kristin Kelly

Cathy Brown-Smith

Lynne Fitzjarrell

Urmila Lal, M.A.

Barbara Campbell

Lydia M. Giannini

Alice Lam

Jaye Camposanto, P.A.

Cynthia Greaves

Rhea Liang

Jesse Castrence

Kim Guzman

David M. Lujan Jr.

Shirl M. Ceasar

Melissa Hanley

Kimberly D. MacIntosh

Tigist A. Chernet

Carlos Herrera

Marjorie Mangers

Mahnaz Choobineh

Jana Hesemans

Gledy J. Marquez, R.N.

Lauren Cowden

Merrilee Hodgson

David McCanna

David Crichton

Natalie D. Horning, M.A.

Danielle McClure

Julianna Darknell

Jackie Hubler

Jill Meyer



Joesette Murillo

Mary Peredia

Cynthia Sartori

Susan Nachshen

Rosalie Perez

Azhar Shah

Archana Nandan

Nina Quintal

Christina Sibley

Lai Nguyen

William Ray

Maureen L. Smith

Melanie T. Nguyen

Paula Reed, R.N.

Melody Jane States

Mary Nice

David L. Richards

Alison Superko, FNP

Sandra Odenheimer

Marlene Ridley

Bang Tran

Jan G. Olson

Patricia A. Robinson, R.N.

Lyndon Tuazon

Patricia Owen

Laura Rodolari

Toshiko Uyehara

Barbara Palmer

Rebecca Romero

Carolyn Westhafer

Sapna Parekh

Kathy Rowan

Virginia Zavala

Jane Parker

Katherine A. Ruiz

Zelda Zimmerman

2007 Camino corporations, foundations and organizations The following corporations, financial institutions, foundations and organizations have made gifts to PAMF’s Camino Division. We are grateful for their support. American Endowment

HP Employee Charitable

National Semiconductor


Giving Program

Network for Good

Applied Systems

Human Race Volunteer

Schwab Fund for

Engineering, Inc. Archer Family Foundation DPR Construction, Inc.

Center of Silicon Valley The Jacob and Valeria Langeloth Foundation

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

Juniper Networks

Garden Gate Elementary

Los Altos Community

Grand Aerie Fraternal Order of Eagles


Foundation National Philanthropic Trust


Charitable Giving Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program Wells Fargo

SANTA CRUZ FUND DONORS This is the fifth year the Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF) has accepted gifts on behalf of the projects and programs of PAMF’s Santa Cruz Division, including the Santa Cruz Medical Foundation, Sutter Maternity & Surgery Center, and Visiting Nurse Association of Santa Cruz. We are grateful to our Santa Cruz Fund donors for their support of excellence in community health care.

2007 Santa Cruz Capital and ANNUAL Giving These donors made annual gifts of $100 or more to support the facilities, projects and programs of our Santa Cruz Division in a calendar year. Their support is appreciated and acknowledged by the physicians and staff. Patrons $10,000 – $14,999

Nicholas and Catherine

Estate of Frank F. Orr and

Marianne M. Walters, M.D.,

Zoe Ann Orr


Martha Bowersock Dorothy M. Brasfield

and John W. Spiller

Deborah Bronstein, M.D. Karen Brusca Anka Bulaich

Partners $5,000 – $9,999

$500 – $999

Ann R. Bunn

Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Becker

David and Lorraine Canavan

Miss Mary Laznibat

Mr. Robert L. Burns

Dr. Adwoa Christy and

Mary Jo Lewis

Cheryl Certo

Mr. Michael Christy

The Dacey Family

Ms. Ceil Cirillo

Associates $1,000 – $4,999

Rami Dakkuri, M.D.

Jack and Marilyn Clifton

Patricia G. Hinz, M.D.

William J. Codiga Family

Wayne and Lorna Barnes

Bella and Al Hughes

Dr. and Mrs. James H.

Cookie Leaf

Joan Cook

George and Linda Malloch

Nellie R. Cook

Dr. William and Lynda Berg

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Maridon

Rowland T. Cooke

Dr. and Mrs. Geoffrey P.

Philip M. Sachs

James P. Crawford




Dr. Susan Schaefer

James B. Crocker

Robert S. Bremner

Josh Simpson

Robert E. Crompton, M.D.

Ms. Carol Canaris

Carol and Jim Toney

Dr. Jerome Deck and

Thomas R. Deetz, M.D. Larry deGhetaldi, M.D., and

Mrs. Sylvia Deck $100 – $499

Tom and Lauren Dembski

Elaine and Daniel Aldrich

Kathleen M. Dempsey, N.P.

Mary Driscoll

James and Elise Atkins, M.D.

Ron and Niki Derby

Christine Griger, M.D.

Louise Bagnall

Denise Devereaux, M.D.

Glen and Elizabeth Groves

Bruno and Lilo Bartyzel

Patricia Deyring

Thomas and Rebecca Hart

William John Beecher

Ms. Katherine W. Donovan

Frank K. Jan, M.D.

Janet K. Berkemeyer

Robert and Esther Donovan

Mr. Randall P. Kane

Marcus and Elaine Bitter

Dorothy R. Dosier

Elizabeth Newsom, M.D., and

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bleecker

Dr. and Mrs. Chris J. Dybdahl

Susan E. Borba, M.D.

Howard Eddy

Wayne and Jeanne Boss

Nancy and Gerald Eidam

Lynne Hubenette

Mark Calkins Ric and Carol Nichols



Bruce Eisendorf, M.D.

Alvin L. McCommon

Patricia and Kim Seixas

Dolores Ann Engebretsen

Bruce and Marcia McDougal

Sheelagh Simmons

Jody Evenson

Dean McHenry and

M. Brewster Smith

F. Louis Fackler

Jane McHenry

Kirk and Pat Smith

Doris and Louie Falsetti

Mary and George Mechlin

Ms. Charlotte E. Farr

Joan Kimble Miller

Marge Fawcett

Larry Millsap

Paula Sonnichsen

Marietta E. Finnegan

Ms. Colleen G. Mitchell

David and Mary South

Reverend Harry D.

Dennis Mowles and

Michael and Berdell Spellman


Linda Steyding

Dr. David Sofen and Mrs. Jeanne Sofen

Janice and Walt Spichtig

Martha Morello Frosch

Dee Murray

Robert Stagnaro Families

Mr. John and Dr. Jeanne

Lynne and Bill Nichols

Shirley C. Standage

Jon Nordgaard, DPM, and

Tad and Jacci Sterling

Gallagher Dianne L. Gallagher-Pereira

Laurie Nordgaard

Robert and Juliette Suhr

Laura Garvin, M.D.

Phyllis S. Norris

Joan and Joe Taylor

Mr. Don M. Gibson

Josh Novic, M.D.

Bill Tokunaga

Bernard Glick

Janine and Michael Ortega

Mr. Anthony M. Torres

Margaret Hansen, M.D.

Beatrice Pappas

Stephen R. Tripp

Gunnar Hauk

Ann and Richard Pinkham

Roy and Arlene Trowbridge

Mrs. Rose Heinemann

Jack and Shirley Randle

Wanda Truesdell

Karen Hibble

Michael A. Rankin, M.D., and

Marybeth Varcados

Anthony and Susan Holbrook Mary Lou Holleman and

Carla A. Rankin

Dick and Marion Vittitow

Thomas and Janet Reese

Dr. Mark and Nancy Wainer

Ruth Resetar

Kenneth H. Whalen

Mary Ann Hoover

Mr. William M. Resetar

Sandra Williams

Gene A. Hubbard

Janet and Walter Rilliet

Wenonah Williams

Mark and Trish Hucklebridge

Susan Ritchie

Margaret and Gary

William and Gloria Hudson

Mr. and Mrs. William J.

Jim Rumble

Ruth and Bernie Issenman


Williamson Shelly Young

Charles L. Jernstrom, M.D.

Ronald D. Rowe, DDS

Louis Zenti

Jean and William Johnson

Rubottom Family

Dean Zweng, M.D., and

Russell and Stacie Jones

Joyce Sawaya

Jean M. Judge


Dyana Zweng

Stanley and Betsy Kamehiro Margot A. Kemp, R.N. Ms. M.J. Kingsbury Peter Kline Lester H. Lange Robert and Ruth Langridge Jeffrey Larson William and Marian Lawler Helen L. Leamey Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Lewis Annie M. Lopez Jason Luksich, M.D. Ann Malveaux Katherine Manuel Daniel B. Marcus and

“I am grateful to the Santa Cruz Region of the Palo Alto Medical Foundation because of the diligent care of the elderly by its physicians and the excellent care given to those on Medicare.�

Carolyn Freedman Estate of J. Kenneth Marion

Dick and Marion Vittitow

and Ruby F. Marion



2007 Santa Cruz Honor Gifts Tribute gifts provide a wonderful way to honor someone for a birthday, anniversary or other significant event. These gifts support the health care and education activities of PAMF’s Santa Cruz Division, and the Research Division. In honor of

In honor of

In honor of

Michael Alexander, M.D.

Irma Garcia

Edmund sacks, m.d.

Ms. Bessie M. Georgouses

Mercedes G. Garcia

Jorge Villagran

Maureen F. Sullivan

In honor of

In honor of

Marybeth Varcados

James Glancy, M.D.

George Sanford

LaVerne Gantner

Patricia and Joel Wilson

Carlos Arcangeli, M.D.

In honor of

In honor of

Jorge Villagran

Jeanne Kludt


Annie M. Lopez

shorenstein, m.d.

Joan Harrington-Trenbeth

In honor of

Helen S. Palmer

In honor of

Dr. Craig Blackwell

In honor of

Vilma Reinteria

Dr. G. Patrick O’Grady

In honor of

Bernice Crooks

Michael R. Spencer

Vilma Reinteria

Paula Sonnichsen

In honor of

The Bogard Family Elaine and Daniel Aldrich

In honor of

j. talisman pomeroy, m.d. In honor of

Bernice Crooks

Wayne V. Boss Charles L. Jernstrom, M.D.

In honor of

james poth, m.d. In honor of

Marcus and Elaine Bitter

Dr. Mark Brenis

Dante and Evelyn Casolari

Leta Beagle

William and Gloria Hudson

In honor of

In honor of

Laura Caiocca, P.A.

benjamin potkin, m.d.

Dee Murray

Jane and Ed Heizman Charlotte Monore

In honor of

Jennifer Choate, M.D.

In honor of

Ursule G. Dall

robert quinn, m.d. Ursule G. Dall

In honor of

Helen S. Palmer

Joseph Doris Claire R. Vessey



2007 Santa Cruz Memorial Gifts Memorial gifts provide a meaningful way to honor and remember friends or family members while benefiting the work of PAMF’s Santa Cruz Division. In memory of

In memory of

In memory of

Lea Beerbohm

Diane Grassi

Dr. Charles F.

Gail Pellerin

Enrico and Sally Barilati


Joseph and Virginia Bertoli

Dorothy and Charles McPherson

In memory of

Vera Brown

Gina Bushee

Peter and Mildred Ehrman

Shirley C. Standage

Barbara B. Eicholz

In memory of

Dr. and Mrs. Bernard

Ms. Marjorie L. Murphy

In memory of

William J. Codiga Family


Leo and Nara Caiocca

Clifford and Geraldine King

Bruno and Lilo Bartyzel

Paul and Carolyn Mecozzi

Nat and Emma Bertoli

Coral Singer

Emma Musitelli

Robert Tott

Foundation Marge Inman In memory of

Scott Robertson

Lena Silva

Mary T. Cagni

In memory of In memory of

Gene A. Hubbard

Chris Christensen

Lisa Powers

In memory of

Janice Shaw

William S. Brick

I.L. Wilmar

In memory of In memory of

Julia Isonio

Wilma Ellis

Martha Vickers

Christine Koontz In memory of In memory of

Cecily Kyes

Warren R. French

Henry and Margery Richard

Josh Simpson

2007 Santa Cruz Honor Gifts for Health Care Providers Patients of PAMF’s Santa Cruz Division made gifts in honor of the following health care providers and staff members during the calendar year 2007.

Dr. Rachel C. Abrams

Dr. William T. Cao

Dr. Noel Fishman

Dr. Bahar Aghighi

Dr. Ellen R. Christian

Dr. Michael Gansaeuer

Dr. Peggy N. Albrecht

Leslie Christie, P.A.

Dr. Laura Garvin

Dr. Timothy W. Allari

Dr. Karl J. Christoffersen

Dr. Andrew Glucs

Dr. Rebecca Barker

Dr. Michael Conroy

Chris Grenier, P.A.

Dr. James H. Beckett

Dr. Michael J. Dacey

Dr. Christine Griger

Maureen Bell, LVN

Dr. Rami Dakkuri

Dr. Matthew F. Hansman

Dr. William S. Berg

Dr. Thomas R. Deetz

Dr. Karen G. Harrington

Jeanette Bingham, N.P.

Dr. Denise Devereaux

Dr. William T. Hart

Dr. Timothy Blakeslee

Dr. S. Allan Dorosin

Dr. Kathryn L. Harvey

Dr. Ryan D. Brandt

Dr. Richard Drucker

Dr. Darien Heron-Ware

Dr. Elizabeth Brennan

Dr. Bruce Eisendorf

Dr. Douglas G. Hetzler

Dr. Brian Brunelli

Dr. Joseph M. Fabry

Dr. Patricia G. Hinz



Dr. Tam Holbert

Dr. Beata Mach

Matthew Ryan, P.T.

Dr. Terry A. Hollenbeck

Dr. Tracy Maclay

Dr. H. Bradley Salvay

Dr. Mark Howard

Dr. Margaret MacMillan

Dr. Martha Sandoval Bernal

Dr. Daniel Hwang

Dr. Daniel B. Marcus

Dr. Neil Sawhney

Dr. John H. Jackson

Dr. Michelle Massie

Dr. Susan E. Schaefer

Dr. Sharon S. Jamieson

Dr. Charlea T. Massion

Dr. Jennifer Schreck

Dr. Frank K. Jan

Dr. Diane M. McGrew

Dr. Howard Schwartz

Dr. Michael P. Johnson

Dr. William C. Mears

Dr. Charles Scibetta

Dr. Rodney Kaiser

Dr. Leonard R. Moore

Dr. G. Patrick Shields

Dr. Victoria A. Kaufmann

Dr. Suzy Nassralla

Dr. David Sofen

Dr. Daniel Kim

Dr. Elizabeth Newsom

Dr. James D. Spiegel

Dr. Samuel Kim

Dr. Michelle H. Nguyen

Lucas Stang, P.A.

Dr. James Kohut

Dr. Jon E. Nordgaard

Dr. Sharon Tapper

Dr. Jane Koopman

Dr. Mary K. Patz

Dr. Arthur K. Vedder

Dr. Alexis Lane

Dr. Alfred R. Petrocelli

Charles Verutti, P.T.

Dr. Lorna Larsh

Dr. David Pilcher

Pamela Wagner, P.A.

Lori Larson, R.N.

Dr. Rajeswari S. Ponnuswamy

Dr. Mark B. Wainer

Dr. Angela Dawn Lawson

Dr. Michael A. Rankin

Dr. Philip W. Yule

Dr. Larry C. Levin

Dr. Steven G. Roberts

Dr. Dean Zweng

Dr. Wennie Liao

Dr. David M. Rose

Dr. Jason Luksich

Dr. Vaal Rothman

2007 Santa Cruz Corporations, FoundationS and Organizations The following corporations, financial institutions, foundations and organizations have made gifts to PAMF’s Santa Cruz Division. We are grateful for their support. Bay Building Janitoral, Inc.

Quality Home Care of

Bogard Construction, Inc.

Santa Cruz, Inc.

Bosso Williams Law Office

Rancho Corralitos

BWB Associates

Round Robin Bridge

Carleton Group The Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County

Tournament Silva Stowell Architects, LLP Slatter Construction, Inc.

Connor Plumbing, Inc.

The Stinnett Group

Ed Bogner Mechanical, Inc.

United Way of

Episcopal Church Woman of All Saints Parish Ifland Engineers, Inc.

Santa Cruz County Watsonville Adult Buddhist Association

Keith B. Higgins & Assoc., Inc. Lopina Partners Monterey Bay Floors, Inc.



we thank you for your gift.

CONTACT INFORMATION This annual report recognizes the generosity of the many individuals, foundations and corporations who provide vital support to the Palo Alto Medical Foundation. Every effort has been made to provide an accurate listing of donors. In the event of an inadvertent error or omission, please let us know at 650-853-2122.

PHILANTHROPY CONTACTS For information about making a gift to a division or fund of the Palo Alto Medical Foundation, please contact:



Anne Bachan Jigger

William Ray, Ph.D.

Richard Nichols




Palo Alto Medical Foundation

PAMF/Camino Division

PAMF/Santa Cruz Division

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2900 Chanticleer Ave.

Palo Alto, CA 94301

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650 | 853 | 6076

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831 | 477 | 2210

For more information or to make a gift online, visit us at The 2007-2008 Annual Report is published by the Palo Alto Medical Foundation Department of Public Affairs, 2350 W. El Camino Real, Mountain View, CA 94040. Comments are welcome and should be addressed to the Department of Public Affairs. For information on PAMF’s programs and services, please call the Department of Public Affairs at 650-691-6471, or e-mail





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