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Employers face difficult challenges in complying with various state and federal labor codes. It is important for the employer to retain experienced legal professional who understands their employment situation so that they can not only defend the employer of the legal disputes, but to also help avoid them through preventative practices. By choosing a management-side employment law attorney, business owners can be sure that their legal representation remains loyal to the business owner and that they will be able to provide comprehensive employment solutions. Employers should be wary of the lawyer who will take any employment law case that walks in, as most employee claims are frivolous.

Management-side employment law attorneys have experience in litigating several legal issues on behalf of the employers that they represent, including but not limited to, wage and hours disputes, discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination and retaliation claims. Employers may also face issues regarding claims made under the Americans with Disability Act or the Family and Medical Leave Act, which a management-side employment attorney will be able to defend the business owner against.

Along with litigation, an employment attorney will also regularly advise the business owner in any employment related issues such as discipline, terminations, hiring, promotions, employee handbooks, unemployment insurance notice requirements and leaves of absence. It is necessary for the attorney to not only advice, but to also provide new and innovative solutions to help in addressing their issues and concerns. Not only will the attorney be able to help defend the business in legal issues that have already come to surface, but they will also be able to help the employer avoid any further legal issues.

A key task that a management-side employment law attorney can do is draft for the business owner a customized Employment Policy Handbook. Having a customized employee handbook that was drafted by a lawyer will ensure that all of your operating practices are codified in writing, so the employee cannot claim ignorance as to what’s expected of them. Not only will an Employment Policy Handbook establish guidelines for employees, but the right lawyer can also make sure that all the employer’s actual practices are in compliance with California and federal labor laws.

All businesses, big or small, will require the assistance of an employment lawyer. If you are a business owner or employer that is interested in management-side employment law, please visit: ment-hr/management-side-employmentlaw/

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Management-Side Labor & Employment Law  

Management-side employment law attorneys have experience in litigating several legal issues on behalf of the employers that they represent,...

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