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David Neuman Landscape Architecture Portfolio

Contents Design before function, function over design:

The Pond at Moss Side - Multi-Use Community....................................5

A line, with a chaotic habit, that becomes something beautiful. The continuous line on my portfolio cover represents my design process. My design process can be described as order in chaos, with the flexibility to come back in the process and make changes.

Holliday Park - Parks + Recreation..........................................................9

FFE: 849.5


Herschend Residence - Residential......................................................13

0’ 5’ 10’ 20’ 30’

Holliday Park - Parks + Recreation........................................................17



The Pond at Moss Side

Athens, GA


The Pond at Moss Side

Mixed - Use Development

Athens, GA

3rd year studio

03. Design: Moss Side has a strong form, and gives up no functionality in doing so. The commercial area, and its parking are placed along a major road, giving patrons the easiest possible access. Townhomes make up the secondary zone on site, and single family lots are the third. The single family lots are placed in the back of the comunity, in order to have less noise, less pedestrian and vehicular traffic, and the most privacy possible. All residences are located within 1/4 mile to facilitate the use of alternative transportation within the community. The whole community has equal access and views to the pond and the surrounding recreational area.

01. Objective: To create a small community, centered around a commercial core area.

Conservation Subdivision

Another option for the site was to create a conservation subdivision using 15,000 sq. ft. lots.

02. Context: Moss Side is a 43 acre, undeveloped site. The site is in a residential part of Athens, with a subdivision bordering the site on the north and west. This part of Athens is more of an underdeveloped area, with commercial opportunity. A major road runs along the eastern border of the site.

Commercial District

Master Plan


Holliday Park

Athens, GA


Holliday Park Parks + Recreation

Indianapolis, IN

4th year studio

01: Objective: To create a sports facility that is integrated into the site while preserving its positive historical features, which are an arboretum and ruins area.

Composite Analysis Master Plan Grading Plan 02. Context: Holliday Park is a 148 acre tract of land, previously used as an arboretum, botanical garden, and a passive recreation park. The park is located in an urban area of northern Indianapolis, bordered by one major road to the north and one minor road to the west.

03. Design: Holliday Park incorporates all of the program, with full functionality and a strong form. The suitability of this site made it so most of the park’s amenities are placed in the northwest corner of the site. Wanting to take down the least amount of trees possible and move as little land as possible, this location is approriate. The design is condensed down into a small area but still has plenty of open space and does not give up any form or design functionality doing so. The sport fields are all placed in close location to the park’s other amenities (restrooms, concessions, parking). The design of the park is a radial design, with axial branches coming off of the main radius, creating beautiful alleyways on the way to your destination.


Herschend Residence

Atlanta, GA


Herschend Residence Residential

Atlanta, GA

5th year studio

01. Objective: To place the residence on site while creating a design that accomodates children and guests. The design must have a pool + spa, parking for two vehicles in the front, and an area large enough to turn a vehicle around in the rear.

FFE: 849.5


Frontyard Illustrative Section


Backyard Illustrative Section 0’ 5’ 10’ 20’ 30’

Master Plan Frontyard Perspective

Backyard Perspective

02. Context: This lot is just over an acre and located in a residential neighborhood. The lot has a slope falling to the rear of the property.

03. Design: The first step in creaing this design was to place the house on site. While following the code for the city of Atlanta, I chose to slide the house toward the rear of the site to accomodate slope and removal of trees. Dealing with the slope a retaining wall was built to make its way from the frontyard all the way around the design meeting up with an exisitng wall to the right of the driveway. The frontyard has a pocket lawn space to give it a formal feel, matching up with the backyard design. The backyard has a series of drops created by retaining walls. From the back porch, to the pool deck, to the open lawn space.


NYC Aquarium

Queens, NY


NYC Aquarium Urban Development

Queens, NY

Senior Capstone

01. Objective: To design the architecture of the building, as well as, place it on the site. To design a hardscape plan that is reinforced by vegetation. Utilizing all aspects of the inventory to make this park and aquarium a great space to enjoy.


Grand Plaza

Waterfront Plaza Waterfront Plaza 02. Context: The project site is in Long Island City, Queens, New York. Bordering the East River, the site has outstanding views of the Manhattan skyline. One-story warehouses used for industrial use make up most of the site. Being on the corner of a four-way intersection there, is great opportunity for a main entrance at the northeast corner of the site. The site is flat, with good views to the south and west, with poor views to the north and east. The area outside the project boundary has a large industrial and manufacturing land use, with few commercial and residential areas. There are bus routes that interact with our site and a subway that runs underneath although the station is a ten minute walk away. The project site is located 4.1 miles from Times Square, and the center of bustling Manhattan.

03. Design: To create Master Plan this successful waterfront urban space, the site is designed mostly of hardscape with plant material as a supporting element. The plaza spaces on site are meant to give ample space to sit down and relax, as well as, being active in a playground or water fountain area. The architecture will be aesthetically pleasing from on site, as well as, off the site, with the view from Manhattan being emphasized. The form of the aquarium evolved from a smooth sail-like design to this blocky and rigid design that still holds the same sail form and meaning behind it. The aquarium juts out farther than the previous land went with a small area for people to get around the aquarium. Taking advantage of the view of Manhattan is a large part in why the aquarium is placed where it is. With large glass walls and a viewing area inside the aquarium, everyone will have the opportunity to take in the beauty of Manhattan’s skyline. The site is themed in discovery and exploration, with the aquarium being the centerpiece of that theme. Moving through the site you will explore the different nodes and discover what each has to offer.


David Neuman 3813 18th Street North — Arlington, VA 22207 Phone: 404-207-0111 — E-Mail:

Objective: To obtain a landscape design position at a High-End Residential firm, in order to contribute, learn, and succeed.

Education University of Georgia – Athens, GA

2012 - 2016

Bachelor of Landscape Architecture GPA: 3.48 Experience University of Georgia Golf Course – Athens, GA

2015 – 2016

Maintenance -

Responsible for mowing greens and tees, bunker maintenance, changing cups, etc.

Gull Lake View Golf Club Resort – Kalamazoo, MI


Intern with Renaissance Golf Design -

Experienced golf course design and common construction issues + practices

Atlanta Beltline Charrette – Atlanta, GA


Design Workshop -

Worked in a team setting to produce a finished product

Pristine Golf – Athens, GA


Quail Hollow Country Club remodel -

Golf course construction: irrigation, drainage, building bunkers, tees, and greens


Responsible for drawing as-built documents, ordering materials, other supervisor duties

J. Buckley & Associates – Burke, VA

2017 – Present

Design Associate -

Design: Site inventory/ analysis, site zoning requirements, conceptual designs, client meetings, estimates


Construction: Working drawings, permit drawings, on-site project management


Project Management: Obtain subcontractors, write contracts/subcontracts, write job timelines, allowance/budget updates, client interaction throughout entirety of job


Sales: Participated in home & garden shows to obtain future clients for the company


Programs: KeySCAPE LandCADD for planting plans and CAD for line drawings

Skills Design I Project Management I Hand Graphics I Photoshop I InDesign I SketchUp I AutoCAD I Organization

David Neuman's Portfolio 2018  
David Neuman's Portfolio 2018