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Spray Foam Insulation – Dixie Insulation Spray foam insulation is becoming more popular due to all of its benefits and with it being more effective than conventional fiberglass insulation. Spray foam is being used in many new constructions. Spray foam can be used to insulate most anything on a structure including roofs, walls, basements and crawl spaces. There is one thing spray foam insulation can do that traditional insulations like fiberglass and cellulose cannot, and that is be an air barrier. When foam material is applied and before it begins to expand, it goes on “wet”, filling cracks, crevices and holes. As the foam expands, those areas become sealed. Foam insulation is dense meaning slower saturation rate of heat, capable of taking up to 6 times as long before heating up or cooling down. Spring and autumn is where you will reap benefits with temperatures fluctuating from hot to cold all the time. Foam takes 48 hours to fully saturate where conventional insulation takes around 9 hours. In winter and summer, all of your energy stays in your home and is much slower in radiating out cutting your energy bill from 35% to 55% in newly built homes. Foam lasts a lifetime as opposed to conventional insulation that will break down, settle and sag losing insulating qualities. Because spray foam becomes rigid, there few issues and will even add support to the building structurally. Spray foam is good for the wellbeing of everyone involved, from installation to those living in the home just because of the lack of dust. Spray foam does not contain formaldehyde, HFCs, HFAs or HCFCs and no other harmful emissions. Spray foam does not encourage fire spreading or start and resists mold while fiberglass can actually hold wetness allowing conditions for mold to grow. Admittedly, spray foam will cost more up-front for installation but if you were paying attention to the above portion, you have learned that the advantages of foam make it worth the extra expense. Not only that, but energy costs drop, meaning you will recoup the extra cost much faster. For spray foam insulation in the south, Dixie Foam LLC can retrofit your home or building with tough spray foam. Protect your structure from the heat and humidity of the south. We make spray foam insulation simple at Dixie Foam. Go ahead, change your insulation and then brag to your friends about how much you’re saving on energy. Try Dixie Insulation:

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