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David Mazlin A Smart Businessman

DaviD Mazlin Creative Florist David Mazlin is a US based florist and has two floral shops. Even when he was young, he was very creative, and wanted to do something that would involve using his talents. When in school he was always one for arts and crafts over music, sports, and any other extracurricular activities. While he was still in high school, he got a job at a florist. He was so good at doing floral arrangements; his bouquets became highly requested when customers saw his natural penchant for combining flowers and stems.

DaviD Mazlin expert Business person ď‚— A year into this job, David Mazlin began reading books

about flowers. He read many books and really got to know many things about flowers. During college, he continued his job at the floral shop, and became a manager. He majored in Botany, and after graduating he applied for a loan and opened his own floral shop. The shop was located in a quaint, upcoming neighborhood and within six months of opening it picked up fast. David was determined to make the shop a success, and worked very hard to promote it. He liasoned with a marketing firm to advertise his shop, and very soon he had a large customer base.

DaviD Mazlin Flower shops owner

ď‚— David Mazlin knew that he could do much more than just. So the next natural step for him was to source his own flowers. He went out a bought a plot of land, got a loan to build a mini greenhouse, and started to grow his own flowers. He conducted a lot of research, travelled to many places, and talked with many experts. Now, he has his own farm where he grows a large variety of flowers. Not only does he deliver to his own flower shop, but he also delivers to other florists as well.

DaviD Mazlin ď‚— What David enjoys the most about his job

and his business is that every day, he is doing something that he is very passionate about. When he has to do mass decoration for banquets and weddings, David always makes sure that he has a clear understanding of the client’s requirements. He goes out of his way to ensure the client is completely satisfied.

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David Mazlin - Smart Businessman  
David Mazlin - Smart Businessman  

David Mazlin a US based creative florist businessman who has running two floral shops & provides very fresh flowers for marriages & every ty...