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Two-Way Radios

O A radio that can both transmit and receive.

O Two-way radio refers to radio system mainly used for group call communication.

O Of ten called walkie-talkies or handheld radios.

O Typically equipped with a “Push-To-Talk” PTT button to activate the transmitter.

O Two-way radio can “talk” directly to other radios or use radio network infrastructure .


O Why Two-Way Radios:

O Instant communication O Group communication

O Who Are The Users:

O Public Safety organization O Transpor tation O Utility companies O Construction companies O Manufacturing industries O Contractors O Government agencies

Types of Two-Way Radios O Business


Choose from UHF, VHF or combined operation


Can designate private channels


Requires a larger investment



Of fers 14 separate channels


Typical range is 1 to 2 miles


Requires no registration or subscription fees

Cont.‌. O GMRS

O Of fers 15 separate channels O Ranges can reach up to 10 O Requires no subscription fees

O Hybrid

O Allows you to transmit over both FRS and GMRS O Of fers as many as 22 separate channels O Ranges var y depending on the model

Two way radio accessories O A full range of accessories like batteries, chargers, headsets, speakers and more

to help you communicate with the rest of your team.

O Accessories function

O Increase the functionality O Increase the dependability

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