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Mobile Social Messaging and Communication Applications Metrics 2013 Smartphone and tablet users around the world continue to adopt mobile messaging applications as a primary means to communicate - often replacing or complimenting traditional options such as texting. Mobidia metrics offer broader and more complete traditional insights into the current state of this crowded and dynamic market and provides the essential ability to identify emerging trends and future leaders in all major geographies.

Increase Your Understanding of the Mobile Communication Market • Explore

usage trends across the globe for more than 50 messaging and communication mobile applications • Understand

better how users are using IM/chat/VOIP applications • Benchmark • Make

global competitors

better strategic decisions

• Plan

for global marketing and product launches • Improve

advertising targeting

Mobidia’s Mobile Metrics are Different Usage vs. Downloads • Typical

smartphone users have downloaded many apps that they rarely or never used. • Mobidia

measures actual application usage and not just downloads. As a result, Mobidia’s metrics provide insight into what apps are actually used and how frequently they are used.

Cellular and Wi-Fi Network Metrics • The

average smartphone user can spend 60-90% of their time on Wi-Fi networks yet many mobile metrics only track cellular usage. • Mobidia’s

metrics provides the full views of what applications and services are used and valued – regardless of the network type. Mobidia’s metrics are inclusive of usage by subscribers on cellular, Wi-Fi, and roaming networks.

Real Users with Real Usage • Mobidia’s

metrics are developed from real users - not by panels, survey’s or paid users.

Global Sample Size • Mobidia

has one of the largest and broadest set of mobile metrics in the industry. Usage and application data is available in over 50 countries

Report Definition Metrics Android and iOS usage metrics on social messaging and communication applications • Including chat, instant messaging, and VOIP applications • Categorized for easy comparisons and grouping Application User Metrics • Penetration per application per country • Engagement Metrics • Daily active users (DAU)

Delivery Option

Application Usage Metrics • Monthly MB/user for app, by cellular and Wi-Fi • Monthly application sessions/user • Time spent/user for app • Average daily session count • Monthly MB for app as % of aggregate • Monthly time for app as % of aggregate


Average Minutes per Average Minutes perMonth Monthper perUser User

• Annual subscription with detailed monthly reports Report Definition

Over 100+ applications including: • Facebook • Google • Kakao • Kik





• LINE • Orkut


• Path


• Skype


• SnapChat

• Tango

• Tencent • Tu


• Twitter • Viber • Vine • Vonage • Voxer

Over 50 countries including:


• All

1000 500 0









Facebook Messenger


North American Countries • Major Western European Countries • Eastern European Countries • China, South Korea, Japan • All BRIC countries • Latin American countries

Kik Messenger

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Mobile Social Messaging and Communication Applications Metrics  

Smartphone and tablet users around the world continue to adopt mobile messaging applications as a primary means to communicate - often repla...