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David Marshall 7/7/2010

Accelerated Law of Attraction Mastery

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The law of attraction is all about results and creation the understandings abilities that will allow you to create the life you want. Accelerated law of attraction mastery is about getting on the fast track to conscious creation but what does it take for anyone to accelerate their transformation from victim to their experience to be a conscious creator of their reality? Accelerated law of attraction mastery is all about commitment and patience, energy and relaxation, awareness and aggression, warriorship and love: sensitivity and power: now it may seem that these do not go together but let assure you that to fast track your awareness you must be able to mix these strong concepts in a way that the alchemists would be proud of. The key to accelerated mastery within the law of attraction stems from your ability to do 7 things: these I have listed below: 1. Be fully committed to own self development, everything else must dropped and the highest priority must be the process of spiritual and personal development that will allow to master your creative ability. 2. Patience is key because you can rush reality and it is with reality that you must ally yourself with. Although you must committed and focused you must also be ready to go with the flow and relax into the process and unfoldment when needed. 3. Aggression is needed throughout the process, but a loving aggression. Imagine you are a beautiful plant opening up to the world or a woman giving birth, or a powerful storm. There is aggression everywhere and you must be willing to push the barriers of your own consciousness even when you are scared to. 4. In line with loving aggression you must have the commitment of a warrior, a person who will never be thrown of the path to their goal. A warrior of creativity and love, will use whatever they can to achieve their goal as long as it is line with the best conditions of reality.

5. Sensitivity must used to become aware of your relationship with yourself, your body and the reality that you are forming. You must develop strong intuitive senses that can lead you beyond the five sense world as well as intuit information that comes from the deeper realms of reality that you will be working with. 6. You must have the power to take on board the most life changing concepts known to man. You must develop strong purpose and reason alongside the ability to let all barriers to your growth fall away. To understand the nature of reality you must have the power o let it all go and not think you are going crazy. 7. You must be committed to your growing awareness: accelerated law of attraction mastery is all about expanding your awareness and this must be your commitment. You need to be curious about yourself, about every aspect of your life and view you physical experience and your own feedback system that will help you see where your awareness needs to grow.

As well as these concepts above you must develop a strong sense of trust and faith in yourself and reality too. If you do not trust reality and learn to co-operate with it you will not master the law of attraction. Reality, the consciousness that forms your existence is loving, kind, strong, wise, powerful and aggressive and so you must become what reality is. Through aligning yourself with reality you gain an accelerated mastery of the law of attraction as you are able to direct reality yourself, to merge and be what it is. In the simplest of terms you must become what reality is and to do that you must understand what reality is, how it operates and in doing so your self-awareness expands and you ability to use the law of attraction responds in kind.

To master the ability to create the life you want and understand your true nature is a personal and spiritual journey that is challenging so I would encourage you to get support and training. I wish you all the best in your journey. If you would like support and resources to help you succeed with the law of attraction and your spiritual unfoldment please go here: and get our free weekly newsletter, Thankyou

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Accelerated Law of Attraction Mastery  
Accelerated Law of Attraction Mastery  

Accelerated law of attraction mastery is about getting on the ‘fast track’ to conscious creation but what does it take for anyone to acceler...