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David Manton Industrial Design Portfolio 2020

ABOUT I am a successful industrial designer with 6 years of practical experience within a small team. My professional experience & education has allowed me to manage any design project from conception to completion, designing multiple award winning consumer products. Using ‘design thinking’ to challenge the assumptions of a brief, I can deliver solutions that are not only novel but achievable. I am named on several technical and design patents for my work. I am a current member of the IDI



2019 - Present

DAVID MANTON Industrial Designer CONTACT davidmantondesign@gmail.com 0834468478

2013 - 2020

IADT | Design Thinking Graduate certificate - Ongoing 2009 – 2012 DIT | Product Design Bachelors degree - 1st class honours

42 The Court, LarchHill, Dublin 17

Yvolve Sports - Industrial Designer • Managed, developed and delivered well over a dozen products which launched zzzzinto worldwide markets • Created and developed a new brand of Electric ride-on vehicles with a full portfolio zzzzof products for this brand • Personally oversaw development of tooling, visiting our Chinese factories to maintain aaarelationships and firefight pre-production issues • Solved countless complex engineering challenges along with factory engineers

REFERENCES Mr. John McGowan Head of Industrial Design Yvolve Sports 086-3997679 Dr. Colm O’Kane Senior Lecturer | Product Design TUD 01-4023841

SKILLS • Project Management - I make Effective use of stage zzzzgate models & timelines to focus my time into each zzzzstage of the design process • Design Thinking - I use creative tools to provoke new zzzzsolutions to common problems, re-defining the brief zzzzto discover the true root of the problem at-hand • KeyShot - Highly proficient in realistic product rendering

• Solidworks - Expert at solid & surface modelling. I can translate a rough concept to a realised model very quickly. I can also create DFM models for production • Photoshop - Adept at image postprocessing.Good working knowledge of iD and Ai also

I have been working within the toy & e-mobility space for the last 6 years, through which I have had the unique opportunity to create products which excite and bring joy to countless children around the world. While the majority of the designs I have created involve wheels, no two are the same; each solves a new problem and presented a new way to move for consumers. I use my knowledge and experience in industrial design, material properties, manufacturing methods and market feedback to combine simple forms into a product that is not only technically feasible, but also economically viable and ultimately a successful consumer product. The skills that I have developed in my professional experience translate into many areas of the industrial design of business & consumer products

One Size Fits All


The Moby E-Range is designed to allow the user to swap out the battery between a suite of e-vehicles, allowing them the freedom to choose the right vehicle for the journey. Each Moby product uses a multiple of the base battery unit and can operate on a single battery with additional units extending the maximum range of the vehicle. This approach means that the customer can buy into the product eco-sytem and upgrade and extend possibilities as they see-fit. While this promotes customer retention for the bussiness, it also allows the costly battery certification (UL2272) to be performed one time only.


Each product in the range is designed to look like it belongs to a family of vehicles, with striking colour detail that is eye-catching on the street. I was lead designer on this project; managed the development, created the industrial design and devised the battery system

Design Criteria -+ -+ -+ -+

Modular Battery

$++ Multiple Price Points

Consistent Aesthetic

Range of Terrain

Sketch Development

Iteration Rev1| 28” ABS Body

• Cast-metal rear skid plate • Integrated front/rear lights • Proprietary Battery • Single wheel motor

ABS material not sufficient for weight of adult & durability (scratching)

Rev3| 35” Carbon Fibre Body

• Integrated LED display • Moby Modular Battery • Dual-rear motors

Rev2| 28” Wood

• Cast-metal rear skid plate • Integrated front/rear lights • Proprietary Battery • Carry handle • Single rear motor

Water ingress concerns with battery design. 28” board sampled: too small

Rev4| 32” Fibreglass

• ZA8 Cast rear skid plate • Moby Modular Battery • Dual-rear motors • Integrated front/rear lights

Durability concerns with screen 35” board tested: too large Chosen concept: Fibreglass allows for hollow form at correct price point

Range BOLT Skateboard Dual-rear wheel drive, a 32� laminated fibreglass body & integrated lights makes this board ideal for flatland cruising

FLOW Scooter Rear wheel power, suspension in the front & a simple kick-fold mechanism; FLOW is made for commuters who want a longer & more nimble platform to get from A to B

ROLL Cruiser With a 3-wheel base & folding handlebar, ROLL is a stable platform for smooth ground commuting. The front wheels pivot when the user leans into the turns making it a more fluid motion

TILT Off-Roader No Terrain is off limits. allwheel suspension, including independantly suspended front arms; TILT can handle sand, mud or gravel with ease

DFM As shown here with the Glider, each item in the range was carefully developed to ensure that concept work was rooted in realism in terms of the use of standard components, fixtures & fittings.


70mm 80a Longboard Wheels Magnetised Deck-Tops for Custom Looks

32� Laminated Fibreglass Body

Dual Rear Wheel DC Motor Drive

Handheld Tubular Controller

Slide Throttle with Kill Switch

Front & Rear LED Lighting

Cast ZA-8 Rear Skid with Integrated Lighting

Battery Module The modular battery system is built to be easy to install and exchange between each vehicle. The battery can be recharged within the vehicle or removed. The simple strap system cinches the battery tightly within the housing and the indented rails at the base of the bay allow the act of cinching the straps to guide the power connectors from the battery into their male counterparts. Each battery includes a Battery Management System, which is vital for a multi-battery system to function. This ensures the smart delivery of amps to the motor at all times

My Buddy Wheels

Adventure Awaits My Buddy Wheels was created to blend the mobility and childhood development of a balance bike with the character and softness of a plush animal. The plush is easy to remove and is machine washable. This means that the child can play outdoors to their hearts content and cuddle up to their plush buddy in the evening.

Scan or click here to see a clip of the MBW balance bikes on US TV!

This product was nominated for TOTY 2020 in the outdoor category, won the Silver Medal from MadeForMums as well as a Gold Award from LovedByParents.com I managed this project from start to finish, leveraging expertise from internal graphics & design to external plush development & factory resources

Design Criteria

Soft Bodies

Easy on/off

Family Features

Machine Washable

Research Market research was used to determine current and future consumer trends in plush; which animals were becoming popular among children aged 2-4 years, plus possible competitors within the market space. We found that Unicorns and Dinosaurs were extremely popular animals in the plush market, while horses were a perrenial seller in ride-ons, with rocking horses being ubiquitous in households with young children

Character Development The success of this product and the futureproofing of the brand, relied on the appeal of the characters. They needed to appeal to our target user age but also be cute in the eyes of parents, as they will be the ultimate purchaser of the product. Working with our graphics team, we developed sketch concepts which were then cleaned up in Illustrator. With an eye to future-proofing the product, several alternate animals were also explored

Plush Development Working closely with an external plush developer, we commissioned model development using foam and later using soft plush fabric.

Initial Sketch for Developer

Form Development in Foam

Early Working Cutting Pattern

Once satisifed that the proportion and fitting was acceptable, we travelled to our partner factory to turn prototype into a consumer product. Through various iterations with our factory partner, refining the body shape, defining optimal fasteners and positioning key charachterising features, samples were created and shown to buyers & consumers for vital feedback before mass manufacture

Factory Rev3

Developer Sample for Factory Visit

Sketch Overlay for Rev4

1st Factory Prototype

CMF for Rev4

Factory Rev2

Rev 4 Complete for Testing

Fixture Development

1. Zips incorporated anywhere a cinching effect was required; tightens the plush against the bike, preventing movement

The plush covering needed to be simple to assemble on to the bike while also being robust enough to handle extensive outdoor play, withstanding any forseable abuse from a child’s usage. The safety of the user was also of vital importance, meaning a limited number of fastening solutions were fit for purpose

2. Metal hooks stitched into the neck to allow for the height adjustment of the handlebar and to allow a bobbing motion while in-use



3. A “sock� was stitched onto each leg which is placed over the end of the fork of the bike. This allows the front arms to move in conjunction with the turning of the front wheel





Packaging To make us stand out from other toy items on the store shelf, we set about employing a more natural looking box. Using a raw cardboard box with single colour printing for all products, with a unique sleeve developed for each animal, we minimised production costs while still depicting which animal was within.

180 gsm gloss sleeves with fullcolour printing

Raw cardboard box with single colour printing

Complete boxes on a bespoke display stand at the official brand launch at Nuremburg Toy Fair 2019

The Future: MBW Rockin’ Rollers The next product in the My Buddy Wheels Family. A 2in1 product for 18 months to 3 years; Rockin’ Rollers is both a swivelling castor roller and a rocking horse. Parents can easily switch between the modes without tools by removing the push-fit castors. The plush is removable and washable, with the sturdy body being usable even when the plush character is being cleaned. The range has all of the cute features from the MBW balance bikes, extending the world of the brand

Rocking Mode

Rolling Mode

Our Friendly Elephant

I lead the development & industrial design of this project, from conception to production

Our Happy Whale

Our Curious Panda

Initial Ideation Influences

Character & Body Ideation

Early Body Model & Sizing

Prototyping Early sizing protoype

Testing handlebar form and fit

Fabric pattern development for estimating size & cost

CNC sample of plastic parts

CNC plastic with first iteration of the panda plush

CNC sample compared to competitor

Later revision with fully encapsulated plastic body

Early strap idea to attach plush to CNC plastic parts

First iteration of elephant plush fitted to CNC plastic parts

R2 of elephant plush in user testing

Body Iteration With a very aggresive goal for the price point of this product, the main challenge was how we could create a large hollow volume using minimal material.

Rev1| 2-piece Injection Moulded PP Body

• Left/right construction with dowels for strength

Rev2| 1-piece Injection Moulded PP Body

Rev3| PVC Infla Injection Moulde

• Extensive internal ribbing &

• Glued hand

integrated handlebar

strapping w

atable with ed PP Base

dlebar & nylon with velcro

Rev4| Minimal Injection Moulded PP Body with Extensive Padding in Plush

• Body is embedded in plush.

Not washable, but lowest cost

Rev5| 2-piece Injection Moulded PP Body with Integrated Rocking-Horse Skid

• Remove and store wheels to switch modes.

• Press-fit body construction

Final Design While Revision 4 was the only design to be quoted under the target cost, a removable plush was considered a key feature which was crucial to market success. The final design was the most practical and eye-catching, with the rocking horse function achieved by a curved lower plastic body.


Roclling Mode

Simple Function Change

Rocking Mode

Plush Characters

All Plush bodies are washable minky fabric with a 3mm pile and minimal filling in key areas, such as the head and hind.

Our Friendly Elephant

Filled & sewn trunk with contrast mouth Stitched ears with foam filling Embroidered nostrils, eyes & brand patch

Our Curious Panda

Stitched ears & tail with filling Stitched eye patches Embroidered mouth, eyes & brand patch

Our Happy Whale

Stitched tail with filling Embroidered mouth, eyes & brand patch


Light up your ride The Neon RGB Range is a group of products which are designed for kids to control the look of their scooter by selecting their favourite colour. Not only is this great for the user; this allows a single SKU to be manufactured for any colour preferences from both genders. RGB LEDs embedded into key areas throw light onto the scooters and the ground and user-controlled modes can shuffle between colours and create a strobing effect. Each scooter in the range is designed to match price points stipulated by retailers which cater for different markets, with features and finishes as well as number of lighting elements I lead the development of this range, building on some early team concept work to deliver a tangible product at the correct price Scan or click here to see the Walmart Ad for the Neon Ghost!

Design Criteria RG B


RGB Colour Mixing

Single SKU

Height Adjustable


Test LEDs in front fork of old scooter

Test LED function in hand-made sample

Fit Rear LED Placement

We created 3D printed parts in our Dublin workshop to determine light placement to get the desired effects on the ground. We commissioned hand-made samples from our factory partner to scrutinise how lighting would work on the complete design. We visited the factory in China several times in the development process to ensure the final form, fit & function was realised. Visiting Chinese factory production line

Function LEDs in production model

Influences Function Form Form Issue with rear brake wear Scrutinising finish on wheels Scrutinising matte/gloss on plastic

Form & Function “Try-Me� button design

Neon Spectre • Powder Coated Aluminium Frame • 2 x LEDs with illuminated PU tubing • Powered by 3 x AA batteries

Neon Ghost • Anodised Aluminium Frame • 7 x LEDs - 2 in front fork - 3 at front of deck - 2 at rear fork • Powered by 9v battery

Neon Phantom • • • •

Anodised Aluminium Frame 7 x LEDs - 2 in front fork - 3 at front of deck - 2 at rear fork Powered by rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery Folding Frame

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Profile for David Manton

Industrial Design Portfolio 2020  

David Manton - Industrial Design Portfolio 2020 - Toy & Mobility Design

Industrial Design Portfolio 2020  

David Manton - Industrial Design Portfolio 2020 - Toy & Mobility Design