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Cover the half-inch bands of material with a herring-bone or oriental stitch, worked in cream linen floss embroidery thread. Take up the strands in groups of three on either side this green, reddish-purple, royal blue.

separates the threads into groups




Proceed now with the more be noticed that the weaving moves in a step-like manner, and that the pattern changes three times in each ascending or descending line, so that each line from edge to edge is divided into threads. Begin with the green group and pass under and over four groups of thread (in Plate V. the group worked in purple


of the next strip.

elaborate weaving.

It will

Each group, as before, consists of three double warp strands weave one-third of the space, then leave out the fourth group continue to weave on


the most distinct).



three groups for another third of the space third group



leave out the

with two groups. Overcast one stitch and weave over two fresh groups down-


into the canvas

wards for one-third of the distance, then over the next two groups of the second third then take up the two next groups and weave to the edge of the threads thus weaving diagonally in groups of two from the bottom of the bar, this last row produces a series of steps. Repeat the same in ascending groups finish exactly in the same manner as before, with the exception that the weaving over four groups is this time at the top of the bar these masses of weaving are separated by plain ;


bars of cream,

The cut threads them secure. Lines connect the edges with the woven

woven over

four groups.

at the top are button-holed to keep of darning stitches bars.

The bands

of galoon are



laid over the turnedF