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be covered with galoon or braid. Allow about 12 inches end for the wide hem, and from there about 14 inches for the needle-weaving. Get the centre line

at each

by means

of a measuring tape cut ten warp threads at each end of the bar, which in this material is about three;

quarters of an inch.

Great care must be taken in cutting

the top threads to see that they correspond exactly with those already cut. outer threads


It is a little,

good plan to draw the two

the tightening of which will

indicate the exact place to cut the upper ones.


bar should be worked before the adjacent bars are cut. strip of material about half an inch wide on

Leave a

either side, then proceed to cut the weft threads, as before, for the broader




about one-and-

three-quarter inches wide, so that twenty-four threads are withdrawn.

In weaving these wide strips, a frame is of assistance on account of the very soft nature of the material the pattern should be easily followed from the illustration, but perhaps a few suggestions might help the beginner; Start with cream Fig. 31 gives the method of weaving. cotton or flax run a few stitches on the under side bring the needle to the point and weave, by passing over three of the double warp threads and under three, backwards :



and forwards, covered





until these upright threads are completely

necessary during this process to press

the threads closely from time to time, and care

must be taken not

to tighten the groups too

groups of colour to the end of the

gives five groups in

or the

Repeat these woven bars strip, which cream flax and three in colour, jade

material will get puckered. in different