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Needle- Weaving It is better to

just before

prepare and cut the threads of each row






in this


less risk of

making mistakes by cutting the wrong threads. Another reason for preparing the rows step by step is that the material


removal of the weft would be after they have been with-

easier to hold before the

threads than



Linked Stitches.

Chain and Tambour Work (Fig. 1). Chain stitch, which is said to have come to us from China, has been for a long time little used in this country. Tambour stitch in high favour and greatly used by our grandmothers was produced later by the machine in such quantities and in so mechanical and inartistic a manner that it fell into disfavour, and unfortunately chain

which is practically the same, except that it is worked with the needle instead of with a crochet hook Nevertheless, it is a stitch which is most fell with it. useful and charming in its even and somewhat monotonous regularity, especially where a great variety of colour is used and a broad effect is wanted. A particularly adaptable stitch, it lends itself, on account of its linked nature, to the following of curves and spirals, outlines and the filling of circular and oval forms. It can be worked singly as a powdering or in a zig-zag pattern with two colours at once which produces an stitch

interesting result (Plate


or with a twist.

openly with the needle inserted the right to give a broader stitch, while twisted chain,



to the left then to

line, it is


as ladder

worked closely, is known as rope 45