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Embroidery Book

begin by removing two threads


work a row

of single

hemstitch into the space, over four threads, dividing the material into clusters with six warp threads in each* is done from left to right in the usual way. To prepare for the next two rows, leave a narrow bar of five weft threads and draw out six threads the number of threads to be removed will, of course, vary according to the quality of the material, but the horizontal intervening bars are always narrower than the open spaces. Begin at the right hand make the

the hemstitching



of upright stitches necessary to carry the thread

to the left of the group, solid block




to be

worked into a

lay the thread across this group, and return-

out between the first and second on the right of the cluster now put the needle over the laid thread and bring it out under the laid thread at the next group. Put the needle over the thread again and bring it out at the left of the entire in other words, overcast the laid thread from group

ing, bring the needle

cluster of threads,



always pass the needle behind between each overcasting stitch continue to lay the thread and overcast back until the space is filled, then work one straight stitch over the upper horizontal bar overcast one vertical cluster slip work another upright the carrying thread up behind again slip stitch overcast the second vertical cluster then the thread up through the back of the stitchery work the upright stitches and repeat the laying and

right to left of the group'

a cluster of threads








overcasting to





the solid pattern again.



Once the

be a simple matter to arrange

these solid masses in such a



as to

form a pattern.