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An flowers


Embroidery Book

flowers are

lining consists of

sewn on with dark blue

two shades



The handles

of blue.


These baskets are so the holding of odds and ends, mending,

of cherry-coloured carpet braid.

very useful for or embroidery.


of the simplest woven Japanese when trimmed with braids in gay crochet flowers. The busy woman

baskets look very well colourings and


might well have one of these useful little baskets with work ready to her hand, or suitable in their contents to her various rooms.


Cushion Case (Plate XVI.). The charming piece of work. The background,




of a soft blue

worked in blues, bright greens, heliotrope and cream. The design, in straight lines and circles, has two bars of needle-weaving, the definite pattern of which is •shown to advantage by the plain woven bars on either side. The bars are worked similarly to the latchet darns which are frequently used instead of rings to support the draw strings of bags. The design is so simple that it might be drawn directly on to the material this should not be a difficult matter if the threads of the canvas are regularly woven. Put in the main lines first in the illustration these lines are worked in satin stitch use a ruler and a chalk pencil the latter is easily rubbed out if a mistake is made then run in the design in wool or thread. Measure off the bars for needle-weaving, but do not cut and draw the threads until ready to work them. Great care must be tone,


— ;

taken in planning out the various parts of the design to have all lines running accurately with the warp and weft of the material, otherwise, 170



woven bars