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Drawn-Thread and White Work one or two rows of looped button-hole stitch (Fig. 53), and closed down the centre by a line of faggot, or Russian stitch, finally overcasting a few stitches to the edge in order to finish off the thread neatly.


worked either as a surface filling or as an open one. The horizontal lines are stretched first, then overcasting from left to right of Similarly, Fig. 62


also be

the straight lines fixes these transverse threads



wise they would be apt to get out of place, as they are

only threaded over the one line and under the other.

Point de Venise (Fig. 62 a). This can be worked on baby garments, or to any article where a dainty finish is required. It looks even better if the heading is of some of the lace braids. The thread is secured at the edge and a looped stitch is taken as a foundation thread into which are worked four button-hole stitches to form a scallop. This charming edging is much used in point de Venise. The same stitch also makes a beautiful to




Useful Bag. Plate XIII. illustrates what may be done with such simple materials as canvas, braid and wool. The foundation of canvas has the design traced on to the material it consists of a series of little circles and half-circles, which overlap here and there, and which are eventually turned into gay little con;

by means of bright-coloured wools. These flowers are mostly worked in petal stitch (Fig. 3a), and French knots (Fig. 22a). The band is enclosed by two rows of braid, oversewn with green, blue and purple wool. The foot of the bag is made up of an oval of the braid worked in rows from the centre outwards ventional flowers