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An marking



open canvas as a guide this can be placed over the linen and fixed with drawing-pins at the top the dots can be marked in the pattern of dots


to use an



with a knitting needle or traced at regular intervals through the threads of the canvas with a sharp-pointed pencil. The only difficulty in using the canvas is that

warp and weft of the linen are hidden, so must be taken to make both materials correspond, otherwise the dots will be off the straight line and the work will prove most unsatisfactory when finished. Some workers prefer to do the outlining of the design first and the background afterwards, others reverse the process much depends on the worker herself the background can be kept free from puckering by placing the work in a frame. the lines of



To work




bring the needle out at the corner



the three



the thread to begin with first

down through four

horizontal stitch to tighten

the dot to the right together

strands ;


dot of the top left-hand ;

and repeat

pull this

pass the needle diagonally

under to the second left-hand dot exactly under the first make an upward stitch into the first dot pull ;

strands together


repeat stitch and tighten


this brings

the needle to the surface again with one horizontal and

one vertical stitch completed. Repeat these two stitches to the end of the row. These stitches should form three sides of a square, the fourth side being added with the second row.


the edge of the space


reached, turn the


round so as to be able to work from the top down, as at starting. Make a little stitch to keep the thread firm, 142