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Foreword and the best training a needlewoman can have is to make her seams, hems, openings and fastenings of garments or household fitments things of

beauty, while, at the

same time, she considers the uses and purpose work.

It is as a piece of engineering

we should

of her


the construction of our household hangings and covers of our garments


coarse or fine, as


that decoration should be

the material, and taking thought

washing and wearing of it. show a very marked tendency to decorative construction, due in great measure to a change in the needlework for school children introduced a few years ago. The tendency shows most interesting results, especially in the fact that the shaping of clothing has become very simple and that garments depend almost entirely on stitchery for their decoration, rather than on manufactured braids and trimmings ; and the styles and also for the


fashions of to-day

shapes are infinitely for



stereotyped, so that clothing

tends to express more nearly the personality

of the wearer

The work



has done for

many generations.

hand as apart from that of the machine is more and more in demand, and decorative needlework, even in our shops, is becoming more to be desired, for unique and personal characteristics and of the

expression, than

realise that in


has been for a very long period. This

our needlewoman take courage and each mind there are possibilities of new

being the case,


and new inventions that all materials open up and that with little labour she may greatly enhance and beautify the things she works and find appreciative opening for her skill. Never was there ideas