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Braids must be



the series of bands always passing

alternately the one under the other.


treatment of braids and bands, and enrichment of them, open up an to the young designer. By comparing

possibilities for the

for the decoration

interesting field

of the plates it will be seen that much has been done in a simple way by the use of these braids and



Many of the

show wonderwhich were copied or

old illuminated manuscripts

ful interlacing designs,



adapted by embroiderers of the period. An old Venetian pattern book, published in 1562, gives beautiful examples of the letters of the alphabet worked first with an outline in narrow braid, an elaborate twisted design being then woven in and out of the double lines with a narrow braid, with the help of a tapestry needle ;

the delicate points and finishings of the letters being finished in satin stitch.

Perhaps the best way to go about a design in which bands of braid are to form the foundation of the design would be to take one form and try how it might be adapted to suit the conditions of space and material. A border for a circular form is simpler in construction than one for a square the corners of the latter always requiring special attention but after a few preliminary



be readily seen what the possibilities are. Interlacing Knots. Interlacings of knots and bands

trials it will


are always interesting,

and the working out

of these

designs should be a profitable exercise for a beginner.



such variety in their construction, such simple made out of these continuous

or intricate patterns to be