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Application by: David Mack Updates

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Questions Apply to Entrepreneur First 2014 Basic stuff 1. First name Santa 2. Last name Claus 3. Gender Prefer not to say 4. Email address 5. Mobile number +672 13 923 6. University University of Lapland, Rovaniemi, Finland 7. Graduation year 2011 8. If you've already graduated, what are you doing now? Building a global distribution network for physical items that can support short, bursty traffic 9. Degree type MBA 10. Degree subject Logistics and Management 11. Undergraduate university (if different) 12. Will you have the right to live and work in the UK for the duration of the programme? Yes 13. Would you like to be considered for other opportunities? Yes

14. LinkedIn profile 15. Do you have technical skills? Yes - I can code well enough to build a tech product 16. How did you hear about EF? A young friend sent me a letter, stating that a place on EF was what they wanted most for Christmas. After investigating I got interested in joining myself 17. Please tick if you have a time-sensitive offer from another job or programme

Questions for all applicants 18. What skills do you have that would be useful in a startup on day one? I've built and run one large global enterprise myself, having to teach myself all the requisite skills (software development, logistics, staff management, animal husbandry, procurement) over just one single year (to deal with a change in management of an existing business opportunity). As well as being able to jump in, I've also managed an associated global brand personality ('Santa') and run its PR. 19. Give us a brief overview of a startup idea you've had The teleportation of physical goods by harnessing the quantum properties of reindeer droppings. 20. Tell us about something impressive you've built I've recently completed my first model of a flying sleigh-car. It is a similar engine design to the tesla guys, except with hydrogen fuelled micro-jets to help me make crossings where roads are not an option. The design is mostly my own, although I subcontracted most of the physical construction because I lack the pre-requisite skills 21. Provide a URL to support your previous answer 22. What's the most impressive act of persuasion you've pulled off? I've managed to persuade the entire world that a) I am magic (no, it's just a lot of hard work) b) I do not exist To achieve both I've combined grass-roots marketing, some top down messages through a partnership with Coca-cola enterprises and also very careful secrecy within my organisation 23. What do you know a lot about? Tell us something surprising you've learned about this topic. Children ask for really weird stuff. Most visitors assume that Christmas wish lists are of toys and simple foodstuffs, but over 25% of children ask for something within the following categories: - Resurrections - Sex changes - Change of parents - Magical abilities 24. Which startup founder do you most admire? Why? Jeff Bezos. His distribution system, whilst slower than mine, achieves a very impressive cost margin. 25. What steps have you taken to find out if EF is for you? I've been watching your little boys and girls at work, and checking to see if their business tactics are naughty or nice 26. Is there anything else we should know? (Optional) I had a previous enterprise with Tim Burton, but it's not something I'm comfortable discussing in the interview.

Questions for applicants with technical skills

27. Tell us a bit about which languages and technologies you're most comfortable with. Coffeescript, Scala and Plan9. I seem to be the only person using Plan9. 28. Tell us about a technical challenge you've been excited to solve I'd like to solve the knapsack problem, as it's the biggest barrier to efficiency within my current startup. This would mean proving NP=P, but I'm up for the challenge 29. GitHub profile (optional)

Questions for applicants who do not have a technical background 30. Tell us about any experience you have in a startup or technology context 31. When we build teams, we require that each team has at least one person with technical skills. How would you convince a technical founder to team up with you?

Referrals (optional) 32. Name 33. Email address 34. Why they're awesome (optional) 35. Name 36. Email address 37. Why they're awesome (optional)

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Santa applied to Entrepreneur First  

Christmas Magic

Santa applied to Entrepreneur First  

Christmas Magic