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Flexible learning that fits around you When you learn with ICS, you’ll certainly be in good hands. After all, we have over a century of experience helping people learn in the most flexible and up-to-date way possible. First and foremost, ICS home learning is built around your interest and the way you live. Find out why over 13 million people have learned from ICS: •Courses to suit all levels: from GCSE to Degree •You set the pace and work to your own timescale

Over 100 years of experience and success When it comes to providing learning opportunities, ICS has a long and well established track record of success. We’ve been meeting the learning needs of people like you for over 100 years. Internet users If you have access to the internet, you can also become part of our online Student Community, where you can share information and opinions with other students and access online student services.

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Care & Education

antics BTEC Teaching Assistant

CACHE Level 2 Certificate in Children’s Care The CACHE Level 2 Certificate in Children’s Care Learning & Development is ideal for anyone who wants to work with children aged 0-6 years. This stimulating course explains the principles and values underpinning the care and learning sector – from children’s development to the importance of play.

If you enjoy working with children and are interested in learning and education this could be the perfect course for you. The course covers a great range of topics, in fact everything you need to help a child develop. There’s never been such a high demand for Teaching Assistants so with this course and the right personal qualities you could find yourself working in this rewarding role in the very near future.

Awarded by the Council for Awards in Children’s Care and Education, the leading specialist awarding body in this field, this qualification is a stepping stone to working across a varied range of responsibilities. Their awards are highly regarded in this sector and sit on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). Code: A27

Code: A65 Qualification: CACHE Level 2 Certificate in Children’s Care, Learning & Development

Counselling Skills Would you like to feel confident that you can help people cope with life’s pressures? If you have a desire to help others, the Counselling Skills course will show you just what counselling can achieve. After taking this course, you’ll have a clearer, deeper understanding of the ideas behind counselling, as well as the personal qualities needed to be an effective counsellor. You’ll learn how to gain an insight into problems, as well as gaining the valuable skills needed to be able to provide practical help.

Qualification: BTEC Level 2 Teaching Assistant’s Certificate £57.20 per month for 10 months

£62.20 per month for 10 months

Supporting Children, Child Psychology Young People & Families A child’s world is completely different to an adult’s If you want to know more about the challenging world of social care in the context of families, this course in Supporting Children, Young People & Families will give you insight into the issues involved in working with families. Among other subjects, you’ll look at why children and young people become vulnerable, the legal frameworks within which work is conducted, and balancing the needs of children and parents.

world, but by taking the ICS Child Psychology course, you can gain valuable insight into exactly what makes them tick. You’ll learn some of the essential skills needed to help children reach their potential, and you’ll also gain greater awareness – ideal if you’re a parent, child minder, or care professional. So if you want to have a truly positive influence on young minds, enrol with ICS today.

Validated by the University of East London, this course lets you study Supporting Children, Young People & Families at a high level without taking a full degree course. However, it’s worth 20 Credits towards our Social Care Degree programme if studying for a degree appeals to you.

Code: N37

Code: A47

Code: A09

Qualification: ICS Counselling Skills Diploma

Qualification: University Undergraduate Associate Certificate

Qualification: ICS Child Psychology Diploma

£49.20 per month for 10 months

£54.20 per month for 10 months

£49.20 per month for 10 months

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Beauty & Fitness

ASET Beauty Therapy

Nail Technician

BTEC Make-up Artist

The popularity of the beauty industry is growing fast – and if you’re interested in a career where you’re dealing with people and helping them look their best, this course will give you the skills you need.

A career in creating beautiful nails is both exciting and lucrative.

With our BTEC Make-up course you’ll learn about the structure of the face and other aspects of facial appearance that can influence make-up application. You will also gain experience of working with different types of models and situations that require you to adapt your make-up techniques.

You’ll learn about a wide range of beauty products, equipment and treatments and find out how the business side of the industry works.

Plus with an ever increasing demand for nail treatments and more and more people experimenting with nail art, Nail Technicians are now in great demand. This course will give you an in-depth knowledge about the anatomy and physiology of the hands and skin, as well as introducing the practical elements of manicure, pedicure and nail art. On completion of the course you could soon find yourself working in a salon or you may even want to set up your own business!

You’ll discover the importance of health and safety and your legal obligations as a make-up professional – as well as looking at the various career paths open to you from working as a personal make-up consultant in a retail environment to working on photographic and catwalk projects. After successfully completing your course, you’ll earn a BTEC accredited qualification.

Code: A30

Code: D22

Code: A37

Qualification: ASET Level 1 Certificate in Beauty Therapy

Qualification: ICS Nail Technician Diploma

Qualification: BTEC Level 2 Intermediate Certificate in Designing & Applying Make Up

£62.20 per month for 10 months

£56.20 per month for 10 months

£64.20 per month for 10 months

YMCAfit Gym Instructor Our YMCA Gym Instructor course will help you gain the skills and knowledge you need to get the best out of people and help them reach their fitness goals. On successful completion of the course you’ll be able to sit the YMCA practical assessment to prove you’ve reached a recognised standard in working with people of different fitness levels and abilities. As well as studying anatomy and physiology, you’ll learn about the importance of customer care and correct exercise technique.

aerobics YMCAfit Exercise to Music (Aerobics Instructor) Turn your interest in aerobics into a career, with our Aerobics Instructor course. It comes in association with YMCAfit, the UK’s most prestigious fitness instructor training company and it’s the ideal preparation for the YMCA Fitness Industry Training Exercise to Music assessment.

You’ll learn about everything from the body’s cardiovascular system to Health and Safety at work, how to lead a class and teach good technique. Once you’re fully qualified, you’ll be in demand, whether you want to work full or part time, or even become self-employed.

Code: A33 Qualification: YMCAfit Gym Instructor Certificate £68.20 per month for 10 months


Code: A32 Qualification: YMCAfit Exercise to Music Certificate

£68.20 per month for 10 months

To enrol call 0800 092 2078 or visit

Construction, Trade & Engineering

BTEC Construction In the construction industry there’s always a strong demand for people with the right skills and knowledge – and there’s a wide variety of career paths available from architectural and building technicians to construction operatives, stonemasons, site management roles and many, many more. This extensive course offers down-to-earth training and results in a nationally recognised award that covers vital areas like health and safety, construction technology and design, construction science and materials and building technology.

BTEC Electrical Installation

BTEC Surveying & Estimating

Electricity powers the modern world and electrical engineering is one of the most constantly indemand professions in the construction industry. The BTEC Advanced Diploma in Electrical Installation gives you the theoretical understanding you’ll need to secure your Diploma – a nationally-recognised award – covering health and safety, electrical installation for both domestic and industrial projects and the principles of electricity.

Surveying and estimating are highly valued skills in the construction industry. The BTEC Advanced Diploma offers you the chance to pursue a lucrative career in the profession with a nationally recognised award that proves you’ve attained a high standard of knowledge and skills.

This course will give you all the knowledge you need to spark a successful career.

The course covers a broad base including health and safety alongside measuring, tendering & estimating processes, surveying processes and building surveying.

Code: W19

Code: W23

Code: W21

Qualification: BTEC Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Construction

Qualification: BTEC Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Electrical Installation

Qualification: BTEC Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Surveying & Estimating

£55.20 per month for 10 months

£55.20 per month for 10 months

£55.20 per month for 10 months


BTEC Refrigeration, Heating and Air Conditioning

IEE Wiring Regulations

There’s a massive demand for plumbers in the UK so whether you’re new to plumbing or already work in the industry and want to gain a formal qualification, there has never been a better time than now to develop your skills! You will cover all essential aspects of plumbing including cold and hot water systems, health and safety, pipework installation, maintenance, and building regulations. And as the course provides the underpinning knowledge for the City and Guilds 6129 Level 2 Technical Certificate, and the 6089 Level 2 NVQ this will give you an excellent basis to progress in this growing industry.

These days, more and more businesses depend on some form of heating, refrigeration or air conditioning system – and naturally, these systems frequently require to be designed, installed and repaired. Mixing theory with hands-on experience, the Diploma covers health, safety and welfare before tackling heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration technology With a strong demand for the right skills, a BTEC Advanced Diploma in Refrigeration, Heating and Air Conditioning is the key to a new career in the industry.

Need to prove you can comply with BS7671, the IEE Wiring Regulations 17th Edition? If you’re an electrician or electrical contractor, this essential course gives you the knowledge you need to sit the City & Guilds 2381 Award. This course covers everything you need to know for the qualification, from the Principles of the Regulations, to the Requirements for Testing and Inspection. Your course materials include a copy of the IEE Regulations and On Site Guide. On completion of your course you will be awarded an ICS Diploma and you’ll be fully prepared to sit the City & Guilds Award.

Code: W15

Code: W22

Code: W17

Qualification: ICS Plumbing Diploma

Qualification: BTEC Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Refrigeration, Heating and Air Conditioning

Qualification: City & Guilds Wiring Regulations (17th Edition) Diploma

£65.20 per month for 10 months

£55.20 per month for 10 months

£53.20 per month for 10 months

To enrol call 0800 092 2078 or visit



IAB Level 2 Certificate in Book-Keeping

Personal Assistant

BTEC Level 3 Hospitality Management

This course provides you with an introduction to book-keeping, explaining the fundamentals of journals, ledgers and double-entries. And by successfully completing your ICS mock exam, you’ll gain an exemption from the IAB exam, qualifying you for the IAB level 3 Certificate.

With ICS you can learn how to become a fantastic PA, and not only improve your career prospects, but increase your salary too.

From hotels, bars and restaurants to specialist catering and event management, hospitality professionals enjoy extremely varied and rewarding careers. And by taking the ICS Hospitality Management course, you’ll learn all about what it takes to succeed in this ever-growing industry.

Our PA course will help you gain the skills needed to produce business documents, manage the company diary and even organise meetings, events and conferences. And if you choose to sit the GOAL exam you can gain a recognised qualification.

From business management through to the specific skills and techniques involved in the trade, you’ll cover all the vital topics that will allow you to enter or progress in the hospitality industry with confidence. The Hospitality Management course will also provide you with all the theoretical knowledge to complement your practical skills and lead you to that new job or promotion you deserve.

Code: M22

Code: L04

Code: N34

Qualification: International Association of Book-Keepers Level 2 Certificate in Book-Keeping

Qualification: ICS Personal Assistant Diploma or LCCI IQ Certificate in Business Administration

Qualification: BTEC Level 3 Advanced Certificate in Hospitality Management

£42.20 per month for 10 months

£47.20 per month for 10 months

£64.20 per month for 10 months

Business Management

Book-keeping & Accounts

Event Management

Behind every successful business you’ll find a good manager. And by taking the ICS Business Management course, you’ll gain a real understanding of what it takes to become a great all-round boss.

If you have a good head for figures, and want to be in a position with real responsibility, working in a company’s accounts department could offer the challenge you’re looking for. And if you want to get a head start, our Book-Keeping and Accounts course gives you a great introduction.

Can you turn big ideas into something special? Whether it’s organising business conferences or lavish banquets, co-ordinating meetings or planning a couple’s ‘Big Day’, there’s an everincreasing demand for creative people who know how to make things happen. If you’ve got bags of enthusiasm and design flair then this ICS course will guide you to become a successful events planner.

So whether you’re looking to further your present career or to take an entirely new direction, our course will help you up the management ladder.

You’ll gain a sound understanding of accounting systems and principles, as well as learning valuable, practical skills such as financial analysis.

Code: N35 Qualification: ICS Business Management Diploma

Qualification: ICS Diploma in Book-keeping & Accounts

Code: N42 Qualification: ASET Level 2 Certificate in Event Planning

£57.20 per month for 10 months

£36.20 per month for 10 months

£52.20 per month for 10 months


Code: N77

To enrol call 0800 092 2078 or visit

GCSEs & A Levels

GCSE Mathematics

GCSE English

GCSE Biology

It’s vital to have a basic understanding of maths nowadays, and by taking our GCSE Maths course, you’ll get just that.

Having a good grasp of English is essential if you are to reach your full potential. So why not make sure you give yourself the best start possible by taking this GCSE? Not only will you master the basics like punctuation and paragraphing, you’ll also learn how to write reports and letters – something you’ll find essential in many jobs.

Whether you’re looking for a qualification to gain entry to further education, or to help you get a job in the field of science, this course is an excellent way to study for it. You’ll cover a wide range of topics including the core principles of biology, genes and generic engineering, and the effects of the environment.

But it’s not just your functional writing that will develop. This course will also introduce you to the pleasure of reading fiction and poetry, and really get your imagination working. What’s more, it will also help you improve your overall speech and ability to listen.

The life sciences are playing a major role in shaping our future – and a GCSE in Biology represents a valuable qualification in this exciting area.

Covering everything from the basics like addition and subtraction, through to more complicated topics like Pythagoras Theory and Trigonometry, you’ll gain the perfect grounding in the subject. And because you’ll have a GCSE, you’ll also have a recognised qualification!

Code: G34

Code: G38

Code: G25

Qualification: GCSE in Maths

Qualification: GCSE in English

Qualification: GCSE in Biology

£34.20 per month for 10 months

£34.20 per month for 10 months

£34.20 per month for 10 months

A Level Business Studies A Level Law

A Level Psychology

An A Level in Business Studies is an excellent way to develop a better understanding of the world of commerce – and a qualification that employers in many fields value very highly.

By studying A Level Law you’ll soon begin to realise just how diverse the subject is. This fascinating course covers everything from Law Making, to Dispute Solving, to the Concept of Liability. It also focuses on what to many is the most exciting element of the subject – Criminal Law. You’ll also discover just why the British legal system is envied the world over.

If you want to know what really makes people tick, then you should study our A Level Psychology course. Covering topics like Social Psychology and Child Development, as well as exploring different psychology methods, this course will provide you with a valuable insight into peoples’ actions and reactions to certain situations.

Code: H04

Code: H09

Code: H12

Qualification: A Level in Business Studies

Qualification: A Level in Law

Qualification: A Level in Psychology

£39.20 per month for 10 months

£39.20 per month for 10 months

£39.20 per month for 10 months

The course looks at all the important aspects of the current UK business environment – covering topics such as marketing, accounting and finance. You’ll also find out more about the management of people and operations, external influences affecting business and the importance of objectives and strategies. With this A Level Business Studies qualification a number of different career paths will be open to you.

The course will also help you discover many things about yourself, and will even give you a real edge over those around you.

To enrol call 0800 092 2078 or visit



IT Career Starter

Web Design

The course is made up of two certifications, A+ and Network+. Both are recognised qualifications which are designed to provide you with key skills you’ll need to progress in IT.

With so many businesses relying on the Web as an avenue to sell their products, is it any wonder that there’s a world of employment opportunities out there for good Web Page Designers. And what better way to learn all about this rapidly growing profession than by taking the ICS Web Page Design course.

These certifications also count towards the Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) Certification, which makes this course an excellent starting point for the budding IT expert. So, if you’d love a career in IT, for example as a PC Technician or PC Support Specialist, the ICS IT Career Starter course could provide you with the perfect grounding.

In just a few months, you’ll be able to progress from a complete beginner to a competent Web Page Designer, learning all the vital skills needed to really bring a website to life.

MCSA Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator Leading to one of Microsoft’s premier certifications, our Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA) for Windows 2003 course is an excellent way to get the skills you need to progress towards being a Systems Engineer. Using our unique Skill Builder CD-ROM to tailor training to your needs, the course will show you how to implement, manage and troubleshoot existing network and system environments based on Microsoft Windows 2003 platforms.

Code: 820

Code: X09

Code: 806

Qualification: A+ Certification and Network+ Certification

Qualification: ICS Web Design Diploma

Qualification: Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA)

£76.20 per month for 10 months

£52.20 per month for 10 months

£107.20 per month for 10 months

Video Game Design & Development

Master CIW Designer

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

Turn your hobby into a potentially lucrative career with this unparalleled and exciting online course, developed by our partners, Gatlin Education Services. Using a comprehensive and analytical approach to game engine architectures, you’ll have the opportunity to learn how to effectively implement game ideas from start to finish and master the skills that open doors to the growing video game industry.

If you’re interested in designing for websites or e-commerce solutions, our Master Certified Internet Webmaster (CIW) Designer course is designed to give you the skills and knowledge you need. Offering comprehensive training in this area, our CD-ROM based course covers topics such as design concepts, designing page layouts to optimise usability, and the rules of clear navigation. It also introduces the major web technologies such as Microsoft FrontPage and Adobe Dreamweaver.

The MCSE qualification shows you have the skills needed to successfully design, implement and administer business systems based on the most advanced Windows operating system. After completing this course, you’ll be able to design and implement solutions based on the Microsoft Windows 2003 operating system and Microsoft Windows Server System. With Microsoft’s domination of the computer market, you’ll find Microsoft Certification is a valuable addition to your CV.

Code: 901

Code: 759

Code: 807

Qualification: ICS/ Gatlin Education Services Certificate in Video Game Design & Development

Qualification: Master CIW Designer Certificate

Qualification: Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)

£202.20 per month for 10 months

£81.20 per month for 10 months

£131.20 per month for 10 months


To enrol call 0800 092 2078 or visit


LLB (Hons) Law Examining the fundamental position that law holds in society, the LLB (Hons) Law degree offers an insight into the principles, processes and institutions of Law. This is a broad-based degree, giving you a sound preparation for a wide range of careers, and all course materials are designed by law experts. As we are accredited by the Law Society and the General Council of the Bar, if you successfully complete this degree you’re likely to be exempt from the academic stage of training for both these bodies. Law also develops key transferable skills that provide an excellent basis for careers that aren’t directly law-related – Local Government for example, Charities or the Police and Prison Service. The skills you gain could also lead to a career in Business, particularly in large corporations where legal expertise is required.

BA (Hons) Business (Marketing) Marketing is one of the most stimulating and rewarding professions you can be involved in. And if you want to be taken seriously in your career, this is a qualification that speaks volumes about you. Not only is it an excellent way to demonstrate your skills, commitment and ability, it also shows that you can think and express yourself to a very high standard. Unlike some qualifications, this is a degree that’s based in the real world. As well as studying theoretical topics, your focus is on business from the very start and all the course materials are designed by business and marketing experts.

BA (Hons) Social Care Working in social care can be challenging, stimulating and rewarding in equal measures – and a Social Care degree opens up a wide range of career options in this fast-growing field. This specialised qualification gives you a sound foundation for working in Social Care. This degree aims to prepare you to work in any sector of social care and related professional work such as policy making, working with specific communities of elderly, ethnic minorities, and vulnerable people. You’ll gain knowledge that will be invaluable in the voluntary or private care sectors. You’ll also learn vital interpersonal skills for example group work, policy making, and supporting vulnerable people including children, and those with drug abuse rehabilitation needs.

Code: B06

Code: B04

Code: B09

Qualification: LLB (Hons) Law

Qualification: BA (Hons) Business (Marketing)

Qualification: BA (Hons) Social Care

£103.80 per month for 10 months (for 2 degree modules)

£93.20 per month for 10 months (for 2 degree modules)

£93.20 per month for 10 months (for 2 degree modules)

Academics BA (Hons) Early Childhood Studies You’ll take a truly multidisciplinary approach to the subject, looking at the systems and ideas which affect the experience and construction of childhood – including structural, institutional, personal and cultural aspects. As well as helping you to understand the theoretical and academic aspects of the subject, this course focuses on real-world issues and cases from the very start – and all the course materials are designed by experts in Early Childhood Studies. This is the ideal course, whether you’re already working with children, and want to understand more of the theory of childhood development, or you’d like to get into this fascinating and rewarding field. Code: F03 Qualification: BA (Hons) Early Childhood Studies £93.20 per month for 10 months (for 2 degree modules)

BA (Hons) Psychology Studies A degree in psychology isn’t simply a valued qualification that opens a lot of doors. It’s also an opportunity to learn more about people, giving you skills and knowledge that will help you in your day-to-day life. After all, the more you understand people, the greater your insight into the way they behave in different situations – helping you get the best out of them.

This is a broad-based degree, giving you a sound preparation for a wide range of careers, and all course materials are designed by experts in the fields of psychology. The breadth of what you’ll learn studying for degree in psychology means that this is a qualification that’s highly relevant to a wide range of areas of work – taking in everything from clinical to forensic psychology.

Code: B01

£93.20 per month for 10 months (for 2 degree modules)

Qualification: BA (Hons) Psychology Studies

To enrol call 0800 092 2078 or visit


Just for fun

Garden Planning & Development If you’ve ever dreamt of transforming your garden, the ICS Garden Planning & Development course will give you the skills you need to turn your plans and ideas into reality. As well as learning how to make your garden beautiful, you’ll also find out how to make it practical and easy to live with. And who knows where your new skills could lead!

Professional Floristry Would you like to be able to create beautiful floral displays? Whether you’re interested in a career as a florist, or simply want to know more about working with flowers, on our Professional Floristry course you’ll learn all the essential techniques of flower arrangement. Taking you from the principles of floral design, through to appropriate designs for specific occasions, the course also gives you practical opportunities to apply the techniques you learn. Your course fee also includes a free kit with professional-quality equipment.

Pet Grooming With ICS you can gain all the skills needed to become a professional pet groomer. You’ll cover topics like Dog and Cat Grooming, Breed Types and Pet Personalities, what’s more, we’ll even give you your very own grooming kit to help get you started!

Code: A28

Code: D34

Code: E02

Qualification: ICS Diploma in Garden Planning & Development

Qualification: ICS Diploma in Professional Floristry

Qualification: ICS Professional Pet Groomer Diploma

£47.20 per month for 10 months

£47.20 per month for 10 months

£62.20 per month for 10 months

Pet Obedience

Writing Books for Children

City & Guilds Interior Design

If you’d love to write a story aimed at children, our course in Writing Books for Children could help you!

Our interior design course lets you pick up all the vital skills and knowledge you need to bring out your natural talent for interior design. By learning direct with ICS through our innovative home learning system, you can gain a City and Guilds qualification in interior design which demonstrates that you understand the principles and practices of design and have reached a high level of competence in the subject.

Want to train your own pet, or set yourself up as a professional trainer? Our Pet Obedience course will give you the confidence to do it. It’s also ideal for anyone who’s just completed our Pet Groomer course. You’ll learn the practical side of training dogs, as well as the reasons dogs behave the way they do – giving you a depth of knowledge that will make you a more effective trainer. You’ll also have practical exercises to try with your dog. Your course fee also includes a complete training kit, including textbook and educational pet toys.

On this course, you’ll learn how to write for five different age ranges – taking in everything from babies and toddlers to ten to twelve year olds. You’ll learn all the important ways of keeping young readers entertained, as well as finding out how to go about getting published. We’ll even provide you with some great children’s books for inspiration!

Code: E06

Code: D15

Code: D23

Qualification: ICS Pet Obedience Diploma

Qualification: ICS Writing Books for Children Diploma

Qualification: City & Guilds Certificate in Design and Craft, Planning a Room

£49.20 per month for 10 months

£48.20 per month for 10 months

£56.20 per month for 10 months


To enrol call 0800 092 2078 or visit

Taster Packs

Our special taster packs are the perfect introduction to a range of intriguing subjects. Each is just £59.99 and contains fascinating study materials, gifts, and a discount on future study. To find out more about these perfect presents visit

Digital Photography Photography has gone digital. If you want to learn to take exceptional photographs this pack covers the basics of capturing images, boosting your creativity and teaches you how to digitally manipulate images. Code: S19

Understanding Your Dog The ICS essential guide to understanding your dog is packed full with insights into what your dog is thinking and is an invaluable aid to any dog lover. Code: S18

Ancient Greece & Rome

Beauty Basics

Ancient History is a fascinating subject; shaping the world around us and making us who we are today. Our essential guide explores the vibrant societies of Ancient Greece and Rome, and their profound impact on the modern world, covering everything from the history of the Olympic Games to the fall of the mighty Roman Empire.

Our essential guide to beauty basics is the perfect introduction to the highly demanding field of beauty. You’ll cover the basics of skincare, facials and make up, concentrating on manicures and pedicures. If you enjoy this taster pack you might take your interest further and train to become a beauty therapist. Code: S24

Code: S20

Romance Writing

Motoring The cost of motoring is always going up. This pack allows you to take charge by identifying and repairing common problems. As well as giving you an understanding of car maintenance, including the components of your car and what can go wrong with them.

From Danielle Steele to Jackie Collins – everyone needs a little romance in their life. If you love romance novels why not learn to write them. Covering the essential steps to becoming a romance author, examine different sub-genres and gain advice from established writers. Code: S25

Code: S21


Crime Writing

If you’re enthusiastic about gardening then you’ll love this ICS essential guide. You learn all about gardening techniques, including how to take care of your garden in adverse weather conditions. Soon you could find yourself growing your own fruit and vegetables.

Crime really does pay. If you are interested in crime, thriller and suspense writing you could write your own. Our essential guide will teach you all about criminal profiling, the crime scene, forensic science and even juvenile crime. Code: S26

Code: S22

Fantasy & Sci-fi Writing

Makeup Secrets Obsessed by fashion? You’ll be fascinated by our essential guide to make-up secrets. You’ll learn all the latest trends and tricks of the trade. From application techniques, make-up treatments to special effects you’ll be the belle of the ball this Christmas.

If you are addicted to Fantasy and Science Fiction why not write your own novel. Our essential guide covers everything you’ll need from markets and genres to science and knowledge. You’ll learn how to make a story work and how to develop your creative concepts.

Code: S23

To enrol call 0800 092 2078 or visit

Code: S27


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