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(Use the KCDC Form - both pages - to fill in the relevant details online form - printable form - In the space on page 2 where it says “Please state the specific provisions of the Proposed District Plan that your submission relates to...” write “Please see the attached pages”) (Please feel free to alter the wording below, add to it or delete it)

Coastal hazard provisions I/we oppose the coastal hazard lines shown on the planning maps and the associated provisions and restrictions contained in the Proposed District Plan. My/our grounds for opposition is/are that I/we consider the provisions are contrary to the New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement 2010, including specifically the precautionary approach and Policy 24, and to the Resource Management Act 1991 and in particular the sustainable management purpose. The report upon which the coastal hazard provisions are based is inappropriately conservative and precautionary. I/we also consider that the Council by publicly stating that affected property owners must employ scientists to be able to have the lines removed or altered has demonstrated extreme bias. It has put the burden on individual ratepayers such as ourselves who, the Council should know, simply do not have the financial or other resources to do this. It is the Council’s responsibility to ensure that it has an appropriate report to enable it to make the decisions that it needs to make. Further, the Council has given disproportionate and unfair weight to the views of one scientist who refuses to take into account any factors that go against his view that there will be erosion along the entire coast. The policy of managed retreat is inapplicable to an accreting coastline. Also it is not managed retreat in areas where the effects of erosion can be mitigated cost-effectively. The provisions and restrictions that apply to properties affected by the lines are inappropriately restrictive. With regard to my/our own property (Describe the relevant aspects of your property eg how far your boundary is from high tide. You could indicate how long you have lived there and whether you have noticed any accretion.

Note if you have seawalls. Say if you are willing to contribute or pay for installation or maintenance of seawalls etc) (Explain your concerns and reasons about the coastal hazard line and Proposed Plan provisions - in relation to your property or more widely) I/we seek the removal of the coastal hazard lines shown on the planning maps and the associated provisions and restrictions contained in the Proposed District Plan. Section 32 The council has failed to undertake an adequate assessment as required by section 32 of the Resource Management Act. Given the implications for property owners, a thorough assessment of alternatives, benefits and costs should have been undertaken and it has not been. (include any other comments you want to make - but there is no need to make any extra comments if you don’t want to) I/we ask that a proper section 32 evaluation be done. Section 85 (insert this if s 85 is relevant to you - see the text below) The lines and associated restrictions affecting my/our property would render my/our interest in land incapable of reasonable use and would place an unfair and unreasonable burden on me/us (or identify anyone else with an interest in the land on whom an unreasonable burden would be placed eg if the land is owned by a family trust rather than you as an individual). The relief I/we seek is that pursuant to s 85 of the Resource Management Act, the lines and associated restrictions affecting my/our property be removed from the Proposed District Plan. New heading (if there are any other topics you want to cover, you can just add headings and include the relevant information under each heading)

Alternative decision I also seek any other decision that would appropriately address the concerns and reasons in this submission.

Signed by (insert name and sign above - if sent by email just insert name) Dated