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Dear Ombudsman, re Kapiti Coast District Council I am wishing to lay a complaint about the Kapiti Coast District Councils unilateral decision to cease consultation in regard to the drafting of the new District Plan. Attached is a copy of my letter to the mayor. She has yet to reply to me. The matter is of urgency due to the timeline the Council has imposed. The letter sets out the grounds of complaint. I would respectfully submit that the decision to cease a consultation process was made ultra vires by the Council executive not by the elected Councillors. This is clearly a policy matter and should have been considered by the Councillors. I have not been able to find any evidence that the elected Councillors voted on this issue or attempted to delegate thier powers. I am seeking a reinstatement of the consultative process and the other remedies set out in my latter to the Mayor being as follows:

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Re-instatement of consultation on the full draft provisions of the proposed District Plan. Amendment of the timeframe for notification of the proposed District Plan to January 2013 (the mid-point of the period of time that stakeholders and interested parties might have reasonably expected to have available to them had the earlier stated July – September release of the full draft provisions been met by staff). Advice of the above timeframe and intentions with respect to the District Plan Review process to be provided to all 1800 residents affected by the erosion hazard zone identification.

Yours faithfully,

C B Ruthe