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David A. Lucio  520 S. Carroll Blvd. #265  Denton, TX 76201  956.367.0093  

Programmer – Journalist – Web Editor Experienced leader with extensive knowledge of computers and various aspects of the technological world. Versed in many programming languages, including online, offline, and database. Talented writer, versed in AP and technical writing styles, strong personality and interview skills; personable, punctual, responsible and timely with handling deadlines. Background in computer science, information technology, as well as knowledge regarding popular culture, sports and entertainment.

Professional Experience Aug. 2007 – Jan. 2010

Aug. 2008 – June 2009

Jan. 2006 – May 2006

North Texas Daily – Denton, Texas  940.565.2851  Positions: Intern  Editor  Webmaster Started as an intern and worked my way up; Sports editor for a year before making the transition to webmaster. Responsibilities included facilitating changes to the new NT Daily website, publishing content on an internet medium, uploading and maintaining all files pertaining to the site, and monitoring traffic to the website. Advisors/Managers: Tracy Everbach, Kathie Hinnen, Jacqi Serie

Freelance Positions: Personal Web Designer / IT Design, build, and fix websites for clients’ personal use, using knowledge and background in HTML, PHP, CSS and various other programming tools. I also assisted in the building and maintenance of various PCs and both ground and wireless Local Area Networks. Self-employed: Under supervision of various private clients

UNT: Fashion & Design Dept. – Denton, Texas  940.565.2855  Positions: Fit Model / Runway Model Fit and Runway model for the University of North Texas Fashion and Design department for their Spring 2006 semester. Assisted in the May showcase. Also did freelance modeling during this time. Advisors/Managers: Anny Chang, Marian O'Rourke-Kaplan

Education Dec. 2009 – Graduated

May 2005 –

University of North Texas – B.A. Computer Science – Graduated December, 2009 Built a technology-heavy degree plan, and mixed it with an artistic direction that allowed me to sharpen my creative skills, along with 2.5 years of Japanese language study, and additional professional design experience.

Texas A&M University – Transferred in 2005


I decided that A&M was not the right direction for my career path. I transferred to the UNT – renowned for Journalism studies – to set two professional focuses: writing and programming.

May 2004 –

Harlingen High School – High School Diploma


Member of NJHS, athlete in many sports w/ leadership roles, Editor-in-chief of Cardinal newspaper / assisted with yearbook, class responsibilities, TechAcademy, and other activities.

Skillsets / Specialties Programming Languages – HTML, PHP, CSS, C++, C, Perl, Java, Javascript, SQL, Visual Basic…

Technical and Design – MATLab, AutoCad, SvN, Microsoft Office (e.g. Word, Excel, Power Point, Front Page), Adobe inDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Microsoft Visual Studio, Adobe Dreamweaver, Unix (shell scripts), various IDEs and SDKs, and use of File Transfer Protocol…

Workplace and Professional – In-depth and current event reporting, opinion writing, maintaining strict deadlines, conducting large or individual interview, business and engineering ethics, conducting meetings, giving presentations, 2.5 years of Japanese language study, and more as necessary. Versed in Associated Press style, MLA style, professional style from both “Chicago Manual of Style” and “Elements of Style” by Strunk and White; also very quick to adapt and learn, very sociable and approachable, and extremely respectful…

Miscellaneous Other Previous Employment June 2006 – May 2007

May 2005 –

Krystal Corporation – Denton, Texas  Corporate Positions: Cashier  Master Cashier The franchise branch that I worked for is no longer in service. During my time there, I held interim managerial duties, helped prepare food, cashier, expedite and restaurant maintenance. Advisors/Managers: David Friedman (Franchise Owner)

Target Corporation – Harlingen, Texas  956.421.4900  Corporate

August 2005

Positions: Cart Attendant  Cashier / Retail Specialist Worked in retail and maintenance at a Target store branch. Sine my time there, I don’t believe any of my superiors still work there. I handled anything from stocking and sales to restroom cleanup.

Jan. – Dec.

The Sportsman: Boating – San Benito, Texas  956.399.5123 

2001 – 2007

Positions: Inventory Held a recurring seasonal position taking inventory for a boating goods store over six years. Advisors/Managers: Andy Sandoval, Christi Romero,

References Professional Jacqi Serie – NT Daily Director 940.565.4265 Christi Romero – The Sportsman Company Admin. 956.399.5123 Kathie Hinnen – NT Daily Adviser / Professor 940.565.6722

Personal Melody Ayala – Family Friend 956.357.1023 Harvey Noyola – Former Coach, Harlingen High 956.778.5372 Andrew McLemore – NT Daily EIC Fall 2009 786.247.4253 (Additional references, qualifications, and letters of recommendation available upon request…)


My Resume as of February 6, 2010. Updated copies will be noted...


My Resume as of February 6, 2010. Updated copies will be noted...