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Local Blueberries Now the Feature of the Berry Blast Smoothie on OSU Campus a local blueberry grower builds business around contacts and institutional requirements All it took was an e-mail to connect Andy Beilstein with OSU Dining Services Executive Chef Mark Newton. Newton remembers the note from the sophomore engineering student as, “Hey, my Dad grows blueberries and I saw you were using blueberries in the smoothies at the student union—why don’t you use ours?” Mark replied,

“Well, I didn’t know you had any to sell! Where have you been?” That exchange began a series of meetings, samples, negotiations, and now orders bringing fresh and frozen blueberries from The Blueberry Patch of Mansfield, Ohio into Campus Dining Services on the main OSU campus in Columbus, Ohio.


Andy’s parents, Lisa and Steve Beilstein, planted their first blueberry bush back in 1982. Due to the sandy soil conditions on the farm, planting the acid loving blueberries was the only choice to make something grow. Now almost thirty years and 30,000 bushes later, the Blueberry Patch has over twenty acres in production, making it

Ohio's Specialty Crops: A Boost to Food Service Menus  
Ohio's Specialty Crops: A Boost to Food Service Menus  

Ohio’s Specialty Crops: A Boost to Food Service Menus is intended to be a resource for specialty-crop producers (individually or producers w...