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President’s Corner

By Kavya Shankar alifornia FBLA, welcome to the 20092010 school year, which also brings another exciting and engaging year in Future Business Leaders of America! Congratulations to all those who represented California in our home state at the National Leadership Conference this past


2009-10 State Officer Team President Kavya Shankar Vice President—Bay Alissa Song Vice President—Central Imran Noorali Vice President—Gold Coast Devang Sampat Vice President—Inland Linxi Wu Vice President—Northern Miguel Puentes Vice President—Southern Erik Nguyen Secretary-Treasurer Panos Kanellakopolous Public Relations Officer David Mao Parliamentarian Cathy Xu


Fall 2009

June. For the 11th consecutive year, California has had the highest number of competitors place at the National Leadership Conference! In addition, we also received 2nd place for our State Chapter Annual Business Report as well as numerous Western Region awards for membership and other achievements.

and read the how-to guides the state officers post on the website! If you want to have the opportunity to have a voice at the state level, apply for the new California FBLA State Council (CSC). Applications are available on the California FBLA website under the document library and under programs.

This year, the state officers are innovating and taking California FBLA to the next level by strengthening communication and developing valuable member resources. Check out the California FBLA Forum (http://, share your activity ideas on the Forum to help us create a Best Practices Resource Guide,

With exciting new programs, I challenge you this year to participate. Your experience in this organization is selfdetermined, as what you put into it is what you get out. With the California FBLA theme of Fuel your Future, commit to making a difference in your local chapter and at the state level this year so that we can have a fantastic year!

10 Ways to Boost Membership

What’s Inside?

By Imran Noorali

W hether

you are a large or small chapter, increasing your membership is often a difficult task. Here are a few ways you can boost your chapter’s membership; although these are not the only ways, these are the methods chapters of all sizes can employ. Large chapters could attack all of these points at once while smaller chapters could focus on a few of these methods at a time to increase membership.

1. Volunteer at school functions such as freshman orientation. Be there and get FBLA’s name out there while your future members are starting their high school careers. 2. Club Rush. At the beginning of each school year, the clubs on many campuses try to market their clubs. During this time, you can get many students to join our organization.

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NLC Recap ...................................................... 2 Fuel Your Fundraising................................. 2 Sponsors........................................................... 3 Tribute to Ms. Van Hunnick .................... 4 10 Ways to Boost Membership ................ 4 BAA America Winners ................................ 4 Winning an FBLA Scholarship ................. 5 Summit Review.............................................. 6 LDI-North Energizer!................................... 6 Chapter BAA .................................................. 7 2009-10 California FBLA State Theme . 7 Meet the New State Officer’s Adviser ..8 LDI-South Energizer!................................... 8 NLC Winners List ......................................... 9 CAFBLA, Government Recognition ........ 10 State Projects ................................................. 11 CAP Changes.................................................. 12 Questions or comments about this publication: David Mao Public Relations Officer California FBLA Los Osos High School 6001 Milliken Ave. Alta Loma, CA 91739

STATE NEWS became the place of choice for meeting people who lived on the opposite side By Linxi Wu of the United States. Members traded pins, discussed or many, sumCalifornia’s mer is a time for unique fast relaxation and foods, and talked repose. But FBLA of the weather all members have throughout the never been the conference. Chartype to follow lie Kerhin from the crowd. From Troy High School June 25th to the loved "meeting 28th, thousands kids just like of FBLA mem- The National FBLA-PBL theme “Get The Edge” [him] from all bers from all over the country gathered in over America, who share a passion for Anaheim, California for the 2009 National business and an optimistic attitude Leadership Conference (NLC). Some came towards life." to prove themselves in competition, and others came to fulfill their officer duties, Another memorable part of NLC was but everyone arrived with anticipation for the national campaigns. From helping a great time. While native Californians our state president campaign, I can take attractions like Disneyland for attest that the competition was fierce. granted, NLC meant a rare chance to The campaigns for each position played experience the “Happiest Place on Earth” out well beyond the display room and for those who hailed from New York or added another layer of suspense to the Louisiana. With Disneyland a 15 minute NLC experience. Kavya Shankar ultiwalk from the hotel and Hollywood a mately won the position of Western short drive away, this year’s NLC offered Region Vice President. Congratulations! much to keep attendees busy. NLC would not have been such a wonBeing the host of this conference, Califorderful experience if not for the mentalnia FBLA also had the privilege of sitting ity of its attendees. The members acclosest to the stage with Pennsylvania and tively tried to embody the FBLA spirit having lower travel costs so that more and brought great passion to the conmembers could attend. California perference to create an inspiring environformed well in competiment. Mimi Rinzler tions, never having to from Colusa High wait long before anSchool especially other Californian was loved “the energy announced on stage and people” that during the Awards of “made the atmosExcellence. We took phere one of a kind.” first in events such as The cheerful mood Introduction to Busiof the conference ness, Parliamentary made leaving NLC -Alap Patel, Ruben S. Ayala High Procedures, and Entreespecially difficult. School, on his favorite part of NLC preneurship and placed The three days of in many others. But as excitement that bealways, NLC was more than just the comgan with Todd Newton’s vivacious petitive events. For many people, the best opening keynote eventually settled into part of NLC was networking. Alap Patel a finale with former national president from Ruben S. Ayala High School reJoseph Riley’s tear-jerking farewell. In marked that “Although competing against the end, everyone left NLC with memothe nation's top public speakers was excitries to last a lifetime. Johnny Jung from ing…[his] favorite part of the conference Troy High School thought NLC to be was not competing, but simply being able “one of the best weekends of [his] life.” to meet with people from all walks of life There is no better way to describe it. from across the entire country.” Elevators

NLC Recap


“being able to meet with people from all walks of life from across the entire country”

Fuel your Fundraising!

By Panos Kanellakopoulos

R aising money for your FBLA chapter

is definitely essential, but it is sometimes rather difficult. Having to compete with the fundraisers of other clubs in your school while also trying to raise money can be a hassle. Here are some of the top fundraising ideas with help from the CAFBLA fundraising forum at Make sure to check back frequently.

1. School-Wide Grams Try to find something easy that your officers and members can sell to the whole school, for example lollipops. Once you decide on a product, search for it online or find a local vendor that is willing to help you. Once you have acquired the product, set a price and hand them out to your fellow officers and members and have them give the earnings to a fellow officer. Not only is this a great way to make money but you can do it all year round, i.e. Halloween candy, Valentine Rose Grams, etc.

2. Restaurant Fundraisers Restaurant Fundraisers are very easy to organize and most people love them. Contact the manager of a popular restaurant to find out how much of the percentage they will give back to you, as well as available dates for your fundraiser. It is extremely important that you advertise the fundraiser to everyone in your school and even your community in order to raise as much money as possible. Sometimes the restaurant will already have fliers you can use to advertise. Make sure the customers mention that money goes to your FBLA chapter when they order!

3. Events Hosting an event, such as a talent show, dodgeball tournament, or a dance, is another great way to raise money. Talk to your school administers about a venue, date, and fair price to charge the students. You can also receive some free publicity for it by promoting it as an FBLA sponsored event.


STATE NEWS Thank You to Our Sponsors By Panos Kanellakopoulos


he success of California FBLA was made possible this year with the support of the companies that funded scholarships and travel awards for our students. A special thank you goes to the following people and companies. Devry Devry University, founded in 1931, has 23 major campuses across the U.S. and offers programs from the Associate’s level to the Master’s level in professional studies and business administration. Ravi Asnani—Prothious Engineering Prothious Engineering Services was founded in 2002 and has already risen to become one of the largest and most successful detailing companies in the world. Hopkins & Carley Hopkins & Carley is an established regional law firm located in San Jose, the capital of Silicon Valley. Their attorneys build strong and trusting relationships with clients by listening to their needs and providing them an elegant and comfortable environment in which to do business. CBEA/FABE California Business Education Association is the leading association of education and business professionals who link their interests to build the 21st Century workforce. It has helped to support FBLA travel awards and sponsorships through FABE, the Foundation for the Advancement of Business Education. Ryan Underwood—Tri Leadership Resources, LLC Founded in 1991, Tri Leadership Resources, LLC provides management, event, and training services for nonprofit and student organizations. They are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of students, educators, and enterprises of all sizes. Joe and Marty McFarland Both Mr. and Mrs. McFarland have devoted their life to business education as classroom teachers. They are still very much involved in the professional organizations dedicated to business education as active members and advocates and continue to serve as officers. Mr. McFarland is currently the Business Manager for California FBLA. Paul Riddell—Riddell & Company, Inc. Founded in 1976 and based in Englewood, Colorado, Riddell & Company, Inc. supplies metal building materials to the construction industry for commercial projects. The company also manufactures and has patents on the SNOBAR and the WINDBAR. The SNOBAR keeps snow from sliding off of metal roofs. The WINDBAR keeps metal roofs from blowing off in hurricanes. The company is owned and operated by Paul Riddell, former FBLA Bay Section officer in l988-89. McGraw-Hill School Education Group On July 15, 2009, the Education division of the McGraw-Hill Companies combined The School Solutions Group and The Learning Group to integrate their products and solutions ranging from kindergarten to twelfth grade as a major publishing company of print and digital instructional materials. A special thanks also goes to the Community Service Project--Doris Lowe Memorial Award, the Professional Division members, and the California FBLA sections and chapters that also contributed to the travel awards and scholarships awarded at the State Leadership Conference. Your contributions are greatly appreciated.


STATE NEWS Tribute to Ms. Van Hunnick By Alissa Song

C alifornia

Ms. Van Hunnick

FBLA lost one of its most beloved advisers when Ms. Wilhelmina Van Hunnick passed away in April 2009,

(continued from page 1) 3. Endorse the benefits of FBLA. Most of your members may join because of how FBLA looks on a college application. 4. Besides volunteering at school functions, try to organize your own activities such as lunchtime competitions between freshmen and seniors. The activities could be competitions or games that test many different kinds of skills. 5. The growing use of Internet communication, especially by young people should prompt your chapter’s use of social networking sites such as Facebook. By utilizing these sites and blogs, you will be able to recruit and keep new members. 6. An important factor in membership is the role of professional members. Attend city council meetings and chamber of commerce mixers to possibly recruit businesses as members of your chapter. 7. Market FBLA to schools that do not have an FBLA chapter. Just by going to the school and giving a presentation, you

after a valiant battle against cancer. As we pay tribute to her, we rejoice in her memory and the numerous lives she touched throughout her career. Ms. Van Hunnick grew up in Cypress during shifting times and witnessed the region change from farmland into a metropolitan center. She became a renowned business teacher at John F. Kennedy High School in the Anaheim Union High School District where she taught for over 32 years. Ms. Van Hunnick always found pride and joy in her students. She taught beyond the textbook, creating a learning environment that prepared her students with not only the skills, but the mindset to become strong, caring leaders. It was through her teaching career that this beloved adviser became a passionate leader of FBLA. Ms. Van Hunnick was on the California FBLA Board of Directors for more than 20 years and served as the Southern Section Director while she was teaching. After retiring as the Chair of the Board, she contin-

will spark a great amount of interest in your future members. 8. It may seem tacky, but the use of posters and flyers around campus gets people interested in FBLA. By personally handing someone a flyer with an enthusiastic attitude, students can see how much fun FBLA can be. 9. Word of mouth can sometimes be the easiest but most effective way of boosting membership. Many members join FBLA because their friends joined. By spreading the word of FBLA, a domino effect is created, as people become members because somebody they know became a member. 10. The most important part of boosting chapter membership is making sure you can keep your members. Make sure they continue to be interested in FBLA by participating in all conferences, by holding socials just for your chapter members, and by recognizing your chapter’s outstanding members.

ued to sponsor FBLA through competitive event awards and the L. Byron Bates Scholarship. One event she always contributed to was the Entrepreneurship competition, which is named for her in recognition. Ms. Van Hunnick dedicated herself to spreading the mission of FBLA. She would speak to teachers about specific changes in the lives of her students and how FBLA gave them that opportunity. “I could see the pride and joy Willi had in knowing that these students were learning something special that would forever change their life,” said Ms. Heather Lambert, Troy High School FBLA adviser. Ms. Van Hunnick was a true leader who inspired those around her to strive for excellence and to make a difference. She continues to live on through the accomplishments of her students, as they continue to achieve successes. Ms. Wilhelmina Van Hunnick has beyond doubt left her legacy on California FBLA. Thank you for all of your love and support. May you rest in peace.

BAA America Winners Melissa J Cao, Gabrielino Vivian Chen, Gabrielino Cathy Mak, Gabrielino Crystal Sitt, Gabrielino Kristina Truong, John F. Kennedy Allyssa Wright, Los Banos Ashley Armstrong, Los Osos Linxi Wu, Los Osos Qinnan Lin, Lynbrook Kavya Shankar, Lynbrook Lauren Boyes, Maxwell Charles Kong, Sunny Hills Jeremias David, Westmoor Christine Kyauk, Westmoor Anita Poon, Westmoor


STATE NEWS FBLA career, she was a short, timid freshman who grew through competing in Word Processing I and working on the chapter community serBy Cathy Xu vice project. She truly got hooked on as anyone ever told you that Califorleadership in her sophomore year. nia FBLA can give you money? While Elected to the position of chapter most members are aware of how Calipublic relations officer, she became a fornia FBLA makes them rich through truly active FBLA member. Her competitive travel achievements 2008-2009 CAFBLA awards and career snowballed as a development for a junior; she served Scholarship Winners higher salary, the L. as local chapter Anita Poon Westmoor High vice president of Byram Bates MeSchool morial Scholarship activities and Bay are often overSection public relaErica Patel Centennial High tions officer. In her looked. This is a School pity since the senior year, she award literally truly stepped into grants selected Lauren Boyes Maxwell High her full leadership applicants large potential as coSchool sums of money just president of her for being active Victoria Sutter Union local chapter and and committed to Brookins High School Bay Section Vice the vision of FBLA. President. When asked how she Jessica Liang Live Oak High The purpose of the managed to do all School scholarship award this as well as is to recognize crown her achieveSutter Union ments with a cash “outstanding Cali- Allison Olivera High School prize, Anita would fornia FBLA members who will be have no easy anQinnan Lin Lynbrook High swer. The journey furthering their School education upon from the shy, retigraduation from cent girl she was in high school.” The process of receiving middle school to the confident graduthe award includes mailing out an appliate we know her as today is complication, letters of recommendation, and a cated and inextricably linked to our résumé. The prompt for the essay pororganization. The best advice Anita tion of the application is to describe can give is to just give everything a how FBLA will help the applicants achieve their stated goals in life. Finalists who advance beyond the application step will be interviewed at the State Leadership Conference, and the winners of the scholarship will be announced at the Award Ceremony.

The L. Byram Bates Memorial Scholarship


try. You never know until you experience it, and every opportunity is an opportunity for growth. In her own words: “Remember, FBLA is like ice cream! Grab a spoon, dig in, and don’t be afraid to sample the many different tastes of FBLA. Once you’ve found something you love, indulge in it and keep coming back for more! FBLA after all is a delicious experience.” The amount and quantity of scholarship awards vary year from year based on the number and quality of applicants. Any money, however, is greatly appreciated in funding an expensive college education. For instance, Anita Poon’s education at the University of California, Berkeley will polish her and make her a leader who improves both business and community. When asked where the scholarship money will take her, Anita says, “With the help of FBLA and the L. Byram Bates Memorial Scholarship, I have come one step closer to realizing my goal of becoming an oncologist with professional degrees from both graduate and medical school and establishing a non-profit cancer research organization.” Maybe you’re reading this article and thinking, “This totally applies to me, and I would love getting money for college too!” You need to go to the California FBLA homepage (, navigate to ‘Competitive Events,’ and download the application for the L. Byram Bates Memorial Scholarship. If you qualify, file an application and get yourself some money now! Maybe next year, your story will be featured in this article too!

Sounds daunting, right? That is what Anita Poon from Westmoor High School, the first place winners of this year’s scholarship awards, felt as she set about applying for the scholarship during the school year. As she was mailing her application, little did she know that she would be rewarded a thousand dollars at the State Leadership Conference for her efforts. Anita joined FBLA as a freshman with her friends. At that point of her Anita Poon, a 2008-09 scholarship winner


STATE NEWS Summit Review By Devang Sampat

A ll section and state officers in California attended the State Leadership Summit from July 12th to 15th in Williams, California. These 42 leaders expected to learn a few new things about being a leader, but received much, much, more.

that shows in your communication.” These workshops were presented not only by advisers, but by returning FBLA officers and members. For Eric Wong, the Bay Section Parliamentarian, “Getting to hear from an FBLA alumnus, Jim Danz, who spoke to us about what we can take away from FBLA made me realize how much I should treasure each moment of the opportunities that I am given.”

tion teams not only bonding within themselves, but with the other teams as well. This allowed the free sharing of information as well as the creation of long lasting friendships. Jennifer Tran, the Gold Coast Secretary-Treasurer reflected “At Summit, all the officers were so open and passionate about helping FBLA succeed that it was hard not to form friendships and share ideas. We came from different parts of California, but our common goals brought us to share a little bit of ourselves and our FBLA experience with others.”

Summit empowered these leaders, and helped develop the skills they needed to fulfill the duties of their Several section meetings also position through various took place during the course workshops such the Workof Summit where each secshop Workshop by Mr. tion planned their Officer and Robert Franklin - Director Adviser Training Day, Section of the Central Section - on Conference, and other events. creating the perfect workIn addition, the three northshop, the Professional Atern and three southern sectire workshop by Ms. tions met to discuss their Stephanie Fluitt, Inland respective Leadership DevelSection Director, on how to opment Institutes and chose dress for success, the the best and most informaSpeaking workshop by Mr. tive workshop topics that and Mrs. Stalley, Northern members who attended Section Director on how to would want to attend. deliver a perfect speech and many more. After atThe State Officer Team running the official business meeting tending the latter, Nami Of course, where there is work, there is Outside of these workshops, the secMottaghi, the Partner with Leaders from fun. From a pool party, to a bowling tions exchanged ideas about how to Inland Section said “My public speaking night, to watching the midnight precomplete tasks more efficiently and skill was improved a lot there because miere Harry Potter and the Half Blood about unique events and programs in after you get a feeling of confidence and Prince, there was always an exciting each section. This was thanks to secthat nothing can ever bring you down, activity after the multitude of workshops. Even between those there were breaks for Sunday Sundaes, root beer stage presence, membership developfloats, and team building activities. ment, even social dance etiquette, and By Alissa Song much more. With exhilarating keynote At the end of each day, the officers respeakers, icebreaker games, and dances, flected on the day – what they had actoplight ahead! Attention all FBLA you are bound to have a blast! complished and what was yet to be. members from the Bay, Central, and These served as personal goals and moNorthern Sections: stop for an actionThis conference will arm you with new tivations to attempt greater and more packed weekend at the 2009 Leadership friends, business partners, and leaderambitious tasks while serving as a reDevelopment Institute (LDI)-North. Bay ship skills that will give YOU the edge minder of how much each officer had Section invites you to join this year’s conas the FBLA checker flag is raised to grown. As an officer who attended this ference from October 23-25 at the Santa kick-off another exciting year. Your year, I must say that it is my favorite Clara Marriot, located at the heart of the section and state officers have been FBLA event, even more fun than conferSilicon Valley. Do not miss this opportuworking hard to organize this conferences - something so unique and memonity to experience hands-on business leadence and look forward to meeting you rable that I feel everyone should experiership by interacting with successful busiin Santa Clara. Whether you are interence it at least once. ness professionals and networking with ested in learning about business, netFBLA members throughout northern Caliworking with new friends, or just havfornia. Explore a myriad of exciting ing some fun, be sure to make a stop workshops including public speaking, at LDI-North to Fuel Your Future!

LDI-North Energizer!



STATE NEWS Chapter BAA By David Mao


f you attended last year’s State Leadership Conference, you would have, undoubtedly, noticed that some members sported some very nifty ribbons on their name tags. These flashy ribbons aren’t just for fashion; they show the accomplishments and achievements of local chapters after a year of participation in California FBLA’s programs.

The BAA, or the Business Achievement Awards Chapter recognition program, is a fancy title for a simple project designed to lead chapters to a successful and fulfilling year. The main document involved in this project is the Program of Work (POW) form, found in the Document Library on This is a simple checklist of recommended chapter activities, including conducting a community service event, preparing a chapter website, and submitting a press release. Every year, many chapters are well on their way to attaining an “Outstanding Chapter” ribbon without even realizing it!

“Every year, many chapters are well on their way to receiving an ‘Outstanding Chapter’ ribbon without even realizing it!”

One of these ribbons, called the “Outstanding Chapter” ribbon, shows that a chapter has been actively planning and implementing activities for members in accordance to the FBLA goals. Another ribbon, called the “Gold Seal Chapter” ribbon, recognizes the top 15% of the most outstanding chapters in the state. Furthermore, these “Gold Seal” chapters have reserved seating at the front during the conference. Both awards are achieved through the BAA.

Depending on how many activities a chapter completes over the year, there are three awards: Chapter Achievement, Chapter Excellence, and Outstanding Chapter. By aiming to complete a certain level at the beginning of the year, executing the activities that you choose, and sending in this POW form every month, any chapter can achieve recognition!

In addition to the three levels of achievement, the handy POW form contains the same paperwork for recognition as a Gold Seal chapter. This prestigious award is reserved for only the top 15% of chapters in California. By completing the activities located in the end of the POW form, your chapter will be in consideration to be a Gold Seal chapter. Understanding the process is simple; what can be easier than planning out how to fill a checklist, filling it out, and then mailing it within the deadline? The challenge comes from executing activities throughout the entire year. One key to having a successful year is planning it early; by planning out the POW form as early as possible, there is more time to prepare various events and activities. Also, make sure to review the POW form often in case it becomes necessary to change your plan or put it into overdrive! Once you’ve achieved your ribbon, you’ll realize that it is nothing compared to the vast amount of experience and success your chapter has gained through participating in the BAA! After all, not even the most attractive ribbon can replace the value that comes from a rewarding year in FBLA.

The 2009-2010 California FBLA theme, “Fuel Your Future”


STATE NEWS Who is Ms. Stalley? By Imran Noorali


Ms. Stalley, State Officer Adviser

his year, California FBLA has a new state officer’s adviser, Ms. Jennifer Stalley. She takes over a job with an intense workload but at the same time, provides California FBLA youth and energy in leading the state officer team. Ms. Stalley enjoys working with high school students,

LDI-South Energizer! By Erik Nguyen


DI is back in full force! Southern Section is once again proud to be the host of the 2009 Leadership Development Institute (South). The conference will be held at the stunning Hyatt Regency Hotel in Irvine, California, November 21-22. The same Hyatt will also be host to the State Leadership Conference April 22-25.

especially FBLA members. One of the duties of the state officers’ adviser is to plan the state’s Leadership Summit for all of the state and section officers to attend over the summer. Ms. Stalley loved planning the Summit because she likes hosting big events. It is a challenge, but worth it when everything falls together. She says this year’s Summit was “like throwing a big party for the FBLA officers. What a blast!” Although, the students still worked hard and learned a lot too. She is considering moving the location of the Summit each year so that returning officers can experience a new location each year. Ms. Stalley was involved in FBLA during high school as well. In 2003, she was the Northern Section Secretary. That same year, she went on to place first in Impromptu Speaking at the California State Leadership Conference. She attended the National Leadership Conference that year in Denver, Colorado and made it to the final round in her competition. As the new state officers’ adviser, Ms. Stalley is working hard to learn the ropes. She has the personal goal to for you. Just remember what you liked when you come back for SLC. The focus for the weekend though won’t be shopping or dinning, but the amazing workshops. The section officers from Gold Coast, Inland, and Southern are proud to present some of the most entertaining and interesting workshops in LDI South history. We have plenty of workshops to choose from whether you’re an experienced senior or brand new member. The workshops include a multitude of subjects ranging from, credit card safety, the recession, public speaking, to doing more while sleeping less. I’m also proud to announce Rocket Arena--the smash hit workshop from last year--will be running in two

“We have plenty of workshops to choose from whether you’re an experienced senior or a brand new member”

The hotel is only a step away from some of Southern California’s biggest malls. There’s fine shopping in the renowned South Coast Plaza or Fashion Island, movies and food at the Irvine Spectrum, or Disneyland/Knott’s Berry Farm nearby. Whether you want to hang with friends, shop, or watch a movie there’s something

increase the competitiveness of the section and state officer campaigns and to spark more interest among members to hold office. Ms. Stalley envisions that at least two people should be campaigning for each position. Where does that interest come from? Ms. Stalley likes the concept of “work hard, play hard.” She feels that working hard as a section or state officer as well as in your competitive events should earn you some fun time. If you give a lot to FBLA, FBLA will give back to you too. Ms. Stalley often says that she views FBLA members, especially state officers, as walking billboards for FBLA. We must be ambassadors of this organization even when we are not in professional attire. By behaving and speaking appropriately all of the time, we will create a positive image of FBLA to those not involved with the organization. As ambitious as she may be, Ms. Stalley is a fun and exciting person who is confident that California FBLA will continue as a great chapter. If you are interested in working with Ms. Stalley one day, talk to your section officers or local adviser about running for office.

exclusive engagements. Professionals from many industries will also descend onto Irvine to share their knowledge. While the workshops offer plenty to do in the morning and afternoon, the reason you’ll stay in the evening is the annual March of Dimes dance. While that is going on, we will have karaoke, dancing without the stars, and networking. Amazing workshops, an inspiring keynote speaker, gorgeous hotel, dances, and more chances to network than you can possibly imagine lead you to one clear conclusion: LDI 2009 is the place to be. LDI will leave you wanting more, exactly how something amazing should make you feel. I hope to see everyone either at my workshop or around the conference. Don’t forget to network, don’t forget your hotel key, and don’t miss out on an amazing year.


STATE NEWS 2009 National Leadership Conference, California Winners Banking & Financial Systems

Computer Applications

Global Business

6. Elaine Tang, Joanne Xu, Monta Vista High School 9. Stephen Appert, Mattan Mansoor, Sabrina Siu, Homestead High School

1. Jason Teh, Santa Fe High School

5. Anand Murthy, Stephen Quinonez, Troy High School

Computer Problem Solving 4. David Li, Lynbrook High School 10. Bryan Gielen, Los Osos High School

Business Calculations

Cyber Security

10. Easan Arulanantham, Homestead High School

6. Ilakya Palanisamy, Lynbrook High School

Business Communication

Database Design & Applications

8. Delia Li, Monta Vista High School

1. Michelle Yu Freret, Troy High School 6. Marjo Mallari, Westmoor High School

Business Ethics 5. Bhavna Challa, Vyshaali Jagdaeesan, Armita Pedram Razi, Lynbrook High School

Internet Application Programming 2. Alan Guo , Homestead High School 7. Vikram Nilakantan, Monta Vista High School

Introduction to Business Communication 10. Joanne Lynn, Troy High School Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure

Desktop Application Programming

3. Sangeeta Mondal, Homestead High School 4. Nina Kamath, Lynbrook High School 8. Ryan Kh Pham, Troy High School

4. Andy Zhang, Homestead High School

Introduction to Technology Concepts

Business Financial Plan Desktop Publishing

6. Jack Li, Lynbrook High School 7. Sotaro Sugimoto, Homestead High School

3. Samantha Chen, Ameya Damle, Michael Yuan, Monta Vista High School

8. Kate Huang, Tiffany Ku, Monta Vista High School

Business Law

Digital Video Production

2. Rachel Cohen, Homestead High School 7. Roy Iacob, Homestead High School

6. Ben Pool, Ella Pravetz, Max Wallack, Homestead High School

Local Chapter Annual Business Report


8. Homestead High School, Homestead High School

Business Math

2. Alice Shieh, Srinivasan Srikumar, Richard Yu, Monta Vista High School 5. Anran Li, Lin Xi, Homestead High School

Job Interview

4. Manuel Rapada, Westmoor High School 5. Alex Mao, Troy High School

Business Plan 6. Kristina Mardinian, Mark Sagherian, Homestead High School 9. Esther Steves, Tammy Su, Monta Vista High School

Business Presentation 2. Kendall Dea, Stacy Hwang, Jasmine Stoy, Homestead High School

Entrepreneurship 1. Christopher Chui, Linda Guo, Irene Steves, Monta Vista High School 3. Max Babicz, Alissa Song, Aria Srinivasan, Homestead High School

Business Procedures

FBLA Principles and Procedures 1. Kayoung Lee, Lynbrook High School 5. Srilakshmi Ramesh, Monta Vista High School 6. Lisa Chat, Eisenhower High School

Client Service

1. Braden Holstege, Kathy Sun, Homestead High School 9. Sheila Ho, Alice Hyun, Nancy Tran, Troy High School

Management Information Systems 1. Evanny Huang, Michael (Mingke) Li, Bryce Wilson, Homestead High School

Marketing 3. Kevin Yang, Homestead High School 7. Saayeli Mukherji, Homestead High School

Network Design 7. Winston Hsu, Desmond Lau, Joel Sheng, Homestead High School

Future Business Leader 3. James Li, Oxford Academy 9. Vivian Chen, Gabrielino High School


Management Decision Making

Economics 2. Sachin Mitra, The Harker School

4. Katrina Morales, Westmoor High School 3. Neesha Tambe, Monta Vista High School

4. Kasey Avila, Tulare Union High School

(continued on page 10)

STATE NEWS (continued from page 9) Networking Concepts 1. Peter Feng, Monta Vista High School 7. Xin Wei, Homestead High School

Parliamentary Procedure 1. Emily Chang, Janet (Pei Yuan) Chu, Anu Prasad, Kavya Shankar, Cathy Xu, Lynbrook High School 9. Ryan Chui, Joshua Ding, Eric Wong, Sihua Xu, Shiyuan (Laura) Yang, Monta Vista High School

Partnership with Business Project 1. Anh Cao, Benjamin Low, Alissa Song, Homestead High School 5. Jennifer Chen, Linda Guo, Srilakshmi Ramesh, Monta Vista High School

Personal Finance 3. David Wang, Monta Vista High School 6. Alice Lin, Lynbrook High School 7. Delos Chang, Lynbrook High School

Public Speaking I 3. Alap Patel, Ruben S. Ayala High School

Public Speaking II 6. Ashley Armstrong, Los Osos High School

Sports Management 7. Albert Lowe, Oxford Academy

Spreadsheet Applications 10. Kurt Fortunato, John F. Kennedy High School

State Chapter Annual Business Report 2. California

Technology Concepts 5. Andrew Choi, Moorpark High School

Virtual Business Challenge 3. Kwan-Keat Ang, Patrick Chao, Haley Chen, Cupertino High School 7. Alexander Lin, Andrew Ma, Raymond Yu, Lynbrook High School

Web Site Development 4. Anthony Kao, Cupertino High School

Whos Who in FBLA - James Li, Oxford Academy

Word Processing II 3. Di Ai, Troy High School, California

California FBLA Recognized by State Legislators

cifically the impact FBLA has on the lives of students in California and across the nation. This event has earned California FBLA recognition as the premier student business organization.

By Kavya Shankar

W ith the current economic recession, it is more important than ever that government officials are aware of the positive impact of Future Business Leaders of America to ensure continued support and funding. On August 17, State President Kavya Shankar and State Secretary-Treasurer Panos Kanellakopoulos, serving as the ambassadors of California FBLA, traveled to Capitol Hill in Sacramento for a Legislature Recognition Event during which all of the six Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs), including FBLA, were honored in the Senate and Assembly Galleries. Kavya and Panos spoke with their representatives, Assemblymember Paul Fong and State Senator Elaine Alquist, as well as other state legislators about the benefits of supporting CTSOs in general, but spe-

Panos K. and Kavya S. with Assemblymember Paul Fong


STATE NEWS Earning Recognition at the State Level By Kavya Shankar


very Future Business Leaders of America member can get involved in this organization, whether you diligently recycle your copy of the San Jose Mercury News after reading it or want to gain career experience. By working to complete one or multiple of the California State Projects, FBLA members are given the rewarding opportunity to benefit themselves and their chapter while making a difference in the community. Here is a brief description of the 2009-2010 California State Projects:

FBLA Goes Green As future business leaders, it is our responsibility to be environmentally conscious and to work to increase awareness about global warming and decreasing natural resources. By participating in the FBLA Goes Green project, FBLA members can do their share and help reduce our carbon footprint among the world's upcoming business leaders. Now, for the individual component, you can even be named an Eco-Hero for earning 75 points or be named The Environmentalist for earning 100 points!

tain a job in the future. Through an internship, members will work for a business, laboratory, or another organization and gain a valuable hands-on experience in that respective field. Members who complete this project will see what internships can offer for a leader’s future.

speakers. Have your local chapter recruit ten professional members in order to keep California the state with the largest professional division membership recruitment in the nation.

Government Awareness Project

March of Dimes Project (Mission LIFT)

Without the government's support for career and technical student organizations, FBLA would not be able to receive adequate funding to provide the countless and priceless opportunities it does today. Therefore, informing government officials about FBLA, its benefits, and why to support it is an essential component towards the success of our organization. Members have the opportunity to contribute to FBLA's public image by writing letters or meeting with government officials Government through California’s Awareness Project.

Middle Level Chapter Project In order to increase FBLA's membership at the state level and provide students with experience in FBLA before they even get to high school, it is essential to increase the number of middle level chapters and members. The Middle Level Chapter Project recognizes the chapters that have mentored or started a middle level chapter.

Professional Division Membership Project

Internship Project The Internship Project allows members to earn the experience necessary to ob-


The March of Dimes is a partner of FBLA that aims to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality. By completing this project, your chapter will not only fulfill the “service” aspect of the FBLA Motto, but will also be able to do its part in giving all babies a fighting chance against the threats to their health.

In an organization with over a quarter of a million members, the members of the Professional Division play a vital role in keeping FBLA-PBL functioning and active. Professional members are essential the organization, for they help judge events, organize business tours for local chapters, and serve as guest

Adopt-a-Chapter Project Know of a school that should really have an FBLA chapter? Go Adopt-a-Chapter and complete the project. Through the Adopt-a-Chapter Project, FBLA chapters will be able to provide support and assistance to other chapters by conducting meetings and activities with the adopted chapter. This allows chapters to help other chapters expand and learn more about the opportunities provided in FBLA.

STATE NEWS California Awards Program (CAP) Competitive Event Changes By Erik Nguyen



Internet Application Programming


Electronic Career Portfolio

Must be web based

Digital Video Production

Must be submitted on a DVD

Accounting II

Prepared templates may be used for the production test

Help Desk

Competencies have been modified

Postmark Dates

All competitive event dates will continue to be postmark dates. However, the item(s) must arrive within one week of the postmark due date in order to be included in the competitive event.

Rating Sheets

Some rating sheets have been revised

Speaking Events

Microphones and podium/lecterns will not be provided for any event


All Read Me files should be submitted as hard copies DVDs should be labeled using a felt tip marker Where appropriate, media may be submitted on a USB thumb drive The Alternate Policy for team events that was initiated last year will remain in effect

New Events


Starting Level

Management Information Systems

Team Event, Written Test, Top 5 proceed to Performance


Computer Game & Simulation Programming

Individual Event, Prejudged Topic, Top 10 proceed to Performance