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PRODUCT - WAVE - 1st Year University Porject In first year at York St John we were challenged to design a product that could be manufactured out of one 800 X 600 mm sheet of laser-ply. My take on the analog radio was one of my favourite projects at York St John. I concentrated heavilly on the controls mapping with a view to creating a pleasent user experience. I mapped the controls in a chronological order from turning the radio on, to scanning for the right channel, to increasing the volume. The dials and buttons were all turned by myself in the university workshop. As part of this project I also developed a brand identity and packaging design for the flat packed radio. I achieved a mark of 73 for this project.




PRODUCT - BRITISH TITLE- Freelance Having helped Grapple Wrestling LTD in the past with graphic design work I was approached to design a “British Championship” for them to use on their live shows. The belt was to be based on classic wrestling / boxing / MMA championship belts but with a modern, british twist. I looked at current trends and the “state of the art” to find insperation for the new belt and applied the aesthetic styling of the modern championship belts to my design.




MOBILE - VOAR ALTO - 2nd Year University Project In 2nd year at York St John we were set a brief by Priestmangoode, a London based design agency focussing on design for the lucrative aviation sector. In this group project we were tasked with “redesgning the budget airline experience” this also had to be done with global context in mind therefore my team chose one of the world’s emerging economies Brazil, as the home for our airline Voar Alto (Fly High in Portugese). As team leader I was responsible for organising a group of 6 designers, we worked through the customer journey using a british family traveling to Brazil as a test case. I designed a mobile solution for the airline which included pre-flight, on board and post flight activities such as booking the flights, ordering food, in-flight entertainment, a flight tracker and an activities planner. I also came up with concepts for an inflight entertainment iPad app and “flight manager” a app for the airlines staff.





MOBILE - GIVING TOGETHER - Freelance During my placement at Pocketworks I made good links with their iOS developer. Since then we have collaborated on a number of projects, this being the most recent. Giving Together is an app based giving station designed to help national and local charities expand their donator base. Users can search for causes close to their heart and for their local charities. A swipe and a tap adds a charity to the user’s favourites list for easy donating in the future. Users can also share their donations on social media through Facebook and Twitter. Giving Together is currently under review for release to the App Store.





GRAPHIC - TRUE GRIT WRESTLING - Freelance Through my work for Grapple Wrestling I was asked to brand, produce a website and promotional material for True Grit Wrestling, a new Professional Wrestling Promotion based in Yorkshire. True Grit Wrestling’s first show was on 17th April 2014 at Control nightclub in leeds and my promorional materials helped to draw an audience of around 200 people. The logo with it’s distressed style represents the “gritty” nature of the product TGW intend to put out. I have been asked to complete more designs for their future shows coming up in May and June 2014.




GRAPHIC - THE MERCH STAND - Freelance The Merch Stand is a joint venture between myself and two others. The aim is to produce original and timeless wrestling themed merchandise for the masses. The designs are all conceptualised and completed by myself using various media, a mixture of hand drawn sketches and vector artwork is used to create the final images that go to print on the tshirts. The Merch Stand also provides designs for TGW as we are the official merchandise provider for the new promotion. I was again responsible for the logo design and website as well as the graphics for the tshirts themselves.


SERVICE - NEWGATE - 3rd Year University Project In first semester of third year at York St John we were tasked with a service design module. The discipline had caught my eye prior to this during the Priestmangoode brief the previous year and therefore I was very excited for the opportunity to work with the council on this project. The brief was titled “Reinvigorate York� and focussed on increasing footfall in the city centre by improving a number of local areas, among those listed for potential improvement was Newgate Market. I chose to give the market a full overhaul, looking at everything from the brand, the online presence to the groundlevel navigation around the city to the market, the stalls themselves, the shopping experience at Newgate and finally added a unique selling point to Newgate informed by research carried out by York CIty Council in recent months.


PRODUCT - HISCOX - 3rd Year University Project For my Graduation project at York St John I was entered into a competion ran in conjunction with Hiscox insurance, Make Architects, Vitra, Chapmand BDSP and Arup to design a product or space for the new Hiscox headquarters to be opened York in 2015. The project is still on going as of this writing however the concept is very close to the final piece which will be displayed at CREATE 14 the university’s arts festival and may be displayed at New Designers in June. The concept is to instil a sense of team within the large 400 strong workforce inside the new building through the use of coloured light. Lght as an indicator of team and availability was a niche identified through first hand research talking to the Hiscox employees and from client feedback. Through NFC technology installed in the lamps and the empoyee name badges the staff’s personal lights on their desks will show their operative team, the positioning of the lamp and subsequent change in light colour will dictate whether the employee is free to collaborate or not.

DEVELOPMENT ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------>> NFC ENABLED LIGHTING SYSTEM ... WORK IN PROGRESS

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