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MODEL UNITED NATIONS 2009-2010 FUNDRAISING INFORMAT IO N, INTRODUCT ION To support the expenses of the program as a whole, and to provide you with the opportunity to raise as much of the funds as you can for fees associated with conferences and events, the leadership team has devised a tentative fundraising scheme for this season. Fundraising opportunities will be in these areas: I. Personal & corporate letter writing campaigns See the following section(s) in this packet for guides and form letters. II. On campus events These events will include “international food day” and other sales opportunities centered around the general student body. Responsibilities in regard to preparation of food, setup, and service will be delegated in the time running up to each event. Help with these campaigns is required . II I. Restaurant “cooperative” nights These Model United Nations-sponsored dining nights will be an opportunity for the program to partner with certain restaurants and gain a percentage of the profits from those families who have fliers or some other form of identification. As of right now, we are looking at having 3 to 4 of these kind of events. Announcement to friends, family and the student body in general is expected. IV. Program sponsored dinners & banquets Dinners and/or banquets are intended to be special nights in which members of your family and the community are invited to a large venue to enjoy food and entertainment, in return for a donation to our program. Duties such as recruitment of food donations, venue setup, and service and event support will be required of all team members. The current schedule may allow for only 1, and possibly 2 events of this size. V. Miscellaneous small campaigns These smaller campaigns, such as car washes and or food sales, may be set up periodically throughout the year. While their obvious benefit is the ability for quick deployment to gain needed funds, support will be expected from team members to make them work. Remember, all of these fundraising events are for YOU! Budget constraints mean that all money will be raised by the program and for the program. If you do not participate in raising this money, you will be expected to fund your fees for each conference on your own. You must help out.

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