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It has been my honor and privilege to direct the jazz bands at LaGuardia High School for nearly a decade. I have had so many wonderful musical encounters with students and professionals alike that every year seems to stand alone as the most memorable. This year, remembering just got a whole lot easier with the creation of this book. It represents a very special gift from a great artist, photographer, David Leach. He has truly captured the feeling of being there with this collection of outstanding images. -Kevin Blancq

Outstanding Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra Bassist, Carlos Henriquez, is a graduate of LaGuardia High School and served as our mentor in 2005 and 2010. Carlos, thank you so much for your support from all of us at LaGuardia.

We all give our heartfelt thanks to the following individuals: Carlos Henriquez, our band mentor, and Ali Jackson. These two wonderful musicians helped us get the most out of the entire Ellington experience. Special thanks to our three chaperones: Peter Krasnow, who handled the lion’s share of the day to day coordinating and organizing of jazz band activities for the entire school year, Liz Taub, who was busy with emails and organizational tasks that helped everything run smoothly, and David Leach, our photographer in residence, who was literally everywhere with his camera. At LaGuardia, we would like to thank our Assistant Principal of Music, Ms. Bernice G. Fleischer, Principal, Ms. Kim Bruno, and the entire music department faculty for their support. -Kevin Blancq

Essentially Ellington Competition & Festival 2010 By David Leach All photos Š 2010 David Leach Photography, Inc.

Essentially Ellington  
Essentially Ellington  

A collection of photos from the Essentially Ellington High School Jazz Band competition and festival, May 8-10, 2010.