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“The properties that are essential to a thing are properties it necessarity has be such, are of course essential to everything. Logically necessary properties, if there really be such, are of course essential to everything� Nino Cocchiarella






3th semester

sailing chair



5th semester

bystronic glass

7th semester


free work


free work

side table

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water is fife



free work





date of birth

1992 - 1996

primary school

1996 - 2002

secondary school in oberwesel / germany

2002 - 2005 2005

training as a carpenter associating letter

2005 - 2006

advanced technical college for design in wiesbaden / germany

since march 2007

pforzheim university of applied scence industrial design

juni 2011

bachelor of arts of industrial design


october 2006 january 2007

internship at bfgest, büro für gestaltung wangler und abele in müchen / german

january 2007 february 2007

internship at schlagheck-design in münchen / germany

march 2009 september 2009

internship at schmiddem-design in berlin / germany


autodesk alias adobe creative suite sketch book pro bunkspeed-hypershot maxwell renderer showcase Maschinenkurse / m1, m2, m3 rhino - under construction advance tischkicker skills

exhibition awards

frankfurt, euromold at design-talents köln, oekorausch pforzheim, city hall mainz, Chamber of Crafts nürnberg, paddleexpo “die gute form” attendant “holz sucht kopf” designcompetition / winner


The fusion of athlete and equipment

freestyle - kayak Freestyle kajaking is a relatively young offshoot of the canoe sport, where athletes perform tricks (moves) similar to those of skaters, snowboarders or surfers. They turn, roll and rotate their boats in countercurrents in the rivers white water. My goal was to enhance the bond between the athlete and his sports equipment. I wanted to improve in terms of the ergonomics, the appearance and the interior. The boat should feel like an extension of the body and merge with the athlete while still appearing to be a piece of freestyle sports equipment.

added protection

dent for the calfs

big volume in the middle

emergency t


beltsystem for perfect fit

lot of space around the cockpit

My product is a freestyle kajak, in which the athlete fuses with the hull while beeing fully supported by it. You can move freely in the water and thus is able to experience this element with a higher intensity. Without using the straps, that normally hold an athlete in place, beginners can try out this sport without fear of getting stuck in the boat under water etc. The boat shows a clear orientation forward and opens up for the athlete in the area of the seat.

modell 1:3 ureol, cnc milling // 60cm - 20cm - 14cm in cooperation with vogelgesang unternehmensgruppe

the assignment was to design a chair suitable for the worksituation of a faculty member of the university pforzheim. i selected our head of the industrial-Design workshops.

the chair is made out of solid walnut wood and stainless steel. the ergonomic adjustment of the seating area and the backrest is made by cnc milling.

sailing chair design contest // winner

in collaboration with johannes rave

the design contest was arranged by the company forest finance. the task was to look for a possibility to use the wood they are harvesting in panama. the design of the chair represents several panama trade marks, like the landscape, the culture and the famous canal. the seating cloth is tied between the bent wood like the seat of a sail boat and the chair legs resemble the curved bridges of panama that connect north- and southamerica. produktionsstart voraussichtlich ende des jahres

in cooperation with

hairclipper the design is based on the old successful designs of the company wahl. but translate it into an new modern direction by using new technical functions and materials.

concept total reduction simplest handling using new materials and tecnologie to remain competitive apply touch senitiv surfaces to cut out everything superfluous charging with electromagnetic induction


glas workin for:

on with joh

in cooperati


hannes rave

mono this is a design analytical investigation for five machines of the bystronic lehnardt group, one of the world market leader in glass machining engines. the task was to create an standardized design, reduce the costs of production as well as optimisation the asseble.

“MAKE SOME NOISE” “Make Some Noise” is a radical new Concept for headphones. The logic behind These “loud” speakers is purely semantics. By imitating the look of mid/bass loudspeaker chassis the product instantly communicates power, music, high volumes, aggression and really high end sound and crafting quality.

street furniture for public space

hanging chair this bench is a concept for puplic spaces and buildings like surgerys or other waiting rooms. the user can move each chairs in its favourite direction and position. it is a completely new seating sensation, easy to assemble and clean.


in cooperation with stefan jäger

Minimalism and the breaking up of the expectations in the eye of the beholder make us show the necessity and aesthetics of the material as well as its converting. Shaped wood in its simplest and most essential form Despite the simple application of the material, shaped wood is indispensable here, a must which only becomes obvious at second sight. The necessity of the use of the material is illustrated by the bended edge of the table board. The – at first sight – randomized cross-ties, which constitute the table-legs, are creatively along the lines with architecture and lightweight design. They form a contrast to the appeasing designed surfaces which they are in between or which they break through, respectively.

International poster competition “water is life” in cooperation with graphic designer florian hässler

“The aim of the competition is not only to demonstrate that the younger generations are prepared to bear their share of the responsibility for our world but, first and foremost, to publicise the message that ‘Water is Life’ to a broad public by means of worldwide exhibitions.” the organizer


lomography using supersampler as 3.0



ba of industrial design // david.laudert(at) // +049 (0)177 325 277 9 hammerstraĂ&#x;e 9-13, 75175 pforzheim


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portfolio david laudert industrial design

portfolio english  

portfolio david laudert industrial design