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6. Don't be afraid to ask questions or ask for clarification. Sometimes patients don't understand exactly what the doctor's exact prescriptions are and so they end up filling answers on the gaps that they have which is not good at all. Making up your own prescriptions of what you think is not the right thing to do. One should never be afraid to ask for clarifications as the doctors are willing to answer any questions.

9. Be honest with the doctor It is very important to be honest and not fear or lie to the doctor in whatever case it is. If for instance you feel shy find a nurse or another doctor in the hospital whom you are free with to help you express the issue to the doctor. Hiding information and symptoms may will not help the doctors give the best treatment that they should have. You can also get online prescription which is nowadays easy and fast to do.

Summary Meeting the doctor and expressing yourself could be a challenge. This article shows you the importance of doing things to ensure that you are making your time with the doctor and easy task.

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9 important steps to better communication with the doctor  

It is good to have the doctor attend to the patient in a way that it is supposed to be