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The past few months have been hectic. I never realized just how much work was involved in making a magazine that is until I made one myself. Anyone who blogs will know first hand, just how hard it can be at times to keep updating your blog, whilst still having a job, a personal life, getting an education and on top of all of that, everything else that life throws at you en route.

fashion blogs, but for some it is a new and exciting experience. Furor looks at he new designer Lee Klabin. With a past in corsetry, she has taken the dive and begun to design ready-to-wear collections. We look into the way she creates desirable pieces with the same aspects of corsetry and how people are taking to the Lee Klabin label in its early days.

With the help of a few 2010 graduates, ‘In the beginning there was darkness’ showcases some of the exceptional talent to leave university and enter the world of fashion. With the concept of ‘the beginning’ we welcome the new, fresh face, Beth Longmore, as she models the clothing, demanding attention through the lens.

In this, the first issue, you will begin to see what Furor is all about. It’s the coming together and celebration of fashion blogs, and it has the same ethos that blogs have, to deliver current news, original material and new talent. Many of you will regularly read

There are hundreds upon thousands of fashion blogs out there. But how do you decide which to follow? Luckily for you, we have compiled a selection of blogs and asked the writers a few questions. All so you can get to know what they’re about without

Finally I would like to thank those who have helped in any way to produce the first issue of Furor magazine, the designers who lent the clothing, all the bloggers, those behind the scenes and you, the reader. Feel free to blog about Furor and help spread the word.

David Labuschagne Editor-In-Chief

spending hours on Google.

From The Catwalk To The Boutique Rails...



Now it’s the new year, it’s time to say goodbye to those dark mornings and icy roads. As we make our new years resolutions and look to the future, there is one thing and one thing only to be getting excited about, and that is the spring/summer collections arriving in stores. In 2005 Amr Ali launched his own label, Bodyamr. Now just five years on, Amr Ali has dressed almost every A-list female celebrity who has any respect for fashion. Offering a sophisticated and glamorus look for every big event going, it is becoming for frequent for a celebrity to be seen wearing his clothing. Not content with just wearing them down the red carpet stars have been seen on prime tv shows wearing one of his designs. Britians sweetheart Cheryl Cole is among the die-hard fans that worship Bodyamr. Cheryl has worn it on numerous occasions. She wore a single leg, high split white bodysuit in her video for Parachute and whilst a judge on The X Factor, Cheryl wore three different looks from his spring/

summer 2011 collection. Other celebrity fans include Florence Welch from Florence and the Machine, she often chooses to wear Bodyamr embracing the neutral tones which complement her trademark hair. Florence has worn pieces whilst performing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in the US and on the Video Music Awards in 2010. It was right back in September during London Fashion Week that Bodyamr debuted the SS11 collection to a packed out audience. The front row was heaving as celebrities sat alongside the industries top dogs. Just like the previous seasons show, there was an impressive turnout, including lilly Allen, Nick Grimshaw, Keisha Buchanan and Amanda Byram. Opening the show, a low neckline, white draping maxi dress modelled by non other than Daisy Lowe. Instantly the audience knew they were in for a show that would rival the other shows at fashion week. As the show progressed, it became clear that each outfit that appeared was as desirable as the last. Each model strolled down the catwalk and it was clear that Amir had continued to develop and strengthen his signiture look. Draping material wrapping around the body. Only helped reinforce the inspiration to the collection of powerful women of times gone by. Think Josephine Baker, Jessica Rabbit and early MGM. It was a show saturated with amazing designs galore. There was a continuous stream of body-con minis with asymmetric and cut out detailing, playsuits, short and maxi, that had different sheer overlays in a range of bold colours. There were draping Grecian gowns, long and white, while others were embellished with jewled waistbands and prints inspired by deco jewels of a goddess. The colour palette continued to flow down the catwalk with an array of interesting blushing cream, teal cobalt, blue, gray and white. With Daisy Lowe taking the honor of being the opening model many had thought the show had peaked. However as a smart PR twist, out came Amber Rose, model and ex-girlfriend of Kanye West. She demanded the catwalk strutting to the sound of ‘Push it’, whilst wearing a white tulip skirt and body hugging jewel printed top. It seems the women who wear Bodyamr have a confidence many women lack. They have attitude and demand attention. They are classy yet sassy and their desire to look like a goddess is only reinforced by envy from other women. As the Bodyamr label grows, it seems they are only going from strength to strength. Bodyamr is not only growing as an international designer, but also as a designer brand you must be seen in, and as a staple label for any woman’s wardrobe. It is obvious its cult like following is going to be one that people are demanding to join.

n i b a l K e e L

The Developing Talent

Still fairly new to the ready-to-wear scene, Lee Klabin is just at the start of what is expected to be a very successful career. Although still unknown to many, she has been designing for many years for her own label, Blue Poppy Couture, making bespoke corsetry pieces. Patricia Field, the world famous stylist has even picked a feathered corset that featured in The Sex and the City Movie, worn by non other than Sarah Jessica Parker. And if Patricia Field can see enough potential in Lee’s designs to feature them in one of this century’s most highly anticipated films then maybe it is about time people took a look at what it is Lee Klabin can offer fashion.

Originally studying Biomedical Lee took time out to travel the world visiting Brazil, the USA and Austria. It was whilst travelling she felt inspired by what she saw and experienced and decided, upon returning, that she wanted to study design. Lee enrolled on to a Product Design and Development Degree. Where she first came into contact with production of corsetry. She wanted to not only dress women but also empower women, so began to design corsetry, encouraging women to feel uplifted and free spirited.

Now as she moves into the Ready-toWear commerce she has digressed slightly from corsetry, however, she is still applying corsetry ethics within her work. Lee bases her designs on the female form. Often using boning she fits the pieces to the body accentuating the areas that are flattering and cleverly disguising the parts women would rather hide. With her past in couture she is no stranger to fitting the garments to the female form and understanding how to do it better than others. Back in February 2010, Lee launched her first RTW collection for A/W 10/11 titled ‘Discoveries from within’. This was Lee’s first chance to really show what she could do as a designer, to make her couture inspired pieces wearable and appeal to the everyday woman.


With a range of materials in the collection, including leather, Harris Tweed through to jersey, organza and silk she mixed the tough with feminine to produce an edgy look unlike any other designers. The colour palette was a dark mysterious array of black, grey and brown alongside candyfloss oyster and pink. It was the mixing of two extremes, which really brought the collection together as one, giving it the appeal and edge it needed to ensure success. Stocked in Harrods, the collection sold out after a couple of weeks, due to such overwhelming demand. Items from the collection have since been worn on many celebrities on some of the largest TV platforms in the UK. Emma Bunton wore Lee Klabin on the final of her talent show Don’t Stop Believing, whilst Alesha Dixon Wore a piece on the launch show of Strictly Come Dancing 2010 and Nadine Coyle wore a leather mini dress for her promotional tour for her solo career. Not only adored by a growing celebrity following, magazines such as Marie Claire, Velour and Shortlist have shot items from the collection but it is quite possibly an ultimate honour that world renowned photographer, Mario Testino, shot a piece for an editorial spread in US magazine Allure. With such a successful debut RTW collection, the second had a lot to live up to. In September 2010 she launched her second collection, this time titled ‘Reflections from within’. She invited the industry experts to her showroom in Shoreditch during London Fashion Week before taking it over the channel to Paris Fashion Week. It was shown on Schedule in a showroom and the European and international press could view the collection as well as buy pieces from the A/W 10/11 collection in her pop up shop. The ‘Reflection from within’ collection was a development from the first, using its ideologies of mixing materials, however, this time she took a more subtle approach, mixing the softest Italian leather with sheer organza tops and jersey dresses with leather jackets. It was the first time that Lee made a series of separates, allowing the customer to mix and match the collection with endless styling possibilities. As always, the collection was based upon the female form and ensuring the women wearing the clothes feel empowered. Unbeknown to most, the inside of the clothing holds many a secret. The corsets, dresses and jackets have boning to reinforce structure in the garment whilst on the body. Lee has even branched out to show a more playful side producing a playsuit and jumpsuit. She has developed an in house print pattern featuring on many of the garments including the sheer vest tops and little mini dresses. Lee hasn’t forgotten about her statement pieces. Just like the first collection, she has made some jaw dropping designs. With a few pieces to call the best, the fight for the ‘greatest’ is tough. Her dresses are phenomenal. With a mix of black leather and silk the ‘Pabel’ dress has a tough look, but it’s made for a feminine woman, with frills gliding diagonally down the front, joining the two materials together, it screams LBD at its finest.

It could also be one of the brighter pieces. With a ‘notice me’ bright red, the dress named ‘Cheren dress’ is a standalone piece. Only to be worn to the classiest of events. Similar to some others in the collection it is a mini dress, with boning on the top bodice to enhance the figure and a rouched bottom with material elapsing over the underlaying layer of fabric. The journey Lee has embarked on has seen her begin and launch two RTW collections in the space of a single year. Her collections to date have been that of guts and courage, as she tries to give back to the female form. It is no wonder her designs have made it on to some of the most famous bodies in Britain, as the clothing compliments the figure, making the women feel elegant and sophisticated, whilst still sexy and even superior. There is no doubt we will see great things from Lee and luckily for us, were just weeks away from her next collection.


UNA Una Burke is a growing sensation. Not conventional in her designs, she shocks and creates thought provoking pieces that constrict and restrain the body. It is conceptual fashion at its best. It doesn’t appeal to everybody, but those who get what Una is about, will understand the inner thoughts of a design genius. Furor spoke to Una to find out what we can expect from her in the future. Q: Can you tell us an interesting ‘ice-breaker’ fact about yourself? A: My current favourite words are bamboozled and punk.

Q: What inspires you as a designer? A: Beauty and the changing and assumed perceptions of beauty, I like to try and make people question those things with my work. Q: Your designs are very unusual and conceptual, how would you describe your designs? A: Though provoking, sculptural and beautifully hand crafted.

Q: Your pieces look very intricate to produce but what is actually involved in making these designs a reality? A: My work often involves the making of tools and moulds before I can even start to develop the pieces themselves. For example, for RE.TREAT I had to produce arms for mannequins before I could produce the collection itself. After this I use traditional leather working skills throughout every item in order to attain the highest quality of craftsmanship. Society is reliant upon mass production; my work offers a more personal option. Q: What messages do you feel your designs portray? A: I aim to portray messages through my work such as hope and positivity. I often take very negative subjects as influence and create something very beautiful. Q: How do you feel your collection has evolved


Four minutes

from A/W 10/11 through to S/S 11? A: I have taken my signature construction technique and used it to develop some more accessible pieces, so that people who have admired my previous conceptual work can now purchase something which is much more wearable. I have still maintained my concept through particular pieces, one specifically being the hunchback jacket. In this piece I have taken a human condition that people view in a negative way, I have turned this into a very positive and beautiful jacket. Q: In your S/S 11 collection you have designed a series of accessories including handbags, is the accessories market an area you would like to venture into in the near future? A: Yes, I plan to continue to make accessories each season, however I was really pleased that some of the more obscure body pieces were even more popular with buyers. Q: Since you launched your label how do you feel the industry has taken to your designs? A: I have been really pleased at the reaction to my work as this season it has already been featured in leading publications such as Collezioni, Vogue and Dazed and Confused. I have also received orders from amazing international stores including Joyce in Hong Kong, and Curve in LA, New York and Miami.

Q: Many A-list celebrities have worn your pieces but who has been your favourite to borrow a piece and why? A: Daphne Guinness has worn one of my bodysuits for NAS cosmetics A/W 10/11 ad campaign; it was really fantastic for me to have somebody with her iconic sense of style wearing my work. Q: Who would be your ultimate celebrity to wear one of your pieces and why? A: I would like to see Bjork wearing one of my pieces as I admire her openness to interesting new projects and the strong-minded, independent messages that she portrays through her work as an artist. Q: What has been your career highlight so far? A: The best thing so far is knowing that in March 2011 my work will sit next to brands like Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, Galliano and Givenchy. Q: What do you want for the future? A: I want to be independent and able to support a family. I don’t really want fame or fortune, just enough to be happy. A good work/life balance is what I want. Q: Where do you see your brand in 5 years time? A: I aim to be stocked in lots more national and international stores as well as collaborating with catwalk designers and well established brands.

Name: Kirsty Blog: Why did you start your blog? Because I wanted a creative outlet for my interests, mainly fashion of course! What do you think makes your blog better than the rest? I’m not sure mine is better than other blogs, but I like to think I put a lot of effort into my posts, so hopefully that stands out! What 3 words describe your blog? Whimsical, personal and full-ofoutfits. What has been the best thing to come from doing your blog? Just general loveliness from my readers.

They are amazing! What’s your ambition for the future? My dream is to own my own magazine...I will just have to see what happens...! Name: Siausiau Suzuki Blog:www.fianceandconcubine. Why did you start your blog? I want to do a 2-piece band called Fiance and Concubine, but failed, it is a lovely name, isn’t it? So let me do a fucking sexy blog. What do you think makes your blog better than the rest? Is there anything better than SEX? What 3 words describe your blog? Sensual, Beautiful. (It’s two words, I know) What has been the best thing to come from doing your blog? Set up with FAULT magazine, on tour with Coco Sumner, backstage for Vivienne Westwood. What’s your ambition for the future? Fucking beautiful skinny British musicians, Pamela Des Barres for

the 21st Century. Name: Una Blog: www.houseofbeautifulidiots. Why did you start your blog? I have a passion for make up and beauty but had no outlet for it in my life at the time of starting my blog. I now have the chance to show off my passion in my own little way. What do you think makes your blog better than the rest? I actually don’t read many other beauty blogs, I tend to watch vloggers or ‘beauty guru’s’ on Youtube, so I can’t say I’m better than the rest but the feedback I have had is that I’m honest and seem genuine. Lots of people like

my writing style because I write how I talk, suppose that’s a good thing. What 3 words describe your blog? Fun but informative ;) What has been the best thing to come from doing your blog? I get to buy lots of new products to review and I have gotten some make-up jobs from it too. Plus it stops my friends and family from harassing me with questions, I can just say, ‘read my god-damn blog’ What’s your ambition for the future? I want to go into a fashion photography based environment, whether it be styling, make-up or taking the photographs I see myself heading in that direction. I can hear my older-self saying “sorry I’m going be home late the shoot ran over” well I can hope eh! Name: Holly Woodcock Blog: www.hollywoodcock.tumblr. com Why did you start your blog? To keep an online image gallery for myself to look back on and take

inspiration from. What do you think makes your blog better than the rest? My blog is personal to me and reflects my style and inspiration sources, so if you like my style, you should like my blog. What 3 words describe your blog? Personal, inspirational and reflective. What has been the best thing to come from doing your blog? Meeting like-minded bloggers online and bouncing ideas and images back and forth to each other. What’s your ambition for the future? To conquer the fashion industry. Name: Michelle Haswell Blog: www.kingdomofstyle.typepad. Why did you start your blog?

Marie and I needed a project and since fashion was a mutual love we decided to pour our collective energies into writing our thoughts in blog form. What do you think makes your blog better than the rest? I don’t think you can say one blog is better than another - every blog is unique because every author is different. What 3 words describe your blog? Diverse, outspoken, fun. What has been the best thing to come from doing your blog? The amount of amazing people we’ve met and the trips to LFW, not that we can make it often of course. What’s your ambition for the future? To experience utter happiness. Name: Slanelle Blog: www.slanellestyle.blogspot. com Why did you start your blog? I started my blog on Japanese street fashion 7 years ago because I wanted to share my passion. Now my blog has changed and I post my personal outfits, but the reason is still the same: sharing your passion. What do you think makes your blog

better than the rest? I’m just trying to be creative with my clothes, and I think that’s what the readers like about my blog. What 3 words describe your blog? Kawaii, funky, grungy. What has been the best thing to come from doing your blog? My job! Thanks to my blog, I’m now Fashion Editor at! I feel so lucky! What’s your ambition for the future? I want to keep working in the fashion industry. I couldn’t picture myself anywhere else. Name: Kenza Sadoun and El Glaoui Blog: www.kenzasmg.blogspot. com Why did you start your blog? Basically, two years ago, when I started my blog, it was intended for family only. I posted family photos, vacation pictures, parties with friends ... and the blog served as a support to retrieve these photos. After 2 months I have begun to receive comments from strangers asking me to describe the clothes I wore. What do you think makes your blog better than the rest? I do not propose just fashion, but “life”. The life of a 24 year-old Parisian, who plays in her world, her time. I think I am honest with people who read me and that people who love fashion. What 3 words describe your blog? Lifestyle, Fashion, Tips. What has been the best thing to come from doing your blog? The people that I’ve met. What’s your ambition for the future? Have my own program on TV. Name: Sherin Malick Blog: Why did you start your blog? I was in my final year of university and had just discovered the world of fashion blogs and how it was such a large community. I discussed it with my friend, and we decided that it would be a great idea if we were to start our own blog, just for a bit of fun. This was almost 2 years ago. What do you think makes your blog better than the rest? There are aspects that make my blog slightly

different from others. I travel a bit, so have posts about what I get up to while in other countries. I’m also a huge music fan, so I have quite a few posts about music and gigs that I go to. What 3 words describe your blog? Interesting, contemporary, entertaining. What has been the best thing to come from doing your blog? It definitely has to be meeting and befriending other bloggers. I go to a lot of events and quite often see the same bloggers at each one. It’s great talking to other bloggers and getting to know them at these events. It’s really nice to be able to talk to people about fashion and beauty with people who share the same passions as you. All my other friends have so many other interests, that fashion is not important to them. What’s your ambition for the future? I hope that I’ll be able to enjoy the blog for a few more years and possibly make a small living from it for a while. I’m still not sure what kind of job I want yet. Name: Jennifer Inglis Blog: Why did you start your blog? Originally it was sort of a compilation of fashion don’ts that I sneakily snapped on my camera of outfits gone wrong. It gradually changed into more of an expression of all the ideas and fashion cravings that I’ve got bottled up inside my head. What do you think makes your blog better than the rest? I aim to keep all the content original with images I have taken myself and never reproduce press releases. I don’t feature any products/events I haven’t experienced first hand either. It is an amalgamation of my style, catwalk shows, new products, and features on budding style icons. It reflects my life and what I am up to. After getting quite heavily involved in the London fashion scene I think it displays quite a unique and versatile take on what style is today. What 3 words describe your blog? Authentic, inspiring, fierce.

What has been the best thing to come from doing your blog? The doors it has opened. I have met so many incredible people and made some great friends that I never would have gotten to know had I not started the blog. Also, getting to experience the shows at London Fashion Week and all the excitement that goes along with the events is pretty surreal. What’s your ambition for the future? I’d love to be able to transform the work I do on the blog into a career. Either through photography or writing... that’s the dream. Blog: Name: Anna Bu Why did you start your blog? Boredom. What do you think makes your blog better than the rest? I don’t think it’s better than the rest. Blogging is no competition. What 3 words describe your blog? Fashion, Art, Music What has been the best thing to come from doing your blog? Meeting rad people! What’s your ambition for the future? To continue blogging until I get sick of it, and I’m going to art school next year. Blog: www.wig-wag-bam.blogspot. com Name: Adeline Mai Why did you start your blog? So I had somewhere to put all of the pictures of my friends I was taking. What do you think makes your blog stand out? It’s not a “fashion blog” it’s a documentary of my life. I photograph my friends, I photograph my group having fun and travelling around the world. I would describe my blog as a little diary; people follow my life through my pictures on my blog. What 3 words describe your blog? Photography, Videography, Fun. What has been the best thing to come from doing your blog? Meeting interesting people that I can collaborate with! What’s your ambition for the future? photography photography, photography.


Bones & Style Quite simple really… Amazing. Bones&Style is an image only blog. That doesn’t mean there isn’t the odd sentence here and there however it is 99.5% of the time just images. The blogger however only ever features the most interesting images to be found on the Internet. The use of moving imagery is also a source of captivation. Bones&Style really inspires any creative person to pick up a camera and get snapping at any and every occasion. Not yet a very well know blog this is defiantly an undiscovered image database of pure genius.

No: 2

Vauxhall Fashion Scout Vauxhall Fashion Scout is the off schedule catwalk and presentation event of London Fashion Week for new and emerging talent. They have helped kick start the careers of William Tempest, David Koma, Hermione De Paula and Edon Choi. The fashion scout is the blog to accompany this truly amazing company. It informs the reader of what is happening in fashion, what events are on and keeps a close eye on the press their clients are getting. Plus it informs of what they’re doing to help designers launch in a very challenging and competitive industry. The blog is informative and interesting to anybody with an interest on the designers slightly less known. It sees them grow as a brand and documents their achievements. Updated almost on a daily basis there is always something new with accompanying imagery. During fashion week it’s updated on numerous occasions during the day, reporting everything that’s happening, show reviews, celebrity attendees and all the news.

No: 1ELLE Oh

Oh Elle Elle is a recent graduate and has launched herself as a self-employed stylist in London. She has worked for designers including Fannie Schiavoni and publications including, Random, Playing Fashion and Ones 2 Watch. Her blog has been viewed over 80,000 times in three years. Because of her success as a blogger she has even been a judge on channel 4s Frock Me with Alexa Chung. She updates her blog once or twice a week with a range of different topics. She began the blog whilst still at university in Leeds documenting everything fashion related. Her favorite collections, Fashion week coverage, her favorite accessories but also her personal life and what she wore to what event. As she graduated University and began as a stylist in London she began to blog about her work, behind the scenes at her shoots, press days, but still covered fashion weeks, collections and key pieces. Her blog entries are generally very short, often with just a couple of sentences explaining the images. However the images used tell a narrative and generally doesn’t need much text accompanying it. The blog is always updated with interesting pieces and images of clothes to die for.

In The Beginning There Was D a r k n e s s

Photography and Styling by David Labsuchagne Hair and Makeup by Jennie Williamson

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