How Businesses Can Incorporate Philanthropy on a Budget

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How Businesses Can Incorporate Philanthropy on a Budget Years ago, corporate involvement in philanthropy was seen as just a nice gesture. Now, it is essential for a corporation to appeal to their consumers. For newer generations such as Millennials and Gen Z, philanthropy is very important and a huge part of their personal values. It is understandable that not every company has tens of thousands to donate to different charities, but there are other ways of giving back. Below we will discuss some of different ways businesses can incorporate philanthropy on a budget. 1. Instead of giving cash, donate goods or services. A lot of nonprofits have been working with corporate sponsors. This means the corporation helps to provide different resources for the nonprofit organization. For example, app developer companies have made some nonprofit apps without charging them, or they will even donate physical goods like sample products and other helpful items. 2. Partner up with local charities in your community. Local charities always appreciate when people volunteer their time to help. There can never be too many giving hands assisting the cause. Businesses who partner up with local charities not only instill the value of philanthropy into their employees, they also are giving back to their community. Some businesses have taken actions such as helping nonprofits serve lunch at kitchens, even providing them with the food. 3. Influence Employees to believe in the importance of philanthropy. Help is always needed. If one person spreads the word about an organization to one other person, that could mean a world of difference for that specific organization. Now, imagine if a corporation spread the word to all of their employees. This helps to increase the chance of involvement by a significant amount, and allows a nonprofits cause to reach more people and touch more hearts. Companies have even begun to introduce programs during the training stages to enlighten their employees on the importance of giving. 4. Donate your time. Being able to donate money is not the be-all-end-all of giving back to the community. Time and effort is essential for nonprofit organizations to thrive and they love receiving as much help as possible from others. Employers can have a company day where they go to a specific charity and help to do things such as building or assisting in other needed ways.