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The National and University Library of Iceland. Photograph: Helgi Bragason

The settlement exhibition Landnámabók (The Book of Settlements) from the twelfth century, recounts that Ingólfur Arnarson was the first settler in Iceland, together with his family and servants, and that they established a residence in Reykjavík in the ninth century. Archaeological research indicates that the first settlement was in and around Adalstræti in downtown Reykjavík, which is also the city's oldest street in modern times. The Settlement Exhibition Reykjavík 871 ± 2 at the site is based on the archaeological excavations of the ruin, be it Ingólfur's house or not, and findings from other excavations in the city centre. Literature trail

From The Book of Settlements As soon as Ingolf caught his first glimpse of Iceland he threw his highseat pillars overboard, hoping for a good omen, and declared he' d settle wherever the pillars happened to be washed ashore. [...] In the spring Ingolf travelled west across the moor. He made his home at the spot where his highseat pillars had been washed ashore, and lived in Reykjavík. The highseat pillars can still be seen in the hall there. Translated by Hermann Pálsson and Paul Edwards

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Reykjavik City of Literature - Submission  
Reykjavik City of Literature - Submission  

Reykjavik City of Literature - Submission