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As a UNESCO City of Literature, Reykjavík would like to emphasize the central position of literature in the city's and nation's cultural life, its historical significance and contemporary value.

As has been pointed out in this submission, Reykjavík already has a lot to offer as a literary city. The City of Reykjavík and its partners in this bid would like to further reinforce this infrastructure so that literature and writing continue being one of the pillars of creative activity. Emphasis will be on collaboration and innovation, both within the literary field and with other creative sectors. One of the City of Literature's main collaborators would be the new World Language Centre, which The Vigdís Finnbogadóttir Institute of Foreign Languages intends to open in the near future. Both parties have expressed interest in collaborating and see great opportunities for cooperative ventures. The City of Reykjavík appreciates that the UNESCO City of Literature status not only entails respect and recognition, but also poses a challenge. The challenge is to leverage this status to constantly develop new ways towards the aforementioned goal and to actively participate in international collaborations. Centre for Literature One of Reykjavík City's priorities is to see to the foundation of a bricks-and-mortar house of literature, a Centre for Literature, which will be a hub for those engaged in literature-based activity, both within the city and on an international level. The Centre will house offices of the City of Literature and other parties involved in literature, serve as a platform to oversee work in the field of literature in the city and design collaborative projects. It will also have facilities to welcome foreign guests, writers, translators and professionals, as Reykjavík is very interested in participating in the UNESCO Creative Cities exchange. Most of the parties involved in the preparation of this project are already involved in international collaboration and exchange in various undertakings - Icelanders have always ventured abroad for knowledge and experience, as well as invited foreign guests to their shores. Reading Incentives Looking to individual projects, Reykjavík City has a special interest in starting and participating in projects involving reading incentives and creative activity with children and young people. The City already has several such projects up and running, such as the Creative Summer Groups, various Reykjavík City Library programs for children and young adults, creative assignments in preschools and elementary schools, and the newly established Reykjavík Children's Culture Festival, but would also like to promote further cooperation between different parties in this area. Programs to encourage reading, such as One City – One Book, are an interesting choice for all age groups, and Reykjavík City Library will lead such a project



UNESCO City of Literature

Reykjavik City of Literature - Submission  
Reykjavik City of Literature - Submission  

Reykjavik City of Literature - Submission