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WE ARE THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE PROJECT. Our goal is to create visual and narrative content that supports the mission of organizations, institutions, and individuals who work to inspire lifelong learning, advance knowledge, and strengthen our communities.

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All photography by David Katzenstein unless otherwise noted All editorial content by Gay Feldman

J’Ouvert (OPENING)

The origin of J’Ouvert dates back to the period of colonial rule throughout the Caribbean. Adapting imported Christian customs such as Mardi Gras, the pre-Lent festival has transformed into many different expressions that celebrate religious rites and the harvest. In NYC, J’Ouvert opens the annual West Indian Day Parade in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Greeting over 2.3 million participants every year, the sunrise festival bursts to life every Labor Day. The party begins as revelers gather, festooned in a gorgeous array of costumes, masks, and body paint giving form to myth, folklore, beliefs, and new interpretations of cultural themes. The sounds of steel band music fill the air, waking up the neighborhood, inviting all to join the celebration.




Bands: Hearts of Steel Rhythm Masters Ole Mas Brooklyn Junbies Somthing positive Greenhouse Jab Jab Cheryl Thomas The Real Jab Jab New York Jab Jab 2J + Friends Roy Pierre & Associates-JohnAnderson Pagwah Carenage United Kutters Despers USA Films: Panomundo: Steelpan Around The World: Charysse Tia Hopper, Director: https://www. Resources: Association of Caribbean Resources: ​http:// Caribbean Studies Association: ​http://www. Society of Caribbean Studies: ​ The Art + History of J’Ouvert: ​http://www. The Brooklyn Public Library: ​https://www. J’Ouvert City International: ​https://www. Something positive, Inc: ​http://www.somethingpositiveinc. org






Special exhibition to support the NEW YORK CITY FIRE MUSEUM + FDNY August 28 - September 11, 2019 GALA OPENING September 4, 2019 New York Fire Museum



The fellowship of firefighters knows no borders. From the Five Boroughs of NYC to the suburbs of Paris, the international community of men and women who pledge an oath of service, bravery, safety, honor, dedication, equity, and preparedness, speak the same language. Assembled at the Firefighter’s Memorial, thousands of uniformed firefighters join the families of the heroes in pilgrimage to this shrine in honor of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.


Resources: Project details from Public Art Network Database: public-art-network/public-art -year-in-review-database/memphis-upstanders-mural FHAO Identification/Description of the Upstanders: ​ Details on why these particular upstanders were chosen: mural-has-room-for-a-chosen-few-mem phis-upstanders-3204f80d-8830-581b-e053-0100007facce--378184411.html

Coming soon: The Mural: Reaction + Response: Redefining Public Spaces

Resources: https://www.boweryboogie. com/tag/graffiti-wall/

Our rapidly changing urban landscapes reflect a society in flux. As skylines reach new heights and highlines create new pathways, the character and flavor of urban neighborhoods face the unique challenges of gentrification. Marking clear lines that speak to social justice and equity, the transgressive movement of urban renewal provides a canvas for expression and awareness. Within the trend of mixed media, bright colors, and monumental scale, these public works articulate the narrative of the culturally diverse neighborhoods and communities where they live. ​The evolution and acceptance of Graffiti and non-commissioned Mural art into the mainstream has opened new doors for a genre outside the canon of art history. Stylistic nuance and dialectic fluency work in concert redefining many urban areas on the cusp. While many artists are enjoying new celebrity within commercial markets, the thrust remains tightly coiled and attached to mission: a democratic and reflexive artistic experience. Yesterday’s vandals are today’s mentors within a global movement addressing the issues of today without artifice, privilege, or exclusion. Focusing the lens on Queens, New York and Memphis, Tennessee our goal is to introduce a fresh context that explores the artistic strategies of the genre in relation to public arts access and its impact on social justice.


by the water Photography: Sherrie Nickol

How we interact with our environment is a central theme in fine art photographer Sherrie Nickol’s work. From intimate portraits to breathtaking human landscapes, the artist offers a distanced perspective on interaction and identity. Frozen in time, the spectacular photographs found in the feature portfolios Crowdscapes​ and ​By The Water capture what Nickol refers to as “that special combination of energy, humor, and interaction celebrating intimacy among friends, families, and lovers.”



O Outside The Lorraine Motel: A Contemporary Pilgrimage Exhibition January 15, 2020 - March 15, 2020 National Civil Rights Museum Memphis, TN

How we respond to our environment is a central theme in David Katzenstein’s ongoing documentary project, Th that is unique to time and place. Moving through the National Civil Rights Museum at the Lorraine Motel, the c the museum’s open plaza, the visitor becomes a participant in the historical import of place and time creating a exploration of the past. Fragmented and fallible, memories that have been shaped by multiple sources of info fact. To experience the course of one’s life on earth through the lens of history and legacy is transformative. Th


The Human Experience. Engaged with his subjects and surroundings, the artist’s images evoke a larger narrative confluence of active learning and self discovery is mirrored with memory and legacy. Standing in the center of a shrine to past and present. A hallowed space, the location provides a portal to personal growth through the ormation can now be assimilated and formed anew creating a more vibrant understanding of experience and he search for identity within the context of today’s global civil rights issues marks a distinct moment in our time.


The serendipitous happenstance that appears like magic. -Bashert GAY FELDMAN: Co-Founder + Executive Director

A native New Yorker, Gay Feldman has been involved in commercial and fine art photography for over three decades. Her formal background as an art historian and experience working alongside some of the most recognizable names in design and creative direction, have allowed her to guide and nurture the careers for a notable coterie of creatives. In 2015, Gay began a new chapter in her life devoted towards creating content that supports mission-based organizations. Her dedication to education and public access to the arts has supported independent schools, community-based initiatives, and other not for profit entities. A current candidate for MS in Museum Education, Gay continues to combine her passion for the arts with her entrepreneurial acumen on a daily basis through curriculum development, curation and exhibition design.

DAVID KATZENSTEIN: Co-Founder + Photography

Over the past 30 years New York City based photographer David Katzenstein has traveled extensively throughout the world creating narrative imagery for fine art exhibitions, global corporate giants and philanthropic organizations. Steeped in the tradition established by documentary and reportage photographers such as Cartier-Bresson and Josef Koudelka, David imbues all his work with emotional engagement and a deep respect for humanity. Spontaneous, authentic, and bold, his lens captures the essence of each moment providing the viewer with an intimate view of the world around us.

HELANE BLUMFIELD: Creative Director THEP Magazine

A nationally recognized creative visionary with a reputation for translating dynamic ideas into scalable campaigns, Helane has navigated the world of design and advertising with grace and style. Working with some of the most notable photographers and designers on a global scale imbues her work with informed perspective. Helane has supported growth and effective change in every area of her life. From fashion to the arts, Helane’s passion for expression continues to explore new possibilities in visual communication and performance. A multidisciplinary artist herself, Helane has brought her creative expertise to fiber arts and cabaret. As a recent recipient of a Broadway World Award, Helane continues to expand her horizons. Her collaboration with THEP represents an extension of her creative vision in exciting new ways.



Creative collaboration begins with generosity. From our first meeting in 2014, we knew that we were destined to work together. Over the next few years, in between commercial assignments, redefining life goals, graduate school, and a few awesome life events, David and I kept the dialogue going and in 2018 finalized our plan to develop something big, something that would work to shine a light on the beauty of human experience to a larger audience through education and engaged participation within fine art photography. Capitalizing on 3 decades of experience in marketing, advertising, and education, we formed The Human Experience Project. Our first commission, a major exhibition and curriculum for The National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, TN O ​ utside The Lorraine Motel: A Contemporary Pilgrimage w​ill open in January 2020. We hope to see you there! Instagram: thehumanexperienceproject

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HEP Magazine - Volume 1  

Our goal is to create visual and narrative content that supports
the mission of organizations, institutions, and individuals who work to ins...

HEP Magazine - Volume 1  

Our goal is to create visual and narrative content that supports
the mission of organizations, institutions, and individuals who work to ins...