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C:\ David Kao \ Portfolio 2011


Through the past four years at Parsons The New School For Design, I have developed a set of tools and skills. This portfolio is a way of telling the story of my experiences and creative accomplishments.







Parsons The New School For Design \ New York, NY Bachelor of Business Adminstration Candidate Design and Management, Candidate 2012

Louis Vuitton North America \ New York, NY \ June 2011 - Present Advertising Intern/Assistant Assisted with national and regional media teams in media planning, analysis, print production, and accouting. Updated and maintained media plan. Conducted analysis of 2011 print advertisements to identify media investments per product category. Analyzed 2011 investments per campaign for LVNA. Coordinated and executed iPad advertising strategies.

SKILLS Worked in: Adobe Photoshop \ InDesign \ Illustrator Microsoft Office Mac \ PC Experience in: Social Networking \ Viral Marketing \ Graphic Design Service Design \ Ethnographic Research \ Design Thinking Has: Communication, organizational and interpersonal skills. Detail oriented and highly motivated. Ability to work and manage groups. Native fluency in Mandarin Chinese

CO-OP Branding \ New York, NY \ June 2010 - May 2011 Marketing + Business Development Coordinator Integrated social media strategies. Identified business opportunities in United States and Asia-Pacific markets. Generated and advised on leads for potential clients. Created brand strategies and market research. Hermès of Paris \ New York, NY \ August 2010 - December 2010 Creative consultant Collaborated with Columbia MBA program as part of the Luxury Education Foundation class to design a integrated digital platform service. Worked directly with the executive team. Assisted with ideation, brand strategy, and design. TAILOREDSOCIETY.COM \ New York, NY \ May 2009 - September 2010 Founder, Marketing + Public Relations Director An online community that showcased the work of young emerging fashion designers from around the world.




I am a Taiwanese-American born and raised in Dallas, TX now living in New York City. Currently, I am attending Parsons The New School for Design located in Manhattan. My major is Design and Management (BBA) a program that is part of The School of Design Strategies. Design and Management is an integrated major that fuses business strategy with design. The focus of my studies has been in branding/marketing, advertising, and user experience in the luxury, consumer, and fashion industry. In addition to my studies as a full time student at Parsons, I’ve had the opportunity to work for some of the leading companies in the industry as well as starting and managing a website with a friend that featured undiscovered up-and-coming fashion designers from all over the world. I enjoy technology and the luxury experience, and hope to apply my design strategy skills and innovative thinking to opportunities after I graduate in May 2012. Equipped with sound judgment, interpersonal, innovative and communications skills enhanced by my education and unique experiences, I am confident that I can contribute significantly to the “working world�.








C:\ Legend.exe







C:\ Designed iPad Application.exe

{ +

Worked with Hermès’ executive team along with seven other students, to design and develop a mobile app for Hermès.


Worked in a team of 8. Design research. Concept mapping.

Developed series of chapters to tell the brand.

Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop.

Designed the carousel as landing page for the app. Created grid system and development for the app.

C:\ Project Overview

Create a mobile application and marketing campaign to expand brand awareness.

C:\ Our Story

THE HERMĂˆS STORYBOOK One platform with endless possibilities.

Introducing romance to the stark world of technology.

C:\ Landing Page

C:\ Color App.exe

Couleur Color your world with Hermès! Pick and choose from any combination tha t w ill c omple te yo ur pe r fe c t e nse mble .

Drag and drop the colors that inspire you inside to see related products


C:\ Concept Map

flip carousel and select a horse



Welcome Screen

Product Page

colors fly in

zooms into product

Product Category

horse walks into new screen

Explore products by color

product selected

Explore Share Purchase

can nudged open scroll through products

color(s) selected

Color Wheel

product selected

Paint Can Image


zoom into horse selected drag color in

Horse Screen

360° scrolling

purchase or share

Explore: A Short Video or Images from Atelièr pop-up

Next Chapter

C:\ Rebrand of Quoddy.exe

{ +

Rebranded hundred year old shoe company Quoddy based in Maine. Focused on identity and marketing of the experience. Romanced the brand through gifts to share the story of Quoddy.


Worked in a team of 2. Pattern marking. Stenciling. Leather cutting. Market research.

Developed concepts for themed gifts

Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop.

Cut and created patterns for draw string bags. Designed and layout grid system for booklet.

C:\ Project Overview

Quoddy harkens back to the time when hand-made was the norm, when output was measured in dozens, not thousands. In a large modern factory individual shoes pass through the hands of as many as seventy people before leaving the factory floor.  At Quoddy, one person handsews your shoes at their bench - the quality of that pair is a testament to the individual skill that went into making them.

We wanted to embody the quality and craftsmanship of this brand, and be able to reposition the brand in a more urban and younger demographic while staying true to it’s roots. Focusing on their product line, the brand was divided into three categories each one tied back with a gift that coincided with the nature of the shoe.

C:\ Brand logo \ color

C:\ Brand typeface

C:\ Packaging.exe

C:\ Managed and ran TAILORED SOCIETY.exe

{ +

Created an online platform that showcased fashion designers from students to emerging brands.


Worked in a team of 2. Market research. Viral marketing. Public Relations. Brand strategy.

Developed initial concept.

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Blogger, Google Analytics, Nikon/Canon DLSRs.

Designed the logo and aesthetic for the brand.


C:\ Viral Marketing \ Social Media

C:\ Analytics for launch

C:\ Analytics Overview

C:\ Black Friday Promotion.exe

C:\ Events

C:\ Promotion.exe

C:\ Louis Vuitton Advertising.exe

{ +

Professional internship with Louis Vuitton North America advertising team


Worked in a team of 4. Analytical/creative thinking. Detail orientation. Coordinating. Project managed LV iPad ads.

Created dashboard for department catalogs and creative overview.

Microsoft Excel/Powerpoint. BrandFX. Imedia.

Designed dashboards in Excel.

C:\ 2011 Department Store Catalog Overview.exe

Department Store Catalogs 2011 - 1H

March Saks: Shoes

Saks : Fashion

Neiman Marcus


Americana Manhasset


May Saks

Department Store Catalogs 2011 - 2H

August Neiman Marcus : Pre Fall

September Saks

Saks: Shoes

Neiman Marcus

Bloomingdales : Handbag and shoes


December Saks

Neiman Marcus: Resort


Americana Manhasset

Americana Manhasset

C:\ November 2011 Creative Overview.exe LVNA Creative  Dashboard  Overview  -­‐  November  2011 Medium



National and  Regional   Magazine CV  -­‐  Angelina    

CV -­‐  Sean  

Catalogs Neiman  Marcus    -­‐  Resort  

Ogilvy -­‐  Holiday  

Mall -­‐  Required

Americana ManhasseH  


Window Displays

South Coast  Plaza    





C:\ Modern Luxury iPad ad.exe

C:\ VMan December 2011 Cover 4.exe

C:\ Appendix.exe PAGES 8-10 Part of the 2010 Design and Strategy of Luxury Products course, a collaboration between Parsons and Columbia Business School through the Luxury Education Foundation. Chosen to work on the Hermès case study to create an iPad app. Worked directly with Hermès’ executives; Robert Chavez, Sara Gergovich, and Maureen Sullivan. In addition to teammates; Robert August, Meytal Clark, Kim Jimenez, Melissa Wong, Christie Lai, Tien Yang, and Judie Zbeda.

PAGES 11-12 The carousel is the landing page that acts as a table of contents. Each horse is a different chapter that would lead you to a different part of the app. The color chapter is one of many ways to explore the Hermès brand. Inspired by their color kitchen and their focus of color as a form of expression, we wanted to embody the idea of color matching through products.

PAGES 13-14 When the color wheel explodes onto your screen, you can drag and drop colors into the middle. Products of the color selected will then appear on your screen, allowing you to scroll in any direction. Afterwards, the product page allows you to explore the product in detail in addition to sharing or purchasing.

PAGES 15-18 Quoddy is a hundred year old, family owned, fifth generation shoe company based in Maine. This brand is one of the few remaining handcrafted shoes in United States. The quality and craftsmanship of these shoes was untold. We wanted to help redefine their audience and be able to educate the customer through new ways of packaging that would help tell the story of Quoddy. Worked with Dayton Rinks (Parsons 2012).

C:\ Appendix.exe PAGES 19-21 Divided the product line into three categories; rugged hunting boots, basics, and boat shoes/loafers. Each shoe had a gift that was unique to its own category. In addition, the pouch and drawstring bags were all handmade by us including the leather ropes. We really wanted to embody the craftsmanship of the brand with the gifts. Each gift was accompanied by a booklet that delved into Quoddy’s heritage.

PAGES 22-23 TAILOREDSOCIETY was an online platform that showcased fashion designers from students to emerging brands. I started the initial concept and then asked my friend Dayton Rinks to help run the site with me. Started as a platform to help our friends get their work out, which quickly turned to working with designers from Belgium and other various parts of the world.

PAGES 24-30 Experimented with viral marketing for our initial launch by having all of our friends update their Facebook status to “” on September 9, 2009. Reached over a thousand visits in just the first couple hours. The best part of our investment was getting 2000 flyers made, where we went out and took pictures with people holding these cards in addition to having our friends hand them out.

PAGES 31-35 Worked with the Advertising Department at Louis Vuitton in media planning, analysis, print production, and coordinated iPad advertising strategies. Helped create various dashboard overviews to show the advertising visibility in department store catalogs and the monthly strategies. Worked with Nancy Murrary, Eric Lichtmess, Lauren Aronoff, Taylor Horton, Jackie Tannenholtz, and Christine DeFina.

David Kao Parsons The New School for Design 2012 \ 972-523-4785

Fall 2011  

David Kao's Fall 2011 Portfolio

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