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Blue Plaque for Carnival Pioneers Zoe Devlin Love: Rising To The Top


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Zoe Devlin Love, Rising Star


Party with Notting Hill Pioneers

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Sugar turns bitter for Bordeaux wine maker.

Caribbean Rum Cruise.


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70 NHC Pioneers honoured with the Largest Blue Plaque in the World.


Masterpiece London 2018


Mixing it.


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The London Halal Food Festival The London Halal Food Festival www.londonhalalfoodfestival .com 11 – 12th August 2018 Tobacco Dock London Wapping Lane

The London Halal Food Festival now in its 3rd year returns to the Tobacco Dock in east London where you can enjoy a wide variety of Halal foods on the 11 and 12th of August 2018.

St Katherine’s & Wapping London E1W 2SF

There is something for everyone at this unforgettable weekend of Halal foods for the entire family. You can indulge in well-dined halal gourmet to burgers, hotdogs, sweets and relax in the mocktail lounge and watch Celebrity Chefs in the cookery theatre cook up some mouth-watering cuisines. BBC MasterChef winner Shelina Permaloo will host the Tariq Halal Cookery theatre where she will be doing live demos and sharing culinary expertise with guests.


Zoe Devlin Love: Rising Star British singer/songwriter Zoe Devlin Love has been in the music industry since the age of 14. She was born in 1985 to a Scottish father and Malaysian mother and had her first recording with the reggae legend Prince Buster and then started signing with the Trojans. At 17 she

Reggae is the genre in which Zoe has come into her own, her magnificent voice and stage persona has won her kudos in the music industry when she appeared on Factor in 2013. The Guardian said she is “A pocket size diva with a voice like a 10k rig”. Gaz Mayall said, “Zoe Devlin is my favourite great living female vocalist”. She has been the ambassador for music for Southwark Council and in 2018 she will join the headline acts at the Notting Hill Pioneers festival on 18 August. Zoe’s songs are featured on episodes of Handmaid’s Tale and Capital FM have shown keen interest in her track To The Top. The sky’s the limit for this dynamic talented British reggae artist.

Zoe Devlin Love.

was the lead female vocalist with the band Alabama 3 where she spent 7 years.

Her single To the Top is out now.

Such is her versality she also played at the legendary London jazz club, Ronnie Scotts.

Singer, Musician, Performer.

Zoe has written songs for other artists, TV and computer games before she embarked on writing for herself and wrote the songs to her first album, ‘Noradrenaline’, described as having the ‘edge of The Clash and the cool bass and style of Massive Attack and smothered with the sweetness of reggae’. ve/ Words: DT Kalloo Photo:


Come Party with the Notting Hill Carnival Pioneers The Notting Hill Carnival Pioneers festival will be held under the distinguished patronage of the High Commissioners of Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica, His Excellencies Orville London and Seth George Ramocan. This year the festival will pay tribute to Duke Vin the Trojan and Hail Windrush 70, marking 70 years since the SS Empire Windrush docked at Tilbury and signalling the beginning of the Caribbean Diaspora. There is a star-studded line up to this year’s entertainment which reflects the eclectic melting pot of the Notting Hill community itself. They include; Janet Kay (celebrating 40 years in the business), Carroll Thompson, Victor Romero Evans, Brit Funk Association, King Socrates, St Kitts and Nevis Calypso King, D Alberto (Macho Belly), Mangrove Steelband, Afro Revolution Band, the Dynamic reggae artist Zoe Devlin Love, The Portobello Live Choir, Troy Ellis, Dexter Joseph, Sir Coxonne Outernational and One Love, Reggae Star Factor Winners and many others. DJs Smokey Joe and Nzinga Soundz will, be playing classic Soca tunes in the spirit of carnival.

The Notting Hill Carnival Pioneers community festival which began in 2013 has become a fixture of significance as the Notting Hill Carnival itself. The festival began under the tagline 1973 Remembered and it was the brainchild of the man who rubber-stamped the template for the Notting Hill Carnival, Leslie ‘Teacher’ Palmer MBE. By establishing the Notting Hill Carnival Pioneers, Leslie has demonstrated the significance of the role carnival plays in the Notting Hill community and by doing so he has reinforced the fabric of that community by paying tribute to those who contributed to making Notting Hill Carnival the spectacular success it is today.

For further information please contact: 07932 881 265 on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @nhcarnival-pioneers or the media team on 07738864335

This year the festival, because of its growth and popularity has moved to a bigger venue at Horniman’s Park in Kensal Road. Last year the festival was spread over two spaces, Portobello Green and Acklam Village where record numbers attended the event. The festival’s project manager, Lynda Rosenior-Patten said, “this year we are moving to a bigger venue to alleviate overcrowding and to enable those attending to enjoy the festival in a relaxed family atmosphere.”

This is a Free Family event and will be held on Sunday 12th August 2018 from 1pm – 10:30pm The nearest tube stations are Ladbroke Grove and Westbourne Park. Buses: 52, 228, 23, 7, 70, 295 and 452.




Sugar turns bitter for Bordeaux wine maker

One of Bordeaux’s top wine producer was slapped with a €200,000 and a three-month sentence after it was found that the vineyard illegally added sugar to its Margaux. The court rejected the claims by director of Château Giscours that there was a muddled communication with the regulating authority which led to sugar addition in a process known as ‘chaptalisation’. The practice is common in France but permitted under strict conditions when poor weather causes a lowered sugar level in the grapes. The vineyard was ordered to destroy over 39,700 litres of wine, equivalent to nearly 53,000 bottles worth almost €2.3 million. The Château Giscours are considering an appeal against the verdict citing that it was a human error and without fraudulent intentions. However, the incident has caused controversy and embarrassment for high end French wine making after many cases in recent months of counterfeit wines. 9

The Caribbean Rum Cruise Rum Renaissance Caribbean Cruise is a

Don Q Rum, Brinley Shipwreck rum, St

must for all rum enthusiasts and those

Lucia Distillery, River Antoine, Clarke’s

aspiring to gain further knowledge in

Court, St Nicholas Abbey, Mount Gay,

rum. The cruise offers VIP tours to iconic

West Indies Distillery and Antigua

distilleries across the Caribbean for 11

Distillery. On return to Florida, there is an optional tour to visit the South Florida Distilleries. As well as having the rum experience, the cruise provides the perfect opportunity to visit many islands without the hassle of the airport grind of security and luggage limitations, customs and immigration. There is also the bonus of visiting a myriad of rum shops to pick up Caribbean rums at bargain prices. Robert and Robin Burr said, “We look forward to sharing our knowledge, our enthusiasm and our appreciation of rum while introducing our friends to the people that make some of the finest

days. The itinerary includes Puerto Rico,

rums in the Caribbean.

Grenada, St Lucia, Barbados St Kitts and Antigua where veteran rum writers Robert and Robin Burr will be your host to expand your knowledge of rum. The Caribbean Rum Cruise will coincide with the Thanksgiving holiday season in the US. The adventure into rum departs from Fort Lauderdale, Florida on Monday 19 November and returns there 11 days later. For further information and to book your

The 11-day Caribbean Rum Cruise begins

place, visit the:

and ends in Fort Lauderdale, Florida,

celebrating Thanksgiving Day in Puerto

Rum Renaissance Caribbean Cruise web

Rico. You will be taken behind the

site 0r email

scenes to see how rum is produced by 10


70 Notting Hill Carnival Pioneers to be Honoured with the Largest Blue Plaque in the World The Nubian Jak Community Trust is set to unveil one of the largest blue plaques ever made in tribute to the pioneers of Notting Hill Carnival. The unveiling will coincide with the Notting Hill Carnival on August Bank Holiday weekend with 70 names etched into the 6ft plague of those whose role played a part in shaping one of the biggest cultural street events in the UK. which has earned the accolade of the ‘biggest street event in Europe’.

mayor and carnival pioneer also named on the blue plaque said “I am pleased to see Vijay Ramlal Rai’s name on the plaque. For many years he has been written out of the history of Notting Hill Carnival.” Among the names etched on the 6 ft plaque are: Peter Minshall, Arthur Peters, Dexter Khan, Vijay Ramlal Rai, Ansel Wong, Gloria Cummins, Alex Pascal, Selwyn Baptiste, Larry Ford, Sir Coxonne, Lord Sam and Shadow Hi Fi. There are 16 women including Pearl Connor, Corrine Skinner, Bertha Joseph, Clary Salandy and Ali Pretty.

The 70 names chosen for the plaque were carefully considered by members of the Nubian Jak Trust and those involve at the core of carnival and its historians. Every aspect of Notting Hill carnival courts an air of controversy and at least one person who was named on the plaque has asked for his name to be removed. According to the Trust, Carnival Village, one of the funders behind the project has withdrawn their funding. This has forced the Trust to embark on the services of Crowdfunding to offset the cost of the project which is set at £9,995. The Trust has given a breakdown on how the money will be spent. The 6ft plaque will cost £4,815 while installation will be £1200 and management and marketing fees with £980 allocated for speeches and other expenses.

The Nubian Jak Community Trust have been responsible for install over 35 blue plaques across the UK, among them are Amy Ashwood Garvey, Arthur Wint, Claudia Jones, Leslie Palmer, Russell Henderson, Dennis Brown, Bernie Grant and Kelso Cochraine. The Trust is responsible also for the African and Caribbean Memorial installed at Windrush Square in tribute to and remembering the soldiers from the African and Caribbean nations who fought alongside Great Britain and its allies during both World wars. For further information and to donate to the funding of this project please visit:

Culturepulse was in conversation with the Trust CEO, Jak Beula who said that “there has been extensive collaboration and debates regarding the 70 names chosen to honour the pioneers of Notting Hill Carnival.” He also expressed is disappointment that Carnival Village has withdrawn their funding and to those who objected to their name being on the plaque. Bertha Joseph, former Brent 02076924880 or 07506444415


Masterpiece London 2018

London now in its 8th year proved to be the art fair that, according to it patron HRH Princess Alexandra is “affirming its reputation as a jewel in the crown of London’s summer art season.” Masterpiece 2018 certainly one of those art events where you are completely blown away by over 160 exhibitors showcasing the very best the art world has on offer. The Royal Bank of Canada,

the principle sponsor of Masterpiece 2018 has a long-standing advocate of the power of art. Head of Wealth Management International at the bank, Ashif Ratanshi said “The Royal Bank of 13

Canada is delighted to be returning for the 6th year as the principle sponsor of Masterpiece London, one of the most prominent gatherings of collectors, exhibitors and curators in the world.� To experience the vast collection of art from across all corners of the continent is awesome and inspiring for those attending. The exhibition as described by Chairman of the fair, Phillip Hewat-Jabor as having work from all fields and “underpinned by the passion, connoisseurship and unrivalled knowledge of international exhibitors.� This great exhibition of thousands of years of art history under one roof has been the highlight of London summer art fairs and will continue to be so for many more years to come. Since the art fair began eight years ago it has always strived for dialogue between private and public sectors. Last year over 200 museum representatives attended the

event that brings curators and art dealers together. Masterpiece London continues to demonstrate its commitment to sharing of expertise by devoting study time to exploring relationships between museums and the art trade.




Mixing it: Diversity in World War Two Britain. I had the courtesy of reading review of Wendy Webster’s Mixing it: Diversity in World War Two Britain. I was apprehensive to read this review mainly, because these books often omit the opportunity to talk about and give a historical context to the part that African and Caribbean people played during both World Wars.

Sam King on his return to England after the war noticed the change of attitude, Webster also extends that this treated was not just to those of colour but also to the Irish and Polish as often at some ‘Polish air force stations were daubed with Poles Go Home.’

Mixing it: Diversity in World War Two Britain.

Judging from the review, Webster seems to have had this covered. She mentions the efforts of the Czechs, Polish, Irish, Indians, Canadians, Caribbean and African and French alike. To the point where she states that the “black GIs were regarded as more polite than their white counterparts.” According to the review in the Guardian ‘Mixing it explores how the population of Britain between 1939 – 1945 became more diverse by nationality and ethnicity than it had ever been before.’

Published by Oxford is available now at £25

Webster gives account of Windrush and wrote about Sam King’s return to England on the SS Windrush from Jamaica. She tackles to the issue of the hundreds of ‘mixed race children’ who were regarded as ‘unadoptable by agencies’ citing that racial prejudices were rife despite the streets of London becoming international where ‘uniforms from all over the world’ could be seen. Racial prejudices were not the only barriers that were met by soldiers from the colonies. A Trinidadian pilot reflected that he “had no friend, no girl, no one in all England. I am alone and the only time I feel at all happy is when I am in my Spitfire.” After the war, what little courtesy tat was extended to the allies, including Irish, Polish, African and Caribbean soldiers began to diminish. 17


Literature Corner I have selected a couple of books that is a must read if you’re into history and literature. These are not core books but books beautifully written and guaranteed to stir your imagination and would stop you clinging to your smart phone to keep up with the all the fake news and ‘likes’ on social media. Some of the books selected are available from Amazon and other good bookshops and Peepal Tree website. Happy reading.


Leslie Stephen Palmer MBE. 20 Notting Hill Carnival Pioneer

Culturepulse Issue 50  

Connecting the Diaspora

Culturepulse Issue 50  

Connecting the Diaspora