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Review: Federal Budget Financial Distress: Managing Money Telling isn’t Selling

WIN beautiful luggage: pg 24 Edition 4, 2011 Publication Date June 7th 2011 | Next Edition July 19th 2011

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ESSENTIALS Ian Godbold had the task of writing about Prospecting for this

edition. Anyone in sales knows how onerous this can be. Ian has given some great ideas - you have possibly heard them all before, but a refresher course is always good too.

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Essentials’ pages are your opportunity to write an editorial about the forces, good and bad, within your kind of business AND to have an accompanying ad. The ad is recognisably yours DQGFDQUHÁHFWH[DFWO\ZKDWLVVDLGLQWKHHGLWRULDO this is encouraged, as you are putting your money where your mouth is. The Essentials are exclusive to only one of a kind of business, so if you can tell a story about your world, why not have a shout about it? 11 - essentiallaw

Sascha Coglan talks about Marketing in

this edition. She outlines her one page marketing plan in Eight Easy Steps. She also has a great matrix

“Painfree Divorce a goal” Deborah Awyzio advises on some of the “how to’s” regarding DQDPLFDEOHGLYRUFHWKHVLWXDWLRQLVEDG HQRXJKZRUNWKURXJKLWXVLQJWKHLQYDOXDEOH information given here.

for you to copy and personalise, suggesting you

12 - essentialmultimedia

place it somewhere you can see it every day.

“Video Testimonials” - How effective are video testimonials? They have the element of authenticity that you cannot get in the written form. Read how to achieve this for your business.

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Brenden Turner writes about positive wealth management for

business and their employees. He points out how much more productive employees are when they do not have personal wealth issues. There are courses which can be run to teach positive budgeting.

13 - essentialwills

“Superannuation, Careful Planning” Tony de Kort relates another disaster which occured when a will was not written correctly. This ones relates to superannuation and particularily the alocation of trustees of these funds. 14 - essentialcommunication

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Matthew Beasley presents a Tax Planning guide for the new

“Using Vivid Language to heighten emotional Language” Michelle and Trish explain how much more effective and engaging your spoken language can be if you become expressive.


15 - essentialreading

which will help you take a smoother path in the

“Too big to Fail” Jon has sourced another explanation of the 2008 Financial Crisis. This is, though, a consice history of what happened, how it happened and why it happened. He let’s us in to some of the secrets of the author and how he was able to write what he did.

next twelve months.

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BUDGET review colin coverdale | opportune business network

:HKDYHMXVWKDGWKH)HGHUDO%XGJHWGHOLYHUHGDQGLWVWLPHWRUHÁHFWRQZKDW lies ahead for small to medium sized businesses in Australia.

The past year has proven to be tougher than many owners expected because of the constant reference to the “end of the recession” and the beginning of ´WKHUHFRYHU\µ7KHÁRRG damage to many parts of the eastern states simply exacerbated the internal conditions with the result being a second dip in business activity.

- Parallel economy in the west

The bad news is the rising numbers of business failures brought about by the sluggish domestic economy plus those businesses so damaged as to not re-open. The ATO is not helping either by issuing growing numbers of Directors letters at a time ZKHQIXQGLQJWD[GHÀFLWVLVGLIÀFXOW across the small business sector.

- Increased immigration

For some owners it has been a once in a lifetime walk-away experience and it will take several years before the overall situation is restored. For many it remains a long haul as FDVKÁRZLVVKRUWDQGVSHQGLQJ power lessens as internal costs rise. Thankfully the Reserve Bank has no real need to raise interest rates for a while yet, as other forces at play are doing the job for them. What we do need is stability for local businesses to consider how best they can proceed in the 2011/2012 year. The budget Not as frightening as some may have thought, despite Wayne Swan’s warnings. Interesting how much information was leaked prior to the RIÀFLDOUHOHDVHZKLFKZDVDFXWHEXW QRWXQH[SHFWHGZD\RIÀQGLQJRXW what would not be tolerated. The backdrop to the release of the Budget is the present economic issues, summed up as follows: 6


- Reliance of China’s demand - Political party changes in Victoria, NSW and predicted for Queensland - The disaster recovery mode - Rising cost of living - Rising interest rates over time 7KHVFDUHRIULVLQJLQÁDWLRQ - Flattening house sales - The withdrawal of Govt. subsidies - Lack of skilled workers - High Australian dollar - High rate of infrastructural spending The Budget itself has (as always) goods and bads within it. This Government has been good at implementing infrastructural and other expenditures which assisted business through the recessionary period. Unfortunately some expenditure was rorted (as only Australians can) and ran well over the expected limits causing public protests at the wastage of funds. 7KLVEXGJHWLVDÀUVWVWHSLQFRUUHFWLQJ trading account imbalances within which are the unsolved issues such as the Resource Tax and Carbon Tax - which will lead to a Budget review in the near future. Given the backdrop shown above there is a long way to go because these factors are presently hurting small business. The Budget does not indicate a great deal of sympathy for small business DQGLWLVKDUGWRÀQGHYLGHQFHRI urgently needed assistance. Small business asset write-offs have been increased to $500 plus another $5000 tax break on automobile purchases – which may fall short of target because it relies on businesses having the need to buy new or replacement vehicles. At this stage of recovery they

have probably been through this SKDVHRIFRVWHIÀFLHQF\DOUHDG\ The spending on training initiatives VKRXOGÀOWHUGRZQLQWRWKHUHOHYDQW business organisations via the sectors. Examples: the need to get PRUHSHUVRQVLQWRHPSOR\PHQW the allowance for single mothers to receive training and the training tagged to companies requiring skilled immigrants. The tax breaks for investors in infrastructure projects may work to stimulate capital inputs. The tax breaks on excess superannuation VDYLQJVQHHGHGÀ[LQJLQDQ\FDVH Nobody really understood why extra superannuation savings were taxed to bits rather than be treated like free gold nuggets by a Government that is fed up with rising welfare costs. The superannuation guarantee rate will rise from 9% to 12% over the seven years between 2013 / 2020 on a graduated scale. 7KHÁRRGOHY\WD[ZLOOFRPHLQWRHIIHFW ÀQDQFLDO\HDUDWVSOLWUDWHV for those earning $50,000+ and those earning $100,000+ in earnings. The small business income tax reduction to 28% already announced does not start until 2013/2014. Other Budget bits The set-top boxes being supplied to the elderly at $300 may be challenged by retailers because boxes themselves are now typically below $100. A Teachers bonus of $8000 will be provided to 1:10 teachers who prove to be “good” at what they do. The Low Income Tax Offset has been increased from 50% to 70% which would mean about $300 extra for those earning $30,000 or below. No doubt these actions will release some monies into the domestic economy but as the Retail and Hospitality sectors are evidencing, there is a need to do more to

stimulate spending and business growth at grass roots level. Whilst the mining sector may be going well they are not mass employers like the mainstream industries are and which are at risk of having to lay off staff if things don’t improve (especially the high Australian dollar). Given the overall situation in the domestic economy i.e. tight trading, lack of cash circulation, diminishing purchasing power and a growing need for capital it is timely to review what businesses can now do in the 2011/2012 ÀQDQFLDO\HDU

- Renegotiate lease costs, change locations if feasible and/or sub-let spare space

Time to review the fundamentals

- Be careful not to overspend on online activities (e.g. SEO) which are still less than 10% of all retail spending

Cash is the liquid that makes business work so WKHÀUVWIXQGDPHQWDOLVWR take care of business: -Take steps to increase cash availability by raising deposits, shortening trade terms and trading for cash wherever possible. - Rearrange mortgages or business funding to get cheaper rates and lower servicing demands

- Claim available subsidies or tax concessions (discuss with your accountant)

- Create additional cash by getting rid of poor producing assets: - Sell off surplus stock and other assets - Extend maintenance periods where appropriate

- Marketing can be critical too, so review the promotional spend:

- Sell assets no longer producing satisfactory returns

- Spend as much as you can afford but use the channels that work for you.

- Use other people resources to lower your own costs:

- Do not spend up large on new fangled ways to promote as they are unlikely to make great change

- Outsource activities to shed costs but retain control of the end results….

…and happy hunting!!

- Employment costs can easily escalate and care must be taken to maintain control: - Do not hire unless you really have to. Hiring creates immediate FRVWVZKHUHDVSURÀWDELOLW\ needs time to catch up - Examine whether training could be useful to improving productivity

Colin Coverdale – Strategist & Business Planner – Banking, Finance, Oil; CEO undertaking successful corporate recovery work; &HUWLÀHG0DQDJHPHQW&RQVXOWDQW)HOORZ,QVWLWXWHPDQDJHPHQW Consultants; Director of Opportune Business Network

(usually $550+gst for 12 months)

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PROSPECTING- FINDING NEW CUSTOMERS FOR YOUR business ian godbold | principal of godbold & associates

Salespeople appear

to be one of two types …there are those who always chase new customers (hunters), but hate going back to those they have sold to in the past. Then there are salespeople who are really good at maintaining relationships with current customers (farmers), but hate prospecting for new ones. If you are the business owner and doing your own sales, you are probably in the second group and need to force yourself to get out and prospect for new customers. You know you have to do it because of the natural attrition of old customers as their businesses change, fold up or change hands. You have to have new



customers for your business to grow and to just stay where you are. So, put away the plough, pick up your bow and arrow and start hunting! Here are some prospecting ideas to show where to start: Current & past customers The easy one – make an appointment DQGDVNVRPHTXHVWLRQV<RXZLOOÀQG that many of your current customers are also buying from competitors and also may not be aware of the other products / services you supply. Cloning good customers In a typical business 20% of the customers account for 80% of the sales revenue. So look at this 20% DQGVHHZKHUH\RXFDQÀQGPRUH customers like them. Are they a

particular size, industry, type of organisation? Then you start looking for more of them. The great thing about this approach is that they will be impressed because you already have customers like them, know what WKH\ZDQWHWF<RXFDQÀQGWKHPZLWK Google and Yellow pages searches as well as in industry association lists etc. Buying prospect lists You would be amazed how easy it is to buy database lists of prospective customers which can be selected by industry, type of business, location, number of employees etc and by data type like postal address, phone, fax and email. I use Impact Lists in Melbourne and have found them extremely helpful (1300 554 671) ask for Carolyn Hayward.

Expanding your business reach Could your business go national or even international? With the internet, websites and international delivery / payment you could be providing goods and services anywhere in the world. Past rejections Go back to businesses who you have tried to recruit in the past. Things change all the time. Maybe their old supplier has let them down or the new manager is keen on sharing the orders between suppliers. Referrals Could your current customers introduce you to other prospects in their industry or location? Try asking them.

+RZWRJHWWKHÀUVWRUGHU Consider the “lifetime value” of a QHZFXVWRPHUUDWKHUWKDQWKHÀUVW order. If you make them an offer they can’t refuse you may make a loss on WKHÀUVWRUGHUEXWJDLQDOLIHWLPHRI SURÀWDEOHRUGHUVLQUHWXUQ<RXDUH giving them a sample of what you can offer. If they like it you have a good chance they will keep buying from you. You do need to make sure that you have a good point of difference that makes your product or service better than your competitors. Get active – Set KPI’s – Measure results Set personal KPI’s to start building prospecting for new customers into your daily and weekly routine and measure the results.

Set goals for gaining say a 20% increase in your “A” customer group during the next year and commit to it. ,QFUHDVHGEXVLQHVVVL]HDQGSURÀWV is a one new customer at a time job. Do it every day and you have 365 new customers in a year.

Start now! Ian Godbold is the Principal of Godbold & Associates, specialising in marketing services, printed & electronic, to SMEs. Author of “Marketing for SMEs Made Easy”. Contact:




LINKtricity brad hauck | search engine marketer

Working on the search engine

Fan Pages, Twitter, LinkedIn,

and social sites, the focus of

optimisation of your website is

Google and YouTube. Take time

your links can turn to other


to include your name as people

websites, mini sites, blogs and

rankings in Google. Search engines

sometimes look for the owner of

supporting business sites.

are now placing great importance

a business after meeting them.

on the sites linking to you. Think of these links as “votes of

name, address, contact details and


a short description of the services

information. It’s a bit like business

or products you supply. This is a

networking. When you ask a friend

good place to slip in your keywords.

who the best shed company is

Once you have completed these,

and they tell you PD Sheds, you

will be about building the links so that Google counts them rather than building links for people to follow to your site. You should try to build as many links (votes) back to your website as you can.

add yourself to each of the local directories. There are many free

Linking building is the SEO step

Google looks at all the sites linking

directories and some paid ones.

that most businesses fail to do.

to you and considers that you

Not all of the paid ones are worth

Building links will set you apart

might be the best site for people

being in when you compare the

and above your competition where

looking for your product or service.

number of visitors they provide with

it counts most – in Google!


the cost of inclusion. Ensure that

are more likely to buy from them.

building links is to take advantage

you include a link to your website

of the popular social media sites.

because this is the link you need.


Once you have completed adding

website on Facebook, Facebook

yourself to these directories

Would you like to win a FREE ad? 10

From this point forward your linking

Each site will need your business


Brad Hauck writes and runs courses / webinars on SEO, email marketing and all facets of web based communication.

All you have to do is email Susan with your name, business and phone number Draw closes Friday 1st of July 2011

It’s that easy!


PAIN FREE DIVORCE a goal deborah awyzio | da family lawyers

The statistics are creeping up to 50% of marriages ending in divorce, so divorce is becoming a reality for a lot of people. Even though the stigma of divorce has largely disappeared, it is still one of the most stressful events a person may have to go through in their life. The aim for Family Lawyers is to minimise the impact of the process on all people involved and in particular the children. There are many issues to be considered when spouses make a decision that they no longer wish to continue in a relationship with each other:Firstly and most importantly is: Is that the right decision and should they consider marriage counselling? The actual divorce, which has been VLPSOLÀHGWRWKHH[WHQWWKDWVSRXVHV can now lodge their application HQWLUHO\RQOLQH Parenting arrangements about where children of the marriage will live and the time they will spend with each parent

Changing your will and superannuation nomination RIEHQHÀFLDULHV Preparing an enduring power of attorney Personal safety and living arrangements following a separation

rather than the provision of money to your spouse, responsibility can be taken for certain expenses.

Family Lawyers serve an important role in assisting people going through the transitional period that follows any separation. It is important to develop a plan to move towards a resolution and enable spouses to enter into the next stage of their life.

Safeguards you can put in place to ensure that there is no wastage of DVVHWVEHIRUHWKHUHLVDÀQDOLVDWLRQ of your property settlement

When looking for a family lawyer be aware that some Family Lawyers have XQGHUWDNHQIXUWKHUVSHFLÀFWUDLQLQJ and study to obtain accreditation with the Queensland Law Society as a Family Law Accredited Specialist and these lawyers have particular H[SHUWLVHLQWKH)DPLO\/DZÀHOG

Once an agreement is reached, the best way to formalise that agreement IRU\RXUIXWXUHSURWHFWLRQDQGEHQHÀW

Valuable advice that can be provided by an accredited Family Law Specialist includes:-

Division of property owned by the spouses

Practical options to consider for shared parenting arrangements

Financial support for the children of the marriage, child support

Referral to other services

Paying the bills and access to funds

The amount of support to provide to your former spouse or what you are entitled to from your former spouse, and methods used to provide this support. For example,

What to focus on to resolve issues, rather then have protracted disputes

Whilst divorce is not a pleasant process to go through, there is no reason that it can’t be civilised and respectful. Family Lawyers make this achievable. You should ask your Family Lawyer to develop a plan for you with clear steps to be taken to resolve the issues you are concerned about. Professional advice at an early stage has the potential to not only save money but to minimise stress and achieve peace of mind.

Documents to start gathering and the right steps to take to make property VHWWOHPHQWSURFHHGPRUHHIÀFLHQWO\

For comment or questions please email deborah@

We provide accredited family law for; - Prenuptial agreements - Parenting Orders - Contravention of children orders - Child support & Spousal maintenance - Specific Issues (schooling, child’s name etc) - Hague Convention proceedings - Property settlements - Parenting disputes - Defacto relationship settlements

Ph 3238 5900

Contact Us For Your FREE First Half Hour Consultation




POWER OF A VIDEO testimonial aegir brands | surge media

Written testimonials have been around for years and serve a purpose, but they can lack the credibility and strength of someone being seen actually saying what is good about a product or service like you can on video. When you see a written testimonial can you be certain the person it is attributed to actually exists, or if they actually wrote what they have put their name to? With a video testimonial you see a real person actually saying what they believe about a product or service – more believable and more credible with a human touch. Such a third-party endorsement can be your strongest and most effective referral tool. American business mentor, motivator and guru Ken Varga swears by video testimonials. In fact he carries a camera with him so he can catch people on video when they give him positive feedback, and use WKHÀOPWRJHWPRUHFOLHQWV He experimented with 20 customers over lunch and all agreed that the video testimonials were more motivational and more believable than written ones.

Businesses need to have a process in place to produce video testimonials ZLWKKDSS\DQGVDWLVÀHGFXVWRPHUV and then make sure they use them – on the business website, on You Tube, Facebook, wherever. As the experts at Cutting Edge PR say, testimonials have to be real, they have to be genuine. A faked, overscripted, acted testimonial on video will usually be seen for what it is. Not that a professionally produced testimonial won’t work in the right context and place, and there are local specialists in online video productions who can do it for you. A video testimonial needs to be different from an advertisement: it needs to be a strong, genuine message about your business, not an advertisement aggressively pushing a product or service. The Video Marketing Blog (http:// bid/17531/Video-Testimonials-Usethe-Case-Study-Format ) hosted by Yes Media Works say you don’t want “cheerleader” testimonials using ZRUGVOLNH´DZHVRPHµDQG´WHUULÀFµ and giving little solid information.

Video testimonials don’t have to be hugely expensive. If you are “on location” shoot as many as you can, NHHSLQJVRPHIRUIXWXUHXVHVKRRW them at a seminar or other event ZKHUH\RXUFXVWRPHUVDUHOLNHO\WREH or ask customers about doing one ZKHQWKH\DUHLQ\RXUVWRUHRURIÀFH While you need to keep the genuine touch in a testimonial, you also need to have some structure to make it effective, getting the customer to address aspects such as why they ÀUVWFRQVLGHUHG\RXUSURGXFWRU VHUYLFHWKHLUSHUFHSWLRQVDERXWLW EHIRUHWKDWLIWKHSHUFHSWLRQKDV FKDQJHGZKDWWKH\OLNHDERXW WKHSURGXFWDQGZK\DQGZRXOG they recommend you to others. Testimonials can be an important part of your business, as they are for many businesses, particularly using video and social media. For yours to stand out they need to be genuine but unique, professional but credible third-party unbiased endorsement of your business. For comment or questions please email


Don’t have a video o on your website?



$4 na 99 lW


Professional Website Videos

i eb ncl g sit st e Vi



website development search engine optimisation search engine marketing video productions hosting & domain registrations | | Phone [07] 3137 1171 | Email 12



SUPERANNUATION careful planning tony de kort | estate planning solutions

Self Managed Superannuation has become attractive to many people and families and in particular small business operators, due to the Ă H[LELOLW\DQGWKHRSSRUWXQLW\WR manage your own investments. Unfortunately, in relation to Estate Planning, to the uneducated, it can be fraught with danger. 7KHOHJLVODWLRQLVFOHDUWKH´VROH purposeâ&#x20AC;? of superannuation is to â&#x20AC;&#x153;provide retirement and or GHDWKEHQHĂ&#x20AC;WVWRPHPEHUVÂľ Many promoters of self managed super shout simplicity and management of your own money, which sounds attractive. Now, when it comes to â&#x20AC;&#x153;slipping off the planetâ&#x20AC;? as no doubt you will, I am sure you want the funds to go where you want â&#x20AC;&#x201C; thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s part of the idea. If you run a self managed fund you should know the game rules in relation to the passing of money to whom you have nominated. If \RXGRQ¡W²JHWDFWLYHDQGĂ&#x20AC;QG out because the following is a real life example of what can happen

despite your best laid plans and not receiving real â&#x20AC;&#x153;specialist adviceâ&#x20AC;?. So, Mummy and Daddy set up a self managed fund for their retirement. They have two grown up kids, everyone gets on and the idea is once Mum and Dad are gone, kids get the money after death, if it hasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t all been used. Simple enough. Hereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s where greed and lack of correct â&#x20AC;&#x153;specialistâ&#x20AC;? checking can kick in. Mummy dies. Daddy appoints his daughter as the new co-trustee. All JRHVZHOOIXQGJURZVZHOODVSHU their original plan. Daddy continues to draw down and lives well in his retirement. Remember, both grown up kids are ultimate recipients of the fund and brother and sister get on well. Then daddy dies. The problem now, is that another â&#x20AC;&#x153;cotrusteeâ&#x20AC;? needs to be appointed. The loving daughter decides to appoint her husband as the cotrustee. As Mum and Dad have both passed the rules require funds to be paid out. However a little known rule to most is that the trustees have â&#x20AC;&#x153;sole discretionâ&#x20AC;? of where funds are allocated and the massive power to

override what Mum and Dad wanted to happen to remaining assets of the fund. So you guessed it, the trustees allocated the whole million dollars in this case to the daughter only. Why did she do this? Because she can. So history repeats again, and greed gets in the way. There was no real thought or specialist auditing in relation to the Estate Planning in this case. Needless to say, the brother doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t send Christmas or birthday cards to his sister anymore. So people, this is happening out there. Did you know that? Did you also know that superannuation is not part of your will? If you want to avoid this happening to you, please make contact as we have access to a team of specialists so they we can make sure this doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t happen to you, and sink another family just like the Titanic. For comment or questions, please email

HAVE YOU GOT A WILL? Do you really understand the consequences of your will? You need to talk to TONY, who can guide you into avoiding the pitfalls of incorrectly worded wills.


Ph: Tony 0417 648 969 EDITION 4



USING VIVID LANGUAGE TO HEIGHTEN EMOTIONAL connection michele keighley & trish springsteen | trischel

Isn’t language wonderful? Who hasn’t sat and listened as a consummate storyteller wove mental pictures for us with wonderful words? We have been told that “a picture is worth a thousand ZRUGVµ²EXWLVLWLVLWUHDOO\"µ If I were to ask you to draw a picture of a book or a dog or anything that is solid and visual you would probably be able to do it. But what if I asked you to draw something more emotional, like “wistful”, what would you draw? Would the drawing be as clear as the word? Sometimes we need vivid and expressive language to touch our listener’s emotions. Good wordsmiths will use a variety of grammatical ploys to create the visual recognition within us. We may understand the results without understanding the methods used, so lets explore two of the easiest methods. Do you recall Wordsworth’s famous poem that starts “I wandered lonely DVDFORXGWKDWÁRDWVRQKLJKR·HU hill and dale...” Here we mentally visualise the soft, delicate cloud being gently blown around the sky, thereby coming to an understanding of how

Wordsworth was aimlessly wandering, solitary across the landscape.

else, they are actually referred to as if they have become that.

By likening our attitude or action to a strong and immediate visual component we can increase the effectiveness of our words. Poets use it constantly and it is known as a Simile. They are immediately recognisable because they are introduced by the words ‘like’ or ‘as’. Madonna’s ‘Like a virgin, kissed IRUWKHYHU\ÀUVWWLPH·JLYHVXVDQ understanding of the innocence and vulnerability she is trying to convey. Some similes are so well known that they have become clichés - ‘busy as a bee’ no longer strikes the listener with a unique mental picture. But an unusual simile can bring to mind a whole host of emotional responses “the smell of cooking from my grandmother’s kitchen wrapped me in memories of childhood” – now didn’t that bring to mind a very special picture? Similes can be used to trigger a VSHFLÀFUHVSRQVHE\OLNHQLQJRQH thing to another with a peculiarly unique common factor. It creates vivid language. Secondly, there is the metaphor. Here one thing takes on the attributes of another. Instead of being ‘like’ something

For instance we use ‘the foot of the mountain’ and most would understand exactly what we mean. But by using metaphors more inventively we can create a strong visual component to our words. Lee Iacocca once said “I talk about gasoline prices and interest rates because they have always been the twin engines that drive my business.” He was using a metaphor to drive home the importance of prices and interest rates. Each of these uses the mental images created by common knowledge and experience to add a visual component to our words and generate an emotional response in our listeners. If we want to connect and engage with our audience we need to engage them with an emotional component that will enable them to personally engage with our message. Using vivid language will do just that for us. For comment or questions please email

Use expressive verbal language!




TOO BIG TO fail jon welch | dymocks on albert

His whole impetus in writing this book came from his many years at the Timesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;, where he distinguished himself by taking the web seriously and creating a journalistâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s brand, early on in his career. He founded and now edits the Timesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; DealBook email, read by some 200,000 people, plus the blog, with 2.5 million unique monthly visitors, plus the weekly column, breaking news scoops, television appearances, and 60,000 Twitter followers, he is one of the Timesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; most visible players. Media ubiquity is a strategic decision. In the cubicle jungle of the Times, heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s an entrepreneur. â&#x20AC;&#x153;All of it is self-reinforcing,â&#x20AC;? Sorkin says. I believe he saw an opportunity, had the ability to act on it and took the bull by the horns.

The opportunity was to write about the 2008 Financial Crisis (again!!!). The ability was in that he would ZULWHLWLQDYHU\VSHFLĂ&#x20AC;FPDQQHULQ that he wrote it â&#x20AC;&#x153;for dummiesâ&#x20AC;?. Even though there was probably not one person in the USA who hadnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t heard the term â&#x20AC;&#x153;Financial Crisisâ&#x20AC;?, probably 95% of them could not explain what it actually meant and how it happened. He knew he would be able to produce a great novel because he was able to draw on all of the â&#x20AC;&#x153;starsâ&#x20AC;? of the show. Everyone on Wall Street talks to Sorkin, which makes everyone need to talk to Sorkin. â&#x20AC;&#x153;You never know when you need to go back to the favour bank,â&#x20AC;? one senior investment banker explained. He has cultivated an A-list of Wall Street power players as his sources, a remarkable feat considering that many of these men are twice his age. Too Big to Fail is a must-read for anyone who wants a clear, concise SLFWXUHRIWKHĂ&#x20AC;VFDOHYHQWVRI decisions that led to Lehmanâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s bankruptcy and the resulting chaotic weeks on Wall Street.

Book Review!

To debut at number four on the Times best-seller list, as did â&#x20AC;&#x153;Too Big to Failâ&#x20AC;?, is no mean feat for any author. Thirty-two year old Andrew Sorkin, late Gen X, early Gen Y demographic, embraced all things publishing / newspaper and like what he did with the topic of the 2008 Financial Crisis, he used it all to his advantage.



Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not a bad read, either, for those who followed the crisis GD\WRGD\5HDGHUVZRQ¡WĂ&#x20AC;QG a lot of new information here, just a smoother packaging and DORQJOLVWRIMXVWLĂ&#x20AC;FDWLRQV The author also wants the book to be a reminder of just how close to the abyss the whole system came. He has written a methodically researched and persuasive book. He has used his age to his advantage: at times he acts a little dumb, but heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s only playing the most time-tested role of all great reporters. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s how you get information out of egotistical people: make them want to educate you with all that they know. Too Big To Fail is alive with splendid anecdotes, piquant dialogue and page-turning cliffhangers. There are no villains here, and a good few heroes. It stakes a good claim WREHLQJWKHGHĂ&#x20AC;QLWLYHVWRU\RI our once-in-a-lifetime crisis. For comment or questions please email


all business books â&#x20AC;&#x153;3 for 2â&#x20AC;?

So taNe advantage oI this great oIIer

Dymocks on Albert 177 Albert Street, (Cnr Albert & Elizabeth Sts.) Ph 3007 2800 EDITION 4


OFFICIALLY OPEN FOR business lord mayor graham quirk

7KHĂ RRGUHFRYHU\SURFHVVLV continuing around Brisbane, but the FLW\LVRIĂ&#x20AC;FLDOO\RSHQIRUEXVLQHVV and we want the world to know. Our â&#x20AC;&#x153;Together Brisbaneâ&#x20AC;? campaign has been launched to entice Australian and international investors, who may still think Queensland is a disaster zone in the wake of the -DQXDU\Ă RRGEDFNWR%ULVEDQH 7KHHFRQRPLFFRVWRIWKHĂ RRGHYHQW was about $3 billion, so we need people to know Brisbane is open for business and that our local companies are waiting with open doors. Council chose to use the famous 60â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s song Come Together for the campaign, to showcase the incredible community spirit shown by local residents and businesses GXULQJWKHĂ RRGUHFRYHU\

Since the State Government took control of water, the average Brisbane water bill has gone from $813.90 in 2007/08 to $1166.62 in 2010/11 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; an increase of 43 per cent. During that same period the price that the State Government sells its wholesale water to retailers like Queensland Urban Utilities (QUU) has increased 141 per cent. Southeast Queensland councils, including Brisbane, have argued from day one that the State Government should never have taken control of water away from councils.

This campaign is an important statement about the resilience of Brisbaneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s residents and economy, which is why weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re using real people to tell real recovery stories and promote the recovery of iconic business hubs such as the Rocklea Markets, Suncorp Stadium, Eagle Street Pier and the Rosalie shopping district.

We were even more opposed to the setting up of separate water retailers such as QUU which are not accountable for their decisions, at the ballot box.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Together Brisbaneâ&#x20AC;? is a multi-million dollar international campaign, which has been rolled out thanks to the generous support of the advertising and media industries, with at least $3 million worth of free advertising and promotion.

The Premier wants to give control of water bills back to councils, with a cap on the price we can sell it back to you.

As your Lord Mayor I am committed to delivering the best value for Brisbane ratepayers.


Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s also why I will continue to stand up to the State Government and their outrageous attempts to force you, the ratepayers of Brisbane, to foot the bill for their botched $9 billion water grid.

However, the Premierâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s recent attempt to hand back control of water to councils is not the generous deal she is making out and is not ZKDWZHKDYHEHHQĂ&#x20AC;JKWLQJIRU

We understand the importance of getting these skyrocketing water bills under control.

Times are tough and households are struggling under rising costs of living pressures.

However, what the Premier is really proposing is capping the price councils can sell water to you, without also capping the price the State Government will sell wholesale water to councils.

Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s why Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m making sure this Council is watching every penny and looking to deliver a tight budget in June that focuses on service delivery, not grandiose promises.

Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s basically the same as a brewery selling a carton of beer to a bottle shop for $50, but the brewery then demanding the bottle shop only charges the public $40 at the till.


This is a major problem because the State Governmentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s wholesale water charges are the reason for these astronomical water bills weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re seeing at the moment. But wait, thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s more. On top of this, the Premierâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s plan would also see councils wearing the cost of shutting down these water retailers like Queensland Urban Utilities, which would cost Brisbane ratepayers $58 million alone. This is a recipe for disaster and could potentially send some smaller councils broke. Ratepayers would also suffer as we would be forced to cut investment in better water pipes and plants or raise rates to cover any shortfall. Neither of these outcomes would equal a good deal for Brisbane ratepayers, despite the Premierâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s claims. I am sick and tired of the political blame game that this State Labor Government continues to play on water. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s time the Premier took responsibility for her government making a complete mess of our water bills and come up with a genuine plan to clean it up. This means no longer expecting ratepayers to continue to pay off the State Governmentâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s botched $9 billion water grid through exorbitant water prices and giving control of water back to councils in a way that doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t force them to cut services or increase rates. People deserve a fair go during these tough economic times and thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s why ,ZLOOFRQWLQXHWRĂ&#x20AC;JKWWRVHFXUHWKH best deal for Brisbane ratepayers. Cheers,


TELLING ISN’T selling james mcnamara | impact factory

If you’ve ever come up against and objection such as “yes but our business/situation is different” or “we’re just going to put that on the back-burner for a while”, there’s a very real chance that you did more telling than selling with that particular client. Until your client believes that you know what’s going on for them, it’s unlikely that they will be convinced by your sales presentation. Gaining a deep and thorough understanding of the client is a performance key that eludes many sales people. All too often sales people ask just enough questions to get a general feel for the problem, then launch into explaining their solution. Jumping in too early to present a solution is a trap that hampers sales


conversion. Sales people must focus on leading their client to a solution, rather than ‘convincing’ them of a solution. It’s a subtle but powerful distinction. Let’s look at that in more depth… One of the most powerful LQÁXHQFHVNLOOVLVWKHDELOLW\WR ‘draw out’ information from the client. Questions should be used sparingly as they can become a major barrier to communication. The best sales people use a few well constructed questions as a means of initiating a response. From there they draw out the customer with good quality active listening. Make no mistake, this can be hard work. Often the client comes to the sales situation with a degree of apprehension. Consequently they




$120 branding creative marketing advertising social media

Phone Rachel on 1300 399 239


can remain tight lipped. It can be hard to get them talking. Using too many questions can reinforce the client’s apprehension. In an attempt to overcome this awkward situation sales people often short circuit WKHQHHGVLGHQWLÀFDWLRQSKDVHDQGPRYH onto what they are more comfortable with… talking about their product or service. It’s understandable why sales people do this, BUT telling isn’t selling! So what’s the solution? )DFLOLWDWLQJDIUHHÁRZLQJFRQYHUVLRQZLWK a client (who you may not know that ZHOO UHTXLUHVÀUVWFODVVFRPPXQLFDWLRQ VNLOOV7KHEHQHÀWRIXWLOLVLQJJRRG quality listening skills is that the client can comfortably disclose information at their own pace. They don’t feel like they are ‘fending off’ a barrage of imposing questions. Listening builds trust. It shows a respect for the client’s situation and needs. It lets the client know that the sales person is genuine about providing the best solution. Listening is far more powerful than telling and the best sales people spend two thirds of their time listening and gathering information and only one third giving information. Top sales people know that they need to see the problem through the client’s eyes. This enables them to present their solution in a way that the client will ÀQGPRVWDWWUDFWLYH7KLVDSSURDFKLV also excellent for qualifying the client’s level of desire for a solution. There is no point wasting time selling to clients who don’t have a strong desire for a solution. Top performers maximise their sales effort by qualifying very well. 2QHWHUULÀFDFWLYHOLVWHQLQJWHFKQLTXH explained in my ebook is the IDEAS process. This process allows the sales person to develop a deep understanding of the client’s problem, the impacts of that problem and the end results the client desires. Not only does this active listening approach put the sales person in the box seat to secure the sale, it also gently separates the serious buyers from the tyre kickers. Until next time, happy selling!

we are good ideas.

FOR YOUR FREE COPY of “7 Ways to be a Sales Leader”, visit sme or call James on 1300 790150. EDITION 4


A ONE-PAGE MARKETING PLAN IN 8 easy steps sascha coglan | sjc marketing


a comprehensive marketing plan is a valuable asset to your business. A marketing plan helps form a solid foundation for your whole business. It is the basis from which all operational and management plans are developed and can act as a roadmap for all your marketing activities. But for many, the idea of spending hours researching and writing a lengthy marketing plan is a huge turn off, and consequently sits permanently in the â&#x20AC;&#x153;To Doâ&#x20AC;? tray.

Today is the day to stop procrastinating and create a simple, one-page marketing plan to help ensure your businessâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; future success! Step 1: Break it down into manageable, bite-sized chunks A good marketing plan details the best route you will need to follow to attract customers. It should show you what to do and help you understand why you are doing what you are doing. The best way of tackling your plan is to break it up into sections, and spend no more than 30 minutes at a time on each section. Take a break, go for a run or walk, clear your head and then come back to it with fresh eyes. 18


Step 2: Give yourself a deadline Start by writing down a date to act as a reminder for you to come back and review the progress and success of your plan. 12 months is always a good starting point, but you may like to start with a 6 month review date to help keep your marketing spend in check.

Step 3: 'HĂ&#x20AC;QH\RXUREMHFWLYHV <RXUREMHFWLYHVVKRXOGUHĂ HFW\RXU overall business strategy. You may like to focus your objectives on VSHFLĂ&#x20AC;FWDUJHWPDUNHWVWKDW\RXZLOO be communicating with. You may also like to base your objectives on the strengths or even current weaknesses of your business. Your reasons for taking this approach may be to take advantage of what you currently have, or improve your overall competitive advantage.

Step 5: Work out your Strategies Just like any plan of attack, you need a good, solid strategy to achieve your goals. Your strategy should be an idea to help you steer your tactical activities. Strategies do not need to be long sentences â&#x20AC;&#x201C; in fact in most cases they can be one or two words.

Step 6: List your Tactics Your tactics are the ways HOW you are going to make your marketing plan a reality. They are the activities that make up your marketing â&#x20AC;&#x153;to-doâ&#x20AC;? list. They are your actions to execute your strategy.

Step 7: Record every single customer contact Every phone call, email enquiry

Step 4: Set your goals

and customer contact should be

A marketing goal may encompass a number of functions of your business (such as sales, awareness, retention etc). You can even start out with one overall goal and then evolve it as your business grows. Think about what you want your business to achieve within the timeframe youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve allowed.

recorded to help you monitor the effectiveness of each marketing activity. By being able to accurately HYDOXDWH\RXZLOOEHDEOHWRUHĂ&#x20AC;QH your program year-on-year and most importantly, stop wasting money on activity that doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t work.

Step 8:0DNHLW9LVXDO Put your plan somewhere you have to see – and even touch – every day. This plan will help keep you focused on the important things and keep you motivated to achieve your business goals.

The following is an example of a one-page format I regularly use for clients. I’ve found a solid, straightforward marketing plan can help you feel more organised, have PRUHFRQÀGHQFHDQGUHPDLQIRFXVHG on growing a successful business.

A one-page marketing plan in a successful company marketing plan by 30 june, 2012, we plan to achieve the following:


Acquire 2 new training customers each month



strategies tactics

Conduct yearly refresher sessions for existing clients





Sascha Coglan is a freelance marketer and copywriter, specialising in project management, website content, marketing collateral + corporate communication that stands out from the crowd. EDITION 4


SHAREMARKET & GENERAL ECONOMIC comment danny hamilton | bb whitehouse

Current environment

the economy as a whole. If the dollar

franked. This is very attractive

The current environment for

stays high the following may occur:

for super fund investors



the tax revenue base.

The benchmark ASX 200 is

-Foreign investment in

currently sitting around the 4640

interest rate rises and uncertainty

Australian assets may fall.

mark and has not really gone

in both the US and European

-May save us from any


interest rate increases.

sharemarket investors remains extremely challenging. The constant talk of a two speed economy, rising Australian dollar, possible

gauge how it all affects share prices in the short to medium term. The recent Budget included positive news on health and education but WKHWXUQDURXQGRQDODUJHGHĂ&#x20AC;FLWWR a surplus within a two year timeframe will have to be seen to be believed.

The market was trading at this level over 5 years ago although there have been some fairly volatile movements

Interest rates

during that time. A high of 6851.50

Increased interest rates have been

on the 1st November 2007 and a low

foreshadowed by recent statements

of 3170.80 on the 6th March 2009.

by the Reserve Bank. This has been in response to higher prices for items such as electricity, petrol, food

Australian dollar

and mortgages having a negative

The Australian dollar recently hit a

weighting on consumer sentiment.

high of $1.10 against the $US. This

Also, a higher savings rate which has

is generally viewed that investors

became a feature of the economic

are getting concerned about the

picture continues. This cautiousness

debt levels of the US rather than our

will have an effect on spending.

dollar being a global powerhouse.


-Commodity prices may stay high.

anywhere since the start of 2011.

The majority of market commentators suggest the ASX 200 will move above 5000 by the end of the year. This however is dependent on many variables including interest rates, foreign currency rates and general economic conditions.


Danny Hamilton is a

Apart from making overseas



purchases cheaper and overseas

results indicated improving trading

and chartered accountant at BB

holidays more appealing, a high

conditions. A 76c dividend puts

Whitehouse Group in Brisbane

dollar can be viewed as negative for

them on a yield of over 6.5% fully


EARLY IS THE NEW late bron mcclain | customer service queen

Tell me, have you ever worked with this type of person? The one who bursts into a meeting 15 minutes DIWHULWKDVVWDUWHGFUHDWLQJDĂ XUU\ of disturbance as they waltz across the room to a vacant seat, and interrupt whoever is speaking by loudly announcing their presence and asking â&#x20AC;&#x153;Now, where are we up to?â&#x20AC;? Or, maybe youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re sitting in a restaurant, and itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s past the agreed time of 1pm to meet your lunch companion. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s now 1.20pm, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re VWDUYLQJ\RX¡YHUHDGWKHPHQXĂ&#x20AC;YH times, and keep checking your phone to see if theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve sent a message. These people are late. Which makes them annoying. Rude. :DVWHIXO$QGLQHIĂ&#x20AC;FLHQW Now, however, Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve noticed that with the advent of social networking, mobile technology and smartphones, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not so easy to be late. Whereas in the 1990s we could leave the RIĂ&#x20AC;FHDQGEODQGO\VWDWHWKDWZH ZHUH´RQRXUZD\ÂľDQGXVHWUDIĂ&#x20AC;F EXPSLQJLQWRVRPHRQHRUĂ&#x20AC;QGLQJ a car park as our reason for being late, today we can be tracked. And made to be accountable.

Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s hard to credibly show up late to a meeting when you just updated your Facebook status. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s nigh on impossible to turn up late to a lunch when your bluetooth headset makes phone calls simple.

youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re incapable of anticipating possible problems and either dealing with them or altering your course to avoid them. It sends the message that youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re harassed by time, not in control of it.

But I think the shift towards punctuality is more fundamental. 2QFHXSRQDWLPHODWHQHVVVLJQLĂ&#x20AC;HG power. It said that you were so busy with much more important things that getting to a meeting on time was not a priority. That was in the days of power dressing, long lunches and probably Gordon Gekko.

Someone who shows, over and over, that they are the master of their time is someone who will be taken seriously in areas far removed from time management. That foresight and adaptability that gets you where you need to be, when you need to be there, tells the people around you that you can handle whatever is thrown at you.

Now it is viewed as incompetence. In todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s business world, people who regularly fail to show up on time canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be trusted. Being on time consistently shows everyone around you that you are the master of your life. It demonstrates foresight and it shows that you have a contingency plan in place at all times that will accommodate any occurrence that will delay you. On the other hand, being late all the time shows that you are a victim of the winds of fate, that

Punctuality shows you value other people. It also shows that you value yourselI. %URQ0F&ODLQLVDZULWHUVSHDNHU trainer and marketer. She is leading a global customer care crusade, showing business how to embrace their customers with integrity, kindness, respect and dignity, and how this leads to LQFUHDVHGSURĂ&#x20AC;WV

Write a story about the cover Do you dream of becoming a published writer? Well BUSINESSbne is giving you the opportunity. Just present us with a short (no more than 300 words) story, based on our current maga]ine cover - it can be a serious business piece or absolute Iantasy - and iI chosen your story will be printed in our ne[t publication


There is also a 50.00 booN voucher Irom DymocNs on $lbert Ior the winner.






FINANCIAL DISTRESS negative outcomes brenden turner | henderson matuch


education system is preparing people to enter the ZRUNIRUFHZLWKWKHLUFHUWLĂ&#x20AC;FDWHV diplomas and/or degrees ready to take on the challenges employment brings. Billions of dollars are poured into the education system each year to provide adolescents WKHVXIĂ&#x20AC;FLHQWNQRZOHGJHWREHFRPH VXFFHVVIXOLQWKHLUFKRVHQĂ&#x20AC;HOG for the next 40 to 50 years. The problem is that one area causing possibly the greatest impact on a companiesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; bottom line is not being addressed at most schools, colleges, or universities, being SHUVRQDOĂ&#x20AC;QDQFLDOGLVWUHVV According to a recent survey GLVWUHVVRYHUĂ&#x20AC;QDQFLDOPDWWHUVLV contributing to irritability, anger, fatigue, and sleeplessness for over 52% of people. Every day families are running harder and harder to stay in the same place economically while others are simply falling behind. Millions of these people FDUU\WKHLUGLVWUHVVDERXWĂ&#x20AC;QDQFLDO matters into their workplace where it causes reduced employer SURĂ&#x20AC;WDELOLW\DVPRWLYDWLRQDQG performance on the job falls to all time lows thus costing billions of dollars in revenue for businesses. Financial Distress Has Negative Workplace Outcomes! Researchers have found that Ă&#x20AC;QDQFLDOGLVWUHVVVSLOOVRYHULQWR the workplace, contributing to such work-related occurrences as SHUVRQDOĂ&#x20AC;QDQFHZRUNFRQĂ LFW lower commitment to the organisation, less satisfaction with pay, work time wasted dealing ZLWKSHUVRQDOĂ&#x20AC;QDQFHVJUHDWHU

absenteeism, and poorer health. Employers need to recognise that at any given time, in every workplace, part of the workforce (typically 25-35%) currently is VHULRXVO\Ă&#x20AC;QDQFLDOO\GLVWUHVVHG $QRWKHUFDXVHRIĂ&#x20AC;QDQFLDOGLVWUHVV is dissatisfaction with pay levels. Reports have shown that employees VKRZLQJĂ&#x20AC;QDQFLDOGLVWUHVVDUHOHVV VDWLVĂ&#x20AC;HGZLWKWKHLUSD\UHJDUGOHVV of the amount of money they earn, which potentially leads to increased staff turnover for employers. Employee turnover results in VLJQLĂ&#x20AC;FDQWFRVWWRHPSOR\HUVLQWKH form of recruitment, interviewing, training, and other expenses. Employees with money problems are like sharks swimming around the workplace taking bites out of the bottom line. An effective way to help employees reduce Ă&#x20AC;QDQFLDOGLVWUHVVLVWKHSURYLVLRQ RIDSSURSULDWHĂ&#x20AC;QDQFLDOHGXFDWLRQ in the workplace to improve WKHLUĂ&#x20AC;QDQFLDOOLWHUDF\DQG understanding of money matters. ,QVRGRLQJHPSOR\HUVZLOOĂ&#x20AC;QG that in addition to a boost in employee productivity, the company also will experience reduced absenteeism and staff turnover, DQGWKHUHIRUHDQLQFUHDVHLQSURĂ&#x20AC;WV An employer commitment to LQYHVWPHQWLQSURYLGLQJĂ&#x20AC;QDQFLDO HGXFDWLRQSURJUDPVZLOOEHQHĂ&#x20AC;W employers as well as employees. Financial Education: Not Simply Retirement Planning Many workers lack the knowledge needed to prepare adequately for retirement, employees need

educational programs focused on EDVLFĂ&#x20AC;QDQFLDOOLWHUDF\LQFOXGLQJ LQIRUPDWLRQDERXWVHWWLQJĂ&#x20AC;QDQFLDO goals, developing spending plans, using credit wisely, saving for emergencies, and learning key strategies to enable them to spend less than they earn. Workers lacking such knowledge will not learn to save and invest appropriately for retirement because they donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t know how or why they should. With sound and DSSURSULDWHĂ&#x20AC;QDQFLDONQRZOHGJH in place a solid foundation can be built for workers enabling them to FRQWUROWKHLUĂ&#x20AC;QDQFLDOIXWXUHZKLOVW being better prepared to weather the inevitable economic storms and challenges life throws at us over time. Educated employees not only can live well today, but also can position themselves WRHQMR\DĂ&#x20AC;QDQFLDOO\VXFFHVVIXO retirement down the road. 7DLORUPDGHZRUNSODFHĂ&#x20AC;QDQFLDO literacy programs for organisations to increase employee well-being and productivity and creating a learning environment for their people are available. Programs and sessions for many work places in both the public and private sector from large corporate organisations to small and medium enterprises with positive results are offered. You, as a business owner or you as an employee should avail yourselI oI these opportunities, as they will increase employee satisIaction and thereIore productivity in your worNplace.

Brenden Turner is a Relationship Manager at Henderson Matusch, who specialise in Positive Wealth Management for businesses and their employees. See 160 Edward Street. Ph 3229 3688 22


LIGHT YOUR Ă&#x20AC;UH cherri ryan | doctor

With the cold weather upon us, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s easy to hibernate after work, with a cuppa and a few extra biscuits. How can we maintain energy and enthusiasm over these winter months?

ESP RUVORZHULQĂ&#x20AC;WSHRSOH ,I your resting heart rate is irregular, above 90 bpm or below 50 bpm, or if you have chest pain or shortness of breath, do not proceed with this experiment, and see your doctor.)

The most effective way to increase vitality is to exercise. Did you know WKHEHQHĂ&#x20AC;WVRIHYHQVPDOODPRXQWV of exercise are cumulative? Extra movement, every day, can go a long way to improving health and keeping the winter kilos down.

Now, jump up and down, or jog on the spot, for exactly one minute. As VRRQDV\RXĂ&#x20AC;QLVKPHDVXUH\RXU heart rate again. Has it increased? Do you feel warmer? Breathing deeper? After just one minute of exercise, there is increased R[\JHQGHOLYHU\DQGEORRGĂ RZWR the muscles, heart, and brain. If one minute can do this, imagine WKHEHQHĂ&#x20AC;WRIPLQXWHV

Try this brief experiment. Take \RXUSXOVH3ODFHWZRĂ&#x20AC;QJHUVRQ your wrist, below the base of your thumb, and count how many beats you feel in one minute. A healthy resting heart rate is generally between 60-80 beats per minute


PXVFOHVZKHQEUXVKLQJ\RXUWHHWK activate your anti-gravity and postural muscles by leaving your GHVNDWOHDVWWZLFHDQKRXUZDONWR ZRUNRUSDUNWKHFDUDEORFNDZD\ support your local small business colleagues by walking to your local VKRSDQGSODQDFWLYHOXQFKEUHDNV What else invigorates you? Are you devoting time to activities in your life that bring pleasure and deep satisfaction? One action that warms many a personâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s heart is to help others, e.g. donating to a personally VLJQLĂ&#x20AC;FDQWFKDULW\'RQDWLRQV may also be tax deductible.

In this chilly weather, what lights your Ă&#x20AC;re"

Thankyou! HE N D E R S O N MATUS CH

I was lucky enough to be invited to the 2nd Annual Henderson Matusch Boot Camp, by Brenden Turner, (see his article opposite) The event took place at the idyllic Mantra Resort in Kingscliffe, over two days. 7KHSURJUDPERDVWHGDKXJHOLQHXSRIH[WUHPHO\ZHOOTXDOLĂ&#x20AC;HGH[SHUWVZKRLQFOXGHGZHDOWKFUHDWLRQEXVLQHVV and economic development, brand development, strategic planning, SEO information and so many more. They were all engaging, well-informed and personalised presenters, which made the event so successful. A gourmet menu was presented at the dinner which was supported by a vibrant speaker ZKRWROGKLVVWRU\RIJURZLQJDEXVLQHVVLQDVPDOOFRXQWU\WRZQIURPWZRWRVWDII shifting the annual turnover of $100,000 to in excess of $10 million.

Congratulations to Henderson Matusch for such an information packed event!




How happy do you think you are?

Abraham Lincoln said that â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be!â&#x20AC;&#x2122; What he recognised is that all of our feelings, our self-belief and FRQĂ&#x20AC;GHQFHDUHEDVHGRQKRZDQG what we think. We have the ability to choose what to be, whether that is to be enthusiastic, angry, worried, VDGFRQĂ&#x20AC;GHQWRUKDSS\:KHWKHU we accept the premise or not it doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t change the situation â&#x20AC;&#x201C; we are in control of our thoughts. While there are going to be issues outside of our personal control which impact on us, and which we cannot change, it still doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t change the fact that it is how we react to those situations that FDQEHWKHELJJHVWLQĂ XHQFH We must realise that the only thing we have absolute control over is our DWWLWXGHDQGZKLOHDWWLWXGHGRHVQRW change overnight it can be changed. If we want to realise our own positive personal power

we need to understand the four pillars of self-belief :

wrong for us they are not failures but opportunities for learning.

¡ First, what we constantly think about and imagine we will come to believe is true for us.

The four pillars of self-belief will work just as well for positivity as they did for negativity â&#x20AC;&#x201C;

¡ Second â&#x20AC;&#x201C; by constantly telling ourselves that we cannot do something we will create the unwillingness to try and thereby cause an inability to do it.

1. What you think â&#x20AC;&#x201C; you will believe

¡ Third â&#x20AC;&#x201C; that sense of inability can manifest itself in a failure to perform.

4, What you manifest â&#x20AC;&#x201C; you will become.

¡ Fourth â&#x20AC;&#x201C; once that failure has manifested itself we have truly become a failure.

The art of positive thinking releases the personal power that each and everyone of us has within, It is deep down, possibly hidden by negative self-talk, but \RXFDQGLJGHHSDQGĂ&#x20AC;QGLW

We all know that like attracts like and negative thoughts will resolve into negative actions. Changing negativity into positivity is a case of retraining â&#x20AC;&#x201C; retraining WKHPLQGWREHOLHYHSRVLWLYHWKLQJV and there are many ways in which this can be done. But the simplest thing is to begin to appreciate yourself, recognise your talents and understand that when things go

2. What you believe â&#x20AC;&#x201C; you will create 3. What you create â&#x20AC;&#x201C; you will manifest in your life, and

Create a plan for yourself that you can take and use in your daily life. We are positive that you will WUXO\Ă&#x20AC;QGLWOLIHDIĂ&#x20AC;UPLQJ


Innovative communication training

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June 2011 Wednesday 8th June. Tea and Toast Club / Networking. Ph 3261 2140. Wednesday 8th. Brisbane. Business Writing Course. Friday 10th. Convention Centre. Premierâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ClimateSmart Sustainability awards. Ph. 3225 1764/ email Saturday 11th. 10.00 am - 5.00pm. Wealth Creation Seminar. Saturday 11th - Tuesday 14th. Convention Centre.Lifeline Bookfest. Monday 13th. Queens Birthday Public Holiday Tuesday 14th. 10.00 -11.30am. New Farm. FREE Social Media Workshop. Wednesday 15th. 12 noon - 2.00pm. Queen St. Superannuation Explained. Ph Tami Harriott. 3227 2121 Thursday 16th. Maximising the Franchise Investment and Multi Site Operations . On Line Training. Tuesday 21st & Wednesday 23rd. Convention Centre. Qld Safety Conference. Wednesday 22nd. ,QFUHDVHG(IĂ&#x20AC;FLHQFLHVDQG3URĂ&#x20AC;WDELOLW\GD\SHUPRQWKVWGD\ Friday 24th June. Last school day term 2 Friday 24th. State architecture Awards. Convention Centre. Ph:3109 7320/ email Friday 24th & Saturday 25th. RNA Showgrounds. National Tradesmans Expo. Sunday 26th. Brissie to the Bay: Charity Bike Ride for MS sufferers. Ph.3840 0828/ Tues 28th: Leadership Mastery (5 Sessions to 5-Star Your Leadership) kicks off. NCB Spring Hill Campus. Email Tues 28th 6.30-9pm: Milk Your Businessâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Cash Cow. NCB Spring Hill Campus. Check it out Thursday 30th. Midday. 6RĂ&#x20AC;WHO1HWZRUNLQJ/XQFKHRQ´7KH+XGGOHÂľZZZLQWHJUQHWDX Friday 31st. Milton. Opportune Network Forum. Ph Deb Ribinskas: 0411 866 679



July 2011 Saturday / Sunday 2nd & 3rd. Sunshine Coast. Wealth Coaching for Women. Monday / Tuesday 4th & 5th. Brisbane. Wealth Coaching for Women. Tuesday 5th. Tattersall’s Club Business Lunch with Ralph Norris, MD and CEO, Commonwealth Bank Group. Wednesday - Friday, 6th to 8th.$VLD3DFLÀF&LWLHV6XPPLWW´7KH%XVLQHVVRI&LWLHVµ Monday 11th. First school day, term 3 Monday 11th. 6.30pm - 10.00pm. Broncos Leagues Club. Young Entrepreneurs Australia (YEOZ). Thursday / Friday 14th & 15th. Hyatt Regency - Sanctuary Cove. Williams Partners Independent Audit Specialists (WPIAS) Conference. Wednesday 15th. Accelerator (for Your Business’ Growth) kicks off. NCB Spring Hill Campus. Check it out Tuesday 19th. Midday. Sebel Citigate. Business Lunch with Andrew Stevens, Managing Director, IBM Australia and New Zealand. Tuesday 19th. 6.00 - 7.30pm. BUSINESSbne Magazine Launch. Norman Hotel. RSVP to Tuesday - Thursday 19th -21st. Sydney. Australian Media & Technology Week. Wednesday 20th. 7.00am - 9.00am. George St, Brisbane. Franchise Council of Australia. How to get a better deal from your landlord. Ph 1300 669 030 Friday 22nd 1.30-4.30pm.´2XWVRXUFLQJ(VVHQWLDOVµ6HPLQDUDQG1HWZRUNLQJ(YHQW NCB Spring Hill Campus. Email for details Saturday 23rd. Convention Centre. Think Pink Choices Gala Ball. Ph. 3232 7092 Monday 25th. Canberra. Dispute Management Seminar., Tuesday 26th. Convention Centre. The vSeminar Series. - events Thursday 28th. Convention Centre. An Audience with Tony Blair. Ph:02 9699 2000 Sunday 31st. 9am - 4pm. Einbunpin Festival, Sandgate ,Global Kids Oz. Ph.1300 32 00 65

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Michael Fallon HEADING Michael, have you always worked in hospitality?


Yes, I have been at The Norman Hotel for two and a half years now and before that I had my own small FDWHULQJĂ&#x20AC;UPIRUDERXW\HDUV


What can you tell us about the Norman Hotel?

quality control on the food. This is

It is owned by The Independent Pub Group, which is a new Australian company, only four years old. They own 19 hotels in all, but the ones youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll probably know best are the Stock Exchange in the city and the Elephant and Wheelbarrow in the Valley.

what we have built our reputation

What does a typical work day have in store for you?


The day would be a minimum ten hours. I would cover two meal shifts, lunch and dinner. I would oversee setting up for both, control reservations and bookings, make sure all staff have arrived and make adjustments if need be. Marketing and Promotions and Management meetings just about cap off the day.

It happened right in the middle of

Are there any Challenges or Issues always on your mind?

You canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t beat and you will always

There certainly are. Three of the major ones are not under my control at all yet they all have the 28

textability to make the day or evening


When staff do not turn up, the work spaces are compromised and the consequence of that can be my worst nightmare, as the food is on and it must be perfect. If we lose power we are as good as closed, with many unhappy, rowdy patrons. You know what itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s like at KRPHLPDJLQHWU\LQJWRNHHSDSXE full of people happy without power.

the second anniversary is June 5th. lunch service on a Friday. It was awful, but luckily as no-one was hurt, the damage was only to property, not people. Still, donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t want to go through that ever again. What makes The Norman Hotel so special?

protect a great reputation. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s great hearing (the odd person!!!!) VD\LQJWKDWWKLVLVWKHLUĂ&#x20AC;UVWYLVLW but they had heard so many great

things, it time to come! With that is the relaxed atmosphere, the consistent reliability of quality food and the dining area choices. Sport seems to play a bit of a role with The Norman Absolutely! We support AFL, the Lions, of course. The Queensland Reds and Dick Johnson and DJ Racing, V8 Supercars. What do you like to do when you are not at work? The football and the cars are always on the agenda, but I have two other interests. One is going to 0RUHWRQ,VODQGIRUĂ&#x20AC;VKLQJDQGIRXU wheel driving the other is going to a farm in the Ipswich region where I can develop my cattle knowledge in breeding, farming and total farm management because.... What does the future hold for you? Eventually my wife and family and I will move out of the city to our own cattle property where we will produce beef for hotels like The Norman. This will be in SE Queensland and this will be my retirement. I really canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t see myself gardening and bowling. Working the cattle ranch would be just what the doctor ordered.



Compiled by Jose Abab

Brynley Abad â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Owner, Peak Work Performance The man who successfully returned Queensland Reds Captain James +RUZLOOWRWKHĂ&#x20AC;HOGRISOD\DIWHU he suffered an Anterior Cruciate Ligament tear is now offering his H[SHUWLVHIRUWKHĂ&#x20AC;UVWWLPHWRWKH general public. Exercise physiologist Brynley Abad is currently the Consultant Rehabilitation and Performance Coach for the Queensland Reds and has been training elite athletes for the past 10 years. Brynley specialises in musculoskeletal rehabilitation and sports LQMXULHVDQGLVGHGLFDWHGWRKHOSLQJDWKOHWHVĂ&#x20AC;QGWKHLU strength and performance potential, whatever their level. He also assists clients to overcome complaints such as back pain, which often prevents them from enjoying sports, as well as helping them to recover from injuries. Visit

Katrina Lee â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Owner, Lee Bonbons Sweet Boutique Well done to Katrina Lee, who has turned a sideline in doing lolly buffets for friends and weddings into a full time business enterprise, Lee Bonbons Sweet Boutique which has just opened in the Colthup Boutique Arcade in the heart of Ipswich. Katrina started by making sweets for those with special dietary requirements who wanted to enjoy treats. People soon started calling Katrina asking for the chocolates they had enjoyed at a wedding or for the sugar free lollipops at a childâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s birthday party. Today, Lee Bonbons is a specialty lolly business providing an alternative to party bags and bonbonnieres covering all dietary needs for events and special occasions. Katrina also specialises in lollipop bridal bouquets and chocoholic evenings as well. Visit Lee-Bonbons/28516821495?sk=info

Emma Just â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Founder, Mumâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Secret Congratulations to Emma Just, who has teamed up with Michelle Facer-Wood from across the Tasman to develop a natural soothing and repairing cream that is different to anything seen in the Australian market. The two mums have come up with a no-nonsense multipurpose skincare product. It began when naturopath Emma was searching for a solution to her daughterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s chronic dry skin. While holidaying in New Zealand Emma was introduced to XMAEASE, developed by Michelle to treat her son Jaxonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s eczema. Together, Emma and Michelle developed the multipurpose Mumâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Secret Soothe & Repair moisturising cream, which is available from selected speciality retailers in Queensland and online. Visit

Malcolm Burrows â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Principal, Dundas Lawyers BUSINESSbne congratulates Corporate and Technology Lawyer Malcolm Burrows, who recently established Dundas Lawyers Pty Ltd. With an ancestry that can be traced to whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s widely referred to as the â&#x20AC;&#x153;Dundas Legal Dynastyâ&#x20AC;?, LWZDVRQO\Ă&#x20AC;WWLQJWKDWKHSD\V tribute to his forefathers by QDPLQJWKHĂ&#x20AC;UP'XQGDV/DZ\HUV With over a decade of experience in non-legal â&#x20AC;&#x153;C level SRVLWLRQVÂľGRXEOHEXVLQHVVDQGOHJDOTXDOLĂ&#x20AC;FDWLRQVDQGD commitment to quality assurance, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s no surprise that the Ă&#x20AC;UP¡VVHUYLFHVDUHDOUHDG\LQGHPDQG'XQGDV/DZ\HUV specialise in commercial law including corporate advisory, commercialisation, intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions, technology law and dispute resolution. Visit

Whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s your problem? BUSINESSbne has your solution! Whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s your problem? Every move we make is made to solve a problem â&#x20AC;Ś think about it! Reading this magazine solves the problem of

â&#x20AC;&#x153;I wonder what itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s like? Has it got anything worthwhile to read?â&#x20AC;? On reading it you will discover that the articles, columns and advertisers in this magazine all solve a problem for someone, somewhere along the line.

At the very least, the magazine provides information relevant to business and everyday life. Please email me if either of the following are a problem for you and I will see what I can do to help solve it. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I need cheaper power, who could I asN"Âľ â&#x20AC;&#x153;I need new business cards, who does great cards at a great price" Âľ The answers to both of these are in the magazine, but if you FDQ¡WĂ&#x20AC;QGWKHPHPDLOPH EDITION 4


2011 TAX PLANNING guide matthew beasley | hanrick curran


we approach another end of Ă&#x20AC;QDQFLDO\HDU,¡PFURVVLQJP\Ă&#x20AC;QJHUV that those annoying Foxtel â&#x20AC;&#x153;Happy EOFYSâ&#x20AC;? ads wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t return to annoy us all again this year!!! Although we unfortunately donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have any control over whether they decide to run these ads there are a number of things, that you, as a business owner, can control at this time of year that will make a real difference to your business come tax time. So, what should you be doing at this time of year? Review your businessâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;state of playâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; You should be reviewing your year to date performance regularly, if this hasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t occurred, now is the time to be doing it. Prepare up to date management Ă&#x20AC;QDQFLDOVWDWHPHQWVDQGFDVKĂ RZV with comparisons of previous years and your budgeted performance. This should help to determine how your business has performed to date and the likely full year performance. Defer Income ,IFDVKĂ RZDQGEXVLQHVVUHDOLW\DOORZV defer the derivation or receipt of LQFRPHXQWLOWKHQH[WĂ&#x20AC;QDQFLDO\HDU If you are operating on a cash basis, consider trying to defer the receipt of cash. If you are using the accruals basis, defer the derivation of income by holding back invoices if possible. Conversely, if you have losses, you may wish to bring forward the derivation of income if possible. Timing of Expenses Expenses are only deductible when

incurred, i.e. there must be a present existing liability to pay the expense. Many accruals and provisions are not deductible as they represent an estimate of expenses and do not relate to a present existing liability. Most prepayments now are not deductible until the period to which they relate (some exceptions apply), however small businesses and individuals may be able to deduct some prepayments in the year paid. Bad Debts Review your debtors and if any are unlikely to be recovered, physically write them off as bad debts before the end of the year. Trading Stock Prepare for a stock take on 30 June. Identify any obsolete or old stock and scrap it or write it down to its correct market value. Asset Register Review your asset register and scrap any obsolete items before 30 June. If you will be selling any items of plant and equipment that will realise DSURĂ&#x20AC;WRQVDOHFRQVLGHUGHOD\LQJ the sale until after 30 June. Superannuation Ensure that your superannuation contributions have been paid to the relevant superannuation fund by 30 June this will ensure a deduction this year. The maximum concessional superannuation contribution for individuals is $25,000, or $50,000 for people aged 50 or more at 30 June. This applies per person cap, not a per employer cap.

General Anti-Avoidance Provisions 7KHWD[OHJLVODWLRQFRQWDLQVVSHFLĂ&#x20AC;F anti-avoidance provisions which target schemes entered into with the dominant purpose of tax avoidance. Accordingly, it is essential that you FRQVLGHU\RXUVSHFLĂ&#x20AC;FFLUFXPVWDQFHV before proceeding with any tax planning ideas to ensure these antiavoidance provisions do not apply. While legally minimising tax should always be a consideration, it should not be the main driver in any transaction. Tax Planning Generally Tax and general business planning should not be an end of year consideration, instead should be conducted and revised throughout the year as your circumstances change. Consider how large transactions will affect your PAYG instalments and year end tax bill and start budgeting for the additional tax immediately. Remember to include a realistic estimate of tax when preparing budgets and forecasts, so that there is no shock at the end of the year. These tax planning ideas are of general nature only and have been provided to assist taxpayers with some general ideas in relation to their tax affairs. Taxpayers should consider their own circumstances and seek professional advice and assistance in relation to tax planning.

Hanrick Curran, chartered accountants, has been providing businesses with strategic insight and inspired direction since 1984. The key to our success lies in our willingness to evolve and adapt to the needs of our clientâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s. 30


“SOMETHING TO WINE about W inter is upon us. .. . It’s that time of year again in Queensland, when the days get a little shorter. If the rain ever stops, we get to enjoy beautiful crystal FOHDUGD\V/HW·VIDFHLWDFKDQJH of season in a hot climate is a great relief. In winter some really get into the full swing of things. Many get dressed up in long coats and beanies and all variations of woollies. Also, unusually for Brisbane, if you go walking at dusk, you can occasionally see the odd chimney smoking in the distance. For me, this time of year is the perfect time to drink Grenache. Not many people know about Grenache or have ever tried it. Surprising, considering it is the world’s second most planted red grape variety. Grenache is planted all over Spain and in the south of France. Until the ’60’s it was Australia’s most widely planted UHGJUDSHYDULHW\$VRXUIRUWLÀHG industry has dwindled, Shiraz has

Join us at our next magazine launch! MAGAZINE

now replaced Grenache as the most planted red grape in Australia. Grenache, by itself, as a wine, tends WREHIXOORIMDPP\IUXLWÁDYRXUV Stewed fruit, bubble gum, strawberry DQGFKHUU\OLNHÁDYRXUV,QWKH warmer regions, the alcohol levels can be higher than normal, sometimes northward of 15%. If you like FKHHUIXOMDPP\IXOOÁDYRXUHGDQGHDV\ drinking wines give Grenache a go. The Barossa and McLaren Vale areas, typically, are the best for this style. Grenache is often blended with 6KLUD]7KH6KLUD]SURYLGHVDÁHVKLHU mid palate and the Mouvedre gives structure to the wine. This style has its origins in the Rhone Valley of France. Often known in Australia as GSM (short for its varieties), this wine offers more complexity than straight Grenache, as well as having a little more aging ability. With this blend, the cooler regions in Australia have a great opportunity to rival some of the very best in France.

So, if you’re tired of the same old Cabernet or Shiraz, or you’ve come out of summer and are switching from whites to reds, give Grenache a go! 2009 Lake Breeze Old Vine Grenache This classic wine was handpicked from their 1932 planting of Grenache, nurtured in a small open fermenter and aged for 10 months in two year old French barriques to create a rich, spicy wine with anise, raspberry and earthy characters. Only 175 dozen produced. BEST ALTERNATIVE/ OTHER VARIETY AWARD Langhorne Creek 2010 Wine Showcase This wine is available through Milton Cellars ph.07 3367 2822, Ashgrove Cellars and Wilston Cellars.

1 When: Tuesday, July 19th, 201 6:00pm Time: Where: The Norman Hotel Ipswich Road, Woolloongabba Friends & Business Cards Bring: VP to All you have to do is email your RS





-DQHHFH*LUDOGRIURP:,1Ă&#x20AC;QDQFLDODQG Linda Walsh from Puzzling Time

Amelia Savor from Unplugd and Tad Pieniek from First National Commercial

Karen Devereux from KD Designs, David Sheanan IURP$SSOHMDFN $QQD-DPHVIURP$%62IĂ&#x20AC;FH

Mark Pilkington from CSG and Paul Brown from Parals

Sylvia Morris from Orion Training and Peter Ellis from Your Silent Partner

Wendy Woo and Emily Young from Beautwise Pty Ltd



ASPIRING WRITERS The last issue cover (left), was the inspiration for opportuntiy to write a story. Jane Nicholls, wins a 50 DymocNs voucher, Welldone Thankyou for all of the entries we recieved.

Purple is my favourite colour. My eye is instantly drawn to anything purple. The instant I saw this picture I interpreted that the hexagonal, purple tubes look like they are exploding from a central hub. The hub looks to be very secure, giving me a feeling of safety and surety. The exploding pieces look like they are all over the place, but mostly being magnetised back into the hub. ,ZRQGHUHGZKDWWKDWPHDQWDQGRQUHĂ HFWLRQUHDOLVHGWKDWWKLVFRXOGEHDQH[SODQDWLRQRIZKDWOLIHLVDOODERXW The hub is the core of ones existence. It is safe, secure, sturdy and indestructible. The exploding pieces are the various parts of a life. They represent all facets of a lifetime, coming and going as appropriate. 6RPHĂ \DZD\QRWEHLQJPDJQHWLVHGEDFNWRWKHKXE2WKHUVMXVWĂ XWWHUEXWUHWXUQZKHQWKH\DUHUHDG\ Some represent really important parts of a life, others are just passing moments. In this picture some are going towards the hub and others are coming out of it, but funnily enough, the more I look at it, the more they NHHSFKDQJLQJ7KHRQHVRQWKHRXWVLGHSHULPHWHUVHHPWREHWKHRQHVĂ \LQJRIIZKLOHWKHLQVLGHRQHVDUH returning. Does this mean that the further you get from the hub, the easier it is to leave altogether? 32


1(7:25.,1* %5,6%$1(

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Acknowledged for superior design innovations, Spaceframe will ensure your vision is designed with absolute precision.

With an enviable track record, Spaceframe’s construction management expertise ensures ‘on time’ quality outcomes.

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ak oinll e t s r you our gr

celebrating 121 years old!

Norman Express



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Business BNE - 4th Edition  
Business BNE - 4th Edition  

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