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3 Types of Computer Adapters That Will Improve Your Desktop Setup If you are among those who spend most of their time indoors, working on the computer, it is a good idea to keep your desk neat and clean so as to improve productivity. It is a common fact that clutter tends to disrupt productivity. And when you get paid for what you do on computer, productivity takes paramount importance. The more productive you are, the more money you make, especially when it comes to working online. So reduce the clutter on your desk, throw away garbage, and clean your dishes. It is time to re-organise your desk and create a computer set up that not only looks professional but also provides you with the atmosphere that boosts your productivity.

How to Choose the Right Computer Adapter for Your Setup Once all the clutter is removed from your desk, you will probably be amazed at the amount of space you created. You will need to occupy this extra space with something. Most people tend to buy an additional monitor to support their workload. If your desk has enough space for a new sparkling high definition monitor, don't hesitate to buy one. The new monitor will connect to your main PC and you will have two monitors to work from. Using two monitors to juggle your work is a great way to boost productivity. However, a new monitor requires certain adapters and you surely wouldn’t want your desk to be dangling between tangled cables. In such situations, small adapters can help you fix this trouble.

But what adapters should you buy? 1. HDMI Adapter Most modern laptops and monitors are designed with built-in HDMI adapters. HDMI cables are excellent because they can transmit 1080P HD image quality as well as high quality audio. If your new monitor has built-in speakers, you can use them with the HDMI cable. An HDMI adapter is a computer adapter that is perfect for a home office. Unfortunately, not all computers are built with HDMI adapters. 2. PS2 to USB Mouse or Keyboard Adapter This adapter is perfect for older computers which do not have many USB slots available. Many older computers are built with PS2 mouse/keyboard adapters but these adapters are outdated; most electronics use USB. So, solve the problem, and purchase a PS2 to USB adapter which will allow you to use your USB mouse or keyboard in the PS2 slot of your computer. Nowadays, it is difficult to find PS2 compatible devices, and they are quite expensive. This small computer adapter is thus the best option available and can also help you save some extra cash. 3. USB to DUAL PS2 Adapter This adapter can be plugged into a USB slot and it separates to create two PS2 slots. It is not very convenient for modern day setups. But if you have an old keyboard and mouse at your place, you can just plug them into your computer using this adapter, no need buying a new keyboard. USB to DUAL PS2 is a computer adapter that is designed specifically for people who prefer to use old-school devices.

These three computer adapters will definitely improve your computer setup and since they are extremely small, you need not worry about tangled cables and other such problems. The HDMI cable will handle the audio and images; and the remaining adapters will either allow you to use old school keyboards and mouse through a USB connection, or allow you to use a modern USB device through a PS2 connection.

Computer Adapters to Improve your Desktop Setup  
Computer Adapters to Improve your Desktop Setup  

You can now reduce your desktop clutter and enhance work productivity by using effective computer adapters like HDMI adapter, PS2 to USB mou...