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AC Power Cord Splitters “AC power cord splitters were designed to allow multiple users of AC power to share a single power source that can be used to power up many devices. For example, the traditional USB cable is designed to ensure that power flows to one device in use in a computer or any other system�. However, by using AC power connectors, a user can now have multiple devices hooked up to a system using only one power source that is then split up to power all the devices, which means that all the devices can be fired up and used at the same time. By allowing users to split such power requirements, the AC power splitters result in better use and sharing of power resources as well as ensure that computer and other electrical equipments utilize. AC power in a more efficient manner. All this contributes to better quality electrical appliances and subsequently, better lives for AC power consumers. The technology behind the AC cords currently in use is fairly complex since all devices have varying voltage requirements, and, it is necessary to ensure that each cord has the capacity to handle different voltage requirements. For this reason, it is always important to know the voltage requirements that the AC power cables can handle in order to limit the danger of damage to electrical appliances. This further ensures the optimal use of power resources. Also, it is important that one should never force such cords to work in ways in which they are not designed to work. Some will only work with two pin power sockets and they should be used like that, while others with three pin power sockets should be with used with their kind of sockets. Trying to force a two pin splitter into a three pin socket or vice versa could result in damage, not just to the splitters, but to the electrical appliance being used, and this may also be dangerous to the user’s safety. AC Power connectors usually come as sealed components with no gaping electrical wires or unseemly electrical conductors. They are all perfectly sealed and insulated to ensure maximum safety for the users, with no danger to any users who use them normally. Like all electrical parts that require wiring, care must always be taken when dealing with worn splitters. Usually such damage is caused by overheating.

Once such damage is detected or seen, the splitters should be immediately replaced. It is always dangerous to leave naked wires or cables in sight. So the minute you see that the plastic or rubber tubing surrounding these cables is chaffed, cut, broken or damaged, you should change or replace them. Besides, it is a universal rule that with electrical items, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Ac power splitter  
Ac power splitter  

You can now charge multiple devices simultaneously, all thanks to AC power cord splitters. Learn more about their use in this article.