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The Impact of the 4G Outreach Programme June – October 2013

Background From Summer 2013, 4G, the new super-fast mobile internet service, arrived in the UK at a new frequency: 800 MHz. While 4G benefits the UK, providing next generation mobile internet services, there is a chance that 4G at 800 MHz may disrupt a very small minority of people’s existing Digital Freeview service. Because this is no fault of the viewer, the mobile phone companies have been required to collectively fund the at800 programme to raise awareness across the general population and provide solutions for the small number of people affected. Digital Outreach Limited via London Voluntary Service Council, selected SLCVSP to raise awareness to potentially vulnerable people in the London boroughs of Kingston, Merton, Richmond and Sutton. In Merton and Sutton, the local Volunteer Centres undertook some aspects of the work. The targeted groups were: •

Those aged 75 or over

Those eligible for Disability Living Allowance; Attendance Allowance; Constant Attendance Allowance; or Mobility Supplement

Those registered blind or partially sighted

The project was delivered in two phases. The first ran from June to August consisting of displaying publicity materials in community venues, arranging visits and talks to events held by voluntary and community sector organisations that reach the targeted groups and organizing one to one visits for those who are less mobile. The second phase took place during October and whilst it did include visiting some new groups not seen during phase 1, was primarily focused on revisits to find out if anyone was experiencing problems with their TV reception and checking people still had the information on what to do.

Impact 200 community venues were visited in order to display posters and leaflets. 140 talks took place at voluntary sector and community sector events and meetings reaching….. 4,482 people, informing them of the potential impact of 4G on freeview TV reception of which David Jackson, Partnership Manager e: w: Registered Charity number 1120188 Company Registered in England & Wales No: 6175370


3,666 people were considered vulnerable according to the above categories. 326 people were informed through one to one visits as part of home help and other voluntary sector schemes designed to support those people most at risk of social isolation and exclusion. In addition 60 groups were revisited as part of phase 2.

Feedback & Evaluation During and just after Phase 1 which was delivered between June and August 2013, 20 organisations in Kingston and Richmond boroughs were contacted to gain their feedback on the following questions: • • •

Did the attendees find the talk helpful and informative? Did they understand the talk? Did they feel they knew what to do if they had a problem?

Key findings •

Elderly people generally ‘zone-out’ with the mention of 4G mobile phone networks but ‘zone-in’ very quickly at the mention of their TV being disrupted!

It has been clear that TV services are hugely important to older people and especially to those who are disabled or visually impaired. For the visually impaired, sound quality is very important.

Many people engaged with the talk and asked if they should let their neighbour or family know. The reach has therefore been much wider than just those people attending events.

For some of the most vulnerable individuals, the most value would have appeared to have been gained through receiving this information in a group setting with colleagues, support volunteers and/or paid staff present who will now be able to provide help if required. This therefore reinforces the evidence of the value of this type of engagement.

We encountered a real mixture within different communities within each borough of people who had heard about 4G and those who hadn’t. For example, people in Chessington seemed quite informed whereas those in Kingston and Surbiton were largely unaware. David Jackson, Partnership Manager e: w: Registered Charity number 1120188 Company Registered in England & Wales No: 6175370



David Jackson, Partnership Manager e: w: Registered Charity number 1120188 Company Registered in England & Wales No: 6175370

Christian Centre Tea Event in Ham, Richmond


Example of artwork produced by at800

David Jackson, Partnership Manager e: w: Registered Charity number 1120188 Company Registered in England & Wales No: 6175370

KINGSTON UPON THAMES Date of Person Feedback




19 June

Simon Montague Taylor

MIND in Kingston

Star Café Meeting

A quote from Simon Montague Taylor: “Many thanks for coming to the Mind café at such short notice last Thursday. Your presentation had a very positive impact and the café staff and customers have expressed their appreciation. I hope that you will be able to arrange a date at the other café in New Malden.”

12 August

Brenda Banks

Christchurch with St Philip, Worcester Park

Cheam Common Art Group

Brenda said the group had found the talk very useful and informative and that they knew what to do if they had a problem.

30 August

Sylvia Hope

The Kings Centre

The Friendship Club

Some people at the Kings Centre already knew about 4G but the others appreciated the talk and found it very helpful.

30 August

Clemency Lawrence

YMCA Surbiton

The Teapot Club

The attendees from the Teapot Club thanked us for letting them know and said they had found it really useful.

30 August

Judy Barrett

Cadogan Court Sheltered Housing

Coffee Morning

Judy said the talk had been very useful. The attendees had no knowledge of 4G and hoped they wouldn't have a problem but, if they did, they knew what to do.

30 August

Helen Williams

Moves Fitness

Exercise Class

The attendees had an initial grumble at the possible upheaval that 4G might cause them but were then grateful for the talk and found it very useful. They understood what to do if there was a problem.

30 August

Carol Lando

Kingston Synagogue

Day Centre

The attendees at the Day Centre were very grateful for the talk and said they wouldn't have known about it otherwise. It had been very useful.

30 August

Ruth Walmsley

Surbiton Club for the Blind

Fortnightly meeting

Although the attendees were either blind or partially sighted, their TV is very important to them as they listen to it and the partially sighted can see something. Sound quality is therefore very important. This talk was very useful to them and they found it very helpful.

2 September

Sara-Jane Davidson

Moves Fitness

Exercise Class

Spoke with Sara-Jane who said the talk had been very helpful and the attendees had passed leaflets to their neighbours. There was a little confusion over which areas were affected and one lady had followed-up with at800 and had not found them very helpful.

2 September

David Broughton

Macular Disease Support Group


Spoke with David Broughton and the talk had been very useful. Once again, TV is very important to them as many are visually impaired.






4 September

Janet Thompson

Age UK – Wellbeing Centre, Twickenham

Fish and Chip Lunch

Janet said the talk had gone down well. Many had not heard about 4G but were confident they knew what to do if they had a problem.

4 September

Alan Lockett

Age UK – Barnes Centre

Day Group

Alan said the talk had been extremely helpful. There were lots of practical questions and many of the attendees took notes.

4 September

Gill Ritchy

East Sheen Day Centre

Stroke Group Weekly Meeting

The information was welcomed and leaflets were distributed. Some attendees were not able to fully understand but they were with their volunteers who could explain further.

4 September

Sally Cadle

The White House Community Association

Knitting Group

No particular comments but one lady called at800 as she had a problem. It wasn't actually due to 4G but they were very helpful and passed her on to someone else who could help.

6 September

Pat Whitford

Whitton Rest Room

Morning Group

Pat said they had welcomed the talk and it had been very helpful. She said some might not have fully understood but it would ring a bell with them if they had a problem.

6 September

Victoria Bryne

St Stephen’s Church

Older People’s Group

Victoria said it had been very useful and very clear. The attendees welcomed the information and said it was good to have someone there so they could ask questions.

6 September

Linda Walden

Homelink Specialist Day Care

Day Care Centre

Many of the attendees were very elderly or had dementia but they were supported by volunteers who were also at the talk and would be able to help them.

6 September

Lesley Black

Linden Hall

Linden Hall

No particular comments but Lesley felt it had been helpful and people would know what to do if they had a problem.

6 September


Twickenham Green Baptist Church

Older People’s Group

Chris said they had found it very helpful to be informed and have guidance. The personal touch was appreciated.

6 September

Lisa McTaggart

Kew Community Centre

Pilates and Tea Group

Not many of the people knew about 4G. They welcomed the information and understood what to do if they had a problem.

Impact & Evaluation of 4G Outreach