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David Jackson 24/09/12 Establishing Professional Practice Save your work! Make sure I include date, module, and name in file name. 1. 2. 3. 4.

Windows d, everything disappear Alt tab, flicks between pages Ctrl tab, Ctrl, alt, tab, minimise everything, into one bar

Task manager - prevents screen from going off. Idle timer • • • • • • • • •

Key Board Shortcuts: Ctrl B – bold Ctrl c – copy Ctrl v- paste Ctril x – cut Ctrl u – undo Ctrl a – select all Ctrl I – italic

Print screen button below:

Call out:

Change the style in drawing tools!


David Jackson 24/09/12 Establishing Professional Practice Resolution: DPI • • • •

Screen Resolution—72 Newsprint - 150 Magazine- 300 Photo Quality- 600

Quality of Resolution:

How to find Large Images- left side of google search bar. Larger size.


Close down word, photo shop is fine up. To find acrobat pro, search bar. Search for acr. Combine with.


David Jackson: My PDF  

Notes: David Jackson Interior Design

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