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Bus conversation -Oh hey Hey whats going on -Nothing. How have you been Pretty good how about you -Not too bad. So how did pledging turn out. Oh it was pretty bad. Feels good to finally be a brother now. -Cool cool cool. So what all does that mean you don’t have to do all that late night stuff anymore I mean yeah were brothers same as everyone else. It just sucks because the new pledges haven’t started yet so we still have to work parties and stuff. Im so done with driving during parties -Wait you still have to work? Yeah I mean its not as bad as being a pledge because you don’t have to be the brothers bitches anymore but someone still has to work the parties and stuff like that. -Yeah that makes sense I suppose I don’t think I could ever do that Yeah I guess I mean its all worth it now obviously. My grades took a hit though so this semester I really gotta work hard but anyways this is my stop so I gotta go but lets hang out sometime -Yeah just text me and we can hang out this weekend Okay see you.. excuse me Bus conversation 2 -here take my seat oh, thank you very much -its no problem at all. Hey I don’t mean to be creepy or anything but did you happen to go to Carmel high school? Yeah I did. Why did you go there too or something? -no no I went to Lawrence Central but we played you guys in football and some other sports. You played volleyball right? Mhhhm yeah I was the setter for our team how’d you know that? -me and a couple of my buddies went to all the games and we were there when we played you guys. Not gonna lie we heckled you guys a lot but you were very good if I remember correctly. We got worked by you guys hahahaha well ….( missed her response and his answer, it must have been there names and why she didn’t play volleyball in high school) well I only really got looks from some d3 school and I always wanted to come to a big school. And iu is so beautiful I just didn’t really want to go to a small school. I think I made the right decision I mean I still miss volleyball sometimes but I can always play with my friends and stuff. The competitions not the same but that okay -oh really now? I bet I could give you a run for your money. Doubt it -oh yeah, we should play some time.

Hmmm okay why not -okay so whats your phone number and ill text you mine here why don’t you just put your number in my phone and ill text you mine -okay sounds good (numbers exchanged, then a pause) well this is a little awkward haha where are you heading oh im just a few stops ahead, going to ballantine -what for? I feel like every single kind of class imaginable is at ballantine yeah I know right. Im going to math right now it’s the worst. I cant wait to just be done with it. -yeah I took finite last semester im just glad to be done with it. But this is your stop so ill text you when I get done with classes okay sounds good. See you tyler. -bye sarah

assgnment three  
assgnment three  

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