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Commercial Equipment Financing

Commercial finance is a generic term used to define the practice of lending to businesses. In other words, the loans are taken by borrowers which are companies or institutions with their own businesses. Commercial finance advisors can play a vital role in structuring and sourcing of commercial finance. A range of professional services and products are available for clients. Commercial financing caters to the needs of businessmen for acquisitions, buyouts, growth strategies, recapitalizations and corporate restructuring.

How do these loans help? Commercial loans can help in many ways. By infusing capital at the right time, they help businesses become more profitable. Companies need to have a low-risk portfolio to benefit from these loans. Commercial finance involves well trained and experienced lenders who can analyze the impact that the loan amount can make in a business and the way these loans can be used by the companies which are borrowing those sums.

Line of credit financing Commercial finance branches out in several different ways. The line of credit for example allows companies to borrow and repay, keeping costs down to as low as possible. There are specific term loans too, to maintain capital flow for a business to help in maximizing profitability. Given out to a wide array of businesses, commercial loans are of special importance even to the banking industry.

Capital Access Group has successfully provided finance services to more than 1000 business clients, including large and small businesses, sole traders, private companies, and government and semigovernment bodies. We offer a complete, diverse and flexible range of asset financing services and options and Capital Access Group is accredited with Australia’s leading financial institutions ensuring that we are able to offer attractive finance terms, tailored to suit your particular requirements.

We specialise in Commercial Equipment Finance & leasing, including experience and success in the following areas:  Metals Manufacturing machinery & equipment  Warehousing equipment  Packaging Equipment  Catering equipment  Food processing machinery & equipment  Printing Equipment & Machinery  Trade equipment

 Office furniture & fit outs  Medical and dental equipment Our Equipment Financing Services & Options:  Corporate Hire Purchase  Chattel Mortgage  Finance Lease  Novated Lease  Sale & Leaseback  Rental/Operating Lease & Small Ticket Finance


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